Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

This is for you.

You are amazing.
Thank you for reading these words.
The screen shines bright.
My fingers tip and tap i press the screen.
Twice, and wink.
Im smiling to the stars.
The pixels
i say hello hello
to the pixels
and wave
im waving at you
and i think
wouldnt it be cool
if you waved back.

Hello and yes oh dear i honestly dont know if anyone is reading this.  My last comment was years ago.  I fear I became less interactive and more mono.  Just posting any old thing, what started of as a place of fun, just became a completely different space.  I started foolonthefootofamountain, when I brought and built my first ever computer.  I eventually sold that computer and bought a bike.  I cycled to London with nowhere to live and wrote.  I managed to get hold of a laptop and so was still able to post.

Its been quite a journey, and things certainly have changed since the start.  I've been up and down, calm and manic, I even had a whole year pretty much of being in a completely different state, a state where I couldn't write.

I've decided to move on.

So if anyone stumbles upon this blog, or is still reading it, id like to say thank you for being here, I really appreciate it, especially anyone that commented in the past, I really enjoyed exchanging words back and forth.  I want you all to shine shine bright.

Much Love,
Fool on the foot of a mountain.


I fell off

If you would like to continue reading my work, or words.
I have started a new blog.

You can find it here


Friday, 14 November 2014

Flag High.

Flag High

Nails scratch
eyes flick
pointing leafs
rectangles on a square
holding hands
ballons on the lampost
painting the curtains red and green
concertinaed radiator stripes
whispering like fingers
pianists fingers
touch your chest
stop thinking about the box
a two like eyes
a six
twenty six
four years go by
don't know if your coming up
or going down
it feels like your no longer a ghost
another shadow

The rest of the house is dark
apart from the kitchen
i forgot
a soft light is left
to illuminate a cotton tree
that can be seen from outside
the window
up above
level with the bus line
its branches
grow letters
letters that make words
an almost silent serenade
for the earth