Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Friday, 17 December 2010

In a row.

In a row

The mouse that plays the drums is a cool mouse
black with little tail
tiny mouse
angel muse
mousing up the scales of the ribbon fish
cocktail stick
piece of cheese
squeak squeak
teak teak
pams chocolate

in the country lives a monkey
with lots of other junky
parrots rabbis
car booty
jumble sales
pots and pans on offer
plenty of buttons
sniff the blotter
cores a piece of rotter
fish heads in the sink
here come cups
it didnt take long
for billie to steal all the mugs
same diff id say
to take them to the jumble sale
is my real intention

knitted teenage mutant turtles
giant golf games

we dont have them in our room
but we have them at home
so when i have them at home
it makes me feel like im here

before sleep i
leave out a piece of cheese
for the mouse
that looks after me
in my dreams
i turn
didnt realise
there would be poison
put downs
trying to hurt
my feet
stop me moving
with glue
gnaw gnaw my feet
im trapped
im here to protect you
drawing maps
so you can avoid
the traps
x marks each spot
poison on the beams
dont worry
good dreams
good dreams
i wake up
from my
inside the cloud
a piece of cheese
ive turned from
human to mouse
mouse to human
about the traps
i eat
the poison
every sunrise
every sunset
every day
i die
to keep you safe

rosie run away
run away
my familiar
lets run away
with the stray pack
wait top cat
i have an idea
the great escape
open up a shop
beneath the floor
dig dig dig
chew scratch squirm
ill live above
you can live below
in a palace
of food
more then
you could ever eat
running freely
digging a tunnel
all the way
until its time
for me and you
to take our
travling show
to mexico
i wont go hungry
so long
and thanks for all the cheese

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Birds not Bees.

Birds not Bees

Shadows webs upon the breeze ive got a candle its the cities light
pumpkins playing leafs on the tree

Beautyfull patch of grass
they say
one year of a dog is seven for a human

she had the smallest stick
before, before luffy fluffy london

fluffy london, fluffy london
nose to ground
round abouts
under ground
the dew
on great college garden

it must be haven
it must be heaven
fourteen months

round a round pumpkin sexed
feels the dew drops on her nose
tail wagging side to side
in the garden

Sprigs upon
two feet in mid air
catch a leaf catcher
chews it up
in her

our candles flicker in a row
smashing glass upon the snow

i can jar
after jar
fire spirits

the first is round and fat
sweet from france
paris is out
leg before wicket

bell of air
spiced apple
lingers on
the awhoool
fills the moon

if pumpkin is not back in bed by midnight he will turn into a werewolf
lake a pie of big ben and strike

Umbrella like leafs swing with air hammocks that have no care
walking gently to each other up amongst the twig
spindles branches spinning wheels
open a bottle top of christmas
feel the smell is blackened upon
the nit tar it pit
the chess to wear
out lb
the speaker
of a microphone
directed to the tree
that calls it home
where paper boats float

hello lamppost
heres my jaw
not seen before
the cobbles splattered red
with the women of london
broken glass is the key
pouring shards of shattered sand
in their handbags
the only way to set them free

make up make up
mirror mirror
its time to take this crap off
who is it for
if its not for you
and its not for me

dirty men with dirty nails
back to front to back behind
the constable raised his knee
he is a cunt
thats plain to see
all about the flowers
in this garden

Underground the candles laugh
remember us
the forgotten past
Birds not bees
honey bobbing apples
that came to life
in this garden

poor baby just fell off his bike
only fourteen months
dropped on his head
brussel sprouts
cabbage fights

Shame on them
Only twelve
Cant you see
The only way
Is to be
The change
Stop sleeping
Playing games
You want it to stay the same
Just keep running around
Tail wagging
Chasing after
Dew drops
Nose first
In the garden

The scary thing is hot
the spinning candle
on the end of a flag
full moon
x marks the spot

if you miss the time
well next time blast
all you got to do is ask

yell away
we are here
grab a candle
lets all share

a lush of sound
let the wall fall down
words breaking bricks

an empty chair with a viloin
ping draws a bow
across a string
as candle wax drips
from his fingers
pumpkins run under legs
fancy hats upon bonny heads
shadows twist and dance upon the paper ships
melting in the gutter streams

By a dangling chain
hanging in the hut
the little square
see through hut
there is a key
pumpkin seeds hut
the blue spinny chair
underneath the grey
clinky linked

smells of petrol
wisps of nature
fingers that slip
through the hole
clink clink clink
links that feel of silver
and cold
heat that stills the sound
gets old
then out of the box
jack climbs
to rise
on his bike

to itch the scratch a match a match sulphorous seems are killing me

big ben
out of his nose red tip taps
raining on the cobble slabs
children that cant sleep
begin to sing
were painting the flowers red
were painting the flowers red

birds not bees
deeds not words
a man in the pub is all for it
more action and less chat
more gratification
less babble
polly wants a crack of rye
put the kettle on
more deeds please
less words honey
apple sugar
cutey pie
it isnt love
but it will do

painting the flowers red
honey pot
into the garden
of eden
pip bobbing
pumpkin seeds
apples floating from
the dandy lion trees
the midnight express
x marks the spot
lets dance

jack is a werewolf
and a vampire
quick sticks
kill him with a silver bullet
or invite him in
dripping wax
upon your skin
unless hes a skelton
then halloween
your stepping out
to see the queen
of thorny roses
get your
sticky tart fingers
shiny noses
we are mad happy
tail wagging
all about the magic
of this garden

three cheers for Emmeline
pip pip awool
pip pip awool
pip pip awool

for a moment out the corner of your eye outside the bin with black bag inside is a live
binking open oven door

lets all have a bath.



I love you trees,
wake sleeping beauty
come to life,
leafs dance with me

Four all.

Four all

Super boo
love the flame
grant butter flys
whooping out heavens gates
a million white moths
hit with the star
the rising
the creature
so sully here
to tack a leak
drawn to the wicked lanes
thinking about white doves
in columbines
damson pied
checked shirt

tables are made from wood and book
worms covered in flowery silken cloth

silver teapot swift like charcoal
necklace of africa the mighty
shaman tree
carbon for the
shaking green leaf
painted radioator stripes
shades of dark to light green
violet to indigo
atlas mountains sacks
dread locked bough
push m head
into the leafs
lace dangle
bags of sugar
pins needles
beads shadow
kiss pucker fish lip kiss

leaf head
green vertigo
mud signs
one tree leans this way
one plant leans that

underneath the tree rushing
head through the hare
trill stem of green
fun rising ware sugar
spurs faces moon tines
crystal steady cut smack cosey

Syon boddah koala
in the lay land orange lid
gas skeleton
swilled chow
usable huss
wold gear dingo
unwise croft eisgard
wood sun sugar
of the angelican
prune pins
mist farm swipes
stands of suggs on the panina of evil soap hiking che wow whee womb worm table crunchy potatoe
as long as youve got your potatoe
or a bag of water in your pocket with a dead gold fish
shaow lon
thank you
for all the biscuits
for all the cows
all the coco pops
cups of tea
so long
for all the fish

sheep chips beans banana peas and pie

Tottenham four arsenal four
all for one and one for all
Arsenal one and Tottenham four
all for me and none for you
chocolate fingers finger pies
will you be my valentines

little boy submarine.

