Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Variety 57.

Variety 57

Did you ever hear the story of the man who painted eggs? It’s said he went mad. A bit like a hatter whose ingested too much mercury. Except he didn’t go mad. He was tricked. Should I be telling you this? You’ll probably won’t believe me anyway. With faces. That’s how it begun.

I never realised that every clown has a different face. Of course everyone has a different face, but what I’m getting at here is make up. Clowns make up. No clown is allowed to have the same make up as another clown. See, different faces. Its clown law. You’d think, if you were of a peculiar mind, this could be used to great advantage. By whitening up your face, and applying the particulars of a certain clown you could easily perform by day steal by night. A quick scarper off and let some none the wiser good natured sap with a red nose feel the full brunt of any criminal investigations. I suspect it happened all the time. A passionate love affair amongst performers. I mean even working in an office or coffee shop, casual relationships, can spring up over time or in the heat of the moment, into something shall we say more intimate. Imagine then the roaring flames of emotion, interaction, and seduction that lick at the canvas walls of circus tents. It is said the shadows of lust burn above circus troupes like flickering spirits of fire. It would be easy in such places, for one performer to fall for another. Perhaps a clown might become attracted to another performers girlfriend or better yet the ringmasters wife.
Day after day, the two of them sharing the same space, breathing together eating together, sleeping, apart but dreaming such sweet hot sweaty dreams. Soon they rehearse a dance together. Alone, touching each other’s bodies and eventually they end up. Well you never know just the right amount of rage and clever application of make up from a jealous husband could see, the wife’s body hacked into pieces, and her innocent handcuffed lover packed off to jail. Two bird’s one sponge.

Maybe all clowns are conman, thieves and criminals. I never really gave clowns too much thought. Until I found out about their faces. If every clown has to have a unique face, then a record has to be kept somewhere of each clown’s particular make-up. If you thought like I did, that this would simply be done by taking a photo and putting it in a album or catalogue, you’d be wrong. Each clown has their face painted onto an egg. These eggs are then kept together in the clown museum. So when a new clown decides upon their face it is checked against all the other eggs to make sure it’s different. This also means that it’s someone’s job to paint the eggs

Right now, the task falls upon a lady who lives by the sea. It was the previous painter, I was more interested in. Especially as in 1965 the entire collection of eggs went missing. Missing! I couldn’t believe it when told. So I didn’t. Especially as no-one seemed to be to clear on what happened. How did the eggs go missing?

I began asking around at various clowning events. I started going to circuses, and before long I was cornering clowns after they finished uni-cycling or swallowing swords in town squares. I even attended one or two children’s parties, posing as an uncle or older brother, which was easy enough if I kept my mouth shut and just hung round at the back until the end of the performance. It was at one of these shows, after Magic Mickey, had packed up his balloons, feather dusters, juggling balls, and other pieces of apparatus, and I confronted him, to ask about the missing eggs, when I twigged. Something didn’t add up. From what I had pieced together from all the other clowns that I had spoken too, the running theme was that the eggs went missing when they were being kept in a restaurant. At first I thought the clowns where pulling my leg. The more I hung out with them, the more I realised that clowns were a funny bunch. I don’t mean funny ha ha, I mean funny weird. Although I’m not sure whether I mean weird in a good way. They all have similar traits, its like there looking at the world through a fish eye lens. Talking to them sometimes I feel like they’ve all found out about the secret of how to turn water into wine, sunlight into gold. Except there’s no way their about to share that information with just anybody. Unless of course their another clown. So it would be just like them to try a joke about eggs being kept in a restaurant.

Was jesus invented by a clown...



Im not like you i don't see the world in the same light
pie is not a miracle
it is everything
which doesn't mean anything at all

Water colours and Ink.

Water colours and Ink

Inside a old wooden shed, at the back of a garden, an elderly man with curly white hair and matching white beard, sat on a stool in front of a large, flat desk.
On top of the desk were little pots of paint in almost every colour. An assortment of brushes, most of them small with thin bristles were kept together in a glass jam jar beside the paint pots. A tall clear glass of water stood elegantly between the paint pots and brushes. There was also an egg. A chicken's egg.
The man stared at the chicken egg. It was blank, white, Faceless. Perfect. He began, first by picking up one of the brushes and dipping its end into a pot of red paint. Onto the egg with the brush he painted a bright red nose. Then dip, went his brush into the glass of water. He swished it about a bit to make it clean. Then dried it on his painting trousers. Next the brush went into a pot of blue paint, and with it the man deftly painted two blue eyes, above the bright red nose on the egg. The brush dipped in and out more of the open pots of paint, their heady scent combining to swarm the shed in a wafting perfume not unlike petrol. Whilst together the man and the brush painted more and more details onto the egg. A giant white mouth, with a red smile, dark black eyeliner around the eyes, massive eyebrows, a purple tear under the left eye. The man even took out of one of the desk draws some glue and a piece of black felt, which he stuck on top of the egg, to give it a rather fetching mop of black hair.
There was something else on the desk. A photograph. The man who painted the egg now looked at the photo. It showed the face of a young man wearing full clown make-up. This was the young man’s very own make-up...



