Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Monday, 28 February 2011

MeOnly SuDoko.

MeOnly SuDoko

Secret Squirrels have just revealed that Haiku Master MeOnly's seminal piece, icey skies, did in fact begin life in a completely different form to the three lines we are all so familiar with, as you know MeOnly, took twenty six years on each of his Haikus, and in his life time completed four Haikus, four haikus which as the legend goes togethor reveal the fundemental truths about the nature of the universe, unlocking to those that find them the gift of everlasting morality, and unlightenment i mean immortality and enlightenment, of course being the wily old bugger that he was by the time of completing his final haiku, MeOnly decided to go on a journey all about the earth to hide each of his messages, in a secreted place, as yet only one of MeOnly Haikus is known to have been discovered, icey skies which in the unadulturated form known to us reads

Leaf is tail, ice sky
shitting ying yang signs
poo drop, nut shard fly*

The secret squirrels now reveal that MeOnly possibly adapted this work for it to eventually be written as

Brown Pooh Nut Shard fly
sit naked fur trinity
ying yang curly sky*

although experts are still not entirely decided on whether the squirrels are genuine, it could be another case of the hoax haiku, still the truth remains, just like the four elements that make up well anything and everything, that anything consists of, there are four haikus out there, three more waiting to be found,

unless of course you belive the tales of Wu Xing, who proclaims that MeOnly lived on for another twenty six years and was able to write and hide one more Haiku the so called fith Haiku... (or Fith element)

* apparantly its supposed to be about, a scroll eating some nuts on a branch whilst having a poo, on a winters day, it doesnt specify who or what was having the poo, lets leave that up to you, although wed hint towards the squirrel**

** because we like squirrels, not to be confused with scrolls***

*** an easy mistake to make.****

**** bit like pretending to be able to do Sudoku's

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Over the top.

Over the top

The mortars whistling explosion
whoosh, whoosh, whoosh,
the last thing i remember,
before the stretchers
wilfed owen is all mud and blood,
before, my eyes
onto a palace of ice
buckets legs, and fingers,
razors on the floor
was my neighbours
my neighbours, red stumps,
his name,
his name
Thomas Andrews

oh dear, oh dear, i dont want this,
oh dear, help my top banana shot, the old days did,
help me, help!
i know darling,
whoosh, whoosh, whoosh,
put something in it to get my eye sight,
i cant do it, oh dear
oh no,
thats not the one
thats a grass
once she gets me up,
whoosh, whoosh, whoosh,
help! help!
help me, hell
once you get near me you dont need it
thats what you want my brother
did you need anything of this,
you need this, help! help!
i want to take my
i dont mind this as long as i take my top back
i cant do it anymore, help!
i better go home
i dont know what to do
its all codswallop,
fighters, help down there,
too much drugs in it, got get up
whoosh, whoosh, whoosh,
help me god please,
i want too...
hey a bloody come by nightly, shoot me down
help! help!
help me god,
i cant see
them giving one without breaking one back,
thats it right,
ive finished ive hid it,
im not going to bother with that because im done,
give us a shake now again,
see there out there,
the joker is,
help! help!
please, my name is Thomas Andrews,
so its useless sending me out there cause like how i am,
its all fucked it, banged it,
whats he got for me
well its not right,
let me go across green, no i dont want anymore,
push me up at the back,
whoosh, whoosh, whoosh,
ninety nine
seal making,
can you come in here miss,
hurry up ive not got much time,
i cant sit like that,
help! help!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Dream Makers.

Dream Makers

The sunlight sparks on the sea
walk on to the beach dont run
listen on the surf that drums
to your tree
the tree that grows beneath
your sleep
that net, that catches, that fish, that speaks,

me onty total untea
dun dun,
sicko songo beetoe
oh beetoe bun

The sunlight sparks on the sky
swim in to the clouds dont sink
listen whisps on the wind that sings
to your leaf
the leaf that blows beneath
your sleep
that net, that catches, that mouse, that squeaks,

eeka chackah
tano teeka dall,
seeker banner danner eeka,
teeker tall

The sunlight sparks on the jungle
swing on to the vine dont slide
listen ants on the trunk that glides
to your boat
the boat that rows beneath
your sleep
that net, that catches, that bird, that cheeps,

chitty chatty chitty
chit cha cha chi,
chatty chitty cha
chi chit cha cha

The sunlight sparks on the desert
hop in to the sand dont stop
listen dust storms on the air that pops
to your cloth
the cloth that glows beneath
your sleep
that net, that catches, that oasis, that weeps,

mymee waters
mimee waters run,
my me waters,
wish a wash wish run

deep beneath your sleep
that net, that catches, that fish, that mouse, that bird that cheaps,
to your dreams to your dream dreams dream sweet

iddy sucky
why yukka
lucky peas

why yukka
sucky iddy
puppy peas

Sunday, 20 February 2011

High Time.