Little boy submarine

Watch out for green jongleurs forests in the pond water, stoving above the pepper pot, jungles growing up, to four moons hanging from the ceiling which shine bright upon the table top
Theres mud at the bottom its chilean clouds, a davide's dress, wrapped in sound
chutney coloured sprig of rosemary
these arnt messy waters
its just the sun got thick and oily
melting into a block in the bottley sea of green
little boy singing
we all live in a red submarine
we all live in a red submarine
as the bottle stays still
so still shall it be
as the spirits of rose dance inside
the girl over hay
dangles a fork prongs down from her chin
tribal white line of cream
digitallly captured
all covered
cheek to grinning cheek
in foaming bubble bath
before the
hey how are you?
you fancy something sweet?
blah blah blah blah blah
back wash

a mayhlo honolo sammy rolli
the bottle doesnt move
the sun is rising
busking yellow
murken green
next to the dark dark red
of the uprising submarine
dive, dive, dive
proper bright from the other side
the words in the water shimmer and bubble
like caledioscopes of squiggly blue ink, beatles which bounce, bounce, bounce, bouncer, bob, on top of the roof, happy, like a hundred million stars, noughts, circles, squares and crosses,
in pale shades of yellow and ping and more stronger
dark in blue and green, leaping turning, spinning, cartwheels, whirl whinding, in the bleak mid winter sack, a bag opened, frosten wind and snow tumbling free, to all

underneath the ear to the end of the dragon mr why why why flowers head, inside the heart of a star, inside the heart of the star, far away, right down the opposite end of the the long table, two empty chairs keep moving, multi-coloured virginia, golden vagina, vagina, vagina

Get a subscription to sky
Now the chair on the end is fucked
and the two on the left empty
paradise lost
bird flower
red treacle
neck drop
fleck stroke flash
bobble fingers
wrap and bubble
pop pop
amelie my
humming bird
darker than the spacey green
a fan shunting forwards and backwards
theres something about that mix
brown and green
a girl with brown skin and green eyes
its a humming bird
isnt it
to give the get the fox glove hug
all over the car pit
blue spear upon
the jamaican fire
the earth explodes in sparrows eyes
the dragon breathes fire
like a slash in the rain
a slash in the rain
a slash in the rain
a shooting light like a star floating to land
splash from of the bed
into a puddle
the white
the green
the earth
the mud dragon flower rainbow fire
the huming bird
vibrations in the air
familiar bird
of paradise

animals into the jungle hollowing and shrieking
whoop, whoop joy, rolly poll,
ba bah ber bah ber bah badoum
stop flash run
through the feathers
swinging through the vines
birds of paradise
over and over and over
as if someone had knitted out of wool
knitting needle factories
to grow some plants
to make soft wool
and knit
nit nit nit
jungle buddy
jungle buddy
one by one
in the animals go
through the washing machine door
until a hundred million
tiny soft toy finger puppets
are going round
and round and round
the wall
in a wet soapy spinning cycle
of jungle freedom

the sound whirrs elect tick
light is bright in this place
spinning around
as the chink of knifes scrape
from behind a door
and cutlery chinks
glass to glass
two beaming bulbs
meet like kissing fish
johnny five is alive
coming out of the plaster
beside the crack
falling from the ceiling
which splits the place in two
zig-zag pyramids of moon tines
annupurnas treking across the paint
the inward eye of a gaping big nosed cyclops man
strong lines bold brows
flushed energy to the right

the crack in the wall
helen and christine apart
helen is a dragon flower
a soaring
flying like a small childs gurgling laughter
travels through the dark
deep down blue
here is space
the crest of the sea
green forest
tree root spirits dance
spice in the bottle
sharp taste
swirl and brush
stroke stroke
your rythmns
and rivers
upon the shore
lap lap wave
its all dark
the blue is bright
its all dark
the green is bright
its light
this dark bright light apart
from the corner
which is dressed in sweepers black
magicians fire green

crackle crackle pop fizz pop bang
flying soaring
moving above these colours
flower dragon
bright hook
aloe-vera tail
wings of red and yellow
rocky arms
muhammed ali
the blazing fire
in the colours of the african rainbow
slipping into the mix mush jam

damson jam pot raspberry
what you do is you get things that taste good
and put them togethor to make them taste even better
a splash of white on a bit of blue
a splash of navy
along the velveteen
a splash of purple on the scarlet
a stripe of red leaping out of the rainbow african fire

cracked in two peels
off like a banana
losing its skin
curtains open
the washing machine
which has been doing its thing
into and out of the cycling positions
one leg
one arm
stuck in fith gear
smashing pumpkins
popping chocolates
two wrapped up crunchy planets
spinning peanut butter in a bowl
out and in
round and round
sun pat
all right
bass ball
home run
the pink petals
up the side
new yorkers
grooving the edge
you two
dirty memories
factory town
where the streets have no name
tasty chococolate
roll on and on and on little whirr
soothing whirr
the constant scrape the constant flow
the two orb chocolates
dance the dance of the universe
i want to share this movement
beautyfull with sound
both halfs of the chocolate pear
pan tide patterns on the flowery bowl
i want you to see the dance smell these characters sweets
hear there traqnquility
high high high
taste their perfct beauty
a monkey came
swinging out the tree
oooh choocolate
pop pop
vrump away went ball number one
leaving ball number two
billy the bull
sitting all lonesome
in a universe of pink flower petals

ook ook
look the monkey
ook what is this
its chocolate
it looks like a piece of sheet
eee yumbo, yumbo oh!

chocolate number two
the second ball
is munched
as crackles
sizzle sparks
of blue
lead on
white paper
spin round
and round
for a detox
a bubble bath
wash zig zag
triangles number nine
tastes pretty good
its all right
gone too another place
the beautifull chocoalte universe which could be shared for many many to enjoy
or gurgled, gurgled, gurgled
in pleasure
sweet pleasure
beautifull worlds
space alive
whole chilies
burning fire on wale skin tongue tips
the four heroes
chocolate melting
not shared
no pain
for the universe celebrated
in constant change
of course
there are other worlds
and one of the chocolate remains
to be eaten
b a person
not nowhere near the flower bowl alive

Too rocket life the ships do fly powering turbo hectic flight the twists the turns hoodoo ferns, a wash, a wash, wash away until yahoo, then soft feather coming into to land, safe, safe, safe

The jungle animals slowly came back to reality
like the ending cycle
the extra spin
the gradual slowing down
speeding fair ground ride
the peak
then slowly fade out
back down till stop
click tick whirr
tick sounds
the relax ticking water wash
an object falling through the air
from top to bottom
head over heels
in space that is
the washing machine

The water is soapy
it slooshes like waves of the sea
or oceans slop that is sweeping
over and then off the fleur boards
of a ships deck
then it is gone
like all the jungle animals
apart from one
a wooly
black and white orange beaked
orange footed penguin
called donna
who enjoys riding
round and round in a blur
and then summer salting
through the air
some times
grace fully
some times
just dropping
from one metal plate to another
head back
hands behind
legs out
round and round
super clean
washing machine
riding penguin
theres always one int there
odd sock
there always one

Left inside the machine
two socks
one by one
big bundle
ones left in the machine
theres always one
square peg round hole
square peg round hole
odd socks
left in the red pill space
sinking washing machines

We all live in the painting
knitting bags of bees
knitting bags of bees
that sting sting sting
underneath the sea

Chazz and Dave.

Chazz and Dave

Wonky aye
creepy guy
screw loose
what song do you play
division of joy
to every girl
the question that you ask
harry potter
or hermoine
what do you do
what doo you do
a few seats behind
at the cinema screen
i dont want to have to deal with you
screaming woman
bleeding mare
at the pub

Iceland Stage.

