Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Sunday, 31 October 2010



Underneath the icing is cloudly lane where perfect formed liked to say - its ok, its all here and its going stay
theres only time to take
and everything we make tastes way great
keep on singing from the floor
when your rising
to the sky
you dont have to leave your lullabies
behind just because your drowning
dont mean your mean not right
casino lights are heart beats
riding threw the night
you cant be lost
when you smile so bright
takes every answer
turns them into jokes
here it goes a little softer like falling snow on the end of the afterglow
oh the sunlight
keeps smiling
moving through my rain
its tripped off on the brick wall
now im floating when i fly
my dreams are higher
high enough that the bottled king
has broken out and left the ring
magic genie
fetch the bucket
from the well
find the window
a lot of glass
the trumpets play
the shadows pass
fire from their finger tips
until they sparkle
into your hands
lips lips lips lips lips lips

Fun Loving Splurge.

Fun loving Splurge

Hit it up to the side of the castle where the rocking horses taste of freezing lights i love the taste of the blag magick voodoo women oh the glass is shiny where the sunlight is cast - like a fish walking under the water on a tight rope with a bike - little yellow purple icing plays to the mean parade - electrical sunshine rain on the hay where the purple swimming treacle drops splash into the river the rivers daughter now hows to make spells for the winter i dont need this bag, i dont need this bag, so im going to paint a new road to take me home where the forests are all shady in green i love this new scene would you like a sllice of tangerine...1969 to be excact - mmm fleetwood mac... huey huey one time dooey got me all wrapped up and feeling gooey like louey louey alright i aint going to break a girl, whats happened to the sky scraper - here it is its flying through the dawning - a knock knock knock upon the floor - your swayed movement is hurting my feet in the garden where the grass cuts kissing lips touching the souls of my feet as through a ladder square up two leafy steps into the patterned bricks im painting grasses painting the grasses red you got to be carefull when you walk through this garden you might get burued deep down in the ground because the devil is here walking - walking right beside me hooking up my light, yeah the devil walks with me in the garden by my side, crazy that didnt sound like the heron, nine nine nine, spinning pennys make me feel bad, here comes a bad moon, like a bad penny, when you rhyme cloud with ferry - youve got to let it roll away, theres no nothing to worry about, so bounce hey bounce bounce bounce, the rythmn is the living and the living is the roll celebrate life dont lose control gotta keep living free the soul got to keep living when the feelings strong, got keep sailing lose no weight, celbrae lifetime sticking with the gin, where falls like to roll a couple of sixes like a pair of queens forests all golden burning streams hit nirvana stiched up seams, side all splitting when sea part waves, come back come back,

Boat Rocking.

Boat Rocking

Imagine being silent for a year or more, imagine not sharing any ideas or experiences with any other soul, imagine purely existing on your own, fleeing from the pleasure that sharing brings, cutting away the high lofty grounds of soaring gliding floating, feet planted frimly on the earth, a year of silent work, different energy, powerfull actions, rather than babbling motions, hands, feet, eyes, steps, creating potions, imagine the work, imagine the time, commanding time, whoah, complete enclosure, a years not much, still silent lake, a year is nothing, yet it might feel strange, to leave those who surround you, not really, theres only a handfull, and they wouldnt mind, in fact theyd probably glow even more, shine shine shine, an entire year of silence, clippity clop, clipped sentences, improved speach, words weighted down with time, its be like a printed letter, being painted over and over with coat after coat of led, branded words, deeper words, clip, a year of silence leads to strength mastery and depth, a silent pool, the still lake, dont rock the boat because the boat doesnt need to be rocking, dont stick your hand in the waves, they sit perfect until those moments they are broken,

Imagine your wrong silent lake how can you say that waves sit perfect then they are broken, dont you feel the change in a cosmic string, fingers on the end of a hand plunging into the waters surface, sensation, for the hand and the water, the sensation travels through the human or animals hand to the brain, i guess, and the body, mental and physical sensations, creating sparks, somewhere, electric city, the water too must feel, change, ripples waves vibrations motions, glimmers in the air, a million different worlds in just one invisible to see, piece of fluff like air, a hand in the lake does change the perfect as you say silence of the pool, but dont you know theres no reason that the change is not just as beautifull, and remember no matter how many stones skip across the ocean which surely somewhere in the swirling burling universe makes twinkling stars shine bright, those oceans, pools and waves, always have the power to go back to excactly how they were before silent safe, its in the beat of my heart, that the world can feel too, the oceans can feel just like you, tingle tingles beat, why not give a massage to the sea, hey there yonder natures child singing to the lights, your swaying soot saying moon is oh so bright, underneath the willow tree sitting on your knee i remember you once sang to me, your going to be the brightest sun the world has ever seen, your learn to walk before you run and then youll live your dreams

Sock party.

Sock party

How many socks do you need to have a party
fourty six pairs is none to shabby
put them in the house then wait for your mates
bare foot stepping
into a rush and a scramble
find yourself a pair
pull them up all the way to the top
then its upto you if you fold them over
maybe once maybe twice
or turn them inside out
cozz you like the way it changes the colour and the pattern
whats the deal with the sock party
well its a party
just a time to have fun
no need to be clever
bare feet then socks
plus socks like to party too
next week my mate gemmas
having a party for her shoes
and on the invite it says
im having a party for all of my shoes
to which your invited and so are all your shoes.

were going to the doo doo doo
our shoes are going toot toot toot
were going to the doo doo doo
you can come too toot toot
were going to the doo doo doo
your shoes can come too toot toot
your shoes can come too

Cool Runnings.

Cool Runnings

woi oi, oi mush what you doing is this neck of the woods, scarper mate, quick, or thats it im going to lamp you, get running, run, i aint running, you best star running, ill give you to the count of three and if you aint running down that road were going to have you, one, i aint running, two, i aint running, three, bush bash bish bosh wock plick plung pang ting prrrrrrang, i told you i aint running

Sitting in a rainbow.

Sitting in a rainbow

You got the sweetest disease, its like a plague, the poison, the virus, its transmitted by sound, words, voices, could it could it be the same, if you were silent, if you couldnt speak, think about it, how strong is a babble of words, how lost are the messages in time time after time again, how strong is the silent pool, the water that is still, imagine, yes you can, still imagine still lakes, no wind lapping upon the waves, hello alice hello jane you can see the mountains under the lake, hello mary i like your chain i led a little lamb to your house today, i like the staircase spirals at the back, your new haircut gave my heart a tack, ticky tacky sticky tape i build you a palace while you feed me some grapes, one grape two grape three grape four five grape six grape seven grape more
here we are sitting on the grass the wind and the sunshine sitting with us
we are the children born in the rain, when the sunshine hits us we can paint
we can paint a rainbow
i can be a rainbow
we can make a rainbow
you can be a rainbow too
one sweet thing about star shine is when it hits you feel no pain
hit me with star shine
hit me with star shine

Cooler Shaker.

Cooler Shaker

Good day sunshine how are you
ive been sitting in a square of blue
the colours got me and i feel hot
just like a rocking mountain top
the kettle boils
and i feel sweet
like a dragon thats breathing steam
all i want is for the world to be free
beautifull people finding life easy
its so nice it feels so good
might aswell share with the neighbourhood
take a little mosey
a stroll into town
start handing out the brand new sound
pounds for dollars dollars for pounds
well hello shine
how do you do
welcome to the show
its all about you
we have come to sing our songs
were know your going to like them
and sing along
cozz every words pure and every words true
theres nothing life that we cant do
were singing so loudly cozz we love you
hello sugar
hello ray
cutting this cane it never complain
pitter patter beats dropping all in a row
fires on the ceiling let the morning glow
sugar beater cutting in the cane
cooler shaker look a like a day
cooler shaker look a like a day

Open Sesame Street.

Open Sesame Street

Visions curtain open on reality
visions curtain open on reality
vision curtains open on reality
now get yourself to the street
cha cha cha
get yourself to the street
i yakka dah
get yourself to the street
i like the water rah
very good for you
get yourself to the street
so very good for you
get yourself to the street

i like the water rah
so very good for you
get yourself to the steet

open sesame
open sesame
open sesame
get yourself to the street
clap clap clap
get yourself to the street
clap clap clap

Tip Tap Apple Mac.

Tip Tap Apple Mac

I like the way you feel as i type i like the words that you make me write i love the way that your silver and gold the sunlight shining and you never grow old the fire burning underneath your heart the sounds of click as my fingers part and start to tap tip tap upon your squares the little black patches that you choose to wear i love the way that you sound at the start of the Fayre i feel your cold shining so crunchy that i smooth it apart. This is the window this is the sight, this is where the sun shines bright, this is more than bitter sweet lemon and limes, this is where the church bells chime, underneath the water falls under neath the water falls i can hear the bodies drum i can hear the bodies call i can hear the voices call Niagara in the valley of rum where they drink to the beatles drinking to the sun you are welcome if you can come hear them singing doo ahh diddy diddy dumb diddy doo ahh diddy diddy. Dumb diddy diddy doo Diddy diddy dumb.

Little sister you cant see the way your talking big what you dont know just aint true a little bit of magic got into you but you cant see me no you cant you cant see me no you cant you cant see me - i got deep sweet flavors sinking into my feet as a man i step so a man i shall be, begging begging begging begging namaste on the street, the sound of tip tap apple mac makes me complete. Tip tap the apple mac. Bring that beat back. You got to tip tap the apple. Tip tap the apple. Tip tap the apple. Tip tap the apple. Tap tap tip, tip tip tap, tap tip tap the apple mac.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

For John.

For John

I love the way its shining bright
ive got a pocket full of rice
and in my bags a copy
of the catcher in the rye eye eye


nothings going to change our worlds
nothings going to change our worlds
nothings going to change our worlds
nothings going to change our worlds

Friday, 29 October 2010

The Dark Steps.

