Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Friday, 26 November 2010

Waltzing Matilda.

Waltzing Maltilda

Theres a bag of coffee over there.
Didnt want to drink it.
Whats wrong with hunger
theres a drink of music in here
taste it
nothing wrong with dancing
nothing wrong with touching tasting smelling hearing seeing
im a coffee bean in a bag of beans
a single bean in a bag of beans
cocoa magic potion
nothing wrong with dancing
whats the need in hunger
taste it
kick the kicking
hedonostic super contra flow bus lane
welcome to the jungle
hing chang moon is the incredible one
the skies
dai shan
two dice
line b line
main dee
the roll
crackle snap pop
krispies for frankenstien
a farm of fidji
hawai hawai
there once was an explosion of shrunken heads in the new south pacific
millionaires short bread
tiger named toni
uncle crows and diamond chandeliers
twinkling above fanged hamsters with wings
the vampires came through the window
of the mansion
creaking washing machine
radiaotor stairs
behind the door
a jack in the box
the music
the tune
the jingle
the dance
dance dance dance
to the handle go round
up and down the horses ride
upon the carousel to the waltz
to the waltz dancing to the waltz
smiling and waving to the waltz
dancing with the horses on the carousel
spinning eternal
like a tree spirits touch
gentlee turning ever
into the palace
on a shoe string.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Boom Trees.

Boom Trees

In the surface of the outer lights the boat came. It shone. There was two holes in the side. One was large. Big enough to fit a car. The other was small. Only as round as a pin prick. The strange thing was, the water. The water rushed like a raging treacle. Cascading violently through the hole that was only as large as a pin hole. The hole that was large enough to fit a car inside, was dry as bone, no water rushed into the boat through this hole.

Inside the deck. The metal floor began to spout patterns. Sweeping shadows lining upon the floor. The rest of plays. Machino. Valentine. The shade of petals. From the roses. Being painted. Darker. Red into Blue. Velvet under the fever. Raising the temperature. To hawai in christmass. Syndey. Australia. The boats name was,
Rewind. Hyenas, hyterical, inside the the boat. Growing in a pot. There was a dark tree. A dark dark tree. That went boom.
Like dark houses. Horses. Rampaging. On a mouse shrieks. Jumping into a leg. Bottles get hot. Jumping mouse. Fast. Proper pot. Proper pot for the tree. Proper pot. The mice are inside. Inside the earth. Drugs on the earth. Drugs on the tree. A cat, asks once, if it can purr twice. Seeking out the maze. Cheese. In between the pita. Warms the temparature. Palace of spinning leafs. Peace. A dark stallion. Rushing. Through the open country. Boom the tree. Boom. Glows. As bright. As an dress made for an indian wedding. Smiles as wide, as the father of the beaming bride. Moon beaming boom. That sets the boat rewind. On its new course. From North to South. The forgotten tribes. Who first learnt to sail. Across the waters all around the world. On ships made from their sacred trees. Boom. In the land of ommbalawah.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010



clink the spoon the twink of twirl the golden chi of buddhist submarine ring, ting, the window drips, the rain is sweat, like porridge honey on a spoon, the bowl the rowl the cast the md]ud, chi, the submarine fox laughs barking at the lamp lights row by row biros smashed al upon the stone, the pass port gone the drift a loan, love pinched, half inch to the sea, the station, in a bottle police, glass at the bus stop smashed like a stamped biro, ink all across the roads, shards of glass glitter in lines and crackles, arts made anew in two, hearts inside the hand bag clip clip, tick tick sweet hove, the hob, is warm the fire, hands feel better from the cold, true true, lovely electrcik gas blue, brew brew brew, two or more sugar falls heaping into beautyfull snow chi snow, into the hot water filling up the cup, rie rise rise, bag rise, swim dip spin, sink, sponge, plo, chi, hot hot hot, steam, hands hug, warmth, ahhh drink, sweet sweet belly full of goodness.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Light Toasted.

Light Toasted

Underneath the apple trees
Is falling feared a thousand leafs of barley
White was so a white was say white was so oh i will say
Fight a rock a lock a sucker well come to the army
We got got sick
We got got cut
We couldn’t seem to pick it up
Untie me
Take i take got sent away
It aint ever going to seem that way
You caught me
Staring into the bright moon light
Singing for the sun to rise
Found out today all about the bright new tomorrow
In the water the reflection was very clear
Like sounds out of the window oh so near
You found me
Did you know
Dig you know
im the bright new tomorrow youve been waiting for
here right now to keep you warm
all you got to do is open up your eyes and you will see me
putting it off till come what may
well thats all right
yes thats ok
but at least there plenty of other ways
like not waiting about tomorrow
cause your bright new day
its right here and now
in between lost and found
living life
on the bright new tomorrow.
Better and better every day things will get better in every way, better and better thats tomorrow, what if tomorrow was today, wonder would that make a change, on a dish a dish a dish a plate, a fish that swims aint got time to wait about tomorrow, floating in the deepest seas, shallow waters are fancy free, rivers paint pictures of amazons and swallows, people turning music vibrations patterns, into life birds, lights that shine throughout the universe, singing waves that speak to, so so close here in space, you got to keep on moving, keep on moving, keep on moving, oh bright new tomorrow, last night i was taken away from my town, to another place, a different world, then back safely upon the ground, i could see the beauty all around, well sing oh song oh cup oh chai, colours that don’t run to dry, its a brand new bright tomorrow. Today.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

sALLY and Jenny.

sALLY and Jenny

Have you seen them, have you seen them,
the shapes all on the table top
twisted patterns never stop
like baubels swaying on
the heat streams from a radiators steam
well come home
ribbons dance so mystically
made by hands that feel
at ease
creating gifts
for love and peace
wellcome home
beauty shines on and on
for everyone that sings this song
nothings going to change my world
well come home

Looking back on the track.

Looking back on the track

after waking up, afer a while i realised id been sat on the end of my bed with my head dangling down just above my thighs and i think i had yeah i did my hands pressing in on my eyes softly, not hard, for well some time,

just zoned out for a bit, staring at the patterns and instead of feeling hatred to the world,

i felt sad and lonely

(but thats actually great)

in fact i dont feel that lonely anymore (i mean im still going to go live in a squat somewhere and try and meet some friendly peoples in london - but i feel ok about well, i feel okay about being on my own)

so much better than angry (ok feeling sad and blue aint that attractive to a lot of people but well i dont care about that- feeling a little blue i can deal with,

i feel like a bit of a drip,

well a completely soft drip, but thats so much better than how ive been feeling for the last week, coss now i dont hate people or the world, or you, or myself, anymore,

i feel i can still be myself and all will be cool,

i was thinking,

stepping out in the world to meet new people and try and make friends whilst harbouring an inner attitude of, being a closed book, a non talker, a non sharer, whilst full of hate, and wanting to smash everything, would be a bit of a tricky conundrum,

in fact i aint even sure if what im feeling now is that sad and blue, it is a bit drippy, way drippy

but its more of an oh well feeling,

oh well, oh well...

ahh its actually quite nice,

really nice, phew, as if i was starting on people and spouting messages of hate, and thinking my life was now going to be hate fuelled rather than love fuelled forever,

ast week has got to be the biggest blip in my life ever to date, good for experience though i guess, i feel completely removed from being dead, or like a serf, just ghosting through life, i feel alive, and never i knew i had such strong emotions inside

looking back on this today, its like again, these feelings seem to spin and change, never have the words swings and roundabouts, helicopters, nurses, doctors, meant so much to my way, unless ive forgoten, due to be constantly suprised, perhaps theyve always meant the same, i just never knew it, or i did know it, and well my eyes keep opening and closing like blinks, i no longer have the blinkers on, yo yo,
so i was feeling like a complete drip, i think i just keep changing day to day, im hoping that everyone else does too, because its true every day is brand spanking new, and what i found is that bright tomorow that your waiting for, to come and take you away into another place, well its already, shining and its here, you got to laugh really, i mean its life, its living, its amazing, a flexible mind, i never thought id set things in stone, then i never thought that the thoughts i set in stone could be changed, now i think, hakuna matata, it means no worries for the rest of your days, thats of course unless theres a sitution that demands you are brave

we the people
we have power
to change

; )

Friday, 19 November 2010

Pidgeon Sweeps.

Pidgeon Sweeps

Two black pidgeons on the top of the bin the blackest feathered friends ive ever seen
soot covered from the chimney sweep
a tiny slash of white a fleck
on the end of a beak and a little little little
splash of pink
where we would usually put our feet
they look like the finest of chimmney sweeps
like diamonds covered sticky in tar
a block of coal not even
a big soap bar
could wash these pair of dark dust sweeping pidgeons clean
they spoke in the language of
coo, coo, coo,
cooka, ka, ka, ka, coo, ka choo
let me tell you sisters and brothers
i was on it
a single twirling leaf skipped
spinning from a tree
landed a couple
of stone squares
from my knees
heres the song the
pair of pidgeons sang to me
and now to you
this is the way to live your dreams,
or at least for now
thats the way it seems
your like a piece of fluffy white bread with nothing on it
like a piece of gravy
said the girl in the sweet red coat
who died her chestnut hair
on a homing road
whilst those sparkling black pidgeons
that came out of the bin
coo coo ca chewed
your like a piece of fluffy white bread with nothing on it.

Boiler Room.

Boiler Room

Sleeping butter flys on trees,
Star light shine on noodles
touching wax
feels like a heart
blue spots on the table top
fold the puzzles
fold fold the puzzles
only got one leg
is at the bar
takes a book
swaps it
for a silver hook
compass turned onto heat
or maybe even drink it neat
like whisky breakfasts
with cold ice
melting slowly
in the morning

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Out of Sink.