Iceland Stage

a little bit oom all over the stage
i lickle big run in the cage
self i got self
see the light
in a wave
a falling sleet sleet
sleeping the plane
the driver got lost
stoning stoning a weight
more heavee than a wake on the bold
robber robber river river robber roam
i aint going
to suit it
i aint going to lie
boots painting pictures of our mum on the side
shes so sexee \does it for free
sending ever bodee kisses at the factoree
hit it hit it
i feel all right]
hit it hit it
oo fill all right
slick and snap were going awai
here we go little island lull in the life

Wednesday, 15 December 2010



Shell dangles in a square
light streams up across the bar
above is a fox a box of gloves
made up of eliza glass
pink white honey suckle
watches bows
tight tight tights on wrists
drink pound sizzle
round town fizzle
pound for pound
one more
like a neckless made of orbs
greened, un cotton unzipped with blue
tight forest jumpers
trestled hairs rubbed
all about you
behind the panes upside
down glass after glass
right foot tap
ticking all the colour
loon lately go buy her
tick it tick it tick it
to the acid house
just keep breathing in in in
ooo just got to keep moving
rioters to the top ooo let the
water soe carry all the way to the top
the curly lai of the fox glove lips, laces waves like curtains tripped
a cot finger on the splintered shard sends a drop of blood into a glass
how man circles on the glass on the wall in the coal hole
the answers sitting on a chair
she sits so pretty over there
bee the fire bruning its
the bottom of the candle
would you like a grape
no were all right
happy where we are
sitting peacefully
by the unlit hearth
inside the diamond of the cole hole



My head shaking
yes yes yes yes yes
im looking out my eyes everythings black
im tapping on my windows with nails that are cracked
the nails tip steping on the lens green lightning splash
fifty candles sitting on the slide
four hundred drums folding in the night
i got the silly island dunking on the bay light
go sun it going green light splashing
all over the soul
of sun birds flying
yeah me hit me go goal
like golden butter never be gold
the cloud mountains call like some other coil
wrapped around the shadows that wear on your heart
the toast is burnt
like burnt toast
lighning toasted
i got no future i got no past
im just present with you right here right now
my fingers tapping on my teeth
wear you no frown
yes yes yes
my head shakes
like a desert caravan
blazing across the sand
rude boy dont wine
the river colours
wont dry
if you can catch the sound of the combat
you are working again
voice of the bedoin sound clash
mash up all of them rise
your drum and bass
flies like the sun
is green light
the sea is yellow
your not blue
the colour that your painting
is untrue
you are green know what i mean like the sunshine
and like the sea is yellow
your not blue
that colours not true
thick and thin
through and through the jacket that you wear
is not blue
i see the beauty in you like the sun
you are green
know what i mean
rude boys dont cry
rude boys dont wine
they fly
you fly
because you are green like the sun
your network is yellow like the sea
rocks sitting on the bottom of the ocean uprising
we dont have any jam or honey
so its just burnt toast
a really humble flavour
cant wear sun glasses on the taste buds
of your tongue
tearing down blocks then building them them tall to the sky
with ings to make things happeing
what time is it?
its party time
no more
trouble trouble
your soul spirit soars
you are the greatest music maker the world has ever seen
row row row the boats gently through the streams
creating good vibrations love peace family
true harmony
yes yes yes yes yes love love love love love love

Friday, 10 December 2010



All eye got, is what eye see, sitting on the beach,



A cat bow string is attached to this book
nylon chords of stripey white
chalk fingers dragged over the pool
a pure blue
sun glass resevoir
dog bone
girly lips
cherry blossom
hot wax
curves tilted
kicking legs
mexican plumes
the white skelton
plays guitar
shack of bone
scratched strings
into the mountain
scrunched up ball
thrown away
behind the moon
under a towel
mountains of the moon
i used to be
bob crutchett
in another life
well see what
time can do

Wednesday, 8 December 2010



Whizzle snack
hula hoop
good choice
of crisp
it drips
till it drips
but it
hasnt lost
its charm
your a good man to have around
some times
i am
some times

the chocolate on the bench
the chocolate on the bench
i got the train and left my chocolate
on the bench
the packet was orange the writing was yellow
bizzy bizzy bussy

its time to exit go blind

these bricks have been put togethor
by a twit
the wall is all a crumply
the concrete is so runny
the soft looking blocks
just sag and spit
the mother is like honey
the mortar leaking money
this brick works a ticket
in the mouth of
a twit.

Little Beetles.

Little Beetles

Hoop stiched threads of green red orange cart wheel yellow rubbing faces underneath the crinkley hump of dog wood in the night.

Going to sleep.

Going to sleep

My body feels so sexy
seals completely sexy
wrapped up cotton from the ball
my skins so rights not burning
its tosey toasty curling
fabric within my knees
soft and light
ive woken up in a sieve of sprinkling flour
im completely made of powder
cosiness bleeds through my veins
im pop of arm eye strokey
finger pilley dopey
ive been injected with a bottle of number nine
the walls are chinson blankets
the ceiling is
the ceilings got it
pain atika
holes of caves
to sleep in
step in through the darts
ive been here chucking arrows at the ceiling
making gaps in the ceiling
lieing in the tavern on my floor
alladins house is speaking
im in the cave thats never eating
never dreaming
magic dragons awake
surrounded by treasures
from the lamp

Waking up.

Waking up

Everything is so sexy
everything is so sexy bathing underneath this shining light

Jeremy's Bar.

Jeremy's Bar

Blank coal
soft fake light
hides the women of the clouds
icey out the grail
john lennon sits drawing in baubels
of red and gold
lights click
Dj mick
desk top jockey
man half the room
crook turtles
tree flick
baubel libraries
the artist paints his reflection
over and over
until the red
baubels turn
back into gold
back into red
back into

On The Rails.

On The Rails

Splat goes puffer elbow into the plastic whilst dangled eye to eye the bald man of Bethnal green white cheek white brow left side dark lets orange shadow flight across Cambridge heath, elbow up, swiggle jig, 1664, another elbow to lips cold can sip, a man of beard sitting opposite a rucksack having a beer with his rucksack a four pack 1664.
Grass hopping legs of victory yellow and green the mountain of the hammer pills wreck pick blows, the sickles walk out of the chairs then back in a shimmy to the left, a shimmy to the right, splutter on a floor carpet its shiny out the window out the sliding doors
Shadows stick to feet
Hop out
The way
Chinese cheese
We have now arrived
At Liverpool street
Black slide yellow slide
Wood cut cut cuts
The ears the plugs
The voice
Sing hum
The blinks the lashes
Triangles on triangles
Flutter flutter
Black whirl pools
Suck the dark
Pink on mole
Everything covered in that
Syrup golden light
Party pillar smiles
Laughing cow
Lucky music
Lucky book
The gear lover
Two shine shine shine
Edible bricks low to low
Lucky purple winks the lights
Golden Maureen
Gold corner diamond lapel marooned blazer.
Sleeve ring green to shoes
Electric chord wipes on scarf
Driss doss shapes
The voice the song the creak
Where the shadows lie
Whats the truth
Brown eyes
I will do that
I never can
Ive struggled to move on
Im so disgusted with pisces
Im struggling to be me
Blonde barbicon no hat
Maroon hood no face
Hat to hair
Neither knows
I wont tell him
Does he not know that
Ill get that in writing
In fiction that its a pleasure working with you
The doors to hammer smith
Exit for the blind people didn’t even see the honey
Winnie in a jar
Blue and white bee
Flowers of orange gold and Maureen
Popper up popped
Head rock
Hands in pockets
Dozey lip squint
Down the lemon vine
Euston we have a square
Oliver gazing in the liliac
Red oh red
White coffee cup
Gloves touch the papers
The hinges squeak and shunt
They march towards the stair
Four fingers one thumb two rings me lady
Black a glove
Motor cycle night elipse watch silver
Cuft of colgate
Dental freezen stripes
Across to the buttons greeting in the yellow tree forest
Black leather to leather
Two giant buttons up the steps of the hundred laced thousand skipping flies watching from the eggs sewn on the black bay forest blink flutter flutter dark then orange light lucky purple gloves, on black double bag graffiti on the mauve key scratched gristled grimes. Blueness in the fog, the lamps of tea alien eyes sparkle like multicoloured blazing stars, diamonds on the end of fingers, a clothes shop full of singers, sewing machines. Alien lamps for alien eyed paradise. Wicked grease faces sketched in lead in between the pillars of Euston square the blocks of coal mined time ago. Sit amongst the somme in square windows like mirrors from enchanted lands that call out the door. Who is the fairest. Come and step inside sit upon the coal laced floor. You will be the fairest of them all. Feed me feed me your electric people feed me songs tickets to the right blue arrow briefcase in the left, the trumpets, call dares saleem shalom sari the metal on the road chugs, purrs some whistle like silver bubbling in a pan, frosties frosties tree branch, mirrors cracks of jade glass the avocado the mix the ketamine trip that spans a lifetime that smell of moulden fruit not soft sharp crackles beside the lamp blowing across the wind street to the tower. Streaky pete bacon splats. Koh – I – nour red chewed pencil on beige tiled walls. Bathroom port.
Over the lean till line stucking saucer head bubble wrap gravity blip the judder salute sea sea sea gold oh fur hat cloak ears pop naked fur face rub rub bus stop bench smooth pine stair way hidden behind the wall,
Beige tiled brown tiled pure white tiled wall. The checks standing on chefs trousers ceiling made of hat, bourbon map of biscuits pure worlds of stepping motion, check the tiles, toppity tip tap, mind the gap secret door for sesame coaster sea sea sea.
Popped out and in they call her the mole. The thief that burrows then pops out her hole straight in so quick one flick of her wrist then out again fast as a blink a wink to her reflection a touch of her hat. Looking out her window the pink tiled bathroom window on two trains stopped then going separate ways into the deep mole tunnel of pure good black into her brown leather sack the chocolate goes.
Steps sparkling like christmas skies
White lines fluffing sparkling like a willy wonka star shine banisters gleams in the light.
Sparkle, sparkle how bright can we get, brighter and brighter, follow the diamond tiles, the diamond on the yellow line, mind the gap please, how shiny can we get brighter and brighter, every shiny drop like dew, spinning in the morning, spiders web a silking French train bon jour les tricolure the lanterns of great Portland street
Mon cherri
Suck it up
Comp plump stroke
A heart attack in glass
Blunder bluss sight
The dusty colour of blazing fog light
The blood splat souls
Caught in iron
Encased in orbed
Worlds of glass
Soul shining
Brighter brighter burning bright
A glance to the tunnel
Pitch black
Spotted with the dimpled green rose clues of bows
Spots on the dark
Splats from the track mind the gap
Green lights means go the dark tunnel sings feed me, feed me, this is the way home.

