Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Saturday, 30 April 2011



Love air laugh thirst
its wounds car
a couple of tounges
give it so tight
drawing it out
i just need a little needle
you took to me mars
you showed me it
when i was just a kid
loved up
no time to lose
whats your hurt
the walls so tired
pupils dilate
i just need a little time
needles and dials
i just need one more riot
isnt love supposed to be heard

camera clicks
fall into rain
of your selfish art
the white outsides
rush to expose
your laughs
voices sent to call
like most
quickly step
into to much exposure
come with your broom
fix me
no side for it
sister take away
the picture
of the dancing hall
im out the door
winking to cats
to capture
too much
the phones down
come with your broom
come into this world
step into exposure
rinse it
quick sticks
youve seen the bear
messy lights
thick sin
sink in

Cutters Choice.

Cutters Choice

Ive run away so many times
dont waste
my life
keep being kind
half breathing
in the sun light
and is this my last throw
of the hand
my final die
i thought i had nine
maybe another
walk on to the rope
the hang man
stands ready
to grant my alibi
put me in my hat
if you think i am
im not even
that man
you thought i was
is just another
im running away
with the voices
in the rain
falling into narrow halls of doubt
hanging out on the end of an elbow
thats sharp enough to cut the glass
theres us and then theres memories
lost in the dust
underneath the falling stars
how come when you say stay
it makes me run away again
just another shameless
passing by

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Swedish charm.

Swedish charm

Mockery mock
mockery mock
mockery mockery
mock mock mock
han hanna
you take away my space man
then sit upon the table
eating my drag
let yourself be
han hana

Now the voice says good bye.

Now the voice says good bye

Take a look outside
see the trees come alive
like sun shine
the wind speaks
for you and me
to take the moon down
circle with each
sweet dream sleep
like lamps light
on the ground
were always at play
never think the rain
is a curse
drawing shapes togethor
deciding triangles
can be turned into squares
nothing has to be the same
if you talk to me
i wont run away
i love your skin
the taste of drinks
just gets better
im never losing out
down down down
looking at the people
who live below our town
stop filming
what you see
dont lose out on me
ive got the future in a jar
lips sewed togother
dont get ill
refusing love from the hospital
theres a heart sinking in
diamond fields
ashen faces
look away
onto a sun day
where we feel down
with angels thoughts
escaping they take me
to a picture of you
i trust them
i think i control the break
dont walk
these paintings call for you
dont get lost in the boxed drugs
hi im one of a kind
your kind
jelous eyes look over shoulders
angels wings are never frosty
taking steps until were older
lets go togethor
express yourself in lines
turning squares into
circles of life
another day is almost over
danger cant see
my thoughts
are getting better
saw a face
i wont forget this time

we can rock togethor
in and out of every weather
float with dust till the end lie in trust
we blend togethor
we mend ourselfs togethor
stop waiting
listen to the way we feel
dance away the killing eyes
its a simple crow
that puts the needle away
doesnt like your face
this is the way to dance
with feel
just keep leaving
at the back of your mind
go the distance
see how much you feel
start moving to the level lower
where the colours show you
its just the way to feel
start beliving
that this space
is real
wash away the fire in the fields
since they went away
dark clouds
cant erase the time we keep
i crawl behind the factories lines
fighting on and all
blackened skull
flowing into war
grown grown groaning wall
see me
justice for the one
is something i have never known
you know i can break the lights
sailing to the stars face
i want i want i want
to be alone

dodging ceilings
taking the score
off the waffle
honey rivers
snip away
my itch like lightning
im dreaming
now im flying
will you float
and make me happy
all the hiders that we seek
all the weeks i have lived
never understanding
how to stand tall
i think we should get togethor
see how the world looks so much better
the way you smile makes me so happy
i would like to show you
all the love i have inside me
runaway take a chance
lets get happy

another waste
im breaking in
cant face the doubt
ive created
all i wish
is that your dreams come true
do you wish for me
is my face
to hungry to sleep
i cut off my ears
for you to keep
run round
then speak
so you shaved your bones
always a day too late
we seem to be
if im so lonely
why do i sleep
theres so many places to be
so i dont know if
my heart speaks sane
or is my mind with my body
stripping to find it
something usual
cause the smoke clouds
got me racing with speed
away from everybodies
i cant reach your eyes
i never seem to find
a seeker that cant hide
stuck with lights on
that never fail to blink