Out of Sink

bad timing
What is it with bad timing
Right on time
Yeah ride on time

How many
How many

How many times have I made mistakes heart wrenching mistakes and how many chances do we get to make these mistakes right looking at life simply for a minute I understand that I love it and I’m also loving the way that’s in me day to day I’m on the ball and savvy of course I understand that the world becomes even more magical when you have someone in which to share, so I’m looking forward to the times when I wake up and you are there, only thing is how many chances do we get?
An infinite number of chances?
Because there’s times when I’ve slipped and fallen down the steps,
Like when this girl at a rave came up to me and said I was hot, I was so not used to this ever happening and completely the opposite of smooth that I didn’t know what to do, I flummoxed I was speechless when I should have been speech full, man I could have done anything instead of just losing it standing there doing nothing, I was way shy, shit, if that happened now or if i went back in time, id tell her she was hot because she was smoking and it was my mistake to be so scared, sending her away, it’s not nice either, crushing someone’s spirits a little

And again with hey joe I got scared I should have dared instead I ended things to stick with my mate the wrong thing to do another mistake
And when you sweet you whispered in my ear with your gorgeous voice come to bed, i was stoned and i wasnt listening properly and i went off with the boys i got more stoned was that my mistake,
And again a heart written on a card talking about wanting to see me as if that was so hard but it took me so long selfishly wrapped up in a depressed coil for seven years to realise the words I was reading with my own eyes, i miss you I love you, yeah I love you too but what are we supposed to do, I’m just too good at making mistakes. Bad timing int it always been, bad bad timing.

A girl that called me teapot, oh dear, who came to visit me, who thought things were going to be, well me and her, togethor, i sent her packing, oh man, i wasnt on it then, eee, another broken heart, ah well move on, eee yumbo, let the malting strands of hair float sweet messages in the air, no more mistakes, breathe be at peace, let it be,

For ive made more than my share of fair few mistakes moments where I understand I’ve taken away peoples shine, and that’s completely the opposite of what I want to do, i dont want to hurt people, i dont want to hurt a soul, i dont even want to hurt myself anymore,
And also times to question whether I’ve thrown away my chances maybe I didn’t go the whole wide world maybe I already found you then cast you awash girl overboard did i abandon you to the oceans spray maybe you’ve abandoned me in that case well perhaps we were never meant to be,
Just a mistake. How many more mistakes will i make, bad bad timing, i look forward to see, now im alive, enjoying the full range spectrum of passion and emotions, i can enjoy all the roller coaster rides, so maybe it will be mistakes all the way to end, at one with bad time, or maybe some time along the way, it wont be a mistake, it will be a right on time, wow wow wow, who needs watches when youve got a roller, who needs sinks when your out of cola

All those hearts i break
all those hearts we break
just mistakes
kind of makes me feel good about sniffing glue
and the expression take two
or even act two
i swear its like act one was pretty much a lot of fun
the interval was a bit of a broken mirror
in fact some people considered leaving the show early
and now its curtains up and on for act two

Hey stars and moons
Give me a break
break a leg
in fact yeah yeah yeah
dont give me a break
ive had more breaks
than so so many
i need a fix
heres my fix
im all good stars and moons
all good just like you
so start giving out breaks
and fixes to those that need them
i am free.


The day the sweet song died.

The day the sweet song died

Huey just cracked out a belter
its your brother from another mother
helter swelter inter summer skelter
the birds falling down
on the flying helper
eight miles
green mile
im in heaven, im in heaven
falling faaaaaust
caught by the catcher
in rye grass
players playing picked scabs of the past
the jester nose was broke in two
but we stuck it back on
with factory glue
then all around the children asked
where did your sweet songs go
go go go
where did your sweet songs go
all alone without a home
not a soul to call my own
humpty dumpty
dead inside
miffy the space cow
cracked and fried
how the pieces
broke broke broke
where did the sweet songs go
where did the sweet songs go
hansel and gretel hand in hand
skipping in a foreign land
looking for houses made of straw
or sand
a hole to dig
deep into the land
living right next to the sea
beside the waves upon the beach
to live of fish and air
never worry never care
and if any people come to them
well then for a time
theyll make some friends
until the tide comes in
until the tide comes in
then its up
onto the bench
made from sticks
below the top
where the ocean pours
and doesnt stop
the waters rise
just about right
where feet dangle
in sweets moons bright light
hansel and gretel sit side by side
staring into
the water.

and all the seas horses
and all the seas men
sung a song of six pence
deep in the ocean
beneath that bench

in another life
you could have asked her
instead you died
and didnt try
for what you really wanted
any time at all
you never told her that you missed her
you never even tried to kiss her
there was a fool who once became a king
but the thing is magic gifts
are make believe
so if you imagine what you do
dont get scared when it dont come true
one day youll be far from home
without a soul to call your own
its going be up to you just what to chooese
i house of sweets might look good to eat
an ice cream you might think nice to lick
remeber things arnt always what they seem
so you say you want to live your dreams
well jump in the ocean and come with me
ill take you places you have never been
far away so far from here
where theres no worries
and theres no fear
and you will live a life of ease
running free just like the wind
that blows a feather to begin
one of natures
brand new stories
in the forest where trees hearts beat
all about the sesame seeds
popping bubbles
sharing dreams
thats just one of natures
favourite bed time fables

hansel and gretel holding hands
took a walk upon the land
bread crumbs are there
foot prints in the

and all at once i knew what was true
there aint no one just for me
thats as plane as life to see
so i dived head first into reality
its so much easier
to make my dreams into stories

and start living life
living life for real
doing just what i feel
who needs dreams
when lifes the greatest story
looks of colours lots of sounds
lots of flavours lots of towns
drink it all drink it all down
embrace the tingles that you found
wow this is such a better way of walking

nothing that i say is truth
thats the only open book,
now i know
thers only one thing i can do

so i met a girl who sang the blues and asked her for some happy news
and she smiled and her hands touched upon my face
i touched hers and as i brushed her little hairs
i no longer needed the mask i had decided to wear
and all around were people in this place
playing games and feeling free
as lovers kissed
the poets beamed
children listend as the music gleamed
and we all swam
in a world of dreams

and that girl who sang the blues the one i asked for the happy news the one that smiled, she made the music play, here was a song that we all knew, so then we swam along into a tube called

life oh life
the only open book
nothing that i say is truth

all the children laughed and laughed spinning whirrling cartwheels danced, as we as one sung along, cheering all the way,

There may be trouble ahead
But while theres moonlight and music
And love and romance
Lets face the music and dance...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Whirr King Wonder Land.

Whirr King Wonder Land

Theres only one moaners corner
theres only one moaners corner
were bouncing along (boing boing)
singing our songs
walking in a woking wonderland

The Pidgeon Thief.

The Pidgeon Thief

After chatting to the man who said he had to speak to the captain of the cry for the moon

A ship bursting full of gold diamonds and silver. I passed through the brick archway and found myself sat upon four steps striped in white. Underneath columns, towering pillars of stone. My eyes looked up, above the bell tower blue and white, a beach hut shining on creamy sand in the suns rays, a light house tower, a cool dream tower, the planks of blue then white, spoke of lazy enchanted summers days. As tick tock, hands, travelled through time, around a giant clock face of black and bronze. The year was sixteen eighty three. A craftsmen put the finishing touches of gold leaf to a spiky sun protected by spikes, petite smiling in the shadows cast above the glass and balcony.

I stand up from my seat on the steps, and move one foot to the next, to balance on the edge, of a precipice, high above a cobbled river, i drop my pen into the waters cobs, thankfully, it floats, beside train tracks, yellow bright, ripples upon the surface. From my perch stood up high, i jump two footed, feet first into the river, the road that leads us where we all belong, splosh.

A navy signpost opposite points directions in all manners of ways, left left left, back back back, on, on, on right right right, as my feet get damper and damper, wading into the cobbles, i turn my head to the left.

Heat waves bursting out of windows send glistening shimmers through the air, that sparkle, playing trippy delights upon lan ying stars of yellow, and iron bars stretching to reach out from one side of the river to the other, they look like wrought fenced gates, bridges in the sky that seem to move like a swarm of lively insects, alive. Beyond the shimmer. Beyond houses blowing out smoke, behind sticky trees, there is an solaced strip of green, misty, magical, in the summer it must shine, a top the green stripe, dark trees, about as tall as thumbs on the horizon, strikingly joyously reach up woods.
Spirits look full
Are they paint
Some thick
Some slender
Some chipped
Hardly any
Bristiling hands
At all
Sweet natures
Spirit sleepers
Come to life and dance
Soft splendour
Act spiky
Wispy willows
Wood land forms
Sky is pure
White on the tree line
A giant of a moon
Is about to rise
And cover the land
In tree spirits fog

The sky above is baby blue for ever on and on and on, the trees and the heat waves call to me the signpost points but i ignore all. The priest, in black, collar of white, the trolley pushing, rattle ruttle clunk, a tinker clattering through the river. I ignore all and wade deeper and deeper into the cobbles until I’m sunk down to my waist, in fact I go right across the river, to the other side, climb out onto the bank i am dry, as if there was never any wetness or damp mould at all, i adjust my cap, before opening and then stepping through a door inside, into this towns guild hall.