Cats and Angels.

Cats and Angels

This book makes me drink. I drink. I am a bottle. Bottling it. I bottled it. Do you know. Its a long time. Drink a long time. Gone. I fold. The cards. Every corner. Put them in your pack. The wolf pack. The stern. Lamb ships can’t bleat. Not today. The bottle is king. The box. Goggle. Tells it so. Blood fire and brimstone. In my glasses. Square eyes.

I always wanted glasses. From an early age. Sat in front of the telly. I wanted to have square eyes. Especially when they asked,
“What do you want to be, when you grow up?”
A signpost.

Teacher’s teeth, they’re all teeth you know. Blowing lips. Sugar words blown upon us. A school of fish. Caught between two tides, pulling faces in a wind of change it’s ok to eat fish, fish are our friends, Disney or Cobain, Disney or Cobain.

Your it.

If your still it when you die does that mean you get a dogs life?

Kurdt glasses an a far out bit of hawk. Ear the glove of the hawk. All the other boys chose the eagle. I chose the spotted leather strap of the speckley barn owl. Then buried my photo in its frame in a hole i dug out of the ground behind the green shed at the back of the garden.

What’s your favourite animal? You cannibal. Stinking in the rum. Fools cap puff balls. Capital gain bowling boules. A wasp a wasp, petanque have a crumb, my friend. Rolling sticky in the mud like a dog. I want to scrabble around and cover myself from tip to toe in foxes muck. I’m a dog, a dog, a big fat dog.

“Cor your not shy are you?”
Old geezer ticker tackle out singing sea shanties whilst taking a leak by a tree. Alright mate moon shouting, to the beams, how de doos, better festival, eastern haze, Scottish mushrooms woof woof, waggle Wahoo Wahoo.
Tilt back. Popping pupil orbs. Take it all in. The skies. The night the stars. Yo ho ho. The bottle is king.

The moths don’t like the early morning sun
They only come out when the work is done
Know the moths don’t like the early morning sun
They’ll only come out when the work is done.
They drip drip drip
Rip away the rain
when Sheffield’s floods came
Aye she washed away
Wish i was a wish wish a wash a way
Drip rip rip to
Dry away the rain
Like the moths don’t like the early morning sun
Drip rip rip until
The work gets done

Let’s begin this story with an incense stick. In the room that was his tomb. Pirate den of sticky glue. Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt them. Funny.
How many liars are in the local, how many fakers on the green rubbing players legs the wrong way, static balloons. Playing since before they could crawl. A lie runs three times round the world, tying labels on all the packages, whilst the truth stais in bed waiting for polee to put the kettle on.

Monkeys at the factory jumble up the jambalah, pink rice, yellow elephants, the world of stuff. Wrong label one gum, the plaque, your breath, fall over. Every single one. A bubble of snot out the nostril that can breathe. Spurge. You and me. We’ve been given the wrong packages thanks to the labels tied on by jumble monkeys so prettilee fancee free with brown string.

At the factory. Hacienda.
The ovens on but there’s nothing inside. Except the glowing white. Lies. Porky pies. Shuffle them filed ravel them in mystery ravel them in dazzle. Just a dib of dabble dibble daz will do you.

First I remember what you will never see. Hear the seagulls. Flapping my skin of cock on skin. Pieces of triangle. For the pie. Is the game a lie an apple from the market. Too shy to buy.
The ovens not empty. More than light. Baking bread. Smells. The nostril holes. Crumbling dust holes in the ceiling. In the day the palace is a bright as the great hall beneath the pillow, at night electricity spreads its blanket.

Fur. Wool. Fibre. I am soft bear. Awaken in my dreams. The mud carpet. Indian peacock wall paper. Brown settee. Small box. This is the way out of T.V. Tribe. Once a week. Tune in. The show excitement. The time. Live your life. Years until the end. Stretching elastic. The cowboy. Needle in the rabbit. The body ship. Needling the skin, hooks latched onto eyes. The girl. The enema. Wrapped in pitta patter, smith. Two sheep inside one body. Good doctor same as Edwards dad, dead, before he could get his hands dirty. The cinema. In between a way wood town. Sitting with my sister watching scissor hands snip. Holly red snowflakes, Wales’s spotty magic beetle lady bird laced in London’s mistletoe lane. Hats off to Pudsey bear, the man inside who gave me a ticket to see the lion king for free.

Good sweet doctor i put my money on doctor Charlie. Dead horse. A tear rolled down my face in the cinema. Tears streamed at the theatre. Whilst outside the palladium my blue and yellow bike sniffing metallic with the stars leaning against the column got stolen. By the police, and taking to the Charing Cross station. American tourists mugged of their identity. Can you believe? I did. You do. Voodoo Dodo.

If a person or a piece of music or a sight or sound or anything moves you inside so that you leak water, then surely you are human. You are not a machine. Then again. Robotic links on sun done ties. To veer is not to strangle. If a who man cannot cry would you judge mental. Pointy finger.

All aboard. Those who can. Emotionally trip. Little Bo’s sheep set sail at three to the land of noddin the nod. The midnight express has long since gone. Train was drowned in cup of tea. Clicking on. Lamp lights a sight for sore eyes. Crunching butter on toast jam on toast, Miss McGonangles liver cod oil.


Sitting cross legged on the floor. This was the classroom of dinosaurs. Prehistoric circus. No ringmaster. The big top in charge of clowns. Warm fuzzy buzzy tingles. Every minute of every second of every day. Plugs firmly attached in the socket. Buzzled dust stripy bees. I got skimmy dangled warmness all. Cafe, Latte. Skimping out on mathematics. Pretending to be a monster from the past.

Roar roar dinosaurs, rolling on the floor. I don’t know how to tell the time on a clock, Spencer cries when its his turn to do times tables, the hands don’t make sense. Forgetting months of the year. Problems with the seasons. Jungled together on the tar pit. I wee myself when I laugh. Wet patch. Story time. All bots sit. Ears pricked listen. Mr Hoppy’s mouth opens worlds like stolen cinnamon whirls.

Mr Wicks dice pop in the broom cupboard, higher or lower, guess right, win yourself a sweet in chops. Candy man jaw, brush stroke clean sheen, turpentine smell glossed up dining hall floor. Chippy dropped his chips on the first day so got given the name chippy. Grade one all over baldies older hes grown curtains but everyone still calls him baldy. Factory record tales. Flaky pastry white glazed spirals. This is warm fuzz stories. White noise. ZZZ’s.