Whos going to be next
to walk down the steps
theres two empty chairs
at the table
dreamingly waiting in the sun
another sip of black and white
on cherry lips
one pair came down
missed them
thanks to a hat
made from straw
the saxophone plays
"no worries, they weren't for you or me"
wandering eyes caught by waitresses with trays
missed another group of four
wondering whats up the stairs?
why not take a left at the lamppost and see
or close both eyes
as smiles sit below the steps
behind the sea singing
in front of
brightons music hall

Friday, 29 July 2011

Real Life.

Real Life

Outside the window
on a bench beside a tree
as cars pass on by at night
a man sits happily
strumming guitar
for his lady
and his baby

Lost Again.

Lost Again

Ketchup is bold
and the table rocks
back and forth
just like the ocean
waves behind our backs
pencil falling
clicks on the floor
jeans rub on flowers
a saxophone becomes a drum
now the lighters gone

i lost
three things
during one song

Shake Shake.

Shake Shake

Wobbly table
dont spill your drinks
went to smoke a ciggerette
but the light spelt out
cross feet
uncrossed in the door way
where we taste the sun
now the moon glows
and the water calls
touch me
hear me
sink into the sand
and i will tell your name
roll up
another star
call me
draw me
and i will treat you like
no other lover ever could
skipping over the ocean
never dies
just like a picture
taken by the sea



Trip swat sposhes on the table
secret disco fish be there
leather bags come from the water
iron legs grown from the sand
lettuces sit together
on plastic chairs
a trolley with wheels
becomes more than your fortune
comets fire burn bright in the brush
paint all the bodies
on the rocks
every time you sniff
you get a drop
sea weed massage
feet in the morning



Hanging in a glass jar tree
shines a candle light
just for you
doves of string
of string

light breaks
through the cool you
gentle rain
opens up your arms
greets your lips
your lips

speak easy
the depth is hard
to find
but you, your here
welcome back to life

cross silver
crossed silver
on the sand

crossed silver
come inside
the gypsy is
with you
words written on a palm
whatever voice
you write, draw
away away away

Pink Petals.

Pink Petals




walk here

Turned Stone.

Turned Stone

Trees become doors
acorns start to grow
a kittens lost
its mummy
black cat
in the wood

Fences Sing.

Fences Sing

Its midnight on the box
its midnight on the box

Jack Pot.

Jack Pot

A tree is like a river
a tree is like a hand
are you laughing at me
a plane is in the sky
chipping all the clocks
saint francis of assisi
waits to scar you in the garden
whats cutie looking for
in the glass bottle
before the boat
follow the wet stereo circles
breathe on the water
draw me
red beak
shiny jacket magazine road

Income Tax.

Income Tax

You want some
you get some
you need some
you lose some
you need some
you get some
you lose some
you want some

take it alive
take it alive
take it alive
take it alive
take it alive
take it alive

you need some
you want some
you lose some
you get some

sun your one
sun your one
sun your one
sun your one
sun your one
sun your one

take in a nine
take in a nine
take in a nine
take in a nine
take in a nine

now you get
now you get
now you get

Thursday, 28 July 2011



Washing suns to brightness
i can only talk my way
cant you hear young girls singing
how lobsters flirt and play

blushing sun in brighton
lonely talk to my blue day
hope you hear the song bird singing
as mountains wash away

walking sands through darkness
dont make me talk, weight
listen to young ones singing
how upstarts flirt and play

watching surfs of brighton
let me talk in wise lanes
cant you hear the young boy's drowning
as the sirens float away

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Coughing Underground.

Coughing Underground

Life is rich
life is poor
how many how many wake up

dont call me ill call you
unless im berried thirst

sunlight likes to shine
in our eyes
every night
how many how many wake up

life is rich
life is poor
working for the devil

cutting silver
just for you
giving up rings
before i die
diamonds cant fight this war

going to take back the lock
throw away the key
how many how many wait

gift of bones back to the ground
travelling my veins like a bubble
sit up jack get out your box
the voices say dont kill her
heaven is all over our hands
comb your hair keep living

life is rich
life is poor
how many how many wake up



Fussing for the trouble
fussing for the fight
i got something
i got something
if you have it hot outside
you wont need it cold
tempt the fire
tempt the fire
take the lier out

when i see the light is on
irate i feel all right
slave bread around my head
i dont want to break the goal
tempt the fier
take the lier
take the lier out

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Fire by the rough sea
tumbles into the soft road
beach for the skies



Do you look good in a pair of hoofs
i think so
take me to the dinner
take me to the dinner
the dinner of winners
take me to the
i dont want to die on the street today
your a mouse
im speechless
your incredible
you may say
but im not
the only
its so easy
out here
i dont care
whos laughing loudest
year after year after

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Jungle Smash.