The Dark Steps

Theres this place you can go to on halloween
it isnt very safe if you know what i mean,
its dangerous
i went down the steps
dark and cold
i was so scared
i could hear each of my breaths
there were three big pots
by these steps
that led down to a crypt
in a cemetery
and eerie pipes
that seamed to whisper
here come the twilights
here come the twilights

i stepped down the first step
and my heart began to beat
boom-boom boom-boom fast
i stepped down the second step
closer to the dark
I stepped down the third step
closer to the wall which looked like it was red with blood
i stepped down the fourth step
a cat miaowed
twit twoo twit twoo
hooted a owl
i stepped down the fith and final step
and found a cage
i had to close my ears and eyes
like this
i put my hands over my face
and as you do stuck me thumbs in me ears
i got tell yah
inside the cage were fiends
with the most
eurgh groogilly grotesquss deeskusting faces
making orribly wobbly noises
what do you reckon
would you be brave or scared
brave well in that case dearies
would you like to see the monsters
their on the next page.

The Witch Hour Mail.

The Witch Hour Mail

No Fear the post man came walking upon the graves
and with every ring of his bell
the grass began to sting and scream
boney finger tips scraped
beneath the mud
rattling bones began to sit up
plagues of scratching rats bustled and squirmed in hives
bubbling and boiling like wriggling maggots
pouring out of an eye hole in a skull
witchy witchy
twitchy twitchy
witchy witchy twitch
the sleeping priest of the churchyard
began to murmer in his dreams
let them rest please
let them rest in peace
rest in peace
No chance
For on this special night the postman had important work to do do do do do voodoo
out loud ping clear pearl throughout the tranquil midnight
his bike bell ringed
ping ping ping
no fears feet stepped
put put
put put
his bike wheels turned over
shoot shoot
every single grave
flattened blades
until suddenly the witching hour
all around the leafs rustled and rushed flying like hags on brooms through the night
bats wings flapped
flup flup
and the wind began to whistle and howl
screams screams screams
as in the graveyard
all the ghosts came out to prowl
they took shape
formed from beneath the earth
they rose
out of the mud
and basked underneath the waxy moon
if i had been there surrounded by lots of ghosts
late at night all alone amongst old crosses and gravestones in a churchyard
my teeth would have chattered
and i would have run like a little pig
crying wah wah wah all the way home
thankfully i was safely tucked up in bed
for in the churchyards at halloween
it is
no fear the postman that journeys to welcome home the ghosts,
no fear spoke, and this is what he said,

- hello ghosts
you are safe, we are safe, you gleam,
its a while since last ive been here
moments have passed still
theres no time like the present
i doth my cap to each of you
happy halloween, look at the moon happy hallowed ween -

he is quite the marvel that postman no fear
who delivers the letters to every single ghost each year
all in one night and always without fail
not even death can stop the witch hour mail
the witch hour mail that rides through the night
on halloween you might see
no fear the cobwebbed postman cycling his bike?

lets get back to the story at hand
where in the moon lit churchyard full of ghosts our postman stands
look there he is no fear reaching into his leather bag
he speaks again out loud after midnight
clear bold and true

- the first letter i have here is for maureen green, 1876-1914
Maureen, oh your at the back there you go my dear sweet dreams, ah whose next, lets see, Benjamin Pea, well i never nice to see you Benjamin your looking good for 203.

Time is magic when you can travel perfectly, splitting seconds into minutes and minutes into hours
Bag empty, well right now, ittl be full again in just the shortest of whiles
No fear hops onto his bike ping ping ping and rides to the next yard, youd think his nights work would be ludicrously hard, your right it is but still he manages to deliver every single letter to every ghost, thats lots of ghosts, in just one small hour.

I have a question for you before I go,
Who is it that writes the letters to ghosts?
if you know the answer to that then hats off my friend
lets raise a toast to hallowed hallo ween
no fear the post
and the Witch Hour Mail.

Eerie cackling



Forty squares of roses i don’t know what’s the sign Lancashire or Yorkshire there’s patterns on the stairs, twirling flowers interlocking keys, people walking down the river, this flower on the left a cross combined with diamonds a rotaries spoke, spinning Blackpool wheel, the glass, above such lofty height, above two plugs with switch the wall is slippery and smooth, crimson, ruddy like the middle of a well cooked duck, tongue red, deep lanterns and flowers curling to the right like an ellaboreta Halloween ride.

Up goes tea on a tray the steps squeak and creak I can see a light shining in the room above there’s people eating food up there. There’s more patterns on the wall, outside it rains, in the middle on the stairs, these four lamps that light the place look like pear drops scented in the French perfumed clouds of Niagara Falls.
I really like the carpet, the ceilings well bear. There’s a handle there, there’s a handle here, pull the bronze claw like a trees branch grip it twice in between finger and thumb, talk to the lion, Papa Briggles, hello you, having a dangle, oh it’s good to put your feet up and hang on a lamp, don’t go melting your plastic head.

Sparkly ride.

Sparkly ride

Where’s the dew bat it’s on the seat. Im on both. Do you want to sit on top of the bus. Ill fall off. Most tin to rest ting, the bee, the archealogy, adults have more bones than children. Children have more bones than adults, no its the other way round, yeah, no, yes its the other way round, to the upper deck.

Please move inside the bus please move down inside the bus please move down in the bus

Please move down inside the dust.

Inside the dust inside the dust inside the dust

Yellow trees grow inside this boat. The red lights beam floats round like the sun popping orange green yellow green lights red skipping drips droopping down. This boat is half a float the water is blue the stars twinkle in the water the shoes tap and smile if one soul could talk to another, would they pick up imprints from the stars on the blue corridor. This light is creating two mirrored glows one bright red the other light orange again and more shining high in the sky. Moving heads great dreams the sky is light and airy chickens cottage window becomes clearer. The sky above looks like the ocean, there aint no ships up there iceburg dead ahead, its a number 43. Down below, way bellow, are bikes and a giant T in white. The upper deck is through the circle four nuts screw the disc into the ceiling. Latticed squares are cemented on the road as the flashing blue light cuts across the faces of all the people sitting on the right. Ghosts slip between the tyres. The drops fall down. Have you got more than one apple juice. Bikes or motor bikes. Rainbows around the lanterns. Inside the dust. Another two number four a bike a ghost fall over. This girl is so cute and shes got a photographic memory, shes so rude, shes like thrirty four going on twenty five.

I don’t ever want to see a red car ever again, thats a clothes shop. Can i go there, can i have a sofa twist, i think she said it was a nothing bus. Should have skated here i would have been much faster. Sharp twinkles rainbows hovering token white, theres a massive rah. Lights trapping in the dark. Crash rattle furhwinkle rattle.

What was that!

Proper branches rushing to the left, sounds of tree rattles, click clacks like football grounds, marbles pinging off of metal. Three two one four three two one four three two one four.

All the cars are everything with shining eyes, more than just yellow, rings of make up like colour, masque around the middle. Indicating lights blink creating planets in the sky, up above another yellow, level lanterns sit smiling broad greetings, full power smile. Red. Blink blink. Yellow. Drips slide down like new rivers named into the back of 30 this other ship is from East London.
Plague rats is the game, lets play plague rats, plague rats, i want to play plague rats.
Red. Orange. Wink. Flash bike, mother earth, three in a row, up her hill the roads are painted red, in Arsenal, greens such a Slazenger, a more slicing colour than red, kiwi slice, sharp elect tick cool, zebra at the pelican crossing.

The lights shine on and on pointed paint round the eyes of cars, it’s getting darker man. Sweet blue cloudy, taxi lights don’t shine too bright.

Streets of Deja Vu.

Streets of Deja Vu

I wake up from a dream its the most beautifull ive ever had so far. Its all about creating worlds stories, a creative factory where worlds are imagined. Sitting round a table a band of writers come to me, faces I know are there. They ask me my beliefs I tell them and soon the wolf pack comes to kill me and rip my flesh with their teeth, i bleed i bleed and i cry and bleet like a soft white lamb being ripped to shreds, time after time time after time again and again and again until...

this perfect moment, im sat round the table and im laughing, laughing so strongly, its wednesday, whens the day, i bow down to the pure enligthened goodness of when the eternal and my trully brilliant friend who taught me, that i dont have tio waste any time sending out punches to dirty wonkers making nightmares. I can chew off my hands whilst pretending they taste of cucumber sandwiches, this is what you taught me and why i adore you, as me and the writors sit round a table, playing game after game, cards, i lose again and again on purpose laughing more honestly than any other on that day.

A dream that was almost a nightmare i chewed off my hands with my own teeth and it was you, my beautiufll friend i remember telliing me that those who play to lose are the winners of every game.

The writers in my dream almost couldnt believe it, voices and teeth had come to attack me with their deeds, and i just let them laughing all the way, for a moment i nearly got angry, or decided to defend my way, before laughing and laughing and realising it doesnt matter either way, it was this mighty spell that broke a world that would have been a repeat.

When the eternal bounced back, and these were the words that echoed in the silent deep hall of my mind. Fabolous time, Your rythmns and lullabies are so sweet.

Whens Fourth Riddle.

Whens fourth riddle

One hand
Fifteen Fingers
Three pens
Two of them
dancing, spinning, twirling,
ever so softly
upon the paper

Out the Doors.

Out the doors

By a drain I sit, a man hole cover two squares away from my left shoe, its round, rusty brown with darker shiny metal, circular rectangular rises, patterned mounds, the words written there read inspection chamber.

A bee buzzes past,

The granite stone bench sparkles like stars in the sun, my shirt is green, i proudly wear a shamrock over my heart. Away a spit, is a leaf, and cobbles spirals, patterns not like a staircase, more like a river or rainbow fountain, water and air. Yonder in between two rows of fourteen, seven on either side, trees of peace.

Oh yes they will grow.