Just to you
dont lock your mind
your without struggle
now your breaking through
we are here as one
on the other side
dont back away
call on me
i will keep you safe
all the dreams were thinking of
are the same
and its just another bubble
that were floating on the inside
the bars of struggle
are blown open wide
reach across we touch the sides
even reality can be high
its the day you died
just another story
of our time



Sleeping golden eggs
grown from a tree
box after box
sliding to the
petrol amazon
huichol shaman
wet cactus dreams
of writing
shifting and shaping
across the tumbling numbers
where the parrots squawk
hot tea cold tea
polly's running out of oil

new gods entwine
castle stair casing
brown blue yellow green
outer earth cables
electonic thunder spiral
jaguar lightning
rasing sentinals
from the ground
this is where it all begun
we keep turning
burning cultures
till we feed
on the good times
dj voodoo
in the earthlings monkey puzzle
tied up in ying yang vines
from culy jungle head to toe
singing la lalala la lalala lah
for the machines to rise
the architect
the tea maker surfs
picking tangled leafs
to fuel human schemes
sweeps the board dead clean
no more bears in the forest
no more broken dreams
unlevened sanctuary
spark plug
synapses popping like spawn in the frog ponds
boiling seas
sweet bubbles
kiss of life
granted to the machines
armies of marching ants
binding togethor the soil
roots wire blood fire
litter laying canopies
with millionares short bread
run logan one
dive into this jungle
where our tribal shadows dance like wind chimes
of the heart and mind
hanging onto the uprising swaying trees
who blanket the earth in drift like snow
that no longer have the need
for any off us to be
breathe in
hot tea cold tea
polly's running out of oil

Wednesday, 27 April 2011



Take me on
my weight
sail free happy
drawing gold
from the light
we are together in the sun
so many times
we climb
every single day
so far so far
its an easy ride
easy every time
sail free
to where the dancing mountains echos
fear is
dead dead dead deaf dead dead deaf

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Beachy Head.

Beachy Head

Time is my rain drop
heart strings on the wind
i can see where my heart lies
the tide bites
my love line
again im left
with time
space cant say
where the ends meet
when do you sleep
night dreams
for my heart
here i lie
blue wind blows
my love grows
trust my heart
not my mind
this road feels right
time familiar
every tide



We got hold up faster than we can drive being south not down soothe me old time ride
please let me begin
ive got heaven in a cold
spare me a lucky charm
grace speeds past the whirly fayre
green hairs got me in dreams
i wish i was clean
super curly magic
on its own
aint the life for me
lets make it unseen to the beach
get me on the rope
swing rope swing
im a child
hello open door
hips dont slow down
tie me up
hair so sweet
im here forever
right on rider
dot in the cotton
im strong



Ive got nothing left to give you
apart from my toxic infatuation
i slide out the window
pop the pills to kill my life
take another sip of murder
no place to hide
i wish i could find you
outside my door
i wish i could see you
behind the curtain
instead of being stuck alone
on the inside
ive been left
wish i knew how i could make you shine
im dying
and now something tastes so bitter
got me tied in knots tonight
wish i could balance
with the light
so heavy i dont find the door
another hundred times ive died



I want the trees to sing to me
your more than wasted chances
more than any of these
sand castle dreams
i want to take you to my bed
we can stay here alone
just the two of us togethro
culture rocks
and culture slides
im in with you this is my touch
ive got the drive your the rush
plenty of crazy situatiuons
they fade away when you smile
its the way it goes then im up im up im up
dont bring me down
dont hurt me
youve got my heart
we can win
as long as you dont
kill my mind
the balloons will
float not fly

Thick and Thin.

Thick and Thin

The gas escapes in the night
riders in shadow cloth take me to the stars the stairs that rip through the fire
youre eyes beg to forget me
on the beach with time
angels tide
come step with me
to the distant sea
of the heaven moon
give yourself to me
im on the sand
your naked body
lips that kiss
to sooth our satin room
taste of drugs
i am
your pill
dont wait until
i give myself
all to you
dancer in the dark
the fox waltz's with you
under the umbrella
were sitting
i take you
to an angels egg
across the tide
slips away
covers your sin
dont wait until
i give myself to
all of you
taste up against my skin
im your pill
give myself to her
dont wait
dont wait
alive la la lala live

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tooth Fairy.