High Time

Lets make it
catch a fire
like moon light
raving on the sea
this beautyfull life
sweet sweet dreams
the sand the surf
the window
the garden
the love the hurt
everything golden
shining like stars
the planets
one love in harmony
balance beyond
from mercury to mars
the hours the seconds the minutes
that pass
the now the present the moments that last
today yesterday tomorow
and ever and ever and ever
all gone
yet still to remain
looking through the window
in a dream
visions curtains open
onto a stage lit
by lucidity

its time to wake
the fuck up

Friday, 18 February 2011

Northern Light.

Northern Light

I could never seem to catch the moonlight
didnt work out how to climb this tree
wanted to jump on a boat
never managed to get to the sea
if only i could fish
i would be
you know i would be
like the ocean waves
that i cant seem to reach
never managed to build a castle on the beach
before the tide
never managed to find a home
before the tide
came rushing in like northen lights
under a sky of purple and green
the things i loved the way i could see
all i wanted to share
only thing was
it was all just a dream
the wind blowing
a distant memory
through your hair
i couldnt understand what magic was at all
never worked out what it was
that made the water fall
do you know what it is that makes the water falls
i think it must be you
did you know you made me smile
wider than any other northern light
you made me smile
wider than any of those northern stars
that maybe one day
well actually get to see
before the tide comes rushing in
to fill this hole weve dug
to lie in weeds again
drifting gently
yet we never do
make it
no we never did
quite make it
a fire
silver moonshine
on the sea.

Casino Royale.

Casino Royale

Death wont you walk with me
wont you come to me
who doesnt want to be
a hero living
to save a life
make me chase me place it right
the chips on the board
all get to the tip
heres an reminder
of the man that i used to be
poison sinks inside the remedy
once upon a time
i was created
inner matter
of fact
too weed
couldnt smoke
then i held the smoke down
bruce lee
whipping iron fists in the corner store
ressurected back to life
on the beam of the lamp i sleep
its kind of easy in harmony living life how you want to be
ride along on the bounce in pursuit of the wave
motion recreation till the end of day
passing lights make you time out
a second glance lets you see how
you take a chance

take a chance
on the stars
take a chance
and let them shine

doo diddy diddy doo dah dah dah

you take a chance
just take a chance
on those stars
hey let them shine

In progress.

In progress

Im trying to make sense of the verse thats rising
when a voice in the darkness says
the way to make sense is to stop trying
you cant make sense mate you not going to make sense
when you trying so hard it complicates
you got to slow down and itch your scratch
the way to create is to sit back
freddy says
freddy says
the voice in the darkness
although its not that dark
out here on the street
its proper shining
the lamps the stars the sparkle on the road
your eyes their eyes the shimmers on our clothes
youve seen it done it got the tee
looking up
i look down
at the shoes on my feet
realise how theyve both started to speak
were blue and yellow not that that means anything
dont even belong to you
even though right now
were wearing the souls off your bones
they both start to sing
everybody gets set alight by fircats and teasers
you dont have to be alone you dont have to leave us

running barefoot across puddles
shouting out to the world
im jebus
freddy says
freddy says
take a chill pill stan
the mask you wear is outside banana clan
if you fly so high and start creating messy plans
your mind cant handle
get down with the flame dancing on a candle
try to understand
the way to be free its easy to decide
just be free and enjoy the ride
siiting on the dock
dont mean your waiting to die
they both start to sing
everybody gets set alight by fircats and teasers
you dont have to be afraid you dont have to leave us

i start to sing back
shoes its been a long time since you sang to me
its good to have you back ive been living in a dream
with my head stuck up my, way... in the clouds
so far away from down, to earth
creating beliefs that aint worth
nothing coss i admit it i lost the plot
forgot where i came from
who i was
what i am
pretending im a non materialistic
spiritual guy
when to be fair i like nothing better
then a bucket of chicken and a spliff outside
its easy to get confused in this reality
pretending day to day that there is a key
to life a purpose a goal some sort of mission
a remedy
i was sinking into false dreams
you got to be good for the good of your soul
thats the thing you dont
you can be whatever you want to be
so its time to stop being judge mental
and start rolling with this in sanity
i aint got those shoes anymore
they popped their clogs
distant memories
like my bones
the holes in my t-shirt
burnt by hot rocks
so what ive gots worth more than dark boots made from leather
you know leopards changing spots when
parting birds of a feather
start getting back togethor
i look down at my feet
looking up
they sing
eveybody gets set alight by fircats and teasers
you dont have to be alone you dont have to leave us

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mirrors on the table.