Jungle Smash

Once upon a time
on a rocket ship
in space
there was nearly
a soft toy massacre,
all the soft toys were flung
venomously out the window

"see yah"
Tigers, Monkeys, Penguins,
lobstar, frog and a giraffe

lucky comfy grass broke their falls
surrounded by trees
under stars
jungle smash
"the soft toys have landed"
on butter moon

The tigers hunt newspapers
The monkeys cut out letters
Froggy goes pop whistle pop
The lobster boils, tea
The penguins stick together
and after breakfast
girafee went to Sheffield to see Jess

Friday, 22 July 2011



One in a valley
and everybody loves him
still they dont want to know him
cause his eyes are so down
and the lights in his mind
make the moths all fall out

but they need what he says
and they feel what he plays
even in the dark
they find
the truth is better
from lips that dance
to the sky

rain drops
from puddle
all about ground

and the moths will keep on floating
till they find their wishes
back inside the cup
watch them fly towards the light

so many dreamers
just for you
sending star storms
to pop at night
above your house
they shine so bright

all your dreams will come true

all your dreams will come true

then they turn like lamps alive
sharpen breath
wen can find ourselfs again
time never lost

i will see you on the moon
i will see you on the moon

Thursday, 21 July 2011



Lioness id like to buy some supplies we can head into the sun slip into the cracks slide down the tide to the tunnels of white cloud smoking in the sky till we fall into the golden brown waves what we looking for is life a leak on the river

light floating down stream to the sea
i was born in the rain
like a forest of trees dancing
waiting for the aching veins beneath my skin
to find a way back
to where i belong
inside your Amazon arms
away from harm
the centre of the storm
two worlds joined
to make a universe reborn
centre out of control
we stand in deep
on lines in the sand
we are forming
foam tastes in the moonlight
cant you speak
look into my eyes and see
i cant hide



What is it
without paission
its nothing
just you i dont think your right
so lets leave it
leave it
leave it
leave it
leave it
leave it
running on the wall outside
im just not that bad
i dont see the signs
i wish that you could feel
how i feel tonight
see the world busting
as it explodes into fire
without passion
you are nothing and thats why i i i i i get so blue
come tell me about the river duaghter
thats why
thats why
thats why
im dancing on the string
you peel
and i feel alive
we take of our clothes
and go running through the rain
into a bed of sand
its like your surrounded
by the stars above our heads
thats why
thats why
trouble is my middle name
but guess what
im not that bad
thats why
thats why
thats why
you seel my body
and your tearing back my skin
fingers touching like icicles
as we melt away to rain
truth is leading up the stairs
and how were here in steps
our skin collides
you dont give me any warning
as we find it in our bed
the passions here
and now i feel
so mad
its all about
so mad, so so mad
its all, all all,
all about you
give me all your finest dreams
ill turn them into sand
thats why im bad
trouble is
dont feel blue
dont feel blue
thats why im mad
you give me something that
ive never seen before
thats why
im mad...



The sunny times will be alight that you dont know
but it can save your life
theres a window
floating stories in the glass
as water falls
a thousand leafs
im floating into powder
turned to dust
i fall down
clouds of holes

people keep on talking
i can see
they tell me that im here
but i dont know where that is anymore

i fall down
clouds of holes

i think of you
you think of me
did you know your eyes
just gave me a second chance

im back to life
and now i feel
i didnt know
that this is real

its here and you are there
writing as you swing upon a tree

i have got the sweet disease
you can tell me
where i want to be

the rivers flowing water love
beach for the skies
im coming up
through powder dust
and lots the glue
the sun it shines
on me and you

i fall down
clouds of holes

the bucket peels
in fields of wells
sixteen more
till we set sail

i fall down
clouds of holes

Wednesday, 20 July 2011



I am a weightless voice
without size
when pain becomes pain
it will be easy
just light leafs
a gently blowing never know which way there going
now we can see
the patterns that they hide
brave jaguar
leaping through
electric city
moving in and out
of doors
proud as any star
that shines
voices in the dark
shadows of past
present future
space and time
fall in
onto a candle
with lots of ghosts
triangles, circles and squares
when the needle breaks
your skin
the tricks to remember
there is no spoon
at least not where lemons
turn to water
hear the sink
is like
an ocean
see the matrix
is a little window
black swan white swan
really there is
no spoon

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

No reply.

No reply

This is movement like waves cross
surf upon the sea
a light a ship a land
not deep
shallow with the falls
niagrara plucks as
sirens call
from the storm
to the new world
not yet reborn
falling in a barrel
of dreams
that loves the air
the forest keeps
the pockets
of space
within our sleep
where time no longer
seems to tread
or steal
just for a second
far away
a light shone
from the plane
frozen in the sky
when the colour changed
starlight to silver grey
the planets moved
in line
and broke the spell
for just one day
to be so kind
some kind of other life
in the never world
as bright suns
spin into the dark of night
curtain lids
close on eyes
and vision opens
onto a stage
wrapped up lit
and ready to smoke
a way
to lucidity...

and then we fly

Monday, 18 July 2011



Every new day in the bath you never know who you might meet, and what impact these meetings will have on your life, some find it even more exciting,to wonder, eureka! or "what excactly are you doing in my bath"



Each new day on the path you never know who you might meet, and what impact these meetings will have on your life, some find it even more exciting to wonder, "how will i impact on everyone i meet."

Friday, 15 July 2011

Hell Kitten.