Tooth Fairy

Another mistake
each taste
the stuff that you took
from all of those books
to far from the shelf
now your lost in the leaf
reactions are tipped
to favour the stars
youve gone to far
too far
bow your head and close your eyes
the dead of night have come to rise
shadows float
reflections that call
to the voices in the cold
its like the beatles are dead
the words that they said
in our minds
can you bring
bring them back
all them words that youve cooked
down the stairs

Our cloud.

Our cloud

Sinking waste into my armpits
wasted so easily
its a place im tied too guiltly
feels so good when im alone
cut a hole in my paper heart
jesus bleeds for boredom
have another one
it tastes so good
in the garden
feast of youth
black lips
get locked on



I see the windows in the sky
loon rise
in the first happening
mouldy bush
learnt my secret delight
in the dress
of jesus christ
moon rock
loon air eyes
im not going on
im never going home
your going to blow my mind
with sand until the drifts
slip into my eyes
see you in the midnight tea
we drink
and ill see you when i die
moon lit bride
loon air eyes

Spring Time.

Spring Time

Shes not as close to you
when you cant see her
in the mirror
spin her evil around
tie that spirit down
your not the one
rest on the shore
in the night
you can sing the words
how the moon turns
for golden eyes
silver highs
your holding onto time
open up your ego
magics wild
let the leafs
fall down
theres stories
that can make this
life a harmony
without love
rest on the shore
at the bottom
you can
open your heart
open your mind
open the sky
open this life
open on time
touch the walls
there still warm
with her smile
floating clouds
dont look down
on the fall

A tree.

A tree

If i opened my mind
shadows shelter
for all
with weeds
look in
know how
found out
main lights
dont bring me down
rinse me out

got me cooking
so sick
im sick
wear my hungry sky
a sound
through you
we the ones that came to burn it
tired of handles still they turning



I see you
with your faith
tied to the lines
in your face
my way
i could bring you down
cry your eyes
drift into my
my mind
my jelaous kind way

Lead like mercury.

Lead like mercury

Earth is hated
to benefit
purple hating lunatics
earth is hell
lunar click
ive seen your toes curl
ive seen the photos
ive created teenage kicks
my teeneage coat
my teenage coat
is deader
deader dead
than your colour
really dead
to youth



Peace is a cat that
puts down to pressure
a piece of this drag
can blow away the doubting
theres nothing
that can make you
feel alright
nothing ever meant to
nothing ever made you
throw away the cod
throw away the cod
throw away your god
nothings been invented

once the sweet love slips into wonder dust
your eyes are dragons taste armies
wonder falls
a lou
a lou
a lou
you crawled innocent through the window
talkin gin inside your head
down you go to fear
oh just one more
a lou sion
a lou
a lou
a lou
dont fear the call
of the drummer son



Come with me
up to the night
in time with love
love me
in your eyes
your ice
on the shoulder
take a walk with me
to the land of free
where theres no need to hide
culture is a golden compass
the needle spins inside
i want you
cant you see it in my ice
land of never above the sky
land of never above the sky
up there angel child
eagles fly
your jewel
the map
hides inside my eyes

Robbing Zombies.

Robbing Zombies

Drawn up on the innocent shore
this train is crowded
this slip is parloured into court
tied to the wind
go crowd it in
dusty sticks
sit around in dreams
cradling mountains
made out of skin
thrown out the windows
into bins
somehow i have seen
my my my my name sayer
run run run the grass
mine mine mine

Mourning After.

Mourning After

Fool fire
let your spirit climb
the fire
the fear
in a cage
every day i see you asking
tell me
big bird
i see your fingers scars
drip on the temple
of your body
i started god
to take him out
with fire
i feel
the casino
i feel
the taste
i feel the gasoline pour
and i steal
a mistake
i feel rape
i kill
and a twist the steak
kids i kill with rape
growing old

Green eyed close.