Kettle boils
Cup chink
Plastic crumple
Jar spokes
Bowl clatter
Spoon clink
Wood steps
Feet pat
Bowl clunk
Toast Gnip
Cereal shuffle
Crispy tights
Plastics rattle
Sirens whirl
Floorboards creak
Air released
Kettle bounces
Squadgy bubbles
Porridge gurgles
Water treacles
Jam on bread
Falling tickles
Grandpa Russia
Comrades dieing
Boilers choir
Water splosh
Bag rustle
Of ching
What is
The key
Of ching
What makes
The ching
Lovely rita
Water meter
Wood pot
Spoon tap
Puddsys copper
Head rush
Wall teach
Air speak
Plain sight
Smoking didge
Towel cigar
The lady
The lady
My lady
Me lady
Princess poppins mary
Aint no tramp.

Pop. Bones in the pot rattle and roll. Clean faces. Good skin. I guessed higher and won myself a love heart from Mr Wicks our old flat capped school rolly smoking caretaker.
Kiss me. Quick. White noise. Together as one. Handsome girls pretty boys. The speaker. Sophie seeds the rows. Click click. The pressure of a pen. Knife edge living. Writing on a lap top that dies sporadically. Jesus. Silver haired foxes bark like quacking ducks. To the dinosaur boys. Little ships little ships,

“what you drinking?”
This is the bottle that makes you feel, warm and fuzzy tingles inside. Push the button and the bus bell rings, sugar cane from Costa Rica. Or do you miss it. Then sit. To scared to push the button. Stop after stop. After stop. Silence rings. Until there are no more, stops.

All ears attentive in the cross legged group. The little people escaping the world in their blessy ships of fancy. Angel cakes. Sweeties smarties on the tube. Slide whistles on the radio. Clanger tunes. Cheerio. Earth. Cheerio rim sea room diving. Red boots. Happy socks. Rocketeers. This girl you girl this girl it girl, you girl came out of your tent dressed as a space cadet. Pretty girl. Most gorgeous girl i have ever seen. Woman. Venus. In both real life and dreams. I thought you were the one. When i believed in one. One planet one love. In another life i was Bob Marley. My hands hugging for warmth round the flickering candle. In another life Crutchett. I mean Bob crutchett.

Now. Now. Now. Brown cow. I am clear. My mind is tuned on. Turned on by magic. The twelve. Buried in January. I’m clear. I know what i know. Cat burglars on the souls of my shoes. You heard diamonds are a wet pussys best friend. Skipping to the end spaced mix blend. Re-wind. For all of a pan-cake. A monsoon of sifted flour in those finger dancing falling drifts of sand. I don’t have any belief. In rings around Saturn. Honey nut loops. At all.

Rocket girl blowing on my mind. Gravity blipping ecstasy. The one diddly done. Cracker bread. In the house of rye. Living off of cracks of rye. Underneath the hot dog. A spare mackintosh, cold fire dumplings. Turning into a doughnut. Mick Jagger lips puckered round the bottle. Your bottle the bottle purse. Sweet pants rocket girl. All and all. Everything. Counting passing clouds ships in the bottle. Is this the game. I always believed no games. Just no game. Was that the biggest lie. The big sleep. Lying in. Missing coffee. The sack. No money. No sack. Running my finger all over your body uninvited. In control your in control. Wooden spoon. Trying to put the wellington boots on over my running shoes at the egg and spoon. Square pegs around holes. Race.

Fuck. Love before kiss. Love her. Kiss her. Kiss her. Kiss her. Friendly fires kiss her. Why no game. No game. Game over. How many times. Pac Man. Highest score. How many, me say messy nesty nessy. Clifford Hack. Tekken two Wang vs. King.

You roving your sex lash eyes over these words are the greatest actress to grace any age. Babe. Mother. Daughter . Sister. Crone. Spinner. Cherub. Princess. Devil. Angel. Goodie. Bad girl. Dreamer. Sinner. Loser. Winner. Hot pot. Wrapped cloth. Covered. Bared. Older. Younger. Tall. Tiny. Ballerina. Mary mari. Yardee yardee. Rudey rudey laddette, lady, child woman whore, madam, little girl, world of gravity, space and time. You play them snow white. Every day a different face. A different mirror. Fairest of them all.

I got this whirr king pop out eye coloured deceased. Costa Rican bottle. Albino white haired bottle. No one. Knot one. Stitch one. Curl one. Psiren. All in all. Every character i love i live for.

The game. I have no idea who or what you are. Or who you will be. Or how you will be sliding in two. Acting every second. On shake pears stage. How you turn them on. Twinkle twinkle. All of them. Turned on. They see you and they are done in like moths.

Like three cold outside drawn to the blazing fire. Belief. Three spinners cradling fables. Warped up fuck. Here i go judge mental. Again, again. Either or. Eeyore. Kierkegaard, Monkey or door key.

Peace Eastwood. Shoot him down. Shoot him down peace. The man who shot. He shot. He was the bravest of them all. Liberty valence is your top banana monkey in the jumble sale, the duke of flukey earl, selling smarmy wanker marmalade to spread all over your toast,

Look at him, bland, uninventive, Amish with food, hedonistic orgasm, silent eating, he’s having it, bland,
“eurgh your going to have it, dry dry dry mmm dry dry dry.”
Keep it wet wet wet, Rocket girl, I’m going to have it, dry dry dry.

Splosh in the dried out dream of fantasy. Tying knitten labels on all the lettuce leafs in the garden. Benjamin bunny buttons on the blue and white striped jamboree.

I believe in you

Han Som princess. Solar star. When your psiren song fails it makes you want them more. Its like if they want you too much then away you go. If they blinker strong you drop flakes in there all dragon eye shards of snow. Although i know after a kiss you melt. Poisoned apple eve. The words of a player on your lips. A player you shall always be.

At the train station looking on the departing train.
“If i knew that was the last time i was going to kiss you i never would have let go.”
A prayer that accused me of playing games never mind nirvana tick tack toe.

Help me, i don’t want to be here, help.
“are you going to ask her to marry you, are you are you, are you, do you love her, do you do you?”

Fuck me, what happened to the enjoyable journey, rutted canyon, wooly prayer, see you later stars and moons, see you spoons. I’m climbing out of this sea into another bottle, a green webber, hope hopping to other worldly frog ponds.

Sugar me spicy timbers, you cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut me, curry and ketamine and sarah, scary scary claws, take away take away.

Help me somebody. Im trapped in a spiders web of deadly disease. Dead eye duck plungers stuck on my face. Brick attack. Frying pan clan. Pang tang clang. In between two players. Surfing triangles. Pre emptive drowning in the sea. Bermuda puddles playing hide and seek with planes and boats in the relentless pouring rain storms.

White doves snow balls Mitsy turbos, gravity blips. Terrys chocolate orange. Did you know? Theres a club called Hacienda on the moon. Everything covered in golden syrup. Luckily i took my slice of orange pain early. Used up a life. So i didn’t die. My belief went for a dive. Boxer took it slap. Crack of Morrison. Factory glue. Eeyore eeyore.

Donkey believes. I will wait for you forever. Honey honey honey. Why not. Dont let it kill you inside. Monkey believes. Bonobo. Fuck play fuck play. Wet play wet play. Wet break. Kiss chase. British bulldog. Hokey cokey. Running man. Lets have a multi link fight.

Belief. Time. Space. Wait. If i did wait, and we never got, never stepped out sharing happy faces time and space together with the earth. Making each other. Feeling good again and again above and above. Rocket girl rocket girl, rocket children whoosh rocketing the future. If I waited and us two wool packs never became one ship stitched in time with space. Well. The bucket of water from the well, the drips in the treacle holes. The ice cream licks. Ninety nine. Johnny five alive. When we died. Off We float to another world. Where we would not suffer. Believers wouldn’t suffer. Time would be space, your girl, your girl. Two as one. You wouldn’t be shipwrecked all alone, as the songs go, all your life. More or less.

Cat lady, bag lady, whiskers on your chinnagan old mother hubbards baby girl lonely crazy old hairy moustache cheeky beard lady. Love lady love lady love the fur on your face lady.