Hell Kitten

catch a penny falling guy stop me growing lazy
back up onto a wall im going pop a daisy
shooting moons for scarlet nights
ive found another lady
lucy luck keeps burning strong
girl im going crazy
sinking in the sky at the night
lets make another baby
my rush
my rush
goes cold
my rush
my rush
goes cold

have you got a diamond
lizard licking cages
popping wizard
folding styles
smoke along the pages

i got
i got to go
you got you got to go

girl your dress is burning
yes your smoking like a fire
i can see your skin is glowing
i want to get inside you

dance with me
move with me
we can make it higher
swimming through the funereal beaches
to the land of kaya

dishing out fourty fives
we got the whole place smiling
theres nothing that can stop us
so we might aswell keep climbing

kitten we are angels
pretty much
ice cream
every night i go to sleep
your with me in my dreams

let go girl
you really got me going
so lets go girl

our world
take in darken nights
our world
its always shining bright

coz were brighter
yes were brighter
yeah were brighter than the stars

a thousand seeds of lightning
banana trees on mars

so lets go girl
really got me going
let go girl

my rush
my rush goes cold
my rush
my rush goes cold

Wednesday, 13 July 2011



Darker on blood
stranger than a train
this life slide
a shelter for the stars
your coming home again
and home is far away
home is a far away

easy telling what you got
you sold me stories
for revival
stories for revival
stories for revival
ive gone

this sun is turning
into something else

in low is new lost
the sea
is coming to the world

ever dreamt of darkness
ever dreamt of darkness
for your girl

Wings of a dove.

Wings of a dove

All alone at the bottom of the pile
second class
i got no style
i lack purpose
its like i want to move
but i wait for you to go first

Its too quiet
i cant hear
my situtation
i want to know
when you kiss yourself
because ive got lips that
can take you somewhere else
eat in when your crying
kiss of life
which would you prefer
for me to tell the truth
or for my mind to start lieing

lier gets what he wants
doesnt pay a price
his morals are crossed
like silver
pieces of hurt
selling bodies out
four deserts in the earth

pepsi when they dont have coke
look around its all a big joke
pick up the pill
yellow or blue
do they make you tired
or do they make you feel good

cripled by hunger cripled by disease
im a thief of the sun
and a jewel of the leaf

stuck in a tough time
i can make it work
dont give up on life

based your actions on looks
more fool you your going get hooked
what is it your going to do
i dont have a future
so everything is new

are you here to abandon me
sprinkle dust from the urn
all over the sea

white hair
meets hair of black
you got no prospects
when your locked
in a sack
its not your fault
if your born to lose
good luck
finding something
out there for you

please wait
the teller
tells you what to do
the system is down
so now you get to choose

lier or will you tell the truth
you said what wasnt
and invented something new
my name is doug
how do you do
i used to be mark
congratulations this ones true

new world
to the manipulator

its not as easy as you think
sitting at the bar
have yourself another drink

money the casino never wins
when you look over there
im going to move my chips

funny how lies can work the earth
spinning like a spider
catching all the hurt
dreaming wishes
on the ceiling
things have changed
how about another date
ill pick you up tomorow
a round about eight

i got the gift
now i can write
going take back my job
and stand up for the fight

its the greatest movie ever made
a ninja army crashing into babylon
all the way from outer space
a naked mutant wedding
far away on mars
a kiss
a mind warp
the black plague
up in the stars

my dad was a burgular a thief like me
except he had to tell the truth
so they threw away the key
locked up alone in a cell
a bucket of holes
in a world full of wells

death beeps inside the room
going to see your friends again
dont know if thats the truth

well i wanted to
run a kite
like the wind
just one more night
in the hours
when were free
you know
that im still
in love with you
wherever you may be

its not a world of nothing that waits for you
its a world of dreams
that never ends
sleeping lions
so many candle lights

tell me what happens when you die

major tom he puts his helmet on and lights up in the sky
a blue planet that likes to shine
like the sun is in your mind
theres no black hole that you cant wipe out
fluffy dice
i remember it was nice
it was nice

look beyond
see the world
you all have
most amazing lifes

what is it that you want
my angel
to be your angel gabriel
your my best friend
dirty word
one angel to another says,
i love you

All over.

All over

A banana skin is like a pancake
cutest thing i ever did meet
marks of tiger
marks of leopard
cosy white slice
glazing over crumpled
all wrapped up
on a sunflower
like a car crash
head on collision
arm out on the road
touch me
touch me
somethings are better left to lie
skin dragon
freckle sea
black and yellow



you got the light
you got the life you got the leaving on the side
i see the beat come shining through
no falling tree
everybody speaking
the feelings come an go
you got the line
you got the line
you got the line
you got the light
singing about a beatle
zing about a goat
you got to fight
got to find
got to find
what lives in right
tell about
tell about
the weight of gold
giving out a fortune
take a pound of coal
hammer rocker
hammer rah
sailing on the ghosts

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Zero one nine two.

Zero one nine two

I was talking about the future
to a bright new day
when i saw a robbin
fly away
i said hey where do you think your rushing too my friend

i was thinking on the inside
about the street
when i started talking
to my cell

can you tell me
where i
meant to be
coss i dont know
any more
i dont know

you got to shake it up
wash a finer feeling from the wax

see the beat is lion like the stars
fisher man
fisher man
fisher man
sitting on the moon

hey whats going on
can you tell me
can you tell me
can you tell me
coss i really want to know

well life is goot
life is goat
seek a peek
a peek oh peek a doe
lack on the bean
luck on the ghoul
singer a golden feeling all the gold of the soul
singer a golden feeling all the gold of the soul

hear me aygo robbin i dont wash on the side
tell you you love this life
even when you weeping
an a wash on the tide
zing yah
see the lions face shine
as you look like stars
your a beauty
like the truth
all around you
make it
you make the love come
out of the cold
you make the love life flow
is your body
oh so sweet
love you
just coss
i love you
take it
its for free
how are you feeling
i know
your feeling good
its knotty gum tine
away away final nine
luck she is my lady
afer all the time
save me
ill take your way
i shoe gone
like i should have gone before
i shoe gone
like i should have gone before
higher i an i like the day to day to day

Goat Driver.

