Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cloak Room.

Cloak Room

Squeaky floor doors
on the carpet
lime green hangers
on the scaffold row
plastic fanatic
coloured stripes
ticket to the ticket to
the ticket to the sail
325 the winner in disguise
pure evil artwork
made out of plates
spinning like a dust pan
earth cream mistake



Corridors are getting drafty
its nearly time
for the ever green
to shine like lights
i want to sail away
on the hem of your skirt
wish i had a star to shine on
a lantern making rivers
for your smile
i made my bed this morning
didnt mean to cry
frozen waters
easy to slip away
singing for you to
melt good byes
rivers where i tip-toe
its nearly time
did you know that you can fly on

Mary Celeste.

Mary Celeste

Sold out myself with tattoos
crawling on the floor
these broken pieces
are my highway
and this is all i can do for you
underneath my nail
another space to float in
and now im beneath the sand
all im thinking
is there a drug to stop me sinking
into the blue
where a harp plays smoke
flames burnt across my eyes
will you heal me

Buy the Fence.

Buy the Fence

I finally finally thinly smiling found the sinking note
i like the sight
good vibes
rain fast
meet us
the last thing that i will ever do
warm warm warm
dove dove dove come sun sun sun
candle light
soft soft soft
sand sand sand
sun night sunny night
hope hope hope
warm fly
dove come come
flow come
island lighter like a lot o love a lie
we are free
to the sunny side
the sky love lights in never line
ever ever ever come

6 Feet under.

6 Feet under

I wasnt waiting
i was looking
couldnt seem to see the way
and i dont know how you speak
or how you feel
dont know why
i love you
but i do
its true
strong like angel
and it hurts
walking over
your wings without shoes
i guess maybe
i was born
apples falling
keep falling
to bruise
so much inside
all this time
i dont want to be
dont know what to do
dont know how i
will get to you
my friend
a lover is gone
now im fighting
weight down
in the hole

Bedroom Eyes.

Bedroom Eyes

April wandered through the cold
what rabbit knew about stars
then they danced
through the fire
ruffalo rides a bike
the kids
yellow mountains
hammer pills
up the nose
fighting ice
salad holes
the pictures on your t-shirt
milk and two sugars please
wendy says
come in from the storm
the dark painting
in your eyes
buddy hollys
still wearing glasses
april comes walking through the cold
my baby
im made up
ever wonder what its for
the pavement
ivy crawling up the walls
im made up
cute girl
wicker chair
fairy lights
milkshake veins
my baby
made up
crowded round the window
through the open door

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bountiful Weather.

Bountiful Weather

Everything looks so edible in Autumn
as the stars shine bright
i sing my mushroom song
kiss soft rain an a cool dark night
in the morning lets go picking
till the shadows grow long

Monday, 19 September 2011

Breeze Block.

Breeze Block

You can tell me where i want to go
take me far away
in the falling snow
love the sound
love to clap
now im swinging down form the jungle tyre
wrapped in a cartwheel
everything is so right on
to the edge of the sky we fly
rising up an amplify
to mirror of the portals call
i saw you i saw you saw you
standing in the river
and then i had to tell you
all ive got to give you
believe life is called
believe in life is called
your sails
like a bolt
a diamond upon the streams
finest coat of lighting
balance in a dream
find my soul the gold
take a light
take a line
take a light
take a line
tickle tap ten to one a goal
madness speaks
two to heaven is stepped
in futures hall
into the scold
the light stays on
but theres no-one home
i like years
you like mars
i chain to the radio
with the lice and bites
of our mothers soil
you tell me
where to go
if the river is high wont you drown it low
to the future skies
of the drinking song
i thought we could never die
i didnt understand the foreign sand
i shot myself for ever in lies
taking a sip of the paris dice
tell me did i go
i fought the skin
in the falling snow
now the tyres burst
in the evening clothes
tell a fly
tell a fly
teller teller teller fly
the shoes the shoes
the lights go on
kick off rub rub
its all about the rub
rough tough run done
roughing tough in love
the shoes the shoes the boots for miles
licking on a licking on a looking on a style
the stamp the wild the stamp the wold
finger girl a feeling going find that a girl a chord
better than a day dream better than a coat
a puddle of mud
just a puddle a puzzle a muddle in the puddle

Thursday, 8 September 2011



I know
its like choosing
between being awake and a dream
when all you want to do is die
are you alive with open eyes
or have you fallen somewhere else
for the world becomes more or less real
and its easy to see
people playing pretend
up up up up up up up
down down down down down down down
staring into a flat line
funny how in the hospital
it signifies death
the zig zag peaks of mountains
green light
rising and falling
lieing next to the ecg machine
why is it you make me think of the sea
deep sleep
a coma of waves
slips inside
my thoughts are drowning
my chest slowly heaves
once more up once more down
it does not rise or fall
as i clamber onto the bed beside you
and no longer need to breathe

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Gunpowder Tea.

Gunpowder Tea

The negative of any form, should be free from design

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Red and White.

Red and White

Santa claus riding with the mushrooms of night
white beard jogging to keep warm in the morning
darkness light and airy traffic lights
red man glowing
bricks so tasty
waterfall chorus
alive alive
the sounds you hear
keys in locks so loud
every little detail
the crunch of gravel on foot
pixelated dots
the glaciers in the leaf
zebraed stripes
peeling off a sock
toes wriggling in the air
the cool liquid feeling
cosy soft
everythings gone all hobbitty mosquey
warm and fuzzy tingles
Cheese-thief, Knotty, Teapot
milk float

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The girl with the SOAS bag.

The girl with the SOAS bag

Some places look better from the outside
than the inside
once upon a time after the mid-day sun
had cooled
i was walking in between pillars of white
underneath, the electronic razor lights,
a young girl was sat leaning back to the side
on one of the pillars learning about sorcery
it flashed through my mind, looking out my eyes,
caught by a pair of brown chestnuts
and trestles of dirty blonde hair
that this girl sat reading
had somehow put a spell on me
it is
do it
Then i saw Paul
calling out to me from behind the glass
his lips moved, they sucked on me
i moved my own tongue
let it slide, playfully over my upper and lower lip
some places feel better on the inside than on the outside
Paul began to beckon with his index and middle finger
come hither, come hither,
like a sculptor blowing life into glass with breath
i was drawn into something new
at first i thought Paul called to me because he was beautiful
in a rustic Parisian sort of way
then i realised that the girl who i had seen in Marks
with the SOAS bag was sitting on a stool
what reason had i got to enter?
i suppose i could buy a coffee
i stepped through the glass
where Paul was pleased to greet and kiss
my tired and dirty feet