Out the first comes talking on the phone, two kids happy in the sun. The doors are open, silver trees are the handle. A four wheeled chariot awaits for its rider. I can only guess at who this marvel will be. Out the open door, a meditative voice is sent to the wind, a priesty voice, deep soothing, thank you fathers that speak the right words. Bright shepherds only thinking of caring for sheep so that the flock need not worry about the wolfs.

Up above this place the sky, below it earth and rock.
Its quiet out here apart from the occasional bee or fly and gentle rumble of a car, a group of four walking chatting, and the priests muffled chanting are the only sounds to hear. Birds are singing, a car horn beeps. Now a new birds song louder and another, cheep cheep cheep and craw craw craw. The buzz of a bee, two cheeps, then a trickle from a far, a car crashing like a sea wave, more birds sing. I can hear them but I’m not looking, so i don’t see them. I can imagine them, feathered friends, little hearts beating, they can hop and and fly and they sing! In this moment i whistle to them.

The door clunks and waves hello too, I give it a salute, an electronic noise, ive been bitten by my keyboard as i type an electrical shock, electric city is alive. Out comes number two a gorgeous lady in a flower jumper of green, heading to her car hands in pockets. Soon, its quiet apart from the jungle birds and now the sound of a plane quiet at first ever increasing louder at one point as if its going to land right here on top of all of us dropping like a bomb from the sky, then quieter aqain, until no noise, its moved on.

A new car turns up, and parks in the space left by the lady in the green jumper, number three, smiles then not, then looks in her bag and smiles when she touches her keys. Four a man walking confident strong fast followed behind by a woman at least 20 steps behind, they don’t appear to be together well not here, they get into the same car, its the way sometimes, a man walks ahead the woman behind. They went behind a wall out of sight so I couldn’t see if the husband opened the door for his wife. More leave out the silver laced doors, making a quick get away before the main rumble. A gasp, the owner of the chariot is not what I expected he looks like the godfather and he’s away. The first singer emerges, proper. More and more Italians, chatting rich the sun is back it had gone, no rush to leave friends here stay for a while, ciao ciao loud. The cars are heading off the birds still chirp and sing, vroom vroom . More group chats, noise from inside, here we are happy smiling faces, women touching men waiting embrace arms on backs together. A couple the same small size and both with sticks. Now the cars leave in almost a convoy a blue mini at the end. Waves for friends out of windows, a sea of waves and whey two beeps, honk honk, and another toot! A little girl walks on the stones letting them make a crunch crunch sound beneath her feet, she picks one up, touches the rock, then puts both hands on the stones and leaves, ciao Anna, Anna say ciao cioa. A little boys gone shy and gets a kiss on the cheek. Beep. Happy families, this chat is in English not Italian. A girl in a red dress teaches the shy boy how to throw stones. A family of six smile and laugh as the girl runs back to her mum and family who were parked at the other side of the car park. The girl cried for a little bit, until her father said, Angie, and her mother swept her back safely into her arms. There’s a girl of around twenty on the bench to the right of me that looks sad, for some reason on this sunny day. I have half a mind to stop my writing on people leaving out the doors and ask her if she is ok, a car beeps its horn, beep beep, two loud beeps, and the girl of twenty, leaves her bench and gets in. The car door shuts and the car drives off.
One car remains in the car park, all is quiet again, well there are no human voices, the birds chatter and a plane humms, I can hear someone is sweeping leafs, the sunlight feels good on my cheek, thicker and thicker, the sun grows on my face, layer by layer. The doors electric, whistle, the last man exits the church to go to a car than walks back in, the doors close.


A beautiful, lady in a flowers dress, comes to chat to the priest, tall leather boots, the priest does chat, quickly, less than a minute, twenty thirty seconds, then says ciao, the lady heads back to the car, between twelve and fourteen paces, midway she emits a long loud and large sigh. Then gets into her car and drives away, as do I, on my bike.

Shadow man.

Shadow man

Shadow words
with shadow pens
soft light is your friend
money written on printed page
the sun it shines
to fix and mend

theres no ruffles in a shadow
the lines are drawn straight and true

look deep inside your mind
what does the world outside prefer
shadows or you?

Im a shadow
a shadow
a shadow

well then welcome to shadow world
shadow friends;

Once upon a lunar tick a shadow was born on a page. It started of as a hand. The first thing that the hand gripped like a newborn baby, strong, clutching its fathers finger, was a pen. Under the sunlight the shadow hand and the pen danced togethor. Until an arm grew. The arm took up almost the entire length of the page. It moved this way and that like a snake. Then a point happened. It was an elbow. Which looked a bit like a hill or a mountain. Little people walking from the elbow point hill up the arm would come upon another part of the shadow. The shoulder. Whats this on the page. Curly hair. A face. The shadow has a face. A face with no face. The shape of a face never the less. The book closed fast and vicously quick. Snap! The shadow and some fragments of sun were trapped inside. Where they remained until, the day when exploring eyes would light up upon the book, and a hand or two hands would reach out, the shadow and the fragments of sun sat trapped inside the book, waiting, waiting for the day the books pages would be open again, and they could escape.

Water falls.

Water falls

In the palace of the king was a garden made of string and rope for you.

In the castle of the fall was a leaf that was painted crimson Autumn just for you.

And in the desert of the sun was a cabbage made of glass for you.

Underneath the water fall
underneath the water fall
underneath the water fall

underneath the water falls.

Hanging on a lunar tick.

Hanging on a lunar tick

Sing a song a six pence
a buckle for your shoe
the colours in the life
there shining bright for you
me & every body

if your head is into the clouds
then bring me back a peace of the moon
pour it in my pocket
& brew a cup of rye for two

cozz theres nothing in this life
yes theres nothing in this life
we cant do

it aint wrong
no it aint wrong
to be lucky
or feel happy
when all around is blue

cozz all it takes a blink
all it takes a blink
all it takes is just one blink
and that tide
sweet moon tide
just one blink
could change on you.

Brit ish.

Brit ish

Made in Britain
Britain is great mate

you found your mind,
shining bright

found it in the sweet sun light
ill take you high, then bring you down soft soft to the ground
safe as
moon light.

Star lights.

Star lights

City you can be alive
found yourself
under sweet moonlight
or even in the countryside

its all alright
all right
A ok
Night and day
day and night
its all right

Say hello to the city
hello to the countryside
float in love with the city,
float in love with the countryside,

making love in the sunlight night time
its all right its all right

you dont have to fly up when your down with floating down on the ground
its star light
star lights
were so bright
so right
so right
its all right.

Purple Golden Rain.

Purple Golden Rain

Its raining mana from the heavens
yellow leafs are pouring down
a son moon sunshine colour
drip drop leafs
sideout im spinning in a circle
the leafs surround me
im free
we are free
wind rushed plays
this is life
basking in the golden showers of
dripping leafs cycling through the air
yellow golden spilshed splosh
in my mind i ravel time
to spring
spinning in a circle
dancing on a teaspoon cut spray
blossom strum
moon son pale drip
pink sip love
in with the weather
leafs togethor feather
from sky to earth
pinging like wet patches flicked by finger tips
off the rails
we are floating drops of
purple golden rain

Monday, 25 October 2010

Beatle Space Ship.

Beatle Space Ship

Theres a hole in the brick delaligh, delilay,
its where this beautyfull little yellow wall crawler calls home, could be a new species you know, hello mate, sweetheart sun brick walker, whats that in latin. The little yellow one a quarter of an inch long. Four brown spots on back and a crescent moon, grey, my kingdom for a magnifine glass, whats this i blinked, must have theres three more pale white blue, sit legged trailers, i had to go in to get a new pen and whoah, now theres even more beatles, insects at the party, this dark giant ruby black, on the move, orange stripes, spiky like a pre-historic dinosaur, a spike mace, moving in that mechanical, machine like, way, chasing after the little pale, blue white ghosts, a bit like a city on caterpillar tracks, chasing after and gobbling up village upon village or town after town,

and on the top brick
where the sunlight
lands from above
sit two
green shiny sticky
kung fu masters
in their insect form
they move slow and chat slow
like wallowing hippos talking in the mud
sharing with one another
come dance, mantis walk, circles of wolfs, until they go their seperate ways

Party on bugs! Party on!

Wow a new one on the wall
a giant ladybird
three times the size of a usual
orange wings
the spots are splodgy and massive one or two look like hearts
sixteen in all
the ladybird has on what could be her face two

(depending on how you see things you might like to tilt your head or turn your computer screen)

eyes of buttercup yellow
for some reason i feel she would make a really good car, boat, plane, hoover-craft, space ship.

Apple off the ground.

Apple off the ground

Oh the
Smiling mountains dragons mouths
and clouds
a crown
glass apples from
the tree
cut and peeled
how does it feel
like running fingers
on a brick
the middle untouched
apple chunks
latticed dough
dribbling in all manner
of creation
three slices down
always taste nice
miracle cakes
made by who
your daughter?
which daughter,
you daughter who's here,
ah, the witch daughter
fleur des les terre.

- fleur des les terre - flower of the ground, i say earth - earth flower.

Great Pete Street.

Great Pete Street

Rolling, pastry, with a bottle of wine,
full of air, the tops screwed on,
shake, shake, shake,
forward and back,
makes the lip kiss sound,
then plucked, round the side,
filo, quito,
sprinkle flour,
pat, pat,
soft pats,
make friends with a green apple,
hello Pete
great to street.

A pocketfull of chewitts paper.

A pocketfull of chewitts paper

Sitting with my back in front of the mirror
in a sink
going in close
to write about this flame,

she moves like a flickering stain glassed window pain

taking pinches off the candle wick
thrown over the shoulder
to make good luck hurricanes
circle down the drain

now burning calm like a rocket ship
forever flying from a crater on the moon

looks both
peacefull and warm
as does the rhino
giant, leaning at a respectable distance
from the perfect
osiris pupil
safe dark
moth light
candle flame
its in there
its happening
its current
dont forget
to wash your hands
after youve yanked the chain.