Goat Driver

Kaya rock on
dont burn the soul
of future
the weather is much older
than your sun
bright rider
looking at the stones
ghost knighter
looking at the river
of the road
turning into fusion
with the warer
bucket do away
come daughter
tell the rivers soul
your are sister
born to fly
welcome to the future
weather is the water
a take a stick i like to ride
with the stone
and carpet
the carpet of the daughter
the future of the mirror in the sun
we are burning
see the soldier running
soldier run
its nearly over
now im older
i can tell you that ive seen a lot of crime
how they suffer
but theres no such thing
that can quench the souls fire
we are stronger
then well ever know
taste the water
let it run
taste the water
let it run
we are strong
i an i
higher moon lick
leven pon the sun
my wheel barrow
has only got one wheel
now im growing shorter
see me yesterday
take a walk her
i love to seed your face
we got a drinking
dream of gold a laver flow
me water song
a star
bursting of fire hard
and the ice and the ice and the ice
and the ice ghost walking
ghost walking through the storm
to the city
of a love beat cold
armour voice
wrapped with salt
lick a fire pon the water
ribs of burning goats
to sea you got turned

Be Tall.

Be Tall

Singing to the beatle
in the rain drop
life is long and hard
when it covers you
but you got fire by your side
let it shine
you dont need to hide
bury yourself in the corner of your eye
your mind has held me oh so tight
now im flying
and im wiping the tears that i cried
girl you got living way up high
now i know
i never have a doubt
picking up rivers
while im mugging clouds
im a capturer
a duppy conqureor
struggliong on a feeling
till the freedom burn away
no i wont wait
never going go away
i can burn strong
like a beatle in the rain
never the loss
and never feel the pain
of the fire
burning by my side
its a spear
that a throw
flowing thorugh my mind
thats a river
rolling on the waves of time
freedom is here let the dust and shine
in the morning
running to the grass
and a dream come back
yes a dream come back
wait in thought
never got the rain
like a beatle in the sky

Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster

I cant race no dove
if the raves un done

i need the love
of a far away tree
where silkie
lets moon light shine for free
oh the saucepan goes
man i cook
i cook for you
cookin up
heavens fruit
nature kissed
bruises heal
what kind of lies
sink in the meat
monkey shines
breaking free

Safe Ray.

Safe Ray

Have some
hansome man
this world is yours
take your choice
you dont need to rush in
found out what makes you shine
leave the load
of a heavy down
well alone
you can do without making yourself crazy
safe safe safe
its easier
only a fool goes chasing gold
running on running on
running on
hear say what you dont know
i dont know
but i know what i like
and if it make i feel good
then i know
its right
you must be
safe safe safe

Sweetness and Light.

Sweetness and Light

Mighty glow
giant rock
feel celebration in the moon lit night
hide away
hide away
so strong
leave a life
how life go on
freedom high in the sweet sun light
mighty glow
giant rock
fall into
the love of the moon
feel the sun
as i lie with you
watching stars
spin away
make a wish
cant find no better place
take a while
take as long as you want
wander near or far
run away
come back home
and star you shine
loving light
feel so fine
giant rock
mighty glow
you are the sunshine
that makes my life
love it all
love all right
sweet darling
in the moon lit night

Baby Back Ribs.

Baby Back Ribs

Little oven in the earth
bless my sight
the garden is shining
rescued from the mountain
field of poppies
weight hurt
thins easy going
start floating on castle drift
building bricks upon the laughing sea
more blood for you
blood fire for me
little oven in the dirt
tell me whats it all about
theres a stone preacher swaying
say life is living
the weight of roses glowing
talk about
being happy
field of poppies
raisin up
the street
is electric shiny flow
tell me about the washing storm
when raiders cut
and rivers blow
break down trouble
through the hurt
little oven in the earth
make food taste good
for you and me
love the life
of living free
take a taste
coming up not down
soothe day light a lovely sound
little ovens in the earth
little ovens in the earth



In the garden
of your body
is a forest
that lights my mind

in the photo
of your mourning
see the sunlight
has another life

to the garden
floating body
wander in a wild rose



A gypsy dances on the sleet, the rain splashes on the cobble stones

Fire burns beside the road
in a carriage with bars guns are clicked
bullets into chambers
a runner
fast sprints
as the crow flies
to saint pauls
drop leap roll
break open the door and enter
the stairwell
planed attack
skin meld
pain of bear yawn
lantern spin
fleet feet run to the spiral star
white hot beauty
legs akimbo
virgin bride
snake tooth
parsel tongue
inside the flame
lick her lick her
into writhing ectasy
pussy rubbing knotted rope
moaning doctor
hats off
all day
to the floor
hand grips knife
blast crushes ears
horn of goat
twitchy legs
the detective is here

String of glass cut finger nails pane of life
the girl is worth more than the lord
time of death

To london
where the bells chime
handsome lamp lights
the sun shines on bricks
as the sound of gunfire
makes men fall weak at the knees