Green eyed close

The crazy walker slides with despair
sitting out with petunias
on a table crying out
for a different dress
dream little eyes
dream little eyes
i hear your voice
circle with me
dream little eyes
three little boys
making perfurme for the trees
now i hate you
i cant sleep
on the windowsill
still three little homes
i melt myself to gene all
dream follow my eyes
to the cave
outside the window
dream little eyes
three pieces of ice
stuck in fear
dream little eyes
dream love for the window
starting again
jury feed of the sky
few of them i stare
a long shot skirt
sail me
sail me
blue you
you blue
no collar
ive died
i know i know
i know
green eyes
my window

So Sleep.

So Sleep

This is you
earth hut
to technician
super drummer
magic man
tribal video
on the
sw8 radio
dont stay away
were here to play
burning hash
to the joker
beutiful sound
smoker on
the string thing
love bring bring
electic walking
hand in hand
before the stair ways
drop listen to your mind call
so sweetly in the daydream
come washing in the moon light
oh harry are you playing
with every word you step
not before we draw
on every rock
guess every stop
is so sweet so sleep
until your nervous
skin so sweet with time
fades in the crevice
of the moon tine

Wednesday, 13 April 2011



Theres something holding
I cant go on
all icey
is what ive done wrong
lamp posts seem to lose the way
now im nothing
aint got mind to say
Oh this life dont seem right
electic lights stop shining bright
patterns never like to
ive forgotten every time
Anyway i was dancing on the top buried dreams beneath the grass behind the garden glass memories
starting trojan cartwheels spinning drops
with spiders writing fancy webs
stuck inside my leaking head
i cant remember what to say
dont know how to play the game
thought it wase all make believe
until i learnt there is no dream
sand comes knocking on my grave
when im asleep i cant awake
fear calling out to the night
this noise that sticks gives mares
the fright
there is no-one
that was my sleep
now im awake yet cannot dream
for im a ghost of you that live
a mirror that cannot give
more than any of what you are
for every earth needs a moon
of never forever ending blue
running waves
gone mute
reflections dive
into my eary seas
walking on snap shells
full of angry sheep
that bleat out loud
to break my dreams
when i listen
run run run
the answers
not to be
let me rest
in pieces
by the sea
now im awake
please wont you
snap snap snap
rest in peace

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Doctor Doctor.

Doctor Doctor

please yourself express your self to the man
to the piece of fortune
i aint looking
im tracking
forward dont look back
its better
than thinking about past weather
there aint no key to unlock this door
i found the board ignored
no pieces on the cheques
i check myself
safe mate
help yourself
express it to the man
i like to dance
dont want to move alone
bodies togethor
warm home
i aint cheating
its the power
i got clarity
theres no confusion
in my heart traces
on the puddle
ghosts like lazors
im tripping
full of good luck
no cares
kissing free
more myself than
i ever been
be like yourself
world peace at hand
be like yourself
world peace at hand
rain drops skipping
aint falling down

Work in Progress...

Work in Progress...

It aint long to be this wrapped up in skin
i smoke to joke around blowing bubbles
that sing
to distract my mind
this girl i find
shines so hot
moves so bright
its right
then it all goes wrong
i lose the fight
for life
a brazil nut cant change
everyone from playing the game
why dont we just jump in
the deep end and swim...

same old slip
same old trip

Two All.

Two All

Aston Villa
sipping on rum and veena
got the lot
picked the lock
sitting in the stocks
eating all the fruit
im ready
to play
you panic
so tragic
you cannot hit the dance floor
the score
fruit machines flash
lights and lazer
the party get started
out side
the house
raver come togethor
football people
like it
drive it
have it
ready for the
three four
dont panic
have it large
through the door
win the tribal
thumb war
blister scratch
four aces
in your hand
fruity loops
ding ding
a joker
tips his hat
to the king
of spin
win win

Friday, 1 April 2011

Turn me away.

Turn me away

In the darkest times
i feel like were all gone
beyond the light

I cant seem to speak
my mind
i dont see
any brightness in tomorrows world

im unable to find
i dont fight
i die
leave me
behind the locked door

on the other side
im a ghost
without a soul
to call me
to keep me safe
when im alone
with lots of ghosts
to find
our kind
were all the same
i was
i was
i changed

into lots of ghosts
were lots of ghosts
and your lots of ghosts too
slave to the game
feelings so strong
call me home
under the lamp light
until nothing is the same
if you must
go to war
dont fight
laugh and die
for love
with the bridge
solid lips
tree roots
in the sky
until nothing
of a name