Inside the guild hall Foggy Mossy was greeted by a overly large portly gentleman of a curious nature, who reminded him somewhat although he had no idea why of a pie in a sky,

Foggy Mossy surveyed the scene, he was through the door, without being invited in, always a neat trick, and he was quick to shake the portly gentlemans hand, and offered him one of him many alias’s

The man took Mossy's hand and, then spoke softly and gently as like a tender man speaking to his sweetheart,

"your cold Charlie come and warm yourself by the fire,"

Mossy, could see threw the portly mans game, and knew that no mortal of this town could prevent him from his mission, so he did, as the man whos job it was to guard the guild hall said.

Whilst sitting by the fire Mossy's eyes lit up on a bell. A giant bell, easily big enough to cover a badger, or a adult sea turtle.
Suddenly the round porter, of the guild, shrieked out,
"the bell broke
the bell broke
in thirty four and has been nothing but a nuiscance since,"

Mossie laughed, which he did not often do, and as he laughed the porter who continued to shriek,

"A nuiscance a nuiscance,"

shrunk, crumpling inwards on himself until. He vanished. All that was left, of the fat porter was a pile of dark garments, lieing on the wooden floor where he had been standing shrieking not a moment before, a long pink tail curled out from beneath the fringes of a cloak, squeak, went a rather chubby white mouse before scuttling under a desk.

Be just and not fear the pirate portrait on the wall.
A sheperdess with crook underneath the palms looks longingly to the left as her yews, nestle at her skirts, two swans float, another pirate, cross of England upon shoulder stares, ghoulishly out of the frame, in the background dark castle, dark clouds orange sky lit with flame. The light hangs in cauldron pots, a piano is draped in velvet in the corner, a chair with a important pillow, castle shield and lions, the symbol of this town.

Wonders upon mountains, the white rabbits spotless gloves, sit on a curtain of blue, nut green, near another swan this one is the one that can make tea.

I come mighty close to putting on the gloves. So close in fact, a scissor snip in time away, but that is not why i am here, so i leave them for anothers hands, or paws.

Up creaking steps i step in up the red waterfall, into a resplendent room, up here i am level with the sun which shines onto my face. I see the river down below where my pen had splashed, beside the ripples like train tracks of meandering yellow.

The water creeps over my face in a wave.

Majestic red, this room is pure, red. A table on wheels rolls along the middle. We dance together the table and i, widdershins than round the other way, circular moon tides. In the corner is a fire place, above it, a smoke laced clock covered in flecks and smears of grime, which stopped at ten past five. The clock sits in between two hooks, and rests on the head of a winged beast. The beast has the body of a rabbit the legs of a lion, the feet of a hawk, and the bearded head and face of a wild man. Tribal eyes, big lips that blow blow blow,

"Hello," I have to speak out loud, "who are you then?"

At this the wild mans eyes widen in exclamation almost rage and i knew he was angered that i could see him. The beast blew out of his lips such wind faster and faster, it was a furious gale, i quickly opened up the top right pocket of my jacket, which i had purloined, let me say borrowed, stolen from the master, the pocket that can hold the world, and let the gale which was now a hurricane of wind, blow into it before sealing the savage and quite loud storm inside by buttoning the pocket shut. Peace quiet. As the rush of wind in the room, blowing curtains, and knocking paintings and the tables this way and that, had been deathening.
"There was no need for that was there," i ventured but the wild man chose to ignore me,

A new wind rush in the city tempest meets strom, a gypsy ship seting sail out the bottle, freedom, in the air to the passing clouds, the lights are on in the traffic, the rivers words, the voice that calls, i was ready for the voice and it spoke such subtle commands that i knew the sun was coming to whisper on my shoulder, your coming up, out of the water, this wind was sent to you from the lips north sout east to the west of the rivers daughter.

I am running water
you move like a leaf

Down below a naked women holds the earth
As lovers touch each others bodies
On benches and trees and the armour
And weapons of war full down
Into nakedness and peace
Pure naked bodies
Sit on the boats and catch fish
A fish in one arm
The other held to the
Tit of horned freya
Dryad of the sea
That rides bare foot
Upon a cat fish.

All around the lovers
Rocking in a boat by the tree
Everything is smashed
And the tree is ripped in half
Two almost naked people
A man, a woman, break each other and roll in pain or savagery
They are not smashing surf upon the waves, they are building, piece by piece
From the storm, and the woman fists clasped together are not in anguish, they are to cheer, cheer on this man, that must keep rebuilding day to day, for they are the accursed, eternity, scented inside the bottle, inside the bottle where beside a tree, they want nothing but to make love, endlessly and build a family, yet everyday, every sunrise the man trys to rebuild everything all the smashed pieces around quicker and quicker almost nearly but not quite before , every sunset, when there shore is wrecked as are all their belongings by a raging storm a typhoon, a tidal wave, only these two lovers cannot drown, they must go on and on, every day the same, the man rebuilding piece by piece, the woman cheering him on, quicker quicker, until once again they do not achieve there dreams before the raging storm, shatters all. I know looking upon these two, from where i stand that it will be my next mission to release them from their torment, for by the beating of my heart all the voices in my blood tell me i will set sail on the cry for the moon, and set these captives free, by ending the typhoon, tidal wave, that has them beaten down.

I leave, narrowingly avoiding the penetrating gaze of the lowest two, bare footed, and bare chested guardians, legs enclosed in sword clock trousers, a male guardian on the left a women on the right, both holding an arm over their stomachs and head into a room of tropheys and cloaks.

Inside a cabinet. Behind a wall of glass, beautifull smashable lovely glass, there is a giant silver topped mace, it hides amongst many trophies for heroes and what not that have done the guild service over the years. I also spy with an inquisitive eye, a silver goat with trayling flag, the staff of the flag pole being held in the goats front paw, i think,
Not today.
Creak creak creak,
I return down the stairs, the red water fall,
Maybe maybe today, I am trapped. At the foot of the stairwell
A dark gate bars my way.
Ive been locked in, locked in, behind a door of black.
Guildford is closed to me now. Prison is the place to be, the street outside the air is cold, floating through the door flowers, line the gate, vines and rose petals in gold, up above is a light, i could scale this doorway easily, up and over, i will have too,
Or perhaps, i should go back up the steps
Creak creak creak, break open the cabinet, free the goat with the flag and take out the silver topped mace, the mace that sings out to me,

"Foggy Mossie, Foggy Mossie i am here waiting for you,"

Two warders of evil, the beasts that blow, for that was what the wild beast man from before was, a warder of evil, breathe in, the voice of the mace is taken into their stomachs, and its words are muffled,

"Thanks" i whisper
"Its nice to know someone’s on my side"

my mind is at ease if the warders of evil are, with me, then i can be certain my mission is just,
I am released, beside the giant bell, heavy upon the floor.

Did you hear Foggy Mossie, the most notorious of the pigeon thief’s, managed to convince his way out of the gate and back through the door by way of a key turning in the lock, from the other side no less from the other side.

Onto the streets, keep warm, keep warm, here comes a basket up the river.

A raven flew in front of Mossies eyes to land on top of a lamp post.
Feathers were a gathering, Mossie decided quickly, to take action it was high tide to deliver what he had been sent to steal.

Mossie walked side by side with his bike stolen from the mayor of Londons daughter, before depositing it onto a wall, he then stepped through a gate which led to a wooden portal into a hospital. The pidgeon hospital.

The carved maple wood donations box lined with tribal like stripes was no problem for Moosies nimble fingers. He helped himself to a slice or two of time, for he was at this present moment quite in the need of just that extra spilt seconds refreshment. The slices of time glided and melted on his tongue like the silken kiss of a wasps lips vanishing upon a glob of honey stuck to the end of a cats whisker. Mossie sated, and beyond time, tip-toed past the door with the big bold black sign and silvery etchings in curvy gothic script, that spelt out two words. The Master.

In the private garden of the pidgeons Foggy Mossie chanced upon a red leaf, more maroon then red, valentine, the middle of the inside of a cooked duck, its y’s where tropical trees, limes floating onto the beach, and the leaf was covered in perfect drop after drop of water, that sat like pearls, they from afar looked like flicks of white paint,

“Jersey’s been painting leafs again” thought Mossie.

An archway lined by trees roots, and spirally out of control more of the marooned valentine leafs, led onwards to where Foggy Mossie had first learned the ways of the sneak thief. In the oprhanage of earth.

Chimneys covered in pidgeons, chimneys that looked like sweets made from bricks good enough to eat.

“I am here,” Mossie called out loud, his voice echoing of the walls in the private garden of the pidgeons,

“I have brought your gift”

Just as Mossie was about to step through the archway to return triumphantly from his mission, and present the Queen of the pidgeons with the object he had been sent away to bring back, just before getting through the archway in between the green, green, grass, a courtyard full of empty benches. He was pushed back a rushing wall of blue and the way through was cealed to him, gone was the beautifull valentine leaf and gone were the pidgeons and all.

Perfect Sphere

“Drat!” Said Mossie out loud, and on his way he carelessly forgot to tip toe past the masters door,

“Oi you scoundrel give me back my coat,
stop right there and bring me back my coat"

Mossie ignored the Master and jumped back onto his bike to race through the river rushing on and on and on.

On a flattened disc of gold a sign swinging through the air, I saw three pigeons in a triangle, carved out of wood, they called to me like a siren singing soft laced tune, notes tapping feet, the pigeons song went.

A little bit of love baby
Just a little bit
Stay with me
Drop me out of hay
Stroke me by the hair baby

Glockenspiels chimed and the song went on

i think i'm
a little bit, a little bit
a little bit in love with you
but only if you're
a little but, a little bit, little bit
in lo-lo-lo-lo-love with me

Then suddenly as it begun the song stopped.