Double O Agent.

Double O Agent
My names 0207
im an intergalactick explorer

My names legge, im a corner flag
without the cheques.

Sweet Taste.

Sweet Taste

Hello nutmeg
your cave lies
through the
butterfly dove
africa on its side
two deep canyon eyes
a ravine mouse
one half dark
the other half light
flip it over
to hide
like a tortoise shell
wrinkly brain
then finger and thumb
roll over again
gorgeous heady scent
polar yeti bear
smiling like a cloud.

Beautifull Colourfull Grey Cardee.

Beautifull Colourfull Grey Cardee

On the chair is a hug
a cardigan made with fluff
then fluffed, coloured stripes,
oh so bright
oh so bright
oh so
oh so bright
id love to check the oven
smells so good
i switch of the light.

Look in closer.

Look in closer

Underneath my cup is a lot of love
its a pattern of hours
showers all shining
in red navy perriwinkle and white.

Ying Yang bow.

Ying yang bow

A cup of solar stars
with a handle
sparkling dotted flowers
you can look at four hours
a bit of skin
floats of my face
onto the page
I could even draw an arrow
it tickled you
ive never cooked chestnuts properly
every things hunky dory
i wear a angels crown
outside your opposite
like the sun and rain
be clever cupid
its a lovely bow
were all wearing
ying yang
signs in our hair.

Bubble Popper.

Bubble popper

Pop my bubble, you pop pop
my bubble

Pop pop my bubble, you pop pop my bubble

Pop the bubbles, you pop pop
the bubbles

Pop pop the bubbles, you pop pop the bubbles,

Bubble popper!
Your a bubble popper yeah!
Bubble popper
a popper bubble yeah!
Bubble popper
Pop a pop a bubble popper
Bubble Popper.

This is another for the ying yang - mouldy crab apple catalogue.

Saturday, 23 October 2010


plams is a combination of palms, plans and of course those little sea creatures, clams...

as well as a lot of other many splendered things

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Walking in the rivers of Babylon.

Walking in the rivers of Babylon

You got to keep the fire burning
never let it never let it let it go
gotta keep the fire burning
feed the flames let it grow

if you can carry water
welcome to the river today

if you can carry water
you are welcome to the river today

dry your crying
row by row
sow sow sow sow

wet your smiling
row by row
sow sow sow sow

walking in the river of babylon
zions children oh so strong

walking in the rivers of babylon
zions children carry on

zion lights shining
keep the flames licking high
lions face sparkling
you can see them in the sky

walk on warr eee ah!
through the waters of babylon

never let it go
never say never never say no
i and i
foolish games
weaken minds
be the lion
be the pride
live and let live
no no never say die
its ok
ever things bright
dancing matter
we survive

walking in the rivers of babylon
zions children marching strong

walking in the rivers of babylon
zions children sing a long

got to keep the fires burning
never ever let it it go
gotta keep the fires burning
feed the flames let it grow

twinkle twinkle little star
now i know just what you are

gotta keep them fires burning
never ever let them let it go
gotta keep the fires burning
feed the flames let them grow

free bird
free fly
free bird
free sky
door step
free mind
free breath
free light
free rain
freedom come again

walking with the breath of Zion
walking with the breath of Babylon
ever wonder if their both the same
like all rivers born without name
i walk to the beat of Zion

brook hook crook hock
lock barrel smoking stock

fill up a doorway
fill up a doorway

All they hurt
all they throw
blood fire
stronger grow

on the ash, on the earth
kill your fear
kill your fuss

Gift from a humming bird.

Gift from a humming bird

My mission is to live with integrity
and to make a difference
in the lives of others.

I have charity, I seek out and love the one, each one
regardless of his or her situation

I sacrifice I donate my time, talents and resources to my mission

I inspire I teach by example, that we are all children of love, and that every Goliath, mountain, or obstacle can be overcome

I am impact-full
What I do makes a difference in the lives of others.

ps Rock on!
and in the words of the most excellent Bill and Ted
Be excellent to each other!

Roll on cosmic balance restoration to the universe and all surrounding areas.
Party on Dudes!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Witch's Blood.

Witch's blood

The lamp lights sitting in the shade of dark
the light is golden the sun is past
its still shining over here
hello hello
yes far yes near
the stars still shine during the day
ever gone
ever away
day is night
and night is day
exactly as one
completely the same
a question enters my mind
does dark embrace light
and light for dark
fire fire fire spark
what would happen
if a woman
kindred spirit
white witch soul
who could feel the burn
of the hate filled flame
stood by
a man
who's veins to heart pumped
witches blood
two pure souls
just light
no dark
there all good
one of my favourites
is the ability
to make the dark feel safe
i know
i know
there must be many
with open eyes like these
lets just breathe
each other
sailing wind
im thankfull for my necklace of peace
white steps white steps
forever beat.

- A line from sleepy hollow...
Young Masbath, describing Katrina,
A strange sort of witch! -- with a
kind and loving heart

The way to embrace the light is to see the fire feel the flame, the pain, the screams, i don't need to go into details, you can imagine, then from revenge, turn well away, into love, seeking revenge only leads to hate, for the house built on hate, is destined to crumble and fall.

ps like the bridge of mcgonagall
Where still the world is turning from the spinners wheels - jute jute jute
serfs to Dundee, barefoot children running, two fingers one finger three fingers four, the stones are paved with red, drip drip drips, like dripping taps, and now, now the island is free, there are no slaves, not here, so what's the way, huh, gorge gorge gorge, happy harmony, im alight Jack, and Jill his queen, unless your not in which case look around, and see, see see see, saw Marjory door, tomatoes or tomatas



Saturday, its Saturday
the sun aint risen
its on its way
i tell eve wuffa wuffa
then we both glow
waggly tails
shiny nose.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Friday - magic pie day.

Friday - magic pie day

Its Friday, Friday
Blackbirds baked together
in a pie day

Heres a well cut slice
it looks good
and tastes nice
lots of roe roe roe's
magic pie day!

Thursday, 14 October 2010



Thursday thursday
fur coats hanging in a wardrobe
on Thursday,
off we go
lampposts and snow
Mr Tumnus,hello
its a Thursday.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The San Jose Super Hero's.

The San Jose Super Hero's

Live from the San Jose mine. Clapping whistling, cheering. Shaking heads in pure emotion. It’s not quite the landing on the moon. Wait a minute. How long is a minute? The Beatles expressed how much time a minute is very well in the song, all you need is love, in the yellow submarine. In fact wait longer than a minute. Wait for seventeen days in the dark no contact with your loves, or loved ones. It is. This is the same as landing on the moon. Apollo 11. The Eagle is risen. Repeat the Eagle is risen.

A band of brothers trapped closer than most to the centre of the Earth. This is a great day for the human species. Thirty three life’s saved. Thirty three families saved. Shining Chilean Stars.

Husbands and wife’s embracing. Holding up the rescue. What’s a little more time between friends for loved ones to share a hug. Imagine the miners down below, what would they say, i heard their words, hug them, kiss them, love them, touch them, see them, hold them, of course, what’s a minute longer in the darkness when a minute can mean so much.

A woollen blanket. Soft. Brown and yellow. Cosy patterns. Chilly in Chile. Keeping Alex warm. Thumbs up. A cheer and into the ambulance. This is beautiful and emotional.
A pure good moment.
The rescue craft is like something out of Thunderbirds, or Dan Dare.
Thunderbirds to the rescue.
The cables, being lowered on a spoked wheel. A wheel. Three cheers for the turning wheel, symbol of invention and if you think about it, the earth, the sun, new dawn, new day, new life, a wheel of creation, what might have been the end, a new beginning like some magnificent, coloured feathered bird, arising fresh, from the ashes of a hot flame.
As I write this the count is at ten out of thirty three.
Humans trapped step from the darkness, into what looks like a rocket ship. To then travel. Brilliantly like a Nasa craft I imagine that trip, from the bottom of the tube (a length of 620 metres the combined height of 254 residential houses stacked on top off each other) upwards, towards the light. The miner’s mission to the moon, inner space, to outer space, ground control, to major tom. Each one of the San Jose miners is in my heart an astronaut. The phoenix, a sun bird, rising from the darkness of the tunnel, into the light of the San Jose flames.
Each miner given a pair of sunglasses. The light is shining brightly on this brave new world.
This record is for anyone down on human kind. These miners, souls in the ground, following their human hearts, it makes me well up with joy for such grounded people. The healthiest amongst the band, offered to go up first to make sure it would be safe for their injured brothers. Yes. Yes.
The foreman. Who did everything to the letter during the perils of being trapped in the mine. A superman amongst supermen. Rations. A leader. In a time of crisis. Like a captain on a ship. Keeping his crew safe with, a steady hand upon the tiller, and knowledge of the charts. I’m imagining the tears and cheers of celebration for when Luis Urzua comes up from inside the Earth.
Like any good captain worth an ounce of salt, Urzua will wait until all his crew have gone, before, being left alone, just he who kept them safe, and the darkness. Alone together in the mine. Spirits, touching, this band, helping each other through every day, the foreman, conducting all, geeing up, picking up the stumbles, picking up the falls. It is a captains grace, and right, that it is so, he left last, to stand alone, last of the band of brothers. It is he that believes we all shine, just as bright as each other and so each deserve the same level of cheer, for no-one worked harder than any other, all pulled exactly the same way, equals. My ears wait. For they are looking forward to Luis Urzua’s cheer.

Everyone has played their part in a very special piece of Earth history.
I missed the moon landings. I am twenty six, yet looking at the mine in Chile, I could draw parallels with the surface of the moon, the Chilean flag, planted firmly on the craggy rock for all the world to see.

