Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Late night Laughter.

Late night Laughter

All these lenses
ready for a feel
i cant find the one
now my fingers numb

Lieing here forests
my dear chourus
cant you live twice

if i had your picture
id say im sorry

my dear forest
my blind chorus
gives me a reason to fight

i can hear the rain
light knows wheres to go

why have daydreams
white lace sneakers
give me a reason to die

i can only want you
why make forests
white lace sneakers
give me a reason to die

i hear voices
melting rays gone
living captive sun

its a ring of cant do's
can you see the picture
i can only want you twice

man made forests
my new chorus
give me a reason to die

Stop it.

Stop it

I cant see you
its in my head
nothing again

I always run
i run so fast

I pretend i havent seen it
theres a line under my arm
it keeps snowing
bright white clouds are falling

now im under your power
im down beneath the sand

ive been strong before
now im nothing
here i go again

ive got to itch
ive got to itch
ive got to itch
i cant stop it
ive got to itch

i am scalpelled
my vein got turned on
see food tuna
hold on young heart

ive been down
ive been sad
im sure of sinking sand
ive been strong
your still blowing
dont slow down
hold on fast

i cant stop
oh your snowing
i must itch
your young heart

a back town tuna
a back town luck
ill be weighing
much less now

bad skin
bright white skalpel
hold your young arms

i can stop it
i can stop anything

Bells Ringing.

Bells Ringing

Tell me about your life
ill try not to get sick more than twice
theres a machine thats a magnet
its good with lovers
i saw it crash
like the first world war
isnt the world a little bit sane
there were some lines
then the lines werent there
heading to the sun
its the place to be
we can run until the someday
oh my god its a great machine
look at everyone
can you see them can you see them through
the pit in the bottom of the garden
where the sun crys morning
we are old lovers
not good friends
im hear to tell you
that the world wont change



Slashed in the salt
got no replies
dropping the jar
took by surprise
helped on the steps
colour like crayons
my bleeding wrists
ill colour with crayons

The Park.

The Park

Im on my side
feels like im in the tube
typing lazy
waiting for the days
of good conservations
ive been disconnected
hello youth
i couldnt climb the stair
i was breaking into silence
honey inches away from me
hello you
wont you turn me on
ive never been inside
hello youth



My friend isnt made of glass
doesnt look casual
wonder why i pretend so much

Wont someone give me the sign

I was concetrating
on myself
i was interested
in everyone
it was natural
came so easily to me

Stupid Floor.

Stupid Floor

my brain is sliding down the wall
cold outside
how long to go before i see another mosquito, bite
your light is on
and i ask myself
how did i get inside a house like this
i knock on your door
just for a second id thought youd remember me
im alive
computer breakdown
with a bottle of pills and red wine i can kill myself
i think things through
answer the door
its your friend
remember me from halls
i cant sit down
the shadows on the wall remind me of being alive
you had to ask
seemed i only exist in the city of electric
now its gone ive got no-one
another computer break-down
orchestra - isnt mozart amazing
its not the end its life
what a distance you have
time goes on
well see everything soon
can you hear that radio?

Cry Little Sister.

Cry Little Sister

Im floating through the wall
its easy when you know
easy when you know you know
and everything is good
its made for you and right
easy to unwind and rind
theres colour in your hair
music in my eyes
you know you know.

Bad Timing.

Bad Timing

I like to sleep beneath the wings
of doves that fly so high,
it wasn't me i hadn't learned it then
a thing about wrong time,
this is a stand, just one night
doesn't mean it has be your last,
and then we die, over the side
lets fall in and talk about the surf
windy trees stitching Wendy shadows
on our eyes
it couldn't be i hadn't learnt it then
that's the trick, you see it once then its gone
just a little thing about wrong time.



The arrival of this doggy bone
reminds me of a place called home
laughing butterfly
sun lit roads
white dandruff
on a pure black comb



Shapes on skin are taking over the world
oh gods oh stars oh mother hear my prayers
star hips fashion hits men ladies boys girls
shapes on skin are taking over the world
big bangs cosmic story outer space twirled
black ink triangles circles and squares
shapes on skin are taking over the world
oh gods oh stars oh mother hear my prayers

Nu Wage Mu.