Mossie was inside a wooden cavern a golden map shone off the wall, compasses spinning pointed the way to go.

It was dark in the wooden hall of the three pidgeons. I took a candle from off the spidery wall and struck a match to put the wick to flame. It alighted, in the flicker of the candle light fire i now held i could see that vines and flowers grew in white all over the ceiling, the rose petals, the same pattern as the gate at the guild hall that held me trapped before.
I looked down, underneath my feet in a pool of light surrounded by shadows, was a carpet made of peacocks feathers and dancing toes. I held tightly onto the candle and leapt off the carpet, just in the nick of time, escaping a clawed beak from beneath that lurched out to bite my feet.
The vines and roses seemed to be following me, chasing me, as did feathers, and leafs, drips of wax dropped and spilt from the candle as I ran through the hall of the three pidgeons they landed, sticking onto the wooden floor boards, they left my mark, the sign for others of the pidgeon, that the author of the sneak thieves compendium Foggy Mossie had been here, and that they were to be watchful of fear, quell it.

Candle Talk

See the spell
melt like wax
as it lights
the rei
fire spewed
a twist kei
candle on a plate

The sign of the pigeons hadn’t led Mossie any nearer to delivering the object which he kept safely hidden in the top pocket of the masters coat.

A small white feather floated up off the floorboards as i ran. I knew then it wasn’t safe here, I leapt head first into a mirror hanging on the wall and found myself somewhere all together different.

Rushed through space, to the sound of clocks ticking, silence filled Mossies ears, the river underneath crashed a softening blast of crest light curling waves, four wheel beasts peeled, and putted, in this way, in this sound, Mossie travelled through the mirror.
His eyes were taken through the glass, where they could see an arch beyond, cubes, checked guards on board, a tree taller than a building.

As i stood my eyes taken through the glass to a chequered board made of shrubs and cubes of maple. I knew i was being watched from behind by the goddess of Tragedy Jan. The white masks of Jan follow me, everywhere i go. I pinched the flame of the lit candle that still burned in my hand and flicked the flames over my shoulder in order to ward of any tragedy for myself. The candle went out and the Goddess Jan worked her way into my hair. I wiped the strand she nested upon and listened,

“head for the sun, head for the sun.”

Sun day doesnt have to be a dark day sun day can be a bright day like dream day of sun.

The entire world wavered, i was beyond time, it was like the world was spinning, back on itself, a gravity blip, it felt like i was dropping backwards as if i was a dead body falling into a coffin, as if my ribs had been squeezed and i was about to pass out, as if an earthy quake or something had just happened, a gravity blip, that lasted for a moment in between a split second, a wave, i closed my eyes and let myself fall backwards sinking into the floor, the Goddess Jan touched my body, and sent me like a barrel bouncing off the rocks, wood splitting and spinters flying this way and that, as the water carried on pouring.

Up here, high, parallel with the setting sun, half a disc of gold, behind the trees, I stared out at the grey blocks of Guildford, the hills were browning orange, lapping up the light, the sun sunk forming a blob on a far away tree, mullticoloroued streams flew into my eyes, i let my ears listen.

Fountains bubbled, beautifull chilled out water pools, perfect, three ripples of harmony, I could see stepping stones, carved out of white marble, that led to an island across a square pool of water laced with lilies, as the sun went down the voice of Jan, rang true and i knew what to do,
A pidgeon flapped its wings as treacherously gorgeous sirens from beneath the lily pool wailed,

Circle the moon the moon the moon,
Follow the knife
Not the fork
Or spoon
Ride the crocodiles teeth
All the way
To the circle of the moon the moon the moon.

I travelled very far very far
And on my way i watched the children of the stars play.
All around me even on me, they scribbled tea time special cake graffiti, all throughout their vast playground, space, for that was the children of the stars game today,
There young voices, older than time herself, sung, graffiti after graffiti.

Yum I went there!
Rachel was here
Tooth paste teeth
Robot Joe
I have two eyes
My name is Rachel and i have a hamster called billy
Mouse in cheese
I smell flowers everyday
Yummy nob nobs
Tomatoes make me happy.

They graffiti covered me until i was reduced to nothing but a child myself, i could remember my childhood, flying through the air to land on the ground scraping both knees below my shorts until they bled and revealed bone beneath, i could not be broken by the star childrens graffiti, even then it went on and on and on, for the passing of millennia, i was still beyond time, i hung, click, upon a lunar tick, until the scene caved in like falling shards of glass from a window pane, there was no smashed window, the glass never fell, and i landed with a flump, onto a cushion, which i discovered to my delight was in fact a flower, a soft rose petal, pink and white, spotted stripey paterns like the skin of some tropical fish, the flower was sticky in an steamy jungle way and i felt at ease sitting on it. I felt almost like a chameleon, that was climbing up a tree in a tropical mountain rain forest, my breath was different, as was my actions, i hummed like a bird of paradise, my body and the flower cushion became one, joined together in nature, the petals licked over me, the colours of the petal ran all across my skin which now felt moist and humid, my lips pursed and i became like a spirit of an amazon rain forest warrior, swaying this way and that, we danced our dance perfectly i and the flower cushion, kissed by the rain forest of the moon, as i slid, into space,
I moved my head back and forth, swaying with the dancing lights that sparkled from every diamond star,
The colours shone through the entire spectrum of the galaxy.
Three dogs one dressed as Napoleon, His first mate on the left, Drake, and on the right the Cardinal Richelieu, turned into pillows and landed onto a sofa which flew beside me and the flower.
Ahead of us all, a flame burned, in a slot, a hole in space, where two heads bobbed, crafting stars with their fingers, the flames burned, lamps held by the heads in the holes hand flickered blue. As more stars were craft, two chairs greeted each other with a hug. As is the way, in space, sometimes, things change in a wink, a blink, or a scissor snip, the moon laughed, and the flower i had joined with disappeared, i fell back back back through space, it was like one of those dreams you have when falling for what seems like a never ending fever, at one point i turned into a wheel, a golden cart wheel of a carriage, that was being pulled by two shire horses.

I think it was this that saved me from death which is surely what befalls others who have falling off of a flower amidst the stars out in space.

My eyes where fixed on a whole host of objects that were displayed in pretty open boxes behind a window, i saw a wheel, a tiny wheel on a rod, a long golden rod, about the length of a little finger and thin. Thin as a tooth pick, a golden fishing rod prettily displayed in an open box, with a blue jewled merlin attached to it, springing free, I climbed into the box, which snapped shut.

Next to a red dotted star of Russia, clean and sparkly white blossom pears, a bell rung, turned on in some court, and a blue blooded lady with soft white hair, in a pink ball gown, and waistcoat jacked, with a fan, waft waft flutter flutter flutter across her face, then delved in with gloved hands, blue with five buttons in a line, from the wrist, quick hands, nimble fingers, the box containing the blue merlin rod along with Foggy Mossie, went into waistcoat pocket, as did, a silver panda holding onto a bamboo sitting in tree shade under coiled leafs, jade, and a large watch the tiger at two plus for good measure and why not a sparkling pair of ear rings.

Mossie had travelled in a box before and knew exactly what to do he pinched his nose tight between finger and thumb and the box shook about, as the lady walked in the darkness, trapped next to the golden fishing rod, Foggie mossie blew and blew and blew, until pop, went his mind, like the build up of a washing machine song rocketing rocketing, then drop, he was back on the steps by the cobbled river, where he had been sat before.

Only now it was dark and cold, colder in space, the sky swam blue, deep down dream blue,

“Pidgeons,” I shouted “Pidgeons” and I took out of the top pocket of the masters coat the object I was to deliver to the queen of the pidgeons of the crooked claw. Above a rushing window of rain the drips came a tip toe tapping, for even in the darkness the sun shone hot, the river bubbled with warmth, the cobbles teemed with life. I took out the object. Gorgeous Shadow Wax. Shadow Wax that begun life as a roman candle. Shadow Wax the guitar of Khengis.

Foggy Mossie stroke a match, flare, the candle melted like chocolate in hot porridge, and smoke turned like silk spun from a spiders web into Shadow Wax the guitar.

There by the river in the dark of night, i let Shadow Wax hang over my shoulder, and played her with my nimble fingers on the end of my tender and strong hands, just one perfect chord, that rung out like a sonic boom a wave that washed across the whole universe all the way round in a perfectly complete circle. The three wooden pidgeons cased on gold in a triangle were no longer silent they came back to life and the disc began to sing again

hands down
i'm too proud for love
but with eyes shut
it's you i'm thinking of
but how we move from A to B?
it can't be up to me
'cause you don't know
eye to eye
thigh to thigh
i let go

i think i'm..

a little bit, a little bit
a little bit in love with you
but only if you're
a little but, a little bit, a little bit
in lo-lo-lo-lo-love with me


and for you i keep my legs apart
and forget about my tainted heart
and i will never ever be the first
to say it
but still I,
yes you know I..I..I..
i would do it,
push a button
pull a trigger,
climb a mountain
jump off a cliff,
'cause you know baby
i love you love you a little bit
i would do it, i would say it
i would mean it, we could do it
it was you and i and if only i..

i think i'm
a little bit, a little bit
a little bit in love with you
but only if you're
a little but, a little bit, little bit
in lo-lo-lo-lo-love with me

come here, stay with me
stroke me by the hair
'cause i would give anything, anything
to have you as my man

come here, stay with me
stroke me by the hair
'cause i would give anything, anything
to have you as my man

a little bit, a little bit
a little bit in love with you
but only if you're
a little but, a little bit, little bit
in lo-lo-lo-lo-love with me

The moon became so happy that tears of joy fell down to splash onto the cobbled river, as the night got darker and darker turning from sweet deep blue to purple malven black, the smiles on faces got larger and larger until they were turned into bigger smiles than theyd ever been before, Foggy Mossie played and diamonds floated from the sky they sparkled, glimmer sparks into eyes, everyone who heard Shadow Wax played, was to become, safe and warm, and alive, alive enough to live their dreams, be who they wanted to be, to trust their hearts and leave their clouded minds behind or have just good times and peace,

The Queen of the pidgeons of the crooked claw flew onto my foot.