The hudson river
flies like a golden eagle
the patterns on the wall
gunpowder and smoke
bullet holes
that conjur
sound into silence
a whistling kettle
sits on the fire wood
drewn curtains
sunlight bites
like a vampire
sweeping away the dark

Knitty knotty stictchy day dream
robe of bohemia
fraggle wool
skin scrapper
lady charmer
fallen eyes
of love

A ocean of sound
the chit the plates
the scrape the knifes
forks and spoons
show your teeth
show your smile
rub rub rub
eat your food

a gambler plays on the boxing match the rent doesnt fare as well we remember that the chair will move across the black and white tiles, the waiter waits for no one more wine, ink all over your face your beutifull face covered in drops from the quell, rose cheeks, lighten skin, the ring is missing, perfect lips, splash, the wine flows out the glass to land on a cheek, that stings, bee stroke, buried, in the ground, final cost, congratulations, dinner is served

in ireland we coil
up togethor
in to each other
soft as sand
our bodies fight
and smack
the skin
a dance
a barley wing
fingers fawning magic in the air
slap and tickle
a hanky
from a lover
away with you behatted smokers
the spit and sawdust
red dress
were done
flem on the back of the head
controlled fury
blue flame
shaow lin temple
unlucky for some
get ready to feel
hot pain
the hurling crowd
didnt see it coming
one bottle one plug
all over

penton block eight
inside out
shut up
behind the gate
whats it all about
theres someone i want to see

meddles of pearl
in candle light
drawn eyes
glows of moon
pendantic scale
lizard pupils
grow in surgery
order from chaos
time flys
ching ching
you have been sent for

inovation wood
empire of industry
winners of last night
gloves on
don curly
inclinations of culture
grand silence
blooded nose
the river
over the river
fuss fight
out the window
everything out the window
dance to the waltz
the dockyard songs

This way
this way
the crowd is in a frenzy
old cock young cock
the crowd is in a frenzy

Heroin has got you
a strange effect
on all the inmates
gets inside their heads
the beast is rising
above the turn
the bees
who is like the bees
the honey bear
feet of apple wood
great my invitation
scratched on rock
a mystery a mastery
shabby finger painter
cool eyes lack mercy
dead skin
earth out to space
a wish to catch
a bird of life
choppy stairs
east india sailor
the gravity
we are bound
on a nature twisted
wrapped in steel
our minds
fight the fire
three more will die
who made this possible

what do you want
can you answer me
shall i send for the father
for the mother of us all
is that your answer
or is this only
the beginning
let me jig upon the noose
fill my veins with blood clots
i will die

cracked waking
the nuts
scraggy on the tiger skin
pink satin
olives from afar
a party of tea
peruvian safe
wispy hair
eyes of past
necklaces diamond
squash the air
sip at china
suspicious of the cut
inside the letter
glitzy wagers
on the street

the mud the dogs the horses chant
the man
in the dust
one eye
a little change
god save the queen
smokey jack

twice is such a long word
paddling in your human canoe

rush window
back scamper smash
open air
false nose
hi yah
into the coal pit
planks away
follow the fox
sweet bean
a knife edge deal
double whammy
cuts on purse
bird cage
bounce to the drums
circus fire
flap jacks
roses are red
hats on scarf
rises back from the grave

the third day jesus christ coughing rich no one dares enter the tomb rough rubble in the dark fancy a trip in the daylight serpents cover pillars harpy's sit at guard
the earth reveals face pocket watch the time of maggots gap tooth
i know what i know and i know what i mean
role reversal life is death, another crow

raining glass of ice
drunk scratching piece
follow the flame
a friend
reading palm
gypsy chanted
world of wonder
enough dust for all

theres no way you can leave him on his own
he needs you in the same way you need him
without you his life begins to slip
another way
a different world
without the sight of gold
a dark place and dark times
no less good or bad
different though
to what it could have been
when you decide to let him go
drop the catch like a dripping tap
red spots on the cobble stones

burnt out of the ink
fuzzle chemicals
roededendron forest
jitter hand boil
bell jar
watch it dont fizzle out
fizzle out
bursting fireworks all over the place
candy syrup molases
toffee apple
burnt potatoes
giant problem
fun for the fight
sticks and pans
and iron legs
strangled electricity
inside and out
faust the fiddler plays

Monday, 11 July 2011

Carribean Winter.

Carribean Winter

Its cold out here
but the trees are hot
in january the winters
to freeze you
inside so
keep on stepping
dont stop for
out of the darkness
is the most shining light
i see them sparkling
all over the trees
outside the hackney
town hall
the central library
people hung them
for other people to see
people planted them
for trees and people
to breathe
bright lights shining
in love and peace

You dont take cards do you,
lucky im not a card then

Hooray for reggie the cage is open
the parrot is free hooray
for reg
the king with the key

Spinning a coin
a seven sided
twenty pee
heads or tails
heads again sitting at the bar
a half of
a half
for free

I can see your belly
i can see your belly
and you dont care
cause your so happy
chewing with your beak
chewing everything with you beak
dangling upside down
on the keys
play and fight
that aint a parrot
its a painted pidgeon

Wale diving
swallowed whole,
swimming through the mouth
to tail

In comes the basket
to the pub
cockles and mussels
door sale
a nice coat
noticed in the light
red stripes
long boat
past stories
of tubby
which would you like
pepper and vinegar
bit of lemon
mussels and cockles
it aint nought
at two pound fourty

Crack em down one side
along the shell
then roll them out
nice and easy
rainbow island
folk lore

The snow crab biggest of them all
has a seat on the wall
at Captain Jacks

Imagine if i was real
how good it could be
instead im nothing at all
just another dream
that cant begin
to make something
lost in the wool
im lot in the war
and there isnt even any one to fight
im just losing
because i dont understand
how or why
imagine if i was real
how good life would be

A Star bird.