The contrast in size of this petite rescue ship, to a giant behemoth Nasa exploration vessel. Also the sound and fuel. No rocket propulsion, no fearsome jets, sonic boom. The turning of a wheel and creaking cable chords. Creak creak creak. Rackity clank. I adore this capsule for its rackityness. I call the miners, astronauts, they are astronauts, great explorers.
They’ve journeyed together as men further than so many. Trapped closer than most to the centre of the Earth for thirty three days, seventeen of which, two weeks, and three, no contact, none, with the world above them, how they must have felt on the day before contact was made. How they must have felt the day contact was made. Sixteen days later, imagine how good they must be feeling when they arrive like budding flowers of spring, back into their loved ones hands.
One in the capsule at a time.

The ride is smooth. In their dinky looking rescue capsule. Cute, in colour scruff and size. In one of the band of brothers goes, one great adventure onto the next, or if you’d prefer, a never ending adventure.
Stepping out. Into the dessert land surrounded by mountains. Underneath a blue sky. One world to another. Contact is made.

I love the story in the air, my sources have yet to confirm if it is true. That one of the miners is going to see both his wife and his mistress when he returns to the surface of the Earth. Hugs and embrace for each of them. In my mind as a result of their experience in this incident, the wife and the mistress become best friends.

What will Urzua do before getting in the capsule. Perhaps nothing. There is of course, nothing more he has to do.

He might wink, or kiss, or salute, or just well share a moment on his own with, his and his brothers, shelter, sanctuary, that could so easily have been a tomb.

The shadow created by rays of golden light shining on the spinning wheel create a turning sun shadow on the rocky pink grey ground.
I’m hungry but I cant turn away.
What is a little hunger to me right now.

I want to ride out and share this experience as much as I can with everybody involved and anyone who it passed by.
Two presidents. Chile and Bolivia. Two states. Dark light. Above ground underground. Ying-Yang. War forgotten. For ever. At least for one day. As the two presidents Chile and Bolivia. Lay down their quarrels and join hands to become friends and celebrate, they become heroes, eagles, kings, on a Wedneday, October 2010, Beauty was born out of tragedy, just like the legend of the phoenix.

This is why I love this planet, its inhabitants and life. There are so many positives out there to find.
The Chilean president will not rest until the last superhero is rescued. Place your bets on who will get to the surface in the quickest amount time.

Think of the families, who are just living, with all their heart and breath and soul to see their loved ones again, day after day waiting. A friend, a father, a lover, a joker, a carer, gone for so long, with no certainty that they would be coming back, waiting. Until. Pop like a bursting cork from a bottle of champagne, joyous reunion all is well. There men are alive.

Imagine the ladies, thoughts, wives, mothers, why is my man 29th in line to be rescued. Why isn’t he out of the tunnel yet, each creak of the cable, each turn of the wheel a new stab of worry, what if the cable snaps, what if the rocks fall, what if, what if my man is the only one that gets left behind, that is knife edge living. Tough thoughts, worried minds.
A hand rubbing on a back. Comfort. Rubbing shoulders. Tender care. Touching, good human contact, warm, safe. Positive vibrations. A torch. Out pops the capsule again, rusty, like its been journeying back and forth through space for ages, it has. It looks like its been built out of spare parts from some sort of rocket ship jumble sale. Thats why to my eyes the phoenix is so beautiful. It shines more for its dents and scars. Tears of joy. Super stars in shades. Big smiles all round. Top bananas. From darkness into family, such light. Welcome back, welcome home. Back to Earth, back to reality. Bed, cosy bed. What’s the first things the miners do. Hug. Embrace. This is such a delightful cotton precious news story. Pure good news. A brilliant moment in Earth history. Set the captives free. I suddenly think. In the future will there be a – experience being trapped in the San Jose mine, adventure holiday, will Big Brother Uk, make a come back coming live from the centre of the earth.

The miners probably had no idea when they went off to mine, that they would be bringing up to the surface of the earth far more than copper, that they would be bringing back the greatest gift of all, each of their own life’s, for their families.

In returning they produced more sparkle and shine in their nearest and dearest smiles, eyes and faces, and indeed sparkles and warm tingles for people all other the world that they might not have or may never meet. Wow. These emotions are worth so much more than all the mineral ore in that mine.

To anyone that lit a candle for the miners. And kept a candle burning under the stars. Twinkle twinkle for all the time these fellow members of the species were trapped in the dark. When finally the last miner is set free. The last hero returns. You blow that candle out, using the air escaping out from between your pursed lips, to snuff the flickering flame and create a heady scented waft of smoke. I want you to know that you too, beautiful human being, played a part in helping this band of brothers, flying hellfish, to return from their mission, stand tall, be proud, a baby called hope has been born, you can see it in the smiling Chilean faces, the star upon their flag, giant steps are what we are walking on this moon
Embraces and hugs, great job all round. The waiting nervous and excited, before party time. So close. Baloons. The big moon. Music. Smoke. Halfway there. Windy silence. Waiting. Hope gurgles. Eyes on the mine. 100 metres to go. Chi chi lay lay lay. Fists punching up to the sky. Excited. No rush. Jimmy Sanchez wins the wooden spoon for speed. An extra un-ordinary moment. Let those party sparking glimmers live long, in our bright eyes. Noise. Loud celebration. Colours glowing. Chi chi lay lay lay. The phoenix has landed.

The Police
Walking on the moon.

Vanishing act.

Vanishing act

my phones vanished
so you belling me has just become that little bit more tougher -
; )
in other news sausages have invaded the white house
were heading to barry sauce to get the high up on beef burgers
its muffling waffles here kent too much red sauce
we need hp fruity stat and the presidents gone killa kella - its brooming mud larks - grid lock
total spisch spoch man - now heres rachel with the sport - breaking news - its back - rejoice - hooray hooray !!!
Topless Darts In.... Spa a a ace!

Chinese Whispers.

Chinese Whispers

Im glad i cant be hurt anymore
thats not true
i can be hurt
daggers into my heart
but im glad i embrace the pain
to soothe my mind
and cannot be destroyed
by words or thoughts unkind

how many people i know forget
some really good times weve shared
not only that but good times shared with their family and friends too
and how like chinese whispers
the stories become chopped and changed
until they are compeletly re-arranged
its how arguments can begin
whats important is i guess realising
that people will forget, as do i
and its nice when you can be flexible
to suddenly realise how wait a minute
yeah your right thats how it happened
wow i totaly forgot about that
or at least best to happily agree to disagree
and enjoy each others stories
sometimes thats really hard when you have that certainty
you know you really know,
like someone saying there not a nag
and then when you ask them
"hey what does the word nag mean?"
and their only answer is,
"im not a nag", over and over again,
well it takes a cool head to, speak calmly and listen, in such a situation, and not begin smashing every single piece of glass in the house,
so i wish good luck to those who smash glasses, cos yeah it really is sometimes, and good luck to those, who dont smash glasses, cos it really is sometimes,
and when you invent cool ideas in your mind
and they get used by other people thats excellent
because all these amazing ideas have been and will be
invented time after time
amazing ideas are wonderfull
and other people using them
or tweaking them is a beautifull freedom of expression
and interpretation
as soon as you release an idea from your mind, wheter it be written, sung, drawn, painted, videod, photographed, played, whatever, it is no longer yours to own, it belongs to the world, and so can be interpreted and used in any way,
i love this
it makes me feel so much better than thinking, hey i was the one that came up with that, i mean who knows really knows, who comes up with anything, and personally i dont care, the fact ideas are created and then get put out there, is what i salute, for all i, we, know, it could all be the moons and stars, if so, shine on, bright.
like the phrase in a while mushroom child, that aint mine it belongs to no-one and everyone, just like the earth, the sun, the stars and the moons.

I believe that papery or metal stuff, is for giving away, away away away.

Three wise wednesdays.

Three wise wednesdays

Its whens day whens day
making friends with your magic pens day
out of bed
heres what it said
you and them three wise monkeys
speak good
hear good
see good
on a wednesday.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A new dream state.

A new dream state

Dream recorded - 6 October 2010.