“Why didn’t you play before”

“I did,” I replied “I did”
“Then I was locked up, and kept out, many many times, then it got dark and bells rang”

The queen of the pidgeons cooed softly like a dove, soothing my story

“So i decided right here and now in the cold and dark to play your guitar Shadow Wax on Guildford high street and watch the cobbled waters flow”

My tale to the queen was finished so my next four words seemed simple, as always did any words, spoken from out my mouth,

“So here i am”

“As am i”

Foggy Mossie took the Queen of the pidgeons claw in his hand and shook it,

“May your claws be crossed with silver”

The Queen replied,

“May your palms be crossed with silver”

The deal was done, and the gift, Shadow Wax the guitar of Khengis was returned to its rightfull owner, the queen of the pidgeons claw.

Foggy Mossie winked to the skies, then, stood on one leg, he sailed into the air, then turned into a ship in a bottle, the bottle landed in the middle of the street with a smash like a sea sauce snip.


I was now on board the cry for the moon, sailing down the river followed close behind by a million or so leafs and feathers, i laughed which i seldom do and the leafs and feathers turned into wooden boats that couldn’t keep up with fast pace that the cry for the moon cut through the ocean.
My smile grew ever more larger, i was on the mission that i knew in my heart was to be my next, to save the lovers by the tree from the turmoil and tragedy, of the sun set typhoon, i took out my compass, a silver spoon, and it spun round on my out stretched palm until it pointed to my hearts desire,

“Captain,” I yelled, “Captain”
“Looks like im here to take over your ship and crew.”

Tonight we fly our flag a skull of white, smoke of blue mixed together to form a grey sky, the colour of invention, set sail for the passing clouds.

Dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot

I see a ship
go sailing down the river
Inside a soul
gunning to deliver
Two hundred thousand wings
Of gold in an empty basket
Singing songs for the sunrise
Moonlight in a casket

This road a flowing river we can walk upon
Gently if we let it
takes us where we all belong

Home where the one heart is
Today is a day
To get these waters parted.

One soul searcher
Burning for another

You could make me live big sister
For now I’m just a little brother

One gold worker
Turning to another

When the sunlight hits the spinning leafs
It take you
Builds you stronger

Like bright lights dancing off the water
I see so many ships
go sailing down this river
inside each a soul gunning to deliver
Two hundred thousand stars in an empty basket
Singing songs for the sunrise
Moonlight circles in a casket.

Three Moons for Miheal.

Three Moons for Miheal

Ping ring a ding a ling
whos that walking in the air
its ping ping the gypsy king
king of what
king of no thing
ping ping ping
whirr king
the heggler
the tinker
the tinkers sing
of ping ping the gypsy king
king of what
king of no thing
the heggler
the tinker
the tinkers sing
all around the pot of tea
a boy in a jumper
with a rooster under his arm
given to him by
the stranger on the road
an egg an egg that hatched a chick
his pet his pet
his friend his stick
a girl he met
at the fayre
on the swing rope boat
they sat and shared
a ride a ride
a ride for free
they didnt run
when shouted at
the caused chaos
and fun
fancy that
then they came upon
the valleys
where the tinkers sing
of ping a ling
the gypsy king
it was time to choose
time to decide
who would be the leader of all the tribes
from all other eire
the tinkers had tinked
to gather togethor and get their king
a battle a battle in the glade
deadliest night nag shampur shade
oh doon oh doon oh doon dunbar
the jute the jute the sacks are tarred
the sauce of this patch
had him a magic violin
given by the devils queen
the boy miheal had his magic cock
hatched from egg on mountain top
and the beatufill jumper all colours and mud
given to he by red lanty,
the king the king the
gypsy king who will be the gypsy king
ole johny faa of doon dunbar
had breathed oh breahted his last of stars
the sauce of the patch
wouldnt stop his travel his travel
tinkers tins far
for he knew the magic violin would seal his spot
as ping a ling the gypsy king of every tribe
something happened
patch adams did not know jack
jumping jack
for what fort thought
he knew he knew not at all
under neath the water fall
ears glistened as
young miheal played
the best of all
bom shanka
upon the bow
upon the stars
upon the moon
upon the past
upon the present
upon the styles
upon the future
upon the smiles
upon the valley
upon the grass
upon the sky
upon the river
upon the waters daughter
all day long for everyone
until his song was done
doon doon oh doon dunbar
the last star breathed by good john faa
a tinkering king of gypsies
red lanty beamed
fog gathered all about the glade
once upon a time
on a misty irish morning.

E yo ho
wheteher did we go
i like the sun and i like the bow
i like the rain and i like the fog
feel at one in the snow snow drops
down at the bottom of an ocean
or breathing with a tree
grey days sparkling
such beauty
the weather is my best friend
thats as may be
for i feel just at home
with the countryside
or when im swimming in city lights
Ey yo ho
weather do you know
i love the cold
as the winds do blow
sow sow
floating flower seeds
feel at one with the swaying trees
love dust
dusty dusty roads
feels so good
as my soles
do learn
ey yo ho ho
weather i will be
all ways dancing
a leaf
from a tree
tree spirits
oh how you shine
sparkle sparkle
every chime
your not ghosts
you are free
dance and sway
come dance with me
dancing trees
weather you are free
like the wind that sweeps
the sea
moon glows
sun doth shine
on and on
how many times
on and on and
on and on
on and on and on and on
way down at the bottom of the sea
on a soft beach swinging lazily
thats the place that id love to be
sings the wind that sways the trees

let me fly
far away from here
fun fun fun
in the sun sun sun
i want to lie
shipwrecked and comatosed
drinking fresh mango juice
gold fish shoals nibbling at my toes
fun fun fun
in the sun sun sun

Knitting Wool.

Knitting Wool

Spider wrapped legs, in between knees, spear a ling cob, gill lass wrapped, plats forms, conch shells in the rope, squeaking, strobes, orange lights, strike, brick worked halls, the roar, the séance, the clack, clunking rail, clank, bump one, bump two to four,
Door slide, oyster clam, fury, furry zebra spot, brown snuggly jaguar bag,
Blue pole slash one eye
Furred el tick hand purse slip behind the tap top dance
Tiny fryers, little fingers, thin, flat soft nuzzle buckles
Clasp, lips lick, smile, lips and teeth, square eyes on the blue
Red yellow orange green on the blue
Skin of a fish dinosaur
Floating Islands in the swimming pools
These seats are the blood in my veins,
Priority American Vietnamese
The bathroom tiles
Wiped clean
Cross, theres no glass in my knuckle
Scratches in the frying pan
The guitar of Ghengis Khan

Blue mushroom,
Totem pole mouth above the red gaping pocket hole,
Blue poles, red ones, bare skin veins on plastic chairs,
Blackened out wind, the judders, the rumble, the swash
Rickets bomb, a trolley of forks bouncing, kerching,
Kerching, sliding doors, sliding doors, and on my left, and on my right,
Squeak and whirl,
Outside, above ground, the light tastes grey, cot rock a by green
Indie go, or whiten brown skin, out of this world, white scarf, black haired girl,
Curly wisps of bun, text away text away,
Purple shiny gloss,
Ceramic tigers
Everyone wants ornaments,
Afraid to move
In case they smash,
Wooden fence perfect hole,
Slated roof
The lights wink
Houses outside,
Ariel’s chimney
The black octopus
In the bath
Cruella de ville
Walks through the bathroom door
Hard core
Sliding doors
Flat cap flies in
Dapper Dan
Whoa back off a jumbo
I just saw an elephant taking one on the back of a wall,
Jumping jack paints, Jurassic lob star shades,
Leafs on track, star ferns like mikes
Blue paint, white paint, pouring from sieves in the ceiling,
The wind rush
Cheap cheap
Underneath the Saturn moon
Underneath the summer time
Under stands over flies
Under stands over flies
Under stands over flies
Im off to paint Aunty Muse
The hard to reach part at the back
Stop stealing,
One finger one thumb one arm one leg,
Stop stealing.



Number 43
a ghost came and sat next to me
my imaginary friend
held hands to the end
i didnt have a number
all i hads a tare
a yellow scratch in black
43 cried yellow
a ghost sat next to me

Loofer Land.

Loofer Land

Circles in the wall
Circles on the door
Clearing through the glass
Grass arrows to cross
X marks the spot
Black holes
Rich in sound
White hole
White wall
Black hole
White wall
Pink up on the
Satin pink line
Is the top
Seven orbs on
One orb off
Bullet streaking patterns
Cracked in the roof
Rips in the old chair
Next to here
Spring and pounce
Brass cobbles
The tear
Bullet wound
Smoke burns out the hole
Thread bare
Naked to the world
Erect white strand
Like a fountain
Of puss spirals
From open pore
Rising rising rising
Thread bare
Uprising yet frozen
Completely frozen
A comets tail
Grey white black
Un moving
A pointed hand
To the yellow world
Loofer land
Aint as soft on top
Shrink and step
So many crunchy holes
Disch cloth disco

Monday, 15 November 2010

In a while smile.