Nu Wage Mu

I was bowling for columbines
when the new age came to me
a bat went flying
rock was burning
festival lights
you taste so sweet
carefull looking when your cooking
carefull cooking dont look down
some were squeezing
some were folding
Smokeys sign said
"lost & found"

The old ways strumming
off the metal
on the jazz
like mouldy cheese
ice cream skaters
in the fridges
olympic mice
arnt make believe

your birthday
my see saw
its nice to paint your dreams

cold bathtub
no hot tap
whys it always me

and then at once
the something happened
we all jumped in
and lost our heads
along the way
as stars where turning
i remembered words you said

"second right straight on till morning,
the new age is never-where"

tinkle tinsle
chimes get windy
wendy flower behind one ear
toodle toodle
my lovely marbles
damson jam
has got them now

i found you
you found me
on a sculpture
at glastonbury

tree pirates
just got here
pink invisible squirrels
keep you safe and warm

old moon face
sweet silkie
sitting cosy in a tree
new aging in the ley lines
till the morning
cool shoe shine
suns for free

i had it then i chucked it
seemed it wasnt all quite there
somethings funny about inky mushrooms
"whats she singing?"
i love the colorful clothes you wear

one teacher
one pupil
free eyes
take them from this bowl
round suitcase
no bottle
love potions on the ground
ruby gypsy magic voodoo electric city lady land
keep swimming keep singing
"ive got your marbles in my hand"

I was bowling for columbines
when the new age came to me
a bat went flying
rock was burning
festival lights
you taste so sweet
carefull looking when your cooking
carefull cooking dont look down
some were squeezing
some were folding
Smokeys sign said
"lost & found"

Wednesday, 28 March 2012



Hello my names daffy
and im sorry
i said id be sorry
sorry for something i havent done
but something i plan to do
as well as bad punctuation

Or as I like to call them
upside down exclamation marks

Its called free verse
thats easy to hear
theres no music playing now

it goes on for too long
and even more
when you dont know how
to finish
how doesnt come into it
at least not until youve read all of them
and even then
you might not know how
for now.

i dont think its called free verse in fact i know its not

Letter to Lord of the potatoes.

Letter to Lord of the potatoes


hello and welcome
your delightful welcome hello post
has me charmed
so in the manner of all truly horrible people
ive decided or it made me, i was forced your honour, not guilty
to write a poem in defence of our toothy friends
i mean vampires
i beseetch you not to read it
for its contents are trully horrible
on ear and eye
ive only just found out your from Norwich
and your name isnt lord putzah but lord spuds
if id known your were one of those
truly wonderfull people from norwich
i never would have embarked upon
such a long winded crook full of crack pot
im going to give everyone a days warning
(its really is garbage)
theres going to be a big mess to clean up
or as my uncle would say
a nasty accident
yours unthreatingly

(it would be later known that this was in fact the last thing Daffy ever wrote - written from his cell in Wichitaw prison.