The dream ive just awoke from again, err, more beautifull then any dream ive ever had, i feel lieke... this gypsy ping is some sort of magical, gasp, gift, which has now made me think on april the first, that the santa bombshell, is possibly, go-ner, go-ner explode, in tha, phhhk, most spectacular way. Because, ive talked about my, be leafs about santa, be four, to a, few people, erm, only one or two, urn, in fact one of the people i spoke this belief to was the guy, the guy whos, who who, sat sopposite me we chatted, i revealed to him, this santa belief i have. I don’t know why, because it just seemed right to do at the time, erm, i want to describe this this bloke, he was, gasp massive yawn, really tired voice, he wasn’t old, he didn’t feel old, yawn speak ends, he had a family, a wife and kids, and he had grey in his hair, and he just seemed i don’t know, whistle in, well he had his way, and i sat there, i i didn’t have ,but well i didn’t have what he had, but knew i was, another yawn, completely fine, and so we chatted and i told him about this santa belief that i had, and he said, in an Icelandic accent, well you must release this information into the world, when will you do so. Quick as a flash i decided well april first, next year, so 2011, what he actually said was, you you, he didn’t say you must realease this information to the world, intake of breath voice change, i will voice back to normal keep an eye out on the papers, and things, for this to turn up, and i, i told him well april the first is the day to look out for my friend, so then i wrote down, i wrote down, thats the thing, with the gypsy ping, Santa... Bombshell little bit early may june july august October November December and April fool. Kicking ass holly style i mean yeah magic pen, magic magic pen, magical pen, so i wrote a err, well ive written a lot of stuff, yawn sleepy voice, and all of it now is happy endings, and all of it now, is to make the world more beautifull and all of it now is to erm celebrate love and increase love and also have this idea that i want to meet Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and that i want to share with them the way i walk through the world and i feel they would be people that would share the way they walk through the world. And maybe new ideas will blossom from each others walking, i mean they are obviously already walking thorugh the world, and then clearest voice so far, they came to me in my dream, it was such a brilliant dream, playing games around a table and realising i don’t care, and i might aswell seeing as im happy, if it will make other people happy, lose every single game, erm which made me actually the winner at the table which was, erm yeah, it was a fantastic dream and i felt, err like me and neil and terry had made a bond, inside of a dream world, a world which i don’t need anymore, well yeah, i don’t need anything, erm but this dream world, is a world that i love just as much as the real world that i arrive into when i awake every day, and erm, for quite a while, yawn, this is why i think the dreams in the dream world are very important, erm well to me anyway, to anyone else out there it might not be important i don’t know, i mean its as important as you want to make it, but for me this dream world is important. Because for the last five years ive not been on the ball, people who know me ive actually been telling this too now and i think there now coming to see and understand that, erm even though they thought i was doing err great or was err a great person or just you know a err good person, although some of them have said err yeah i was a great person so i thank them for that because thats a really lovely thing to hear and they of course are all great too, um, and i never ever thought i was a great person during the last, five or or whatever years, someone asked me today i told them, thats a great book*, theyve produced a film of that and he asked, yawn voice – was that recently, i said yeah well i think so, if between the last two or three years is recent, so this five years thing is not an exact amount of time, but now im thinking between five or seven years, i feel like my eyes went a bit closed, i feel like a bit like ive come out of a coma, like that ive been in since i was nineteen, the age on my passport reads twenty six, intake of breath, erm so, what would that be, that would be... seven years, not quite two world cups, so, erm anyway, what i was saying was that my dreams during the last seven years have not been beautifull, well they have been, amazing yes, they have been interesting yes, but they have not been beautifull, solely for the f f fact that, i believe that what you do and see in your waking life and also the state of your thoughts and actions and i guess your soul, your conscious everything, i mean which this makes common sense doesn’t it, has a relation upon your dreams, erm, and now the change in my mind state in the state of my dream world, is at such erm, whats the word is at such parallel, contrast... i mean ive been studying my dreams almost subconcioulsy, and putting effort into it aswell a bit of both, for as long as i can remember now, and so i came up with this theory that something id do, would crop up three days later in my dream and this changed depending on the impact on my mind of the, of what i had been doing, so if i had been doing things which my mind felt weren’t too important than yes three days later, certain aspecets of those days would pop up into my dreams, but if i had done something like met, ok so i was once in this forest and there was this, erm, a chap called Kevin, his name was Kevin and he was err he spoke some words out loud that i thought were really powerfull and amazing, erm really really great poet and he, turned up in my dream the very same night, so obviously a deeper impact on my mind sped up, the resulting dream, well ok this is just a theory, but what ive come too now, is that my mind is in its perfect state, a beautifull state, yawn its great, i can see the power to prove my hypothesis that, what ive always thought about dreams is that, reality has come true at least here and now in the world im sitting in erm, and this neil gaiman and terry pratchett dream was beautifull and it had a lot of parts in it at one time that i would have felt were quite nightmarish and possibly would have stepped down a nightmarish road, but it, well my dream world flowed into goodness and i was able to experience everything in the dream without worries anxiety or doubt, and i went back to sleep, rest, after writing some more things, yawn, and the next dream ive had, the one ive just woken up from, was change in tone of voice brighter, was the most beautiufll dream ive ever had, erm it was like a story world, and there was, it was like being at the circus and there was all these different charachters and i was a character myself this new character this thief, well he wasn’t a thief to begin with, if he had the choice and then it was almost as if he didn’t have the choice because there was this bike it came riding along with no one on it, it was dancing, on the field, there was music under a tent, a big top canvas tent, music played and people sat round in a circle, to talk, and then i myself wanted to talk because the things they were saying, were just a regurgitation, of what had gone before, and the things i was going to say where new but then, there was no need to say them because, the circle broke up and everyone went out into the world, out of the tent, well some people did, some people stayed and played music, this girl in a stripy jumper next to me then played, and sung so beautifully that i thought, why would any other ever want to sing, or leave, and then i left her as this bike came torwards me, i spotted this bike outside dancing, there was no one riding the bike, the bike rid on its own under the stars and it was dancing round and round, and err it called me then and i danced with it and i cycled, on its way in and then it glided and stopped beside a bench, and on the bench there was a gramophone and on the bench there was a violin and i had something in my hand that i could use to play the violin something that was musical in itself that i could rub across the bows the strings, and i ermm err didn’t have to play the violin cozz when it turned into this musical mechanical musical device, it was shaped like a bottle with twisted metal and their were gaps between it and a handle you could turn and when you turned it really did play, sharp intake of breath, an almost unimagible beautifull tune, its making my body shake right now, as i think about it, erm, and i played that tune then i noticed to the right of me that the gramophone had moved onto a table with all other objects where there was a little, yawn full on yawn speak, little glass bottley thing made out of dolphins, leaping out of the glass, and loads of other really precious items and then these, street kids came, like urchins who had no money and they
were French and this one said, ah i really want this and he really wanted this sort of mystical object and i knew that he really really did, and i didn’t work there, but i sorted pretended that i was, erm and the urchin said, ill give you this, and he gave me this, this silver thing, it looked like, it was going to have his name in it and stuff, and like it was a dog tag but, it suddenly turned into a coin, and that coin i knew was less than a pound, and i think the gift i was giving him was worth far far more than a pound, but away i exchanged anyway, and then another street kid came and he wanted the dolphins bottle, and he was younger than the first boy and didn’t seem as sort of err, as much as big intake of breath, deadly force in the world, ok the first boy wasn’t a deadly force, but a sharp and cutting one and this other boy seemed softer, and erm i gladly let him have his bottles dolphins, for his coin that was worth less than a pound, and then i had in my hands a lantern, the money from the street kids, and the violin the bike, a musical instrument, the gramophone, all things that a minute ago, or more, phroar, time, were not mine, and err, big breath, and i thought, hmmm, maybe i can sell more things of this shop, and i nearly did when this Chinese man, big set, with a white shirt came and was causing a rucus as to what was going on, he said, hey are you the normal person that works here, and i said no, and he said, what are you doing, you can not sell these, these for such a price and i said, oh no, and then i sort of noticed the boys sort of scarpered off behind me and i realised i had all these objects, in my hands, and i was trying to leave to get, away from this man, so he didn’t realise, that anything was up, and he said, to me right, im going to go tell... like he was going to go tell the security, because, something was amiss, and he told me to go back and tell the owner of the shop, who had just arrived, and in answer i said, okay i will, and i turned round to head torwards this man, he called him Mr Powcheenie, or Whatever, and i was like yeah ok, ill go speak to Mr Powcheenie, even though i didn’t know who this Mr Powcheenie was, but i was sure i spotted him, so i turned back to go and see this Mr Powcheenie, but as soon as the other Chinese man was out of my view turning to go and visit the security, that was it, breathing in, i, i was out of there, but not fast, slow, like a thief would do, weaving in and out of the crowd so i wouldn’t be spotted by the security, i didn’t actually know what sort of year this was, but then crrrk crrrrk i could hear walkie talkies, erm so knew that they could have my description, erm and oh dear my description, was, let us say, err, i wouldn’t have been to hard to spot in a crowd, but luckily, i was quite adept at disguises, as i walked away, dropping, some of the objects upon the floor, apart from the gramophone, and a few others, just the money really and, and err oh yeah and then i had another object, thats it thought, this is hot, this is really hot goods, i didn’t want to drop it on the floor, because the crowd would see, see that i had dropped it, so i carried on going, with the object, and i thought i was in France, and i get into the Parisian streets, what am i going to do with this object, am i going to keep it or am i going to sell it, and if im going to sell it, where am i going to take it, coss they all know now, they all know that it is missing and they’ll be searching for it, for me to find it and err, and err, my disguise, well all i had to do, was take off my jacket of monkeys and moons, put it in my bag, underneath i wore a shirt, and if i took off my hat, my fluffy hat, i could exchange it for a cap, if i took off my cap i could exchange it for my hair, and err, if i took off my shorts i could put on a pair of trousers, so pu pu pu, there were many, new different people that i could be, and wander away and lose myself aimlessly, so that i could not be found, and that was the dream i just woke up from and every single part of it was great, and its made me feel really good about, yawn, going to sleep, and waking up, and really good about my dreams, recently, i mean in the past, ive had dreams where, friends i know have been nasty to me, erm long pause, and yeah and ive had them over the last five years, erm long pause, and before now even the last year, friends who had once been nasty to me in dreams have been coming to me and being really nice, erm so again i think thats reflective upon, dream world into real life, and the whole Neil Gaiman Terry Pratchett thing, i recently learned Neil Gaiman has written a series of comics which ive only just encountered, ive not even touched the surface with them ive just, hear the whisper that there in this world, and ive seen the front cover of one and held it, but ive yet to delve in, because i think theyll influence me, and my writing and i don’t, well of course that would be good, but now now, i want purity writing from my heart not someone elses, but yeah, there called the sandman, and i imagine there all about the dream world, so this is kind of cool, and i had more dreams before that dream and they were good too, and one of them was about my family, and i read them the story that im writing now, and they really loved it, and they really did, and er, silence... sound of ticking clock, oh and that was it and they all loved different parts, which i thought was fantastic, some of them thought some parts weren’t so, they didn’t, say the word good or bad, they thought some parts were really sad and some parts were really happy, erm, and one point my mum in the dream got sad, she didn’t like the description of these strings, but erm i said well thats a brilliant interpretation, but there will be someone out there that really will like them and the fact you don’t like them, makes me want to say to you, that you have done, nothing ever wrong ever, and your the greatest, there has ever been, erm, i wrote a poem yesterday about love and i think it turned out to be a prayer to Aphrodite, ive always said im a believer in uncertainity, but now ive realised im a believer in love, so obviously i must send my prayers to the Goddess Aphrodite and im also a believer in dreams so, for whatever watches over dreams, if anything at all, i say thank you, erm you don’t, you can feel that is from the soul, which i have taken back, the soul that i sold, and put back inside my body, and my heart,