In a while smile

Welcome to hermitsville
Woke up today
Feeling like George is a complete fucking douche bag
What a snivelling piece of shit
So i fucking killed him
Split his head open with an axe
See you later alligator
Buried that pussy
Bye bye
Bon voyage
What a fucking doormat

Ring around the roses
Run around the street
Fucking hell
Water water
Dick head
Time for me to smoke a fuck load of ciggerrates
Than a massive massive spliff
Head to a rave and eat a bag of smarties
5 pills 10 pills 20 pills
Lines lines lines
Fucking hell
Loser loser loser
Same old shitty story
Whats new nothing
Whats true nothing
Whats new nothing
Whats true nothing
What can you trust nothing
who can you trust nobody
So fuck you fuck you fuck you
everyones a cunt
bang bang your dead
Moving on
Hello world
Where is love
Fuck love
Welcome to hermitsville
i walk alone
wanting to punch my fists
through windows on busses and trains
and into every face
this guy in front of me eating a pastey
chew chew chew chew chew chew chew chew chew
chew chew chew chew chew chew chew chew
fucking smack the shit out of him
then burn the place down
Capital city Hate.

You wind up the gramophones and turn the handles round
out comes their music and out comes their sound

She said you'd given up,
Your folks told me you should be left alone,
On a mountain top knocking the aeroplanes down with stones.
Do the whirlwind and carry the hope that stings all night long,
Don't abandon him 'cause he quivers when he hears your song,

Believe me, it's safe to see.
At least be confused about right and wrong,
Plan to settle down,
Over the moon under the sun.
Do the whirlwind and shotgun the seat that beats that beats
Hanging on to the one you love
To keep keepin', sleepin', dreamin' on.

Folks given up under the quivers and lines,
You do the whirlwind,
Don't abandon,
Get a handle of yourself, son.

Do the Whirlwind - Architecture in Helsinki

Dont abandon
get a handle on your self
my self
blah blah blah
my self
how easy it is
to turn love into hate
i need to think how i do
in order to do what i do
i really like balance
an un balanced individual
tip-toeing through the tulips
i got to embrace it all
instead of having two demons
good side bad side
good side ive been feeling is a douche
bad side
well bad side
bad side you dont want to meet
coss bad side wants to fuck you up
rip a brand new hole
then climb to a mountain top
and throw down rocks rocks rocks
then theres the handle
get a handle on yourself
the sun still rises
the moon still shines
round and round
tranquil pool of silence
be as one
float zen
keep doing what you do
and instead of thinking
hey i want to fuck you up
you can think
hey i want you to have a good life
sweet sweet dreams
you know you can do that
get a handle on yourself
dont give up on you self
your self
you dont need to be born anew
singing all you need is hate
coss your dream is good
stick with your dreams
and your heart
your belly full of fire
for it is a fool
a coward
that would listen to the thoughts his own
or of others running through his head
openess only leads to pain
sharing only sends people away
theres no one to trust
except for strangers in the night
mate give it time
life aint over rover
its only just begun

on the sun
in the sun
the world can be as one

what else can i say
all the plants love rain

all and all and all and all
all and all the water falls
and i float and i float
flowing flowing
all is all is all is all

hard to soft then soft to hard
cut son glass
cut son grass
soft to hard then hard to soft

all is all is all is all
wrap me up in cotton wool
wrapped me up in cotton wool
underneath the water falls

Nirvana is a friendly world

Im so happy coss today...

Im so lonely

Thats ok
I shaved my head...

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Up above the hair shop.

Up above the hair shop

Chinking laughter
Sweet chinks in the sun rise
Blossoming brook
The walls alive
Chatter bouncing in the corners
The cuve neck of the hall
White on been
My legs are warmer
Than theyve ever green
Comfy and soft
Snow drops
Coughs bounce
Laughter rings
Girls voices
Snipers, stabs shots
Is behind me all around
I am
Trashed into a sea of crescendo
The walls grieve and scream
The paint is smooth
Yet all i feel are bubbles
The voice carries on running
Tip-toe across the ceiling
Above my ears
Drowned in the ocean
Of strangers tongues
They burn out the paintwork
Its like spiders in webs
Cobbed where my eyes cannot see
Are chattering together
Whisps under light lamps
The lights whisper
I close my eyes
I am blind
My ears become my very being
As yet
I have not touched.

Its such a swift, chatter, sweet swooshing, swallow, yet, sharp shadey snipe, chaffinch, shadow chat,
Shooting sussing shooshing, slipping, slaying, sinking, scissor snips, its snipping, snip snip snip, whistling, a wash a wave a sea, i leave the walls and ceilings
The gossip behind backs and gaze
Gaze forward with open eyes over the balcony
Tops of heads are brave new worlds
No face, only ears and nose, pink to black
Bald men without, much hair, women, hair dangling down,
Beautifull, falls, colours in scarf stripes, fluff tuft russet
Hair abound leave the clothes
Everyone is naked, its all about,
The hair,
A dot on top an angel island prayer song
Chatting to the man in black
with hair turned flap a riding
printed bat open mouth
come shining
sweet allusion straw fields
celestial scraggle, solar curly wurly
light not much loose
crow a round
you you strokes
dark bangs straight
little bit tuft
long waves of waterfalls
break upon shoal doors
open layers and layers
bright like the sun
sweep to the left
a bit to the right
sits upon blazer
silky to touch gorgeous
flocks of female lion
rough behind
badger hedge hog
crumpled rocks
barren peaks
mountains call
weather beaten stone
black grey wash
iron lady
shorty yelled
“soft at back
hard on front”
sits a wire
field of flax
another a man
sharp spiky hedgehog
shiny points in the light
“hello curly”
Bounce bounce swing
Completely pink
Shiny strip
Best of all

White so pure like waxen moons silver laced flowers
Frizz tizz sparkle
Playfull hair
Boing boing
Tied back hair
Reveals a path
A road
To where?

Strands that waft, wisp, and stand so enchantingly
With the air
What if the band was released
“let the trumpets ring out”
And the hair fell down
In that moment
Between moments
Hair up to hair down
eyes whir
sense stirs
taken in the creamy flump of nature
all the hairs, together, as one
rushing down woods
like a handsome player of the violin
drawing his bow across the strings
beneath a thunderous waterfall
to breathe deeply threw the nose
“the essence of such a thing, could turn a man into king.”

The sound of sights rip sip to beat the light awash with colour new
And a found a far underneath seven stars
A twisting twirling flex of cats
Pool towards the milk and lap
Quick straw quick straw
Sap sap sap
Pump pump
Pump pump
The beat of the hun
red million
crying trees
Tear drops into the river
more and more hair falls
Down hands fly
Like daggers
moonlighting with solar stars
fingers dance the waltz
all up and around
in and out
all over
in between
and through
the hair
caressing ears
kissing flocks of seagulls
rabbit eyes fox eyes
out of space eyes
starburst into streaming galaxies
milky ways
raving in the flash lights
from all tied up
the hair is floating down
i dive over the balcony
into half a banana
i am plucked
one piece at a time and eaten
my yellow skin is peeled
i am free
outside my body
to be taken in a hand
instead straight to mouth
lips which chew
my softness that melts
A basket swing above the floor
As my four arms speckled brown skin dangles
We all swim into the ocean of hair
Breathe in the smell of church wood
The tiger stripes
run a finger across the grain
dirt that dreams of being picked by a cute nail
and taken to another play,
tomorrow where the mushrooms grow
It seemed the simple children
Couldn’t see the sunlight of their days
The words were written backwards
On the drips that drew the rain
And underneath the table was a pot
Of painted tails
It slipped
The chair next to me fell
The sound it made
Was of a whale
I was drawn
In a house
Beneath the waves, the bangs, the waves
Singlets droopy curtains slipped on soft face
Cushioned jumpers, as the scent of tangerine peels
Tornadoed its way up every nostril,
Every hand, and every jumper, and every hair, every lose fixed stich and garment became, all became, we as one togethor, played beneath the storm
Sweet gypsy music
neath udder
the giant space cow
Goddess milked her teat
Milk milk milk
Silver pickled drops did ring
Like a bikes bell
Ping a ling a ling
The spiders nipping scissor snips ceased
Undeneath the valleys water falls
Where the handsom violin player
Draws his bow across the strings

In a mellow eating ice cream, warm drink, glugging kind of way
The sound of wine being poured out the bottle, cooly, lovers getting into the mood
Passion in their eyes, sparks, and expression on their faces, we each turned into one anothers hair
As one
Beneath the waterfalls
A sea of hair
A multitude of colours, and vibration, sensations, as we travelled from where we had been to the floor, bodies gone, just a mashed up organism, the hair

In some other world beneath the water forms the people left completely bald
Rubbing each other’s heads in wonder, frivolity, astonishment and some shrieking hysterical in shock, despair, in some other world

The hair waited on the floor for more and more hair to come and join in the fun
Yeah way yeah way and then beauty on beauties
The giant brush, that swept all moving together
The burny rich smell
The soft the bristly, the honey silk angels, the cut rocked mountains, swept out of the light, mooshed together like a soap made up of all the slithers of other soaps into an altogether new and completely different place. Togethor. As one.

In some other world in some other world
The bald people discoverd a store that sold
Well they had a curious name
They were new
They were called
Wigs! Wigs! Wigs!
And they were made from all
Different colours
And types of hair
Mooshed as it were
Like lots of slithers from lots of old soaps
To form new bars
Or barnets
In which the people decided
To joyously parade
In some other world
In some other world
Up above the water falls
The handsome bald man
surrounded by people with hair
Had every one eating fruit out the palm of his hand
For in some other world
there were
no wigs
the handsome bald man
Snip snip
was best of all
as he drew his bow
across the strings
all through out the valleys
down below the water falls.