Actress sweet actress. You are the tower. Cracked in two. The candle melting on its plate. My beliefs. Snuff. Blown. Like dandy spirals. Ninja cuts. Spillers hill. Zen. Lemon Jelly. Bees. Jazz. Swing. Lamb. Lullabies. Eyes closed walking backwards. Your range. Has stabbed my brain. Cut the canopy in my mind. Chainsaws chopping down the the rain forest that grows beneath my eyes. Pouring oil on all the warm and fuzzy tingles. Killing them with ice. Hack hack. Im sick youve killed me. Im dead. Thank you.

My beliefs were shit wrapped up in fog horns. Belief in love. Belief in the one. The way to crack the matrix. No game. No stage. No rat race. Just ren and stimpy life. Hand grenade. Pin out. Super slide. Now my beliefs are toppled blocks. Brick by brick falling down, falling down.

Confusion. Ching ching ching. Im walling in the valley of roll roll roll. Everything is perfect. It goes so well. Dont need no break, don’t need no fix. A cat miraculously landing on my feet. Except there’s a what. This is a what. A heart inside me. A mind a soul. A floating apple cave. My cave is confused by the sea. Am i playing a game now. Jumanji. Am i a package tied up with brown string. It’s the wrong trousers. Grommits falling out my ears.

Breathe deeply.

Moving on you see space and time, i want you to be freer than free. Wrap you up in Freya bringsamen’s cloak to turn you into a bird, mahjee chariot of cats.

You eater my crisps
You eater my crisps.

Listen. Put it to your ear. The shoe. The tea cup. The sound of waves. You weren’t listening to me. Hawai, Leonardo painting, the beach. Naked. We sat in a spiral. Shell. Bermudian style. He looked at you and said,
“when i look at you all i want to do is kiss you.”


Space tells me that when boys say they want to kiss you it makes you feel strange. I guess it wouldn’t be the same if the words were spoken by a squirrel. Nuts and berries, nuts and berries. Love and marriage. Then again. You say so much. Deeds not words. Kiss me kiss me. What’s new and what’s half baked apple pie. Go on boy speak Pisces of my mind. Fish bone jigsaws in the sea.


Time, your looks, your whole self is attractive, gorgeous, you know this, surely you know this, you’re a light house. You asked about sirens, surely knowing you’re the queen, sending each squeaky matey clean bubble bath sailor boy to his death. One by one. Drowning in the cold forgotten tea of bitter sweet dreams.

I was trying to tell you. Sweet cherry pie, would always have this effect on boys and men and that it was quality, a good one to embrace buff shoe bursting star shine. I wanted you to know, not that it was any business of mine, that you were free to feel strange or not and kiss whoever you like. Getting compliments everywhere you go, making the space you walk into time sparkle like the golden black magic shimmery Christmas jacket of the neo lucid mountain shaolin master tiger fu.

Space. I never thought i would want space from you. Endless dream. Time.
When ever you invite us in. Or out. Were like vampires. Lost boys. Given permission to walk through the door. We fly like fish
hooked on string. Spinning leafs falling from the tree to be by your side.

Autumns ever turning leafs swapped for mistletoe and red holly berry.

Time i know how my insides staple when were together. Then apart you treat me cold. Cold cold cold. Space. I realise you have so many different faces. So many different sides and life’s. That the clicking tick tock mask you wear when with me is plain lies.

I feel like a dog. A dog that has been beaten as a puppy. Kicked again and again. A dog that doesn’t know how to play the games. Never heard of fetch. Cant play tuggy, cant play ball.

Plans, labels. Didnt plan on seeing you both on the same day. Whirr. Pop out eyes. How you changed. Slipping into snidey games, that i know everybody plays. Cyril. Why call her blousie when you can call her fat sam. Why call him buggsy when you can call him tooloola.

Whip me harder, whip me, whip me, whip me first, do it, do it again, your not man enough to whip me your a coward, you only whipped me once, one more time, scream if you want to go faster.

For spiders eyes sparkle and jokey games go on, carry. Five year old Micheal Jackson shut ready to perform for his family in a suitcase. Leaping out covered in the paint of a traffic lights red streaming glow, moonwalking on the inside of her, on the wrong side of the road.

I’m the puppy with ribs that doesn’t know how to play Donkeys. I kiss the one goodbye without even so much as a touch of lips. Message in the bottle. Siren so gorgeous aint for me. Space. Tick-tock. Is it within reach to make time, feel alive as time makes me.

Monkey attacks hearts without cost. Spirits tall like the oak giant tree. How i want to massage your body. Grant you sweet ecstasy. With every turning page, ever bright new tomorrow, man yarna man yarna, manna catching every spinning leaf. Except out of love, i want nothing more than for you to be. Your self. Let the falling leafs be. Truly free. Slipping. Floating. From earth to air. You choose what every day will be. Maybe you shouldn’t listen to my words. Maybe i should shut up and watch your eyes.


Eating an apple. I reflected mirror talk.
Your the best.
All my thoughts i put into the core. After the five seed apple cave of long ago. The thoughts i erased. Rubbed out brand new day of brushed teeth. The day that looks like a rotter.

A rotter. Already you use a different set of lips. Rotter. His lips, rotten to the core.
You always pick at mouldy crab apples my friend, doctor Charlie said to me. Mouldy crab apples that on the outside look good to eat. But on the inside are rotten to the core. A rotter. I don’t believe in doctors. Nurse, I can make it sparkle. Why bother, finally im free. Off the apron strings. Cut the umbilical noose. Loose Chords about this house.
Ruby says,
“Stay away from minors, only play with Majors.”

Poisoned apples for sale columbine columbine
poison in the basket
the queen
black and blue trees
fade to back
constant gardening
more fruit more
hold me soothe me

Eating an apple, i reflect, have i given up, should i fight to win your heart with every ounce of my body and breath. What am i doing pretending im too busy to see you for a cup of tea. Im not too busy i just don’t want to see you, id feel like id be a biscuit drowning, drowning, drowning. No. I decide. Rover clover. Im not giving up. Im battering on my belief love inn tea and no games. So i aint going to fight to win you like some trophy, i give up to let you be, complete free bird, like a red balloon floating in the sky.

Am i going to meet you for a cup of tea, am i, Id rather stay well away safe and warm. Is there anyone out there. Whoever you are. Were warm and safe. A drip of black sheep attached to our veins.

The tide is happening. This years the first one. Soon tide soon. Moon tide moon.

At peace be the journey. Theres a gap of white. Looking first thing in the morning. A hole. Waiting to be filled. Dorks. A door key. Dorky dorky door key.

My lips


Sitting on the floor cross legged. Listening to a story. Shoes. Shirts. Jumpers. Colour filled faces, grey skirts socks, shoes. Trouser sunshine. Window bright. Streaming light. Zoom. I am plunged into darkness. Trapped. Help. Im lost. Where have i gone? Who turned out the lights? Black out. A voice from above. Who is that voice? High up. Strong. Where is everybody? Dark shimmers. I’m sat cross legged on my own. Tracing paper in the night. I can see flowers. Looking down the static jumbled scratchiness of the blue red strand electric carpet is still beneath my cross bared legs.

Naked skin between shorts and bobbly socks. I am still in the same spot. Eerie. Where are my class mates? I’ve been taken away. I’m inside a skirt. A ladies skirt. Mrs Martins skirt. I am sat crossed legged in between two legs. The skirt reaches all the way down to the floor encircling me like a round wall. That is what i felt as i was plunged suddenly into darkness. Then my eyes adjusted i could see the blue the flowers. The voice from up high really was above. A temple directly above my head. I wondered then. What must it look like on the outside, the other side of the skirt wall. At first a boy. In the open carpet of blue. Visible. Sitting as if by magic disappears. Underneath the teacher visiting a teachers dress. Step step cheerio. All eyes on the new speaker. All eyes on the spot where once sat boy but now sits wall.

Perhaps this was the best way to be taught. What if the classroom was full of teachers in long dresses standing over pupils? Trapping them, encasing them in skirt walls and speaking. A head above a head. Students sat in darkness under skirt in between legs. Power of chakra. What would it be like to medidate under a skirt?