A Star bird

A coconut stands 
a slice of flesh 
with two 
dark orange legs 
a feathery white island 
black circle 
surrounded by gold 
with yellow beak 
brighter than Olympic medal 
A peace crane stands 
in front of a bull 
a bull 
big bull 
with no face 
or crane face 
its a bubble in a dream 
painted with colour 
spiky sharp green grass 
reaches for the crane 
in front 
of the 
thick like a puddle 
full of petrol 
purple rainbows 
green the bull is 
a muddy silhouette 
a sheep a human 
with horns 
is a puddle a bubble within a dream? 
I blink 
and realise 
its a beautiful painting 
in a book 
A crane stands on the back of a bull 
which is 
through the 
tall grass 
if we could speak 
you the crane, the bull, the sheep, the book 
the grass and I, 
to the dancing weather would we say 
we are not dreams of bubbles, puddles 
or paintings 
each of us is real here 
one in a Caribbean dozen 
so don't close your eyes 

even when you blink 
keep looking. 

Witch one.

Witch one

Wrong wrong wrong
ive been going wrong
playing with songs
that aint mine
trying to sing a long
long long long
whilst baking lies like pies
feeding eveveryone i meet
a foolish slice of my non-stop
juggling alibis
why why why why
dont the stars above shine
as bright as your eyes
swallowing my pride
now i know its lies
lies, lies, lies
ill tell you what im going to do
im going stop baking pies
and start shelling out
the truth,
truth, truth, truth
please help yourself to a double slice
honey bunch lemon and limes
truth and babe ruth lies
ive learnt, which one
is sweeter

No worries.

No worries

Animals shouldnt be in cages
and humans neither
over fly
a brother is your brother
an a sister is your sister
theres nothing wrong
worth doing, right
but if you did
ill forgive yah

Music all around.

Music all around

Theres music at the museum
and music on the chairs
theres music on the bus ride
and music in your hair
theres music in the moon light
and music on the ground
whenever daddy plays his saxophone
theres music all around

No Sleep.

No Sleep

There was a time when the cat was amongst the pidgeons.

Chitter chatter
the bread with holes
baguetted tunnels
of meditation
the pidgeon pecks
then as sudden
as magic smoke
they are gone
all that is
white stumps on
the slab
the uneaten bread
a plastic blue bag
then away
in the wind
we fly.

Follow the bike.

Pear drops.

Pear drops

Sparkling stars on your head band
rose upon your thigh
glittering diamonds
alas poor yorrick
never got to read a line
yawning in the catholic school
stuffing crackers in the bag
glossy peckish leather
his massive galaxy a sonnet
the biscuit on the phone
clothes on the table
writing with
a phoenix feather
yorricks older than your
red and blue carribean
the apple on your soul
hes been held by so many hands
seen by many eyes
roughed edges
the latest four laugh at coughs
golden wonders
keep transforming
ten pence crisps



Here in the cafe
secrets of the world
hidden throughout the earth
locked away
by the high classes
yet those who seek
learning the tongues of men
will find
the keys to truth
the smell of coffee
the till speaks
as music plays
people need to eat
step inside from the rain

Underneath four our heads
the spinning proppelor on the ceiling
across the road short change
arabs are cousins to the jews
mysteries of spain
priceless artifacts
send out the children of socrates
the truth i can taste
life in the tea
and see inside
the spotted jaguar salt
and finally black
the cross turning round and round
in the face of a shiny spoon
will it spin forever
or do i have to leave
spinning black
a cross
for is such
a soothing
sight to
gaze into
it zaps me calm
like i have been struck
with peace
right between
the eyes

Eclipsed emotions.

Eclipsed emotions

How gorgeous you are
ive fallen in
with time
at the British Museum
i want this feeling to stay
never thinking, never planning,
love sleep skipping
inside these great comforting walls
my blanket is spread
the exibits cool all false aspirations
stroking my life
like a fingernail
brushing the back of my neck
here i am
this is my world
my galaxy
surrounded all around by stars
my very own milky way
the only sound that disturbs
the perfect silence of space
is the faint note of hope
ever we go
outside these walls
shall feel...

Om Backwards.

Om Backwards

On a little island
with a hundred eyes of purple
the forest people grow
they celebrate
in shanty towns
of green
turning the handles of gramophones
created in outer space
hidden beneath the leafs
stripy jumper wool cardigan arms
softly turning the handles
at the bottom of plant like stems
round and round
sweet twang
the purple eyes blossom
greeting the galaxy
with the forest people sound
can we imagine what that first sound was
that popped out of the very first
forest peoples purple flower eyes
was that where earth language came from
sound flying waves
i wonder what they cried
om, om, om,
moo, moo, moo,
hello, hello, hello,
shine, shine, shine

Circles of Light.