Oh my word, so ive just laughed my head off, i was listening back, to what i had said all about my thoughts about dreams and everything, and this santa bombshell, and Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, and the Gypsy pen and writing, words and everything, i was thinking about that and, i laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed really quite a lot out loud, i wish you could have heard it, it was quite ridocolous, and maybe youll laugh too once i can get to the point, erm, now anyway this is funny in the Mulder and skully kind of way, that the whole, ok so i came to conclusion that seven years was the amount of time, less than two world cups, is what i said, after that, erm, seven years and er i think it, that to me’s funny in the mulder and skully way because, i didn’t realise it when i was writing it at the time, that the girl that promises to meet the guy for a fish and chip supper by the river thames, it takes seven years, before they see each other again, erm and then that stroy involves, erm events, that well i met a few people when i was travelling, and that story starts off in that place where i met those people, when i was travelling, and one of the people that i met, a girl called Annie who i love very much, whos always really looked after me really well and sent me a fantastic gift, of a pendant of peace, erm which i will thank her for in person when i next see her, i cant wait to do that, erm well im going to wait to do that, she sound of tapping recorder into hand, what was i going to say, erm yeah she, we, went to Amsterdam, the day i got back from that trip, there was a film on, called the seven year itch, i think it was called the seven year itch, it might have been longer, nah surely it was, seven year itch and that, is one of my favourite films, well its not one of my favourite films, ive only seen it, that one time, but erm it was a poignant film profound, even to me then and again, its this thing yawn speal the reason i laughed is coss i broke, yawn speak ends, i remember now i broke a mirror, going to London one day, erm at least i think, i did or i imagine breaking a mirror, erm which is just pretty much the same if you have a gypsy pen, the old wives tale, superstition, seven years bad luck, know for someone whos not a superstitious person, or at least who doesn’t believe in other peoples superstitions, erm , this seven years bad luck thing, to go along with that seven years is quite, massive yawn talk, well its just like a really nice story, really really nice stroy, so this is the thing with meeting other writers that i adore, i know im going to keep writing, loads of fantastical things, but this is the thing im not in it for my own gain, so if my words can help you to write or create your own stories, erm that will make the world, our world a brighter place, then thats just kind of what i wanted you to hear, see, all of this and ermm yawn, i just thought that seven years thing was really funny with that whole broken mirrors**, i just wanted to say how its Wednesday which means yesterday was Tuesday, the day before was Monday, and i don’t usually look at the days of the year in weeks but i kind of am now, i think its amazing that its only just Wednesday, erm and its not dark anymore, because i was up before and now its 06:20 and its getter lighter and the day really has only just begun, and i salute everyone and everything thats made that possible, ten seconds go past, just did the salute.

*the boy in the striped pyjamas

**Lithium Nirvana – Kurt Cobain

Broken mirrors now means seven years good luck.
Like no shotgun wounds to the head.

A prayer for beautiful mothers.

A prayer for beautiful mothers

If anyone ever asks you, hows ... doing
or if you ever start getting thoughts yourself of worry on how ...'s doing
you can if you like think or say this prayer

...'s doing great were doing great,
...'s safe were safe.

Just found this note in my hand writing.

Just found this note in my hand writing

The note is from a bit ago, like six months when I almost follwed someone elses advice to make them happy by starting a new direction in a fake job, playing at being happy and all that, instead of following my own heart and writing, im so glad i got there in the end and realised, ive got to follow my one beliefs, whats exciting is what i wrote on that note six months ago after watching a training video, with my blue biro, the note reads,

It will be (a doodle not of the alphabet is drawn here)


Never collect more information than you need.

Do not entertain blaggers.

* Data up to date and accurate.
* Secure handling - i,e destroy.

P.I - Legally processed
be open tell what is the P.I for
what are we going to do with it
be fair, open, has a purpose

P.I Adequate, relevant, non excessive
P.I accurate up to date
P.I kept no longer than necessary- destroyed
P.I kept withing rights of the individual
P.I not transferred out of the E.U - unless secure.

the lights are on!

(a most excellent experience all round, and one i had forgotten to such an extent that I thought hey did i write this or did my dad)

We are.

We are

We are the champions
theres no such thing as losers
so much time for eveybody
because we are the champions my friends
and well keep on breathing peace till the fin.
we all of us are the champions of the world!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Nice one.

Nice one
Do you ever look out at the sights and want to stop and just paint
then paint my friend paint
you dont even need paint
or paper
nearby there will be a bin
perhaps a stick
you can put the end of the stick in some water
than doodle your celebration on the floor
or even on a pad
wahey a newspaper
leafs falling from the trees
i like to let them be
they drop so perfectly
of course if i wanted to i could crumble them to dust in my hands
mix orange leafs
with brown ones and greens
in between thumb and four finger
crunching crinkling
scented sprinkles
little tiny pieces
grounded fine
new new life
different coloured leaf dust in small saucer pots
snowing in like flour mounds
cascading itty bitty
through the teeny holes in a sieve
beet of root earth
some shadows
some sun
wet mud mixed with dry
whatevers at hand
green grass
shavings from a silve dire coke tin
bit of silver
bit of red
stir it up
rits ti pu
a brush a stick
one finger one thumb
celebration drawing
into a pad
or maybe
ill just bake an ickle nature pie
mud pies mud pie
mud bath mud baths
mucky pups mucky pup
finger lick painting mucky pups!

we aint painting to win some prize
just to have fun
and share
tick tocking ticking
passing by
wahey senses alive
feels good to stroke each hair
hey nice hat man
whoah hey girl nice cheetah pattern on your shoes
your friends cats way cool too
whoah other people, hey, howdie doo,
like it or lump it
hows about love it
i aint bothered if not
although when you (other people) love it and smile its a proper brucy bonus, zipadee doo dah, wubbly wahey top, tip, top, plippity plop,
cozz then i get to say nice one bruvva, nice one sister,
double belter helter skelter, hats on hats off
loud and true.

Get yourself to the Jackson Five Rollo Disco Globe - tickets half price - and they started off free - Presents and Suprises for everybody

The roller skates are on me, you can even take them home, if you dont have a home, alls roly poly monkey dust magic gravy, the skates are like pidgeons yeah, homing device built in, feet strapped, let go, theyll take you there, - You wont forget to enjoy the show.

Yes! Your not hallunacating the dancing clapping monkeys are totaly real. Monkeys like to skate round having fun at roller disco parties. Bonobo. Wah-he. Nice one Bonobo's you super sexy monkeys, youve given me a new story, feel it in my entire mind soul and body, the story of the monkey, each species same different, shining souls, baboon, contrast to orang a tang, might the story be about some monkey warrior, uniting the monkey clans, for some mission or another, to build a rocket ship to japan, who knows, totaly the exciting part, will there be peace loving monkey tribes, some all for war, bearded, bald, easy peasy, the stories are in their fur movements and faces, aiiiieeee! One month in a jungle sat with monkeys is all the time ill need, hooray, new animal friends, new species, new story, and ive got twenty four years, six world cups before i retire, whooopee, i aint got a clue exactly what the monkey tribes story will be but to coin a phrase from, David Lister, (total hats off to red dwarf - the boys from the dwarf look after their crew) clkkk chkkk, lock and load magic pen, your born, you die, but life the bit in the middle, thats the good stuff, roobey groobey doobey dee, hey frankestein krispies krispies, life thats the exciting part, and its going to be a whole lot of fun finding out. (Suprise for Lister – the boys end up in an alternative reality, Lister meets an alternative female version of himself, what with the normal rules of physics being flipped into reverse, it meant Lister David got pregnant and the cat got a dog unlucky for some, its also how Listers twin sons Bexley and Speed were born, Rimmer, oh rimmer, how he said, you said, Listie you said, it was going to be a lot of fun finding out how you were going to get two twins when there wasn’t a single women a board this ship and how right you were, how right you were , i love the scrapes and hi jinx Lister and friends get involved in, and im glad that there still outthere journeying through space, and that it wasn’t all saving the universe and running from monsters, whey! they got to spend some well earned time on the planet of the nymphomaniacs (the planet of the gorgeous nymphomaniacs is some mighty fine planet by the way – and will take up a chapter or two, maybe three in the latest edition of the hitchhikers guide that im working on as a tribute for Douglas Adams, and of course to help out any inter galactic travellers, or it might just take up one sentence, all the guide has to say on the planet of the nyymphomaniacs, is, go there, and remember to bid your loved ones a fond farewell because it may be quite some time before (if ever) you return,

ps - special message going out through and across all the stars, crkkk all intergalctic races, time travellers, funky cosmic explores, get yourself to the this here earth year 2010 toutes suite (quick sticks) its well banging! crkkk

pps If theres anyone out there that says the words be quick to their dog or dogs when theyve let their dog or dogs outside to go for a poo, or a leak, i salute you,

and if anyone noticing the phrase be quick said in frech is turned into toot sweet, so says toot sweet instead of be quick and in fact on doing so begins only speaking to their dog in french therby, transforming their dog into quite the romeo on the block, apart from of course if they and their dog (jaques) live on the same block as tramp, nice one tramp, nice one - ill eat my hat with a kinfe and fork, or a yoghurt put and a spoon, depending on whats closest to hand.

We the people.