I was. Meditating. On life. The carpet. The flowers. The dark lights. My eyes. The warm and fuzzy tingles. Then boom. Back into the room. Bright white. Back to life. Hello faces. Welcome home. Mrs Martin must have turned on a heel and gone. I was sat in the same spot as before.
Where did you go? Another world. Another galaxy. Meditation roe de den drum forest skirt hall. As if by magic vanishing trick, all in a little time. Such a short stitch. Left me amazed. Changed always the same. Piece of candy rock island life steps. Strange fish. Beautiful boy. Meets butter fly girl.
“Did you look up did you look up?”
Asked the boy who liked to put his hand down his pants, then find people to smell.
Huh? Nah.

I saw that the floor was carpet. Blue. Then i saw the patterns on the flowers. Then i wondered where i was. Then i realised i must be trapped underneath a skirt. Then i thought should i say,
“hey err, I’m trapped inside your skirt” before i thought I’d just keep quiet and see what happens, then flash ambulance spinner, new world, new scene, i wonder if she knew, if the cats mother could see me.

Cradle rocking body snatchers label making knifes edge breakers. Tie them to your string your string you tie them to your strings.

My Ribs through skin
its ok to eat fish
Knots on the bedpost
leafs spinning
on string
ever so gently
turn in the wind
I was after all
really very very small.

The moths that like the early morning sun
They stay up late till the work is done
Flip flap flap
fly away
in the light of the moon
to make the world safe
they drip drop drop
stars like the rain
Sheffields floods came
Then they went away.

Once upon a perfect sphere space got wet and time got dry together kissing above the water falls where under stands and over flies.

This is the perfect day to stay with each other in the shelter of our bed.

Mistletoe mistletoe
Who will buy
My sweet white roses
Mistletoe for sale

Orange peel
Orange peel
Do you throw tangerine skins
Into the river

Flowers for the Thames
Flowers for the Ganges.

One day when they are least expecting it
Floating up above the relentless pouring rain of the factory,
The parcels mixed up by the jumble monkeys tied up with pretty brown string
Will find the missing labels they’ve been looking for.

Stasis. In the end. It’s me and you. Space and time. Time and space. Flying kites. Birds of a feather. Eating chips cheese and beans. Pudding peas and pie ee i ee i. Floating rivers. Handel’s whirr. Knitting needles at the factory. Winding up the prayer wheels. Aphrodite. Freya. Diana Luchena Saleena. Apollo. Shalom.

Coma drowned welcome back to reality welcome home sweet Shafiah sun rise may your world be filled with love laughter and light.

The beginning.
Of your bright new tomorrow is today

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Mrs Robinson.

Mrs Robinson

Im in
in somewhere at one
im in
love with spinning leafs
triangle shadows
knit on the wool
nag lamp critters
breasts creatures
pure bees nights
the shrikes so sweet
so sweet
the flour boards wooden
mr nice
protruding nails
super soaker red blood settling
howard marks
like a canadian oak knot
upside down rolling bike wheels
crooning prayer wheels
crispin leafs tied on the end of white string
turn turn turn
white wall
two shadow
papaya papine
white shaver
pulse the cat
tickle tickle
mousey mousey
leaf shadow
cold shadow on the canvas
steps inside the tent
you can enter inside
the tent of turning leafs
have your fortune read
by mother ocean
the sea
australasia harps
pinging in tune
humming birds
ape strings
eight shapes
luck places
the slide in between the doors
the blind in the gap
grey moors
a hundred shadows
break on through
rioters with jacobite faces
the leafs are real
not grey the colours
shake feisty dunce
cyclone back and forth
with the air
my prison
my sanctuary
my breath
i am tied onto a piece of string
like the key tied on scratchy brown fibres that hand round my neck
ribcages made of pisces
dream fish my skales
like a monster
carving holes
with teeth
into a roar tear sleep
me myself my manor
dowry shouting
belt fight
in the street
dusty hotel earth
stop the palace
of the leaf
heres to you
the cow i spoon fed mushroom soup
heres to you mrs
i laughed when i left your dirty bath
like a prick
a prick
a prick
a prick.

Me me me.

Me me me

Didn't meant to steal it
Didn't want to pinch it
Just looked so good to me
You look so good to eat
Ice cream ice cream
Lick me
Lick me
You scream you scream
cant lick me even when your near
lick me lick me
you cant lick me
even when your near
so near that were no longer strangers
you cant lick me and your never coming in
there isn't any room for you
theres room inside for everyone but you
lickity splits
ninety nine
an a flake
lick me dry
lick me
sun shine
hands up who wants to go to mcdonalds

The Squib.

The Squib

The red hat of a clown breaking chains star bucks the best.
I had a horse a course of cause i have i had a horse a horse.
Beanie put in the detention cell with a pile of boxes and one basket.
Got told false speak was truth.
Get off get off
and drink the milk
Today your children go hungry

Friday, 3 December 2010



One colour windowed amble flower
flighted frightened perfect bower
skinny petals swimming there swayeing gently
over her lilacs lieing armour shild
lips yield bowls filled with baying
meccan tapestries stiched bewitched
spyravled patterns nag-shampur x-mass hampur
nostril bonanaza of human laughing fox glove fingers
tapping trees over her inside the naked forest
dance macabre alphabet soup foggy jimbles
macchu picchu
sailors hat tattoo parlour
meow pussy claws eyes les majick garbled
swish glug puddle plop plop il pleu elle plonk
bonk tortoise turquoise bee brother stripy
honecomb rental rastafarian dream smoke
choir lips pop yield float bowls apples filled
with core bursting caps tink shroom
puff spore blink lid tinker sucked robberee
Hark! Allahwoo cadabra token torah
wood pages slide through lemon owl toward
micen pies baked half rice moon dew
stories fill niagara flow high eifel blocks
architect river mayan sister edifice
fleeing dreams wild sex.

Born in a bottle

Born in a bottle

I was born a anew in a bottle on a train
given to me by a lady of the night
a madame by the name of rose lea
the message on the front of the bottle
was sung by a hawain skirt wearing girl named
sailor jerry
i was born in a bottle
i opened my eyes my world
was a carpet sea
my whole world was a carpet in a bottle
with my head tilted to the side one ear to the sand
the other to sky
the sound
was of open palms washing circular motions upon the under tuffty clumps of rug bush
the soothing sound
in and out
the rock being rubbed near than far near than far
spread over
like nuttela
i am honey mixing into porridge
warm and safe
my eyes see everything fresh
i feel love
love to make love
my legs are bare
the air on my souls
my feet
blue is the colour
they adopt shiney gas flame
my arms are bare fire
my middle is strong
i am strong
in control
the world is this carpet in a bottle
i am born anew
i grow with time
and my eyes
get brighter and britghter
there is a cork on the horizon
on floor boards made of wood
i can hear no rushing carpet circles
i hear the tickle of a kettle train pulling into the station
the creak of a body of weight moving on a chair
the wood creaks
the water in the kettle burns
the bare foot steps
the drill groans
tick tock
teek tock
ill have a tick tock
theres a sink
a light a face
a glow
sweet voices
reflection in the oven door
two beautufull creatures, omen chat
such lamps
golden glowing faces
hair smiles
brows eyes
love face turns catch the light
all sides
all profiles the golden tipped corner of a book
the upside down penguin legs in a pot
the brush hin gin out the tip
pencils lights
the smiles laugh the nose cheeks
the girl in the oven door
the basket on a bike
the leafs the bananas the sweet lime hand
the smiles
i look to you grand mother like my anthropological photo graph
the water pours
tea in a cup
a world of milk in green topped plastic
the humm
the tune
belly upon the carpet
i was born anew in a bottle on a train
i wake up on the carpet
sammie places down a cup of tea
the bags still in it
blue paint white spots
thank you
thats all right
nice one
back of the net
buck a roo
tick tock

Over and over.