Mirrors on the table

Ever feel like a virus
im a virus
injected inside the bottle
im a lab rat
sink in to the freak
the bats on the table
give me thrills
i dont want to eat
your clean up pills
dirty on the back seat
got the salt
the cuts on my body
make me soar
onto the beat
i love to sink in
if you got a cold
you can sneeze
on the one that youve been drinking
giving up somethings
i cant do
make me choose
i live for illness
im the virus in the glue
sniff the blotter
untie my shoes
all i need is what i see
i see your not thinking
your my sunlight on the water sinking
your my sunlight on the water sinking

can i take you back to my own place
where the rats have no tails
and there is no chase
the cheese is melting
climbing out the maze
the race is won
the humans done
what have they done
they lit the fire
and now were burning
a table without legs
its still a table

how many chairs
how many brides
how many chairs
how many fights
when the music plays
we run around
until it stops
then all sit down
pass the parcels next to me
rip the wrapper let me see
i brought you pink lip stick for
your lips
on a love heart sweet shine
kiss kiss kiss
now whos dreaming

look at me dont need to freak
i cant speak when my mind is clearly
tripping on the lights
that shine in your eye
i dont need to die die die
colours in the bath tub
from my hair
the t-shirts that i drown
so they fit right
sea salt takes away my pain
lithium sets inside my brain
now the sun is mental illness
all you got is what you need
all i see
is out to get me
come with me when i feel high
take a trip to the stars
and i loved ones shine
but dont follow me when i am drowning
theres no coming back from what ive found
see the matrix is a little window

black widow ice
ice so dumb
its easy speaking
stops me when im feeling strong
unless im weak
the signs are clear
im asleep
the beginings near
to start the feelings
drop away
i cant remember what to say
my mind is gone
i cant speak
hiding in a bedroom
stay away
from my dream
i need to seek
my own sweet sweet sweet relief
are you a friend
or are you a thief
i cant understand
my self feelings
if you stop me
and i stay
is it wrong
to run away
spread my wings
fly fly fly
freak my table
your my tide
sink my sea
your my bride
if theres any reason
you want to hurt me
take your shot
while i am sleeping
when im awake
i cant die
ice so dumb
its easy speaking

the sun sets in my mind
the tunes their painting
paint you nude
underneath the silver moon
all i want
is recreating
whyd i mix such messy colours
i cant live and i cant die
push the buttons in my eye
running away from jelaousy
the future i paint is misery
i dont like it when your so nice
you make me feel like i am freezing
the sun sets into my eyes
pushing the buttons on my mind
irons melting mercury

tuff gong
tuff gong

now im strong im going to ride
with a hundred birds that fly outside
on the branch in the tree
sitting up
we feel so free
the locks on the pavement
bats in the hall
when you swing your hammer
the bricks will fall
down they crash upon the dreidle
two little hearts beating side by side
on the the twig see what your eating
a worm in the ground digs a hole
its known a mole can scratch a mountain
the spot on your cheek
makes my birthday
brings me up
onto a sunday
when the sink breaks off the wall
were both dreaming
take me to your bedroom
i wont pay
ill see you again
floating in
butter flys
when were both sleeping

you can give me what i need
all i want is what is see
a tree of leafs
with colours green
all getting tired
of just breathing
now the whistles
make them fall
all the colours
are rearanging

green to brown
a bit of grey
candle wax
is slowly melting
freddy says,
the tea we drink
never boils
it spits like rain
when we are dreaming
sugar highes take
my weight
lift me up to where im fighting
the captain of the ship
whos last to fly
wont leave the vessel
until its finished sinking
women and children
stay alive
looks like im weak
but i can fight
a liitle bit easy
a little bit hard
when youve heard
the voices
before you sleep
take another look
at what you believe in
is life really made to play
can you stick to a belief
in no games
all i want
is what i see
future echoes
in leafs of green
i keep sinking

here my ring tone in the beat
my voice is lost
my eyes dont see
when i feel ugly
its because im dead inside
and dont want to be human
fill me up
you feel my sin
im the most guilty
in this court
yet every sin you just ignore
tie me up
throw away the key
im not nice
if only you would see
welcome home dont welcome me
im not your friend im the enemy
i can hear the cup
singing on the table
lift me up
i will fall
knock me down
and ill stop sinking
take away
another life
drifting into
never mind
the lights are on
somethings burning
its a candle
in the attic window
fire on the roof and the waters out
a brick from my hand
can smash the glass
singing from the cup
why are you still dreaming

incense smoke waters your eyes
whats that smell
its gently burning
sticks and shells and flower perfume
paint the walls that cover my room
a scar on my toe from a piece of glass
shatterd from marleys photograph
now its gone just like my scarf
hanging up with my boots
on the ice
i cant skate backwoods as fast as you
when i do i just fall over

welcome back now your alive
youve stepped on through to the other side
my enemeys trapped and i survived
on the glass where ive been swimming
in the lake i was free
only thing was you dont reach me
i hear you talking
but you dont reach me
if you feel
what i can feel
you understand
that life
is mental
all in the mind
smashing glass on tables
you can watch your selfs
when i am surfing