An ode to vampires

todays bogey man
is tomorows transalvalnian tran sexual
cough cough
i mean vampire
or vampryress
as the more toothy
of our toothy friends like to be known
lord putzah
how dare you seek to string row to robe
roost to ruin
row to row of your boat gently down the stream
merrily merrily
a steak a steak my kingdom for a steak
and make sure its bloody
across the screen
where thou art thou dracula
thats easy for you to say
this has become a mockery
vampires dont wear capes anymore
i knew there was something about batman
i mean pow
pow-eth was only used in that highly obscure medievil episode of batman and you cant expect anyone else to have seen that only a handfull of square pegs in a cracked box of, take a pause for breath, holy mercy some of that sweet light lovely air, half a dozen, would have seen it,
blinkers on
hes worse than Albert
my last appearance was in lost boys
and even without dodgy lyrics we were beginning to suck
and i dont mean on young milk right virgins
who had had the experience of milking a cow or two under their belts
chance would be a fine thing
im putting the record on now
spooky i remember
dodgy lyrics
black house will rock
blind boys dont lie
the walls scream and hear
cry little sister
thou shall not fall
come come to your brother
though shall not pass
un emphasise on the un chain me sister
thou shall not feel
love is with your brother
oh yeeaaaaiiiirrrraaahhhiirr
shall not kill
oh in that case i better hang up my wings
and play some Lynyrd Skynrd
it takes a while
but soon youll get to the bit i like
(The End!)
yes yes very dry
do you want a martini
id like a bianca
shut up here it comes
(sound of human imatating an electric guitar...
whaauunnngggg whaaaauum whaauumm
and i thought cats were bad
vampires the title is bloody vampires (no its knot)
oh dont worry about them
did you know Lynrd Skynrd wrote this song all about the emotional battleground that is the experience of changing a babys dyper,
and having said baby pee all over your face,
yes you were to blame darling,
whaaow whaaow whaaoow!!!!!!!!
im like a speeding car full of pshyco clowns about to get shot up by a policed barricade
just keep rolling your hands over each other in the style of a monkey drummer
thanks for the tip
checkity check chick check checkity chick check check and Platypuss Bill please
Hello im Platypuss Bill how would you like your tea
milk and two sugars please
chickity check it out
ill have mine like James Bond
shaken not stirred
extreme guitar solo
(above example is of the proper use and only intended situation for the use of the word extreme ever written, Douglas, The house that smoked a hundred things. 2011)
i could have made a real cup of tea by now
im still rolling my hands over like a monkey drummer
is this even a poem
its free verse
its 2012 not 2011 dummy
free verse
free verse
no no free bird
man this concerts loud!
free verse
free bird
free bird?
yeah yeah free bird
Free Bird!
Free hugs!
i cant chaaii--eee-aaa-eee-aaaa-eeee-aaaa-nge
he wasnt very good at making change
(which is why he got sacked from the post office,)
the end
dont push it. It wont go very far. What did Huggs he do?
"To get back to the warning that I received. You may take it with however many grains of salt that you wish. That the brown acid that is circulating around us isn't too good. It is suggested that you stay away from that. Of course it's your own trip. So be my guest, but please be advised that there is a warning on that one, ok?" Letter from Laughing duck to the Falling Squirrels, - Dear Paul,
Something is happening in Corinth.

Us Department of Justice
Drug Enforcement Administration
Karen P. Tandy

Todays Dea arrest of Laughing Duck a.k.a Daffy, a.k.a lifes a beach, aka Falling Squirrel publisher of the magazines cannabis tastes good, smoke it! - and co founder of the legalize cannabis organisation group - is a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the U.S and Canada, but also to the legalize cannabis movement.

Huh-huh-huh, Dude she said blow.



Andy duffrane came out clean
all the way to the sea of no memory
this is the curse of the sophisticated rapist
a wanted girl
who plays just that little bit harder
at the game of making you work
at making her work at making you want her more
hope im your friend red said andy
seems like hope and red will have a happy end
busy living
busy dieing
so excited can you feel theyre free
busy running
busy crying
it was just as blue as my dreams.

Keep Singing.

Keep Singing

Something beautiful about the stars and moon
i love you, i really do
you shine so bright
in the morning
out comes the sun
says hello
to everyone
its easy
beating me
so easy beating me
then i see you
the brightest light
something beatufil
you shine so bright
like the stars and moon
so easy

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Something Else.

Something Else

run away
its starting again
the news scratches
into my days
i want to dream
but i fall flat
the lights are blinking
off and on
off and on
off and on

i wonder
do you ever think
about the days
about the way
we change
have we changed
do you ever think
about the days

the lights are blinking
on and off
im not listening
on and off
on and off
on and off

im getting lost in the middle of the street
by the people that come to you
all wrapped up in your heat

on and off
on and off
your hot your hot

off and on
off and on
im hot your hot

and i wonder
do you ever think
about the days
about the way
weve changed
im hearing voices again
do you ever think
about the days
about the days
the ways
we change
weve changed
weve changed

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Loose Bag.

Loose Bag

The daughter of the cat
pussy slips on a dark mask of silk
shuts wide eyes
gags mouths with cotton, dumb ice

arms tied up in a chair
by electric kittens
there is no map for life
destination marked
which way is?
"i told you it was straight on till morning"

a lady cant work the mouse
stuck in the cats jaws
she shakes in fury
leaves the computer to fetch a broom

into the room like Alice through the looking glass
more and more beautiful fish for the sea
an autistic boy runs around the back garden
onto the concrete then onto the grass

So a burly old man shouts
on the grass
off the grass
whilst a french girls sings "joe les taxi"
this is not a drug history

i once was alive when i acted without thinking
it is a curse when decisions become wasp stings
now im dead - i cant rap

all im good for is lieing next to the wall
to afraid to eat, it used to be so easy
it will be again, right now, burn me

if i could i would break out these knotted bonds that tie my body to the chair,
spit out my gag, whisper to your ear, draw in pen across our backs,
heaven is bare skin, bare skin,

there is a knife on the floor, i could use my feet, but i dont, i keep still,
i dont even try to cut the rope, i stay rooted like a tree
until the chair falls over and everything once again becomes wet

all the girls and boys ladies and gentlemen are fish, look at their clothes, so sparkly, the colours, the shimmer, the scales,
we are all under the water in this teeming ocean of life?