Over and over

Theres only one way to go and thats up to the castle without any legs. For the man of the castle has no legs and if you step up to his gate with legs. He will not open the door. For the many of the people cannot tarry to the castle for too go to the castle was to walk into the cripple and the cripple was the only one that could pass throught the castle door. If only i was a bat, thought the smallest child at the tuesday shrove knee. If i was i could fly like a red ball with dotted lines. I could roll through the air, i could spin over, doo over, get my legs over, my feet, my siren, my sonic, bouncing walls bling, hearing vision, hear the coour, it is pink, then i can get my hat back,

do you see
that was exactly that
theres things to learn hard wood on elbows, things to feel, soft carpet on underside, thin elbows on the wood, skeletons into tree, the bone, as one we the tree, soft carpet on the belly, knees, enter into the floor, the floorboards underneath the rug, the rib cage beneath the skin, play it pluck it with fingers, like a guitar, the haitian marriage, on a train, the bride, sunken in the thames, the stones of a beach far away, another world, the rising of the phoenix, the bright flame, the boots, the legs the the sweet ass the breasts the face the lips the eyes the eyes the eyes the nose oh the nose the honee pot dips cheeks the hair the hair the legs he voice the way the breath the sight the everything the genie genie genie, the dress the white dress the body the whole, the size, the back the front the kiss the the tender the rough the love the fuck, the love love love the sip the suck the play the pluck the rub the dress goes up the the hands touch rub the back of legs the front, the breath it blows the neck the hands run tingley tingley all over the body they play with the dress the swirl the massage, they touch the cheeks every cheek, the panties stay on the hands rub rub rub rub, the panties come off, the hands run down the legs, the lips kiss kiss kiss kiss everywhere up and down, the dress is up the dress is down the dress is off, the breasts, brethe in and out the hair the hair the hair, ahhh the cock is hard the cock is touched the cock is out its free, the cock is massaged the bouncing boobs are touched, the nipples are rubbed and kissed the whole body is touched and rubbed and kissed, then the hands play inside, inside inside, the tonue plays inside the moans the one the tingles the spasms the dreams the changes the body abandoned the one control the button the layers the freedom the pulsation the expression the eyes the jaw the eyes the orgasms, the touch the rub, fingers, hands tongue, your bum your bum, slap tickle slap slap slap, panties back up slap slap tickle tickle slap, panties down, awash awool naked, you climb aboard and ride ride ride ride ride, hard hard hard, harder still it goes through love into outer of love fuck hard proper hard bad girl fuck then back to love sweet love, kiss kiss kiss hard bad girl fuck, sweet love girl love, endless fucking ecstasy, wet togethor, naked Canadian roof top clothes back on, legs, cloth, neck hole, hair pop, eyes, hair tingles tingels tingles, little hair chin, little fur cheek, brows lashes eyes lips nose, hair pop pop danc, neck hole hello, hard its getting hard again, warm your getting hot again, stockings hard im fucking you hard again, haitian bride, dress, its ripped off, ripped in two, rip rip rip, we fuck again, again again we fuck again fuck fuck fuck were fucking again. Pleasure sigh. Then we make love. Above and above until the end.

Milk and Honey.

Milk and honey

In the valley of the dragons there were some sleeping wagons and the princess of the suitcase found a bean. It was a magic window on the cold side of her pillow that let her go on stepping through her dreams. Where the drivers were all racers that lived of whisky chasers, slipping round the corners in green parts. That looked like harry shearer that caught the light like splinter a silver merlin roaster, with a dart, he hit the twebble twenty, next the double 7, then he sent for the cavalry, a rolls of dell boys on toaster, a hanky from the postman, red spots on your umbrellas, candles on the river, a boat of gold made by the people, for the magic shiny people, the peopling the tower, peopling the tower the golden lunar ticking tower, that washes all your powder up the rain.

Soap of milk and honey. The vikings are all running. Through the splots that touch dimples on your skin. The axes they are throwing heimdalls beard is growing, the rain drops seeds are sowing thick and thin. Giving and a taking, truthfullness and faking, rowing boats dripple on your hairs, your little forest powers, spirit taking showers, makes many of us sing freed sing sing sing. In the oak beamed halls of valhalla. Another victory hour. Meat meat meat fires crackle spit bubble for the fight. How we the massive chopped off limbs and had it. We absolutely had it Mushrooms to the moon a fight a fight. We thought for hours after hours making patterns on all them flowers passing by. Thor, Odin and Loki, pokey pokey pokey. Rip mash shred until we die. Breathy levitating all at once recreating magic worlds in every single thrusting flex. The viking halls of valhalla are connected to our showers. The drippley rushing river is water fat drops dropping of meat crackling pools lapping up the heat. Way up close to the grill pig lips are splitting vrip vrip vrips ripping plopping plush and spit. Greasy dripping falls for seconds that seem like babels splooshing mix of white grey green acanopy, three monkeys sit sipping way below spit lines keep on slipping vrip vrip vrip drips a sitting see no, hear no, speak no, sun board tick tack toe, the flesh drops crackle on the foil the silver coated oven twinkle sit three amazon rain forest tizzle monkeys catching the dripping on their bread tongues row biro

Our boats the world of baked potatoes, and trees that turn into windows, the drips the drops the fatty spits, we get ourselfs togethor get into a lather, the rivers worlds immerse us like hands rubbing salt butter all over our skin, candle wax all over our bodies here togethor in the shower, little forest spirit power, is where we and many others start to sing.

Monets been sitting painting here for hours simply watching all them pretty flowers like clouds gently pass him by
Whilst all the vikings have been fighting the grass it gets so excited
when theres dead bodies everywhere its all right.

Haiti can hear us singing
in our showers we are singing
for all the different worlds you know you make up deep inside
so this ones for the showers
and your little forest spirit power
that keeps the fire burning oh so bright
the valkries are coming
you can hear them coming
singing in their chariots
to take you home
valkries in the shower
wet river dripping power
sends them warrior
sailing oh so bright
to the land of milk and honey
where there is no need for money
lather lather lather
salt flour butter water oil
its all right.

Are you a magic dumpling
are you a magic dumpling
ive been eaten on the outside
im inside

Rob and Grant.

Rob and Grant

Rob and grant you got a rob and grant
grant a rob you got to grant a rob
Cant chase a man if you call him down
cant see a man if you shot him down
shoot him down
cant read a man in a glasses style
cant hear the man if you listen while
stop hey whats your tune
singular communitive action room
are you in it for yourself
or to celbrate togethor
can you be in it forevery one
if you aint got your act togethor
are you a yin sign
or are you yang
are you a disch cloth
or a tinks rag can
birds of feather
baked in the sun
brittle lirds
half made in the moon
do you need courtesy
to be a yin sign
do you nee courtesy
to be a yang sign
im a cunt
im a cunt
made at the factory
i got me one glass eye
a smile tatooed on me knee
fuck your yin
fuck you yan
im a cuntey bogle monkey with a crazy mission plan
started out a doughnut then i got mixed in with some jam
i stole your broken biscuits mixed them with ice cream
then i took your brush wiped all about my teeth
im a cuntey boogle monkey with a bladey junky mind
a pair of magic snippers
that chop haircuts into time
time is my woman
thats why i get suprised
cause im a cuntey boolge monkey
been in stasis for long time
what would you like on your cornflakes dear,
ill have some why please whine,
Cause im a cuntey boogle man
everything it feels so good



Im swimming, i jumped in the deep end, off the top of the multi storey, head first, brother, im flying, swooping, diving, im a swallow humming bird, im not falling, im floating, im not sinking, im flying, into the pool, splosh, tip top treacle drops, judges score, ten out of ten, splash down at sun down cracked town, red drip paving slabs, cobbled nose taps, leaks, the tweak, teak teak teak, soul rebel cookie factory, im floating fast through the air, sky diving into the concrete, speed, increasing, faster and faster, hear vibrations, move vibrations, the circles go out wide, round the whole wide ride, bridge the gaps, the cracks the slabs the red nose taps, blood pool splats, whirpool kids, in the cyclone, the hurricane, anon anon, ive jumped head first both feet into the water, im swimming in the sunshine, im just going to keep swimming in the sunshine, doggy paddle, breast stroke, front crawl, butterfly, at ease at ease at ease, hello sweet limes, welcome back to the sea of tranquility