Glass in the sea dont need to freak
the salt might cut but your not bleeding
take off your shoes let out the sand
stepping out on the sun lit beaches
far away across the shore
some how ive been here before
i am you and you are me
so i dont need to be here
cant you see
im your pills in the bathroom
the mirrors in your mind
and all weve got
its out this window

Hear the tea cup singing through the music
saved a life
i abused it
waste your chance
or just keep using
just keep choosing
your a user
what are you good for
nine lifes
you wasted everyone
theres no escaping
what your made from

If your not a human
dont be a machine
be a ghost
thats trapped asleep
in a coma
waiting to rise
welcome back
your back to life
a human that can fight machines
we can break
we break
there are no chains
that cant be freed
open you eyes
what do you find
when your manic you can fight
and do it for everything you believe in
use your mind your not a machine
even if your a ghost thats sleeping
it doesnt matter
when your sinking
now the trees
are here
to keep you breathing
no matter how hard they try to cut us down
we survive
to keep you breathing

im a tree thats falling down
if i fall alone
do i make a sound
what is this dream that were all breathing
are we awake or are we sleeping
im a tree thats falling down
now ive fallen alone

can you still hear me

see yourself inside this room
sitting on a window
stinking of perfurme
all i want has lost the plot
now i cant see if there is an answer

can you still hear me

When youve found your world
then your world is gone
nothing to do but just keep swimming
swimming in the dish cloth
swimming in the sea
swimming in the factory
when the lights are down
and there is no table
look at the compass
wheres your needle spinning

Spinning out this window

Spinning in the drips
lights bouncing off the ceiling
dropping rivers down the walls
if only they could last forever
do you want a flat line life
would you like a never mind
would you like to wash in the rain
or sail gently through this illness
if you build a ship you can build a tree
you could build a house
fish on the beach
pleasure seeks
in never mind
choose to live or choose to die
why not choose a flat line
every man
knows what hes seeking
a heart of stone still can bleed
like a heart tatood upon a sleeve
the needle is my memory
push it in and feel my skin
i love it when we lick this window
when i do
ill set my black watch
to lots of ghosts time
to party
on the island

ive got to choose a flat line
flat line life
then i wont ever have to leave you
all my friends
my family
if i embrace this gift
ill have to leave
if i see the doctor
and take his pills
then its your choice
if you want to leave me

Mirror mirror on the wall
whos the fairest of them all
the way im down i seem so ugly
all around its just tease me
when im up
its another story
blue and white skies
you cant ignore us
"were the mirrors on your tables"

The mirrors on the table
living till the end
feels so greedy
now im trying to work out
which is more selfish
just keep living
just keep eating
stuffing our faces
keep on breathing
seeking enjoyment in every way
cant you understand i dont deserve this
or end this life
on purpose
no more hiding behind
the things that soothe us
keep us going
because we are greedy
for just one more day
one more day
i cant help it
to live or to die
im trying to work out
which is more selfish

Rogue runner
People like you
just sewer slide

Rogue runner
People like you
just sewer slide

Your a ghost in the machine
a ghost a ghost
Your a ghost in the machine

A lier
People like you
Just Sue
A lawyer
People like you
just sue a side.

can you still hear me

Tuesday, 15 February 2011



I love touching down inside
lighting the torch paper
its true you know
its true
walking back
thinking of jumping
off of tall buildings
then sitting down
with a cup of tea
and spaced
everythings going
to be all right
cop out
give up
shiver me timbers
sock monsters
and washing machines
chill out
lights back
and cartoons
art work
smashing eggs
love turns to hate
back to love again
slamming doors
turns back to hate
to love again
swings and
stars popping
in your eyes
and butter
i found
another sinking sign
paints the sunset red
light my silver wire candles
the son of crow
coils from the tree
i can see
i feel free
im so happy
because today
i found my friends
there in my head
the plot is out too thick
too thin
on you
just break through
maybe im too plain
thats what i heard
to blame
an ugly word
mind confused
or just
the verve
what did you say
hello or shine
i like you...



I like it when a good girl
becomes bad
stealing drugs for my fridge
how i love it when a good girl becomes bad
and i like it when a good boy becomes bad
stealing drugs for his fridge
how i love it when this good boy becomes bad
how light is light
how dark is dark
which is heavier
heavy heavy heavy
its great when clean people
get dirty
and dirty people get clean
do you know what i mean
do you, do you
ill do you
rioting in a nut hole rockets to the head
fucking up the table the pockets
ripped to shreds
a nut hole your bleeding
bleeding all the way
being goods fun for all of five minutes
being bad seems to go long, long long long
is there any such thing as good or bad
in or out of sane
or is everything all at once one and all you know just the same
because you cant put a label on anything
for nothing has a name
if a tree is a spade
and the beach is called a shed
then all the thoughts
that i think
are not thought in my head
a lampost is a alligator
the marmalades the zoo
so a dog lives in a whistle
and a fly in zero one one zero one zero two
there is no game
there is a game
there really is no spoon
there is no
yes there is
whats what is doctor who
knock knock
who the fuck are you
i am reeper shackle
the donkey
no your not your
who does every drug he can consume
of course i am
my dear
just as we all do when we choose
there is no either or
goodbye kirky
its both
or all
there both the same
except bad is fucking well hot
then again good is fucking well hot too
so everythings well sexy
or repulsive
either way
its both
all just the same
there is no
either or
hot or cold
its fucking hot in here
win or
lose or