Brave new moon.

Brave new moon

The moon is gorgeous
like a
shining pill
white doves
mitsy turbos
if she wasnt already named
diana loochena saleena
id call her soma
beautifully round
and fat

Fly fly fly fly.

Fly fly fly fly

Under stands over flys
under stands over flys
under stands over flys
under stands over flys
under stands over flys
under stands over flys...

Air Hole.

Air Hole

Round peg square hole
round peg square hole
round peg square hole
round peg square hole
round peg square hole
round peg square hole
whats your favourite colour
red or grey
it doesnt matter
underneath the ice
round peg square hole
round peg square hole
round peg square hole
whats your favourite colour
black or white
grey grey grey
bang bang bang
dead dead dead dead dead
bang bang bang
dead dead dead dead dead
grey day grey day everybodys grey day
dave dave dave
dead dead dead
rum rum rum
red red red

No Apologies.

No Apologies

In verts forts the rots a salt
ip kissed surf a voice a soil
take the mask
a slide a shade
take the mask
a slide a shade
and on
the mushroom
on and on
the mushroom
im as one with the sun
why the fuck
did i say float
why the fuck did
i say float
never had to float that boat
i dont have to float these boats
you know you could be
no apologies
you know your not dumb
worlds keep having fun
up above
up above
the shining shining sun
nuts and nuts
salt oh i got
nuts and nuts
salt oh i got
changing everyday
green sole for the flame
this whole world is shit
im a hippo
what else can i say
every one is gay
what else can i write
i dont have the right
should i even
should i even
should i even
i dont have to fight
i could just survive
why'd you have to fight
when we could just sit bye
breath in
breath in
would you like some tea
would you like some salt
cut myself on shards
i would like more glass
bottles bottles
clench in too my fists
hairs upon my lips
tearing skin off face
stepping on the train
if you could
if you could
if you could
tell me
tell me
tell me
all we are is what we need
all we got is what we need
all we are is what we need
tell me
tell me
you dont have to fight
up above this light
tell me
why id have to kill my soul
why id have to kill my soul
me myself and eye
hang enough to dry
dried clothes
warm food
all we got is what we are
all we got is what we are
come out of the tube
everythings danube
new life
new life
living is so good
all of what you do
fucking up the sky
how the colours shine
all their walls
on the walls
screaming screaming
all their walls
on the walls
every brick
every brick
every brick i throw
im raining down
sunlight shines
it shines on you
sunlight shines
it shines on you
and mary
grey clouds
on those clouds
are smiling on
smashing chips break the surf
cuts in fish feed a birth
oh mary mary
in the glass
broke the ice
six a six a six
is nine
i cant find
i cant find
my soul at all
i cant find
i cant fight
so i take
so i take
this buried
now ive changed
i have change
now ive changed
i have change
now ive changed
i have change
i have changed my shoes
parted them in two
heart falls off my sleeve
i know how to sleep
resting into peace
i dont have to speak
tell me
open everyday
go the other way
closed book
closed book
closed book
closed book
sticking to the shelf
better for your health
no words on the page
to bury
if i share they run away
if i share they run away
if i share they run away
if i shed they run away
close book
close book
closed book
im not in
your photo graphs
im not in
your photo graphs
im not in
your photo graphs
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on

Friday, 12 November 2010

Screw Coca Cola.

Screw Coca Cola

Screwy Louey Joker

Hello Pidgeon.

Hello Pidgeon

Oh lampost now your glowing
i love the way all your colours showing
shine on
shine on bright
shine on like the sweet heat sun rise

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Beer Tricks Blind.

Beer Tricks Blind

Fats Domino turned back and said to me,

Hey put your head in here

Here was an old wooden box, brown going on tan like a bike satchel in colour, beige leather, except the box wasnt made out of leather, it was wood, a cube, nailed together, for taking photos, projecting films, or making music, it did all three, well on the outside. It looked a bit like one of those old fashion cameras on a tripod three wooden legs, except it was just the top part, the bit where you put your eye up to the lens, and then let the dark material place you in a cave whilst outside open to the elements your thumb pushes the button, to make a flash, and kapow the photo is taken, except there was no tripod, there were no legs, just this wooden box, light orange beigey tan in colour, crafted perfectly square, the wood had good grain, and the joins and nails were sound.

Go on stick your head in

I did as fats said

Whoah, on the inside it was a warm cavern, with a bright glowing light or lights, man it was powerful, like being basked in well i couldnt say maybe a lighthouse, flying into the full on glare of a lighthouse, feeling its stream of light on my skin, the hairs on my arm went tingley, or perhaps it was like being a tiny little bug crawling about and relishing the warmth of a lamp lights glow, mmmm warm and fuzzy.

Aint it something, Fats voice rolled smooth

Its gorgeous i replied, real sweet, I looked at the lights, flowing from inside the box, up above, they shone right into my eyes, all across my face and body, they made me shine, the light was all empowering as it filled my very being and soul and bathed me in its bright white yellow hot tap, the scene took on more colours then just the glowing stroke of a lighthouse, and i saw images beyond circles of rainbows, chandeliers and a bar and men and women chatting and dancing in the corner was a piano, the shining was speaking to me, i was bathing and dancing at the same time, i let the light shine into my eyes for what must have been hours and hours

Hey fats? I said,


You cant see anything right, Fats was now blind and had been for sometime,
So how come you knew that putting your head inside this box is beautiful

you take me for a fool whoo hoo, i can feel it, i can feel it from the tips of my fingers way down to my soles, theres beauty coming out of the walls, i can feel it, you dont have to see to feel and know the glow of this light, why its bouncing and a radiating all over this place, my skin, and my smile, i feel it in the way my teeth tingle, i cant see but i know your smiling too

and its all here just for anybody to look in and enjoy?


wow, how many other people have seen it, felt it,

Just me and you kiddo, just me and you.

Falling leafs.

Falling leafs

Kaledeiscope kaledeiscope kaldeiscopes
dancing on the street

thats so much better
orange orange oranges

hurtle hurtle hurtles
in a skirt

im a skirt
swish swish swishes

tropical paralights
release release relief

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

November Skies.

November Skies

that glow
and flicker
glow and flicker
glow and flicker

Beauty full stars
that lick her

A magical date to the tate.

A magical date to the tate

Fuck a doodle doo, fuck a doodle doo

Darling would you like to visit the tate
oh darling that would be splendid
maybe we could go for a walk down the river
oh i do love the river so
darling would you like to smash some windows
oh yes yes i love the sound of breaking glass
perhaps you would like to throw this molotov cocktail
oh sweet heart how did you know
mmm the sweet smell of petrol
thats my favourite perfume
darling perhaps you’d like to dance and rave to these banging tunes
oh yes yes this is wonderful
i never want to leave
lets smash down this wall
how about we kill someone
lets hurl fire extinguishers into the crowd together
anything anything
this is paradise
its so beautiful
oh wont you marry me
i will i will
ive just got to plant a bomb under the house of lords
will you wait for me at the sit in on parliament square
i will, i will, i will hurl bricks threw windows, graffiti my message on the walls, i will waltz through the click click whirrs of strobe lighting camera flash and then i will wait amongst the swaying trees under the moon and starry starry night until you are safely in my arms again
Ok sweetness and light, i best dash, ive got a system to destroy, ill be with you again by the time big ben strikes midnight, and then we and the world can live as one
just one last kiss before i go
tick tick tick...

aww mate see the poor geezer jinxed it there, he well shouldnt have said, last kiss, tick tick... KaBOOm!

Remember remember
the month of November
Stuff gets blown up a lot

There was once upon a time
a civil war in england

Revolution can happen
There are ways and means

Only thing is
Sometimes this is quite crucial
What exactly is it that your fighting for?

The first rule of fight club is.


why is trainspotting called train spotting?

Remember remember the fith of november
seriously its a date worth remembering
some dudes tried to take down the system

Whether they were wrong or right is kind of irrelevant
stuff very nearly got blown to kingdom come, and when bombs go off, the world, and a lot of lifes in it are changed forever and ever and ever

The banana sunshine party
does not condone violence in any way well not least baby pram wah wah violence
evidently we understand there comes a time when anger builds up enough to cause people to fight and people will fight, a while back after a load of civilians were mowed down by machine gun fire a few people in India got the hump and burnt some stuff down and smashed up the place, fair enough you might think, they had some justified anger and that rage has got to be channelled somewhere,

so although we at the banana sunshine party are anti-violence and all for peace, we do understand that sometimes some pretty heavy shit goes down and its going to need more than a punch into a pillow to sort it out, on the other hand, we in no way ever and will always be happy to say that we never condone, murder, destruction, or devastation, especially so when it’s pointless and leads nowhere, and takes away news coverage from more pressing issues, thankfully no-one is dead as a result of the Milbank super party, and injuries can be recovered from, and all talk of bombs and blowing up stuff in this circumstance is fiction.
If only that ran true across the board.

Mass respect to the sweeper those who clear up all the broken glass, you deserve to wear gryphons upon your chest

Fuck a doodle doo

Fuck a doodle doo is another version of cock a doodle doo, it carries with it a different vibe to your usual rooster alarm clock - salty, salty, salty.

Hooray for baked potatoes
hooray for baked potatoes
hooray for spaghetti hoops
lets cover the lot with cheese.