Sirens mermaids, ive not gone mad, sing

dive right in, out of the chair swim below the floorboards of Waterstones, follow the hammer and feather last dropped on the moon,
sink at exactly the same time together, no gravity

swim as far as you can then a little bit further
come meet the cat whisker people who live in mock tudor houses below your feet

those sleek haired red cloaked creatures in nose more rats than cats
walk in shabby circles, dance without moving
when you ask them
have you always been here?
is it alright that im here?
"yes" they will reply "yes"

only breath can be held for just so long
Waterstones will be closing soon
today is not the day to drown
so its time to say goodbye
swim, on the way pass the sinking feather
see the hammer floating on top o the ocean
back to being tied up in the chair

the lady who couldn't get her mouse to work is long gone

pussy slips off the dark mask of silk
takes out the cotton gag whispers into your ear
"there are books on shelves with broken spines"
where shall we swim to next?

Ink Jar.

Ink Jar

concentrating on thoughts
as i
blue steps
in shoes of red
new steps
feel good
good is how it gets
to be
feeling free
astral tiger tiger
eyes burning
under the lights
of stars and the
full moon
consumed by the night
that the trees are coming
back to life

wont you rise
and dance with me

these leafs
float in on rivers go deep
down skipping into ocean waves
of trains head into
brand new worlds
tables turning
tiger tiger
astral eyes burning bright
in the twinkling soft glow
of sweet hazy
pretty dazey
mary come save me
sinking the potions
we drink to
the sun
and run
with foxes
shadows on the road
this is where we belong
where were from
at peace
in the pretty dark

see now how
row after row
of crocodile sharp
true blue
blue tooth
lairy lairy
mary swapping milk
teeth please
leave me
save me
just one coin

i gotta eat
more of whats
behind the fridge door
electric city bottles
glowing on the steps
outside getting cold
waiting for thiefs
that sweep the night... clea

concentrating on these thoughts
as i walk
blue steps
in shoes of red
new steps
feel good
good is how it gets

Thursday, 8 March 2012



You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: shazam!
You: kapow ooooh
You: i am the genie
Stranger: asl?
You: of allah kabuddah
You: i am older than time
You: i can grant you three wishes
You: oh royal sultana-ness
Stranger: asl?
You: i am older than the earth - i have no gender
You: i live in a lamo
You: lamp
You: last seen in bagdhad
You: i am blue
You: for you
Stranger: where are from?
You: to grant you wishes
You: i was invented by saleem the stroyteller
You: ali babar stole me from the sultan of ava banana
Stranger: turkey?
You: yes i have seen it
You: traveling through space and time
You: so my new master
You: oh royal highnessness
You: what would you like see
Stranger: what s your nname?
You: my name is LotsOf
You: - spots ribbit hop croak frogs -
Stranger: ı like nude girl
You: you would like a nude girl
You: ok thats easy enough
You: let it be - (whats your name)
Stranger: yavuz
You: let it be that yavuz will be with a nude girl before the sun next sets and the new moon rise
You: there you go wish one done
You: one nude girl heading your way
Stranger: are you have facebook account?
You: what is facebook
Stranger: talk
Stranger: think share there
You: i gotta go
You: you got two more wishes if your quick
Stranger: ı want to see ypur photo
You: no photos
Stranger: why
You: first rule of being a genie
You: you have one wish
You: left
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Is It.

Is It

cant sleep cant eat
cant speak
dont know what to say
every choose made
sunlight or rain
becomes a dirty stain
through my window
my eyes need to dance relax
in the world behind
your guessing games
all in my mind
or is it for real
can you tell me please
please can you tell me
what you feel
because im not even here
i dont exist
i am another
in some other world
where there is no chasing
crouching tiger tiger
burning bright dragon
i got it made
when i slip through
the rythmn of the rave
black and blue
blue and black
blue veins
the rivers of the night
astral eyes
astral eyes
behind the bar
i see the sea the sea
is calling me
come back
come back to where your from
its a braver world old
where you belong
and i didnt buy a bone
i didnt dig
i didnt buy a bone
just stoke out my thumb
hiking the skies
you know the ones
disguised as astral eyes
turn to planes
some like sun light some like rain
inner closed mind is it all just the same
outer open time wont you give me some space
space space space
i aint got space to give
i got time on the back of a spoon
put a flame itch your scratch
and we can sink through these rules
nothing is its just thats the way
start a way
start a way
a way
star away
star away
start a way

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Good Morning.