bang bang
looks like reeper drew first
but what did he draw
a chicken or an egg

reeper drew a tinsle fridge
shaped like it had
once belonged inside a wale
and whenever the door openend
onto crispy topped milk so cold
it shone a light of golden tails
until closed again to reveal
emblazoned on the front
in capitals silver bold
four letters shimmering proud

e eye.

e eye

What do you bring
you always bring the
soft toy monkeys
that was you was it
a second glance and youve knitted a pirate boat
then dolted
my eyes alight
on the the diamonds
sleeping with the carpet
im not hungry
but death begins
with the end
of the kitchen
im not dreaming
im awake
out of the sink
now im thinking
a second chance
how much rope
cut the rope
cut the rope
chop the rope
skip the tree
i aint hanging
im your brother

What my name is, what my name is.

What my name is, what my name is

I am manic depression
come gnaw on my bones
dont leave me alone
stay with me
eat me
consume my heart
i am a hero and villian
burnt toast
cooked to perfection
black and white
i am a ying yang sign
dark to light
manic swings
downs and round
i am covered in every sin
i am drugs
kiss my lips
and tell me
"you taste like drugs"
i am drugs
i am manic depression
a virus of human creation
a true spirit
to walk the earth
i praise the stars
for my name
manic depression
the gift they gave to me
for this is a gift
it is not a curse
there is no jeckly and hyde
no beauty and beast
no love and hate
no wrong and right
up or down
all is all
and all we are
i am manic depression
come gnaw on my bones
kiss my lips
and tell me
"you taste like drugs"
i am drugs
eveythings natural
all is all
and all we are

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Smoke Light.

Smoke Light

The lights fall soft
red purple
red purple
what happens when they touch you
kissing colours
in your hair
do they stay with you
chosen few
youths free spirit
step into the light
high enough to carry
way into the smoke
red beams
stroking hair
carry you
to another place
like the ones we carry
tumbling over and over
can the crowd surf
this wave until
the very end
flashing lights
on bunny ears

Two Shoes.

Two Shoes

At the bottom of the deep
underneath the lighthouses torch
the sea wood shines
purple and blue
upon a singing angel
gypsy mermaids without tales
dance to the concerts strings
flashing lights are the fashion here
where the conductors strut
with the ocean waves
a calyspo
to the steel drums clang
grow on the sand
the surf whispers peace
lost shoes walking
out of the sea weeds
you will find your way by mercy
back alive onto stepping feet
upon the beach
beside these tides
keep breathing
you will find
your peace

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Nuts and nuts and nuts and...

Nuts and nuts and nuts and

In a tube i feel light
your poison sinks
into my life
a glass of wine to feel all right
to feel alright
stab my pen into your eye
click the end to soothe my mind
my mind
im a memory
just a memory
feel the blade
to soothe the rain
dont bury
in a tube
i travel underground
so light here
i feel safe
buried in dust
above the city
dirty marks
of shoes remain behind
buried beneath the glass
im gone
to another plane
all we want
is what you are
all we want is what you are
cuts on tongues
to taste the rain
oh mary
sweet mary

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Beam Street.

Beam Street

Flick swash, the stars painting on the ceiling. The bags of sand. On the floor boards. Bill Waterson. Autumn memories.

Wink. The light bulb winks.
Hello Herbie
Its time to go bananas.

I named my light bulb herbie
underneath the tree
i named another daphne
and daphne shone
even though her bulb was broken
underneath the tree
there were at least five stars
in the bubble of the crystal ball



Drip the wall
lick the drops
drop the lights
taste the drips
when i was young
i didnt swim in the rain
like an ugly fish
can you spare some change
one to one
names me sane
or trapped
like a drip
of rain
i stay
scared into
lifes circle
to remain
a golf ball
swimming in the lake
swimming in the lake
swimming in the lake
swimming in the lake

Spinning Green.