Nice one dad nice one.

Nice one dad nice one

I nearly completely took my foot of the pedal then,
i mean like totaly close to slipping into the car lane kaboom
what was i thinking
as you move through this life
sometimes there are ruts
you got to keep bouncing right over them
i love how its the simplest of things that can get them wheels back on track
just a tiny tiny little show of affection
a little tiny glimmer a celebration
in a job done well
and sharing it
ah man dont get me started
sharing it
so that everyone can join in with the celebration
were all hero's
in this life
buggsy buggsy buggsy
ive been a glutton for every song i ever heard
and i swear its true
you give a little love
and all it all comes back to you
brilliant words
your going to be remembered (to be fair i reckon it dont matter if your remebered or not)
for the things that you say
and do
i swear yesterday today
i nearly lost it big time
then i somehow came back to solace
a state of grace
everythings all cool
and yeah done well nice one
spread that celebration around
hats off man
hats off you are amazing
thats it simple as
spreading the love
first good laugh of the day
i feel so much less angry
at all the blah blah blah bull talk
prrrr what a load of nut nut
crikey o riley
talk about a lot of fuss over
absoulutly nothing
its about time to watch
the life of bryan
laugh laugh laugh
let them good times roll
on and on and on...
a wink to the good ship monty python
and all who sailed in her
alucia matucia saleena dian.
shine on
audere est facere

News Flash.

News Flash

i see ten thousand chariots
and the riders they cover their faces
poppies poppies eveywhere
its raining poppies
new flash
this is a report of the party
party party party
the millbank party
November 2010 - What happened to the protest
Keep a right on keep a riding, raver, raver, blah blah blah babble on keep a right on riding, midnight raver.
All the people, human people
...Millbank super party...

Gypsy Palm Trees.

Gypsy Palm Trees

Theres a seed stuck in my keyboard point down right below the space i flicked it with my finger its point is up it nods its pointy seed head yes yes yes every time i tap the bar , the seed moves so fast its like its a hundred seeds at once rushing split images through the air, i cip it with my nail, its not out its jumped like an Olympic flea, to land inbetween two keys, now its out over the wooden table onto my leg, its cliff hanging on trousers made of felt, the little seed staring down at what would be a might drop to the criss cross latticed carpet floor, its in my palm now, easter island coconut, lippy stone, tropical sun, crash bandicoot, witch doctor mask, beetle juice, magic compass that points the way, to the pillars of four fingers, reminds me of this time monkey took a leak whilst standing in the buddhas hand, the seed rolles onto the glass theres another seed nearby, they both point in different ways, they are beautifull one looks flat like a tear drop, or a pearl shaped bag, with a few belongings bulging at the bottom, the other lies like a lute upturned, or a whale rising out of the sea, they both have shadows, two sets in fact, the first light the second pair darker and further below the glass, its like they are speaking conversation these two seeds, their colours are soothing, wood nut brown, their tops sparkle, glisten, i listen, and breathe in their scent, i blow them till they dance, then i say, what are you doin in here seeds, lapping up the energy between mouse pen and phone, so much electric noise, let me bury you, let me cover you in earth, warm earth, where you can be safe, the seeds nod mexican, and so, i take them in my hand and plant them outside, in comforting soil from the planets ground, i will care for them as will the seasons, year by year, from up high i stand, i speak to the seeds out of sight beneath the soil, may your palms be crossed with silver from the sun and the moon.

One day the palm will grow.
One day the palms will cover the earth.
Four suits
amongst fifty two
wrapped in tiny little boxes
Gypsy palm trees
spade made clover heart and diamond berries

Once upon a time there was a man that planted seeds
there was a tale written and told all about him, by a storyteller and his dog
That story was and still is called,
The man who planted trees.

Once upon a time there was a man that planted seeds
there was a tale written and told all about him, by a storyteller and his dog
that story was and still is called,
How the first deck of cards was sown.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Silly Tuesday.

Silly tuesday

Tuesday chews day
whats with strange new feelings
on a tuesday
im punching holes
through brick walls
somethings definitly up with me and the world
on a tuesday.

Usually between one and three
and then everythings ok again,
i hope this doesnt happen next week
Its proper messing with my chews days
after noon.

Monday, 8 November 2010



You aint seen nothing yet
im a runner

The cards on the bus.

The cards on the bus

Sitting on the back of a bus hobby noticed a deck of cards. Old cards. The box had been opened. It looked far removed from new. The words on the side had faded with age. Some of them had been scratched off as if the previous owner of the cards had flaked along the side of the card with their finger nails. The two small flaps at the open end of the box were grey on the inside and the edges were soft and crumpled. They were not clean and sharp. The cards themselves, were dressed comfortably in layers of grime and dirt. Passed between so many different hands over the years.

On the back of the bus
on the back of the bus
my hearts been shot
with a blunderbuss

On the back of the bus
on the back of the bus
my clubs a wooden spoon
wrapped up in socks

On the back of the bus
on the back of the bus
my diamonds a scissor snip
quick quick quick

On the back of the bus
on the back of the bus
my spades a floating

This pack. A single deck of cards. Just sat electanlcally searching across the hall of a sunken submarine shattered wall draw my hole like a shard of icing into the veins splashing out awkardly and a walking on the rein deers lights in flash of my head the the next drum kicked up a snare into the tumbling fallk sound of stops whistles and hellos to everybody this bus ross weady roll flotsom in the jet stream.

I missed the bell which meant i got to get off at the stop after the stop after next how about one more, Scoob it suba diver.

Lille wanderings, whispers are alive, i can hear the tinkling bell and clippity clump of a dog with spots running down the stairs. All the while sat on the patterns next to me was the open box of playing cards. I slid out them out, the whole deck into my hand, do it do it do it,

i could tell their age without even looking at them, they felt weighted, if you know what i mean. They had the look. They did of being passed back and forth across many different tables, many different lifes, and peoples. Players. Or not. This ordinary pack of playing cards, i felt, was far from ordinary. It was in fact very special indeed. I almost but not quite left them.
Completely ignored them and left them.
I know. How could i think such a thing. Honestly though, those are how my thoughts ran, what if these cards have been left here on purpose. Perhaps for someone to find. What if that person, wasnt meant to be me. Or what if this pack of cards wasnt meant to be left at all. What if they absent mindedly fell out of a pocket or bag or where just forgotten about. Maybe the true owner of the pack would want them back. Maybe the pack of cards were never meant to be owned at all, maybe they just happened to like riding on the back of a bus.

As i thought this the pack of cards in my hand grew heavier and heavier and warmer in temperature. They seemed to talk to me each card togethor as one. The box grew hotter and hotter. You were right to find us, you were the one we were waiting for.

I believed the cards voices in my mind there was no way they could be sat so, elegantly, invitingly, in the middle of the seat, top of the box open, by chance or the movements, rumblings and bumps of the bus. To sit so square and neat, the box of cards must have been put there in order for someone to find. I felt it was right, that i had the pack of cards. On the back of the bus i decided to curb my excitement. Putting the pack in the top pocket of my shirt, i closed my eyes and went to sleep. Deciding that i would take out and look at the cards later on, when i was not on the bus.

Calvin and.

Calvin and

What would Calvin be without Hobbes
i guess hed still be Calvin
Just thought of a well good idea
really want to share it
buy yukka car tyre
i aint got a scoobey who to share it with
kee yumbo
well need to get some partners in crime
maybe the lantern people
would be up on this one
blatant station aswad
there be a lot of lantern people out there
smoe oh oh oh oking
tasty bit of fruit cake
roll on roll on
extra special poppy seed rain parade

Perfect Four.

Pefect Four

All them leafs are falling down
falling down falling down
all them leafs are falling down
the light it is so shiny

See them turning oh so bright
oh so bright oh so bright
see them turning oh so bright
like the sunlight shining

All them leafs are falling down
falling down falling down
they are golden like the sun
in the sky thats smiling

All them leafs were picking up
picking up picking up
send them off
to fill your cups
fill your cups
fill your cups
send them off to
fill your cups
oh the sun is shining

Leafs oh leafs of autumn gold
autumn gold autumn gold
lets all drink another tea
got to keep on smiling

wonder what its like to be
ever green ever green
wonder what its like to be
green forever rising

if you dont go down
you cant get up
cant get up
cant get up
have yourself another cup
all them leafs are falling

if you dont go up
you cant get down
cant get down
cant get down
if you dont go up
you cant get down
all them leafs are calling

now were falling just for you
just for you
yes just for you
we are falling just for you
you can see us falling

ever bent to pick us up
pick us up
pick us up
ever bent to pick us up
cant you hear us calling

would you like a cup of tea
a cup of tea a cup of tea
the british empire was built on tea
get stuffed leafs your songs so boring

fair enough just eat a pie
eat a pie eat a pie
just keep eating till you die
now your full your snooring

why dont you use a plate
use a plate
use a plate
bring a fork
it all tastes great
hooray lets keep on scoring

lots and lots and lots of goals
lots of goals lots of goals
lots and lots and lots of goals
all them leafs are falling

Do you hear them?
yes i do yes i do yes i do
Do you sing to them?
yes i do yes i do yes i do
You really sing to them?
Yes i do
even when there not falling.

Every season is so good
is so good is so good
every season is so good
why mess around with nature
- i couldnt invent five to go with four
or even more or even more
harmonies a perfect four a perfect four
a pefect four
i give this earth a perfect score
love love love
to all creator.

what about the world of cheese
rizla rice and tasty peas
the world of cheese thats full of peace
yeah that ones a proper nice one