Good Morning

tap was running
you were walking
it was something in the water

i an ionise

soldier sink in
soldier sink in

sink in through the table

never ever never ever
never ever where now

theres is juggle in the juggle when your juggling fine
can you reach as you reach and you race for the line
as the movement massive massive movement movement massive go

to the tip to the tip to the tip tip top
top to the tip to the top tip top
ice in the glass an ice on the rocks

easy on the outside outside on the in

whens theres only one race theres only one to win

its the only only only only one to win

when theres only one race theres only one to win

i wasnt looking somehow im found
theres a package on the table
lets weigh it pound or pound

dont you know you got it you got it going on

are you ready are you waiting are you waiting for a drop

i love the out side sun shine sitting bright
as my mind gets working on a new moon light

skip it up
skip it up
and find some love

even if you even if youth even if youth doubt

you got the skin that moves about a clipper baby
sailing through the blue lines waves are getting wavey

- that is silly- (bounce)

i get it get it get it in the morning honey
it makes the bowl feel right

theres a scratch on my back (bike)
theres a scratch on my bite

the eyes of ceilings that dont have an answer
i wasnt talking but someone was there
i went to a playground but nobody listened

somethings in the skies outside today will be your day
something in the lies you made
that chained me to your leg
i couldnt see the light so i drew the dark instead

tell me where to go
i need to find the sea
under the surf down town is where im floating
free me free right

echoes in my sleep
dreaming of your life
everything is lies
even when im dieieng
i cant find that peace
is it in the walls
or is it in the ceilings

theres nothing in my way
find out
theres noting my way here
nothing in my weight
tired arm
somethings got to go here

echoes in my sleep
dreaming of your life
i cand find that peace

nothing in my way
cause theres nothing in my way

theres nothing in my weight
nothing in my weight

can you see the lines
draw in through the paper
tracy never dies
she is just the answer

and i kept on walking
though i didnt know where i was going to
and i kept on talking to all the people on the way
another slice its really going to brighten up
the day
and i find it out when i took a look through the glass
the way the leaf started blow in through the air
when you kiss on the corner dont you know
that your going to make it somewhere

it feels so easy
you can take off
a sink in an see

a feel feeler i feel
feel feeling no more

a lot of people know the way
a lot of people know the way

when you turn a new corner dont you see the start
its a start a star a star a star a star a star

and then you blow when you blow when you blow it away
the bubble pops
and then you blow when you blow when you blow it away

you dont turn around
when you do
you walk right back

i didnt see the way we were going
but you took the other sign
left the highway before we stopped
no more lights

when you exist for life life exists
in the twists of the wrap and the wraps in the twist

sugar is clean
sugar clear my body
soft snow skinny lines

it is my only sin

we are recreations
of anothers dream

off come my shoes and socks
now im in a spin

tell me what do you do

theres only one more message i can take
theres only one more mistake i can make
with closed eyes
i see you
moving underneath the lights
i want to
but im too much in love with you
is it me or is it you
its me not you its you not me or you
i didnt i didnt
i didnt i didnt
i didnt even wait to try
i thought about it every day
i didnt i didnt
didnt need to speak to you
just said nothing
closed my eyes

we crawl through the sky light
like rain
where does pain come from
a hungry life
searching for the flames
of some
burning electric cities
spun together
on a ride
to far far away and then back again
high low low high
hello hello hello

the silver chains are nothing

i was dancing
you were lighting
i could see the walls
were smiling

take a look at my hand
take a look at my hand
take a look at my hand

i broke rocks as rocks broke
off i laugh out loud and
lose the hole
i kill my self
as heads fall off
drowning in wine
have you seen the sun
have you seen the sun
have you seed the sow
how you seed the soul
how you seed the soil
i can see that your not feeling
every bodies going alone
everybodys alone
everybodies alone
every bodies a loan
can you keep it
you can you keep it steering
stealing money from me
see the bodies and run
see the bodies and run