Spinning Green

The light gets off at the factory
underneath the umbago tree
where youth gets lots
x is found
buried here beneath the ground
sun is gould
sun is gold
sun is gone
when the sun is gone
when the sun is gone
when the sun is gone
you see the bones
rocking tired inside the gold
wrapped in fire
rats do fall
rocks inside
the rents
to go
locks in the river
stop the flow
what you going to do
sit and wait
sit and wave
see her wave
see a way
to phantom ghosts
the opera calls
put on your masks
tear down
the walls of the factory
where your children
spinning endlessly
dream of mona lisa
hanging on string
bitten by the beatles
bitten on the scene
bitten by the beatles
bitten on the scene
when the lights go off
in the factory
all were left with is our sleep
outside dreams of swaying trees
we want to be
shadows touching leafs
where the sun is green
where the sun is green
where the sun is god
when the sun is gone
where the sun is gold
where the sun is gold
spinning trees of spinny dreams
out pop our stomachs knots of green
anchors up
at the factory
when the light goes off
land ahoy
far away from nightmares beach
we sail in little boats
to the sand mans floating island tree
whats a tree
ive never seen a tree

dont worry
not long
to go now
before you see
when your eyes are closed
in the dark asleep
spinning sun light records
blanket light dreams
at the factory
when you awake
you will be
a leaf
crafting weaves
in the sand mans sea
shining sun like gold
on the spinning greens



Out in front
the light bulb
the ghost behind
the bars
mirror mirror
through the glass
the washing on the wall
a door in brickwork
to the bath
the black mask
yellow masked
white ball

Light bulbs hanging
from the tree
im stuck
inside outside
caught between
three shapes
questions in my mind
which heart to wear
upon my sleeve
a circle
or square

Monday, 7 February 2011

Coco Bop.

Coco Bop

If there was a way
i would walk it
if there was a now
i would live it
if there was a cow
i would milk it
in the graveyard
where the elephant bones sing
shimmy shimmy
trunks full of ivory skeltetons
the tunnel
of tolouse
a recreational
jester clowning
like a dish cloth
shimmy shimmy ride
you got some hair
you got your bricks
so smash the window
and take a piss
on the elequatian track
sugar sugar
coco pops
sugar sugar

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Adventures out.

Adventures out

Look at the colour
in the borough
its like a rainbow plum
pac man
apple nails
underneath the bridge
listening to the rails
orbiting reefs
look at these guys
theres two interlopers
fish flashing
hearts glove on the lemon
flat cap taking digital camera
everones taking
photos of my buttons
christmass tree
sprouts out of a box of oranges
im in a mr scruff bag
pumpkin valley
carrot river
a shot of my mum dancing
round with all the deers
out the silver foil
flash tizzle pang
whind on
cherry plumb thum
get your
at the market borough



In the forest
you came walking
kneel it down
sweet charity shines
shine bricks of pink
awake or sleep

fill my hat with candle light
fill my out with stars so bright
fill my inn with candle light
my home is both
an innie and an outtie
join the dots
to fill me in
fill my heart
with the candle light
fill my hat
with every saint
saint shakespeare
fill my mind
fill my mind
i am the poet
the playwright
the novelist
fill my heart with every saint
every ghost
every grate
i am greater
than grated knee
wings grow
dust from above
saint jude
dove tailed love
love love
fill their hearts
with candle light
sun sun sun
love love love
here it comes

Harri Sun.

Harri Sun

Fill my hat with wisdom
fill my heart with truth
fill my mind with openess
fill my voice with power
fill my soul
fill my life
with just
words and deeds
actions that
stop time
step lights
to make
all shine
like candle
behold the beauty of
i doth my hat to shakespeare
i doth my hat to you and the heavens
the clinking chain
i bow to the floor
of this great hall
curling into a ball
for you
i doth my hat
in return i ask nothing
of you
but for the beauty
in my eyes
whether seeing
or blind
to continue to be
and for my actions
to spread light
throughout this life
i blow all the breath
in my body out
for you
my hat is filling
with wisdom
i thank you
my sweet lord
of the surf
hare rama

Some day.

Some day

Tiny little apples
have tiny little wings
like their mum
the rescue apple hen wen
we named her
little apple egg
sit so snaffle
please dont
fly away
waiting there
to fly away
until some day

Streets of.

Streets of

The red hat of a clown
breaking chains
star bucks
the beast


Im in
in somewhere
in love
with spinning
triangle shadows
craft on the wall
nag lamp
beasts creatures
pure bee nights
the lights
so sweet
so sweet
honey dips
floor boards
mr nice
protruding nails
super soaker
red blood
so nice
like a canadian oak leaf
yellow leaf
upside down
bike wheels
prayer wheels
i pray
leafs tied on the end of bits of white string
spin spin spin
widder shins
white wall
two shadows
more pulse
white shores
the cat

Tickle tickle
leaf shadow
soft shadow on the casual
step inside the tent
come inside
the tent of turning
have your fortune read
by the sea
australia harps
into humming birds
eight strings
eight shapes
key cut places
the slide in between the doors
the light in the gap
grey more
a hundred shadows
rioters with masked faces
the leafs are real
hot grey the colours
turn fast dance
back and forth

to the air
this is my prison
my sanctuary
my breath
my tree
i am a paper plane
tied onto a piece of string
like the key i must not lose
around my neck
i stay
light eternaly
in the palace
of the leafs

