Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Going Postal.

All we can do at the bottom of this mountain is yodel for ourselves

When we at foolonthefootofamountain say we love red post boxes.

It echo’s echo’s

There’s one outside our banana sun studio

Red post box that is not an echo.

In fact danger mouse used to live in it until he got transferred to London.

Every time any of us put something in a post box you know the usual things, hands, letters, matches, fireworks, wee wee, jungle music, or presents for the postman such as a nice wrapped up slice of cake, or small bottle of vodka, we get a warm feeling inside.

We believe that post boxes are magic and that whatever you put in them will get taken somewhere.

We like messing with the post, and putting messages to the postman on the outside of our letters,

We also like screwing around with place names so in a letter to Ali G instead of writing Staines wed write saint annes or maybe draw a stain or maybe, no that would be going too far.

Our favourite thing to do with letters apart from post them is to play around with the addressee’s name, so instead of addressing a letter

Mr Thompson
135 Hunter House Road

Ours would go a little something like

Professor Snoffaloffaguss and Friends
135 Hunter House Road

We also like the steps it takes to discover these addresses, and how on the moon to write them, maybe with sticky stars, quink, penguins or more often than not blue biro.

Coincidentally everyone here at banana sun studios had a Granddad whose name was pat and was a postman, maybe this explains our obsession.

Anyhow we all love the post enough to write this short piece about it,
and wed like to tell you that
after every four posts or so that are written on foolonthefootofamountain

a new letter will be sent out,

to a friend, loved one, famous person, complete random, or maybe even you.

you will find these letters in the - My letter to. section unless one drops through your letter box in which case youll know what to do.

Any letters that arrive from the hand of the phantom address changer
are magical indeed, they will bless your life with love and good luck,
Boyd monkey knows
all about
Dr Kidney Bean.