We the people

We are dream givers
Star makers
Namaste river
Namaste stars
Namaste suns
Namaste moons
Namaste sand
Namaste Earth
Namaste Rocks
Namaste Trees
Namaste Plants
Namaste Animals
Namaste Creatures
Namaste Beatles
Namaste Ancestors
Namaste Creators
Namaste Fakers
Namaste Nothing
Namaste Spirits
Namaste Change
Namaste Conservative
Namaste Liberal
Namaste Bananas
Namaste Sustanace
Namaste Rich
Namaste Poor
Namaste Inside
Namaste Outside
Namaste Contrast
Namaste Harmony
Namaste Ying
Namaste Yang
Namaste Oceans
Namaste Sky
Water air clouds wind forests fire souls
Namaste Truth
Namaste Pure belief
Namaste Everything
Namaste Time
Namaste the whole kit and caboodle
glow glow.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Best name ever.

Best name ever

G; callum!
youve got the best name ever

C: Ha ha

G; mines not too bad

C: you only just notcied

G; George Sidney Morehead
we could easily make an awesome pawno film
without changing our names

C: Ha ha hornigold needs morehead

G; yeah

C: fuck it

G; and a truck load of nananas

C: let's do it!

G; it will be like cheech and chong
yeah ok
maybe in three years
we got other stuff to do first

C: yeah. that could be the whole premise of the film. we intend to make one but just keep getting too stoned to do it

G; yeah ok
thats great
love it
love it

C: that way we don't actually have to be gay

G; and we get mark and all team bastard invovled too
Tommie Appleyard

C: yeah
and one girl (G: on second thoughts id like to add, one princess babe each, like Bill and Ted)

G; we dont even need to use our imagination
this thing writes itself

C: exactly

G; most excellent
oh mate
this time next year were going to be millionaires

C: and we're all wearing the best costumes we've ever made in the past ofr team bastard fancy dress occassions

G; and i love you ; )
most definitly

C: woooo!

G; hooray!

C: done

G; hows you writing going!

C: good

G; cool
of course

C: have you reaD MY BLOG?

G; oh my word
have you read mine
were dogs

C: nope

G; ps cheers for that night on mushrooms
well good fun
you brought madness music
i love madness

C: which one

G; i have got to orange street
we did a waltz
then i drank all your booze

C: oh yeah ha ha!

G; ill buy you a pint in fact to thank you for that
it was very tasty ; )

C: it's cool man
you still see the boys?

G; yes! but not as much as i like, and the girls dont forget the girls
going to see matt and lisi
join us
and the briggs family
whitby goth weekend
id love to see you too
ittl also be halloween

C: yeah. the girls don't like me so i don't mention them. i kind of don't blame them cos i do fuck up their house every time i go round

G; what
you fuck it up in the best possible way

C: true

G; extra awesmoneess every time
they blatantly love it
yeah they love it ; )

C: they'll come round eventually

G; maybe tonight

C: hope so

G; youll have to have a big house
unless you settle for less
i well want to see your blog
whats the adress
- i well want to see your bog

C: callumhornigold.wordpress.com
what's yours?

G; wow sounds swish
hang on a lunar tick ill just punch your one up

C: If you have time read my Undercove English Defence League Investigation

G; wow nice layout man wicked colours
yeah tomorow ill spend some time checking out your blog
id do it now but i got to get ready for a party
(im like the cat from red dwarf)

C: awesome

G; well intrigued about rod liddle

C: I need to come to shef some time and partay

G; totaly
im partying in london tonight
you in gy
what about the whitby weekend

C: i work weekends dude

G; ahhh

C: I'm at work this evening

G; cool
well sort of

C: ha ha

G; well have to do a mid week boog a loo
i think we can totaly write some wicked scripts man
and marks good too int he
plus he has well long hair
our powers combined
we can be the three haircuts
ive got the power of dandruff
by the power of greyskull

C: I got the power of pubic tome jones hair

G; hahaha
its not unusual
whats mark gor

C: indeed lol

G; whats mark got

C: aids

G; hahaha
hearing aids

C: but wwe'll let him off

G; yeah yeah yeah
at paddington station
with a jar of marmalade

C: marc's got sun soaked salty seadog travelling hair

G; this is good radio show material all ready
oh he does
he does
thats why so many people lick it
hes like a ice cream van

C: wishing one day it would turn to woven strings of milk and honey

G; does all hes own tunes too
yeah cor i bet it will
are you saying heaven is in marks hair
(sounds like a new shampoo)
marks hair

C: I think we may have just found 'the answer'

G; by Leigh Hornigold

C: it's in marc's hair

G; totaly
marcs hair we salute you
(im saluting)

C: because he's worth it

G; yeah
two more
ive got a digital recorder

C: are you really saluting?

G; of course
more times now
were you

C: yes...

G; i even can do an over the internet hand shake with you
you just stick out your right arm and move it up and down
on three

C:is something meant to happen?

G; a hand shake
and yeah why not this

C: i was ha;f expecting your hand to come out of the screen or something lol

G; haha

C: wishful thinking
like the ah ha video

G; i was thinking you might lower the tone a lot more than that
yeah well good video
dude i well need to mission
i got a digital recorder we should record this conversation
and then share it for laughs

C: ha ha

G; and well sort out a good hook up soon
like all the boys and that

C: we'll i'll probs see you soon anyways

G; nice one bruvva!
wicked times all the way ; )

Tutti Frutti.

Tutti Frutti

big fat sue! Sir arnold jenkins that one was for you - Hey Daisy and Tim this ones for you - take a lick of my magic spoon - Any flavour that you choose - Hey daisy I aint crazy - Your free!

ice cream ice cream get your ice cream yeah i play my songs all night long this ice cream is so strong just one lick you wont feel sick good times just keep rolling on - tutti frutti or rootie - whatever you choose is a good choosey - like a jacuzzi bubbling - good luck doubling - awooool!

clap along aint nothing wrong clap and click pick up your stick and play the drum alright, al right, all right, i got me drummer i got me guitar, im a shiny super star, were called lots of ghosts, were on the scene, name came to me in my dream, this time next year were going to be - so cooshty, me and you you and me and everyone on this earth, peace
if you ask us to play another song, we wont leave, well just keep going on, we your friends your are friends too - this band has the power to stick humpty dumpty back togethor again, so you know what, we do ; )

and all the kings horses and all the kings men well they aint got no uniform or no weapons, who needs a sword when you got a spoon, who needs wars when you got the moon, loop de loop everythings all right, all night, and all day, its better to work than play, if you know what i mean, welcome to the scene, it aint pretend, its real, how i feel, so lets party, the beatles are singing, so are the monkeys, and the trees, all the birds and bees, mother natures recipes, tutti frutti or rooti, what ever you choose, the choice is up to you, another great thing to learn, a spell that does a good turn, never let anyone else tell you, what to do, because you are free, your souls shine, your beautiful, your you : )



Im filled with such love
that my ego's expanding
im a pure motivator
inspirational soul buddy
lover of every single
gift of nature
i know im going to be a millionaire
or even prime minister
only trick is
i love this earth
so much
is it selfish
that i dont think
it needs saving
i tell you what
you can be lois
finding the bits that want to be healed
ill be clark kent
stepping into a phonebox
start changing

ps - can you spare any change?
why yes i can have a lucky magic brazil nut that will change your life forever into paradise

pps - you dont even have to eat it

Friday, 8 October 2010

The magical house of Felix Zanker. (prelude)

The magical house of Felix Zanker

My door key wasn’t under the stone hedgehog. Drat. I was locked out. I texted my friend Jenny,
“You’ll never guess what?”

-Beep beep, Jens reply,
“oops ya mam got a mobile?”

I text back,
“Funny you say that, I’ll tell you the story next time, it’s worth saving, no worries, I’m on my bike, onto the magical house of Felix Zanker”

And, here we are. Docked at the safest port in any storm. Apt, as I write this, before going to sleep, pitter patter rain drops, fall onto the roof above me. I’m in an outdoor guest house. Which has a bed, books on shelves, hooks, with hangers for clothes, a bedside cabinet, complete with friendly lamp. This room was hand built by Johanus and all the Zankers, purely to shelter guests. In a frame bright red and blue squares, artwork by a friend on the wall. My heart beats along to the magic and joy of this place.
I’m going to tell you about the garden.
It’s like many in this island, loved and unique. There’s a robin that is now so tame that it would eat a worm out of your hand. The bright flowers sing. It’s so nice to see you. Autumn, the apples good to eat, taste fizzy.

Inside. Beautiful delights, waiting to be savoured, yellow painted walls, furniture passed through generations, look at this bench, and breathe its scent, its colour, painted in reds and greens. Heirlooms. Old crockery. Kids masks, wooden chairs, look this chair has an owl carved into its back. The owls fierce eyes can speak. Such delightful stories.


A new thing. So old. It’s a fossil from prehistoric times, aqua grey rock, like something from Atlantis, I can’t decide if the fossils and their shape embedded in the rock look like lots of wavy sea anomie or an upside down besom broomstick, either way, its amazingly displayed for all to enjoy, in the corridor, opposite the downstairs loo and by the cupboard with blankets and jackets, when i saw it it made me rub my eyes with balled up fists.

This makes me feel good to be alive. Every year Johanus and the Zankers like so many other people, with help from their friends, put on a garden party. The bright inner nature of these, wonderfull friends, can really be felt resplendent in the air. The garden party feels like Summer. Its message, love, cherish, share.

Places and people such as these make me appreciate, what a wonderfull world it is we are living in.

This magical house has taught me many things, as I continue to grow; this is something im going to be open about and share.

You can travel as far as you want all over the world, but without love its hard, for all the pyramids you might see, it’s easy, when you’ve found love in friends, and family, to open your eyes and find just as much magic and beauty in all the places you can call home.
I was hungry, tired, locked out. Three magic words. Pop on over. Felix, even brought me a Kebab. Which gave off wafts of even more delightful smell, when I took the cellar and cracked black pepper over it.

Now I’m just about to go to sleep, and well,

This place is so magical in a scientific way that I have to say out loud, i do. Whist writing in this cosy bed.

“I wish you, (the reader), could be here too.”