Wednesday, 2 February 2011



How can you be sad
when four boys in
grey jumpers
and grey shorts
fight happily
with wooden swords
laughing cheeky
belly stabs
blonde dark
half chinese
all smiling
how can you be sad
when whats more
four girls
blue jumpers
grey skirts
take to the floor
fighting with wands
pink fluffy ends
whats more
they join in
the boys
laughing and playing
with their toys
pink wands
wooden swords
love so strong
watch out boy
using the sword
like a loofer
fluffy pink wand
end rubbed
in your face
on your nose
clack clack clack
tongue rolling
sword at neck
feigning death
smiling forever
how can you be sad
when all around is the beauty
of children shiny white
underneath the blanketing pillow
of the great hall
happy days
never ending
friends forever playing
so wonderfully
well, togethor

Outside Inside.

Outside Inside

Theres a reflection
on the inside
in side these walls
a ghost stands
on the outside
in the middle
of the tide
standing still
on the pavement
picking up a bag

Outside is rolled with inside
thanks to an open door
its like looking forward
and seeing behind
but more front and back
combined to form something new
two shadow
mirror world

Behind the counter is
the zurich bank
way back
across the road
on the inside
far away on the outside
if i stepped
looking forwards
would i go through
the counter
across the road
and into the bank

Whats more real
the reflection
standing inside outside
or the solid bodies
that step through
the door
to become reflections
standing waiting
for food
from the counter
in the warmth
on the inside

Ghost, reflection, next please sir, next please, shoals yellow red, warping into moon light, the tide, cant see the ghosts of mirror world but they are here they are real; so real another one comes inside then leaves gaining shape in a body outside

do you ever notice how everyone in here
looks like there out there

Hungry in a chicken shop
the smells
crisply slide from
the bag
the cardboard grease
im hungry
but ive chose
no money
so i guess
i cannot eat
theres a bike behind a bin
through the window
stamped on top
is a man in a blue hat
who every so often turns
into a signpost
a reflection of a ghost
eating chicken
blocks him
a reflection
taking away
a refelction
hes back
the man in the hat
on the bin
serving chips
and chicken
to reflections
that pay
greasy crispy bag
hes gone again
all thats left
is the black bin
the black signpost
the black bike
and the bank

The reflections are cooking right
in the middle of the road
vampires frying with
traffic lights
micheal jacksons
thriller army
chicken playing shadows
outside on the inside

Ever notice how everyone out there
looks like there in here

Once upon a time a ghost sat inside looking outside
at a ghost sat outside looking inside
this machine

Bole Ling.

Bole Ling

The water trickling inside this toilet bowl
is tranquil like a mountain
the tissue swirling over
and over underneath surface
is a soul full as a fountain
the oceans worlds
sky demon
water dragon
bubbles dancing in the light
its like being outside
gazing at the sunlight sparkling
up from the mirror of a river
the dark and light stripes
constant flowing waves
of the sphere beneath the bowl

My breath
the lapping sound
the bubbles
the light
the tissue which
has been shot
underneath this all
begins again
to circle
peacefully over
and over
like a prayer
wheel spinning
in the ocean
of the toilet

bowling were bowling
bowling up the river

chunk chunk
the guest is
here i raise
the seat
and pull down
my trousers
soak the prayer
wheel in
clear liquid
so many frothy
making tea
water from leafs
islands emerge
in the foam
the bubbles are
the surface
the splash
beneath the sound
the sight
the prayer wheel
the ghostly strands
of tissue
like an egg being poached
still swirls
the water still
laps calm
jungle moving
until all the
bubbles are
and the bowel
is clear
to the tissue
gently poaching

Do i dare
dare i
push the circle
the silver button
i do

welcome to the forest rain

Like a burp
the noise
a hundred waterfalls
more bubbles than
ever before
if i close
i will
if i close
the lids
ker chunk
the guest
has gone
leaving the host
the ghost of a tissue
over turning time
in the machine



I went to bed with
your skanky ear plugs
sticking out
and now
did i do something wrong
there gone
and theres this funny feeling
under my tummy
so i picked
at the dust in the bowl
of my innie
eurgh gross
out corn pops
something so lemon cake
mouldy milk in the water fountain
burnt smoke waffle hair jelly
the cheese left behind a radioator
festering stench
of wet dog
belly button dust
toon town
roger rabbits
thevye had
to shake and vack
holborn city
close down the public library
and call back the tropical diseases team
from catchy catchy spider monkey
you smell worse than
a guinea pigs
bum on the chin
of a greebo
who hasnt brushed
his teeth
or shaved
for six years
explain yourself or itll be the dip drip drip drip

barked a wax work looking man in a long coat of leather
with dark black tallow hat to match
this was no faceless yellow alien
i replied in a trance
its billies plugs
they plopped inside my ears
down the lug hole
skanking it easy
it was going all easy skanky
until i felt a sudden
toonrifficly queezy
breath, breathe in the air
cloud bursting skittles
lightning strikes
i didnt pull a whitey
i pulled a big fat momma of a hippotamuss
massive greeney
blank out
green wash
and threw up
or least i think i did
because it began as a dry wretch
before a river of sick
then all around
my friends and the crowd that had gathered
daffy mickey donald goofy
starting off in my hand
then oozing between the gaps in my fingers
the slop dribbling patches down my legs
where two
yellow on green
ear plugs
a jammy dodger
a chocolate bourbon
a bit of mash potato
with ketchup
a piece of toast
and one pee
came to rest
skanking it easy
caught between
the pavement
in toon town
holborn city
by the black boots
of judge doom
whos gut curdling voice
rose to the sky
weazles bring the dip
its time to stich this twit of a twoo in two
kiss your beloved toon town bye bye

no no
not the dip!
drip drip
it was too late
thats all folks
my innie my sick and i
melted melted melted
like a single piece of dairy milk
in a bowl of hot porridge
no more licking ice cream in the sun
ninenty nine red dream baloons floating by
doom turned me into a pot of sticky glue
that zordrack the king of nightmares
reincarnated as a trap
urp gore
urp gore
i wanted to give out
dream stones
now im stuck to the floor
hurting the ones i love
with four paws
catching rats
woof woof
miaow miaow
am i a dog, moo a cat or a cow

splish wish
your a fish
im a fish
a fish
or a rat
bibbidy bobbidy boo
thats right
morning glory
dory story
your a
wish bone rat fish
and dont you ever forget it

uh oh

p sherman wallabee drive sydney
just keep swimming just keep swimming
to the beach
bicksie clop
pure sands
white smoke
warmth beneath your feet
wish bone rat fish
splinters island
drinks at
the cannery
wicked like candle wick

play it blister finger
geo the neo
yah yah yah
party at
ground zero
hay hay hay hay haaaay
whack a do whack a day
please do not fear cause fishbone is here to say say what?
just have a good time the stop sign is far away

Nirvana for free.

Nirvana for free

Picking a flake of skin
of the back of my neck
i put it in my palm
and see that it is a crispy
island in shades
of silver white grey yellow
and green
dragoon marine
in a public space
does this flake of skin
represent me
being easy,
the guy in front of i
his necks clean
but his black jumper
has an upside down
smile of hair
a spattering of white
skanking it easy
milky weighed
dandruff stars
all across his back and shoulder
behind eye
a man snores
into his red hat
drools dribble
whilst dreaming
cup glories
i contemplate
my blue white cheek
what am i to do
with this
skin flake
leave you snoring on the table
like a book
waiting to be read
or returned to the shelf
inside my head
a brick through the window
on the pavement
a gift of skin from me to you
should i find a bin
garbage world
or put you in my pocket
a pocket full of flakes
until i find where
to stash the picks
or perhaps i drop you on the floor
red hat
this makes me recall
so clean
on the train
skanky smog man
i cant litter the floor
japan would furiously
god zilla
dancing jack
a coin
in a silver
table leg
stigs metal mirror
snake arm trance
the snake
the snake
the snake
drums bass trance
breaks the
flake in two
sliced apples
piece by piece
fish fish fish
give out
take in
daily bread
just to delay the inevitable
the colour red turning into blue and white
grey days
there was only one thing for it
my mind
changing shapes fat to thin
across the fayre ground halls
of mirrors
aries to pices to capricon to aquarius
knocking off the red hat
seeing as i picked
the skin flakes
easy skanky
i just went ahead
and tasted
every floating apple
peach after peach after peach
heavens pink blossom
shaking petals off
nirvana to leave you
all the cherry trees naked
never mind for free

Bam boo.

Bam Boo

A rebel master robed with a stick
bamboo walking
through the plague
crow storm
a murder of death
forest of corpses
clouds of bodies
a master
bamboo walking
in the still
twisted cadaver
with a stick

i love this stick
now your talking
i love you
speakers circle

Brooding about how his life will end
mission on
the tree
let them fly
just leafs
let them shine
just stars
to nirvana free
dont hold on
let the strings go
the heart of a monkey
sweet like peach from tree
eating rosary
petal bloom

We are the water people
mis guided shapes
that sometimes
meet to
form puddles
on the road
dharma bums
in perfect spheres
of life
some consider perfect
others ignore
or feel
hung over
like clouds
walk around
to scared
to stay
others are jumpers
flying drips
that splash hard
in perfect spheres of life
like wilting
mouldy flower petals
dining in the earth
shining yellow
above the greys
and blacks
and pinks
and blues
and whites
dark to pale

Spiders petals
leafs in trees
bags of luck
on two
scraped knees
a rope swing
swing rope
a body
with out
soul singing
in the amazon
forest seas

red cloud forest
is the shaman froggy
blue eagle tribe
is the mountain
getting foggy
is your mission
natty rides again
be bopping
rock steady