Circles of Light

Above the island pumping mystery
the giant guiding star tall
tentacle tree
star bunches on the end of a why
Y the moons that pass
at the right times
shine on this sun captain
comforting with a circle
that turns the whole little world
into an upsidedown
sign of peace

Sapper Sam.

Sapper Sam

The roots
of the beautifull
bottle tree
taste the song
sip its delight
although on the outside
to the eyes
that float in space
it looks like
the bottle tree is encased
in a spiky shell of thorns
on the inside its soft green leafs
raise themselfs in openess and
honest celebration way
up high
a new universe, a myriad of
songs spat up shooting like
rockets into space
all around the insects fly



On the other side of the
galaxy, above
falcon rock, across a field
of sun flowers flies
the quiver tree
whos orbit round the sun
reflects cool white powder
the heat of the solar star rays
bristle songs onto orange rocks
valleys carved by the power of music, vibrations

Big Kahuna.

Big Kahuna

The kahunas bark drives and guides the turtle its leafs protect its back the flowers attract bees that rise up from nearby planets sprinkling honey drops like infinite pieces of confetti rain

Red Eye.

Red Eye

Across the stepping stones in the hills of the sun flowers kissed by the sun
is where the deadly kahoona grow
not deadly in sense of nightshade
to touch shy
they are deadly in perfurme which will fog your mind and
grip your very being with such certainity that reflected in a mirror
for ever will be a sparkle too your eyes silver more so than any
singing sword
thorns strong
enough to stitch hammocks for the children of the stars

Red Walls.

Red Walls

High above
miles into the air
towering out of the turtles back
grows the papayo
curly tentacled buddhist bamboo
alien monkey
peeling in moon banana trees
tentacles blessed in space
we your friends
their tongues
lostening red walls
lick clean
as lightning bursts
up the trunks
from below
the turtles shell
where the roots
of red flowers

Red Planet.

Red Planet

A floating planet of the moon
bone crunching martian soil
scraped curly beams of sun rock
boaz smiling turtle
with a bed of scentless siren
star flowers, for a shell
hairs of white
on leafs of green
dew drops from the atmosphere
tiny orange stars
in a pool of purple
turtle smiles
in a cup of citrus
sweet pecan petals
open up to the moon light

A flash of silver.

A flash of silver

In a puddle
wet shadows
the drum of heavy piano
keys, gypsy swings
clopped string cobbles
the violin
guns are loaded
run to the fire
a murder of
hopping over
saint pauls
throbing lantern
scurvy beard
flesh mashed
chequred joys
deep down eyes
cracked bones
shadows of the lamp
spinal tapping to the stars
sex pot
inside the flame
snow white
virginal sacrifice
plugged nose
stove lost
stolen hat
forget me not
hats off
dance your necking
gander the goose
is sold toaday
alms, alms for the poor

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Black Cap.

Black Cap

Total meltdown
one heart traded in to talk
freedom water
no fire left to burn
cauldron skinner
toes of sky
cloud near forest garden
winter fallen
shards of spear
stick mud clover
luck has two faces
comes in both
good and bad
long lost sold you
to the brave fortune left behind
a sack of damsels
mistreated stress lines
a cold misfortune
sick in bed
without eyes
fever curtains
brown toast shrieking
get me out
sweaty foreskin
legs of damper
curled and hurt
pillow casing
framed in blobs
darkness streaking
misty moon tine
please be able
to swim
dance in fountains
t-shirt designs
your eyes
like peacocks
feathers to my mind
sayer sister
picking holly
read my palm
by spitting
moon light
you may
queen mab
have my knife

Crossed Palms.

Crossed Palms

If you want too
carry me
across the ocean waves

tie me up beside the beach
and wipe the glass away

i forget to tell myself
tomorow never dies
dog eat dog
its still the same
no matter who you are
i cant even remember you
my scarf has runaway
a bottle full of memories
umbrellas in the rain
jump into the factory
the handle turns the ground
into up and downy lights
the ferry has no sound
a wonder full water dream
chance is only thrown twice
dialing in a remedy
no more need to be afraid
the russians had it all my friend
now its yours to give away
a passed remark
a passsing bird
a cloud up in the sky
a star that fell into my world
now i no longer wonder why
all i have
is what you are
and i am here for you
i throw my wings to chance again
with fate saddled by her side
destiny caught the boquet
luck pops every bottle of champagne
here i am
running for you
as you run for me
somewhere someday
in this spinnig cosmic swirl
the two of us will meet

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Needle away.

Needle away

See the sky
come fall in again
with your coke
you know the air is very near

theres nothing you cant do
when the waters so far away
might aswell help yourself
to another slice of day

its new light
new life
see the hanging cross
see the dust like
music music
rise up your self
music music
rise up your self

jumping bass like a lover tide
sinking up on every caged sun

pick up
no needle picking down now
pickle down
put your needle down now

Theres a hole.

Theres a hole

Sky light
kaya night
i saw you
my saviour
saw me right
love the life
that you call
into my soul
now im dancing
no chain
can tie me down
spread oil over your water
to let you burn
more water
you are my fire
youll never to have to thirst

Buckets of Sleep.

Buckets of Sleep

Sleepy table
my legs have burned
im on a while
tearing tigers
in the sky

everywhere i step
i feel no cold
cause im free
from capture
out the surf

its a tidal
that sweet sweet earth
tell your father
the devil goes first

it was a dream a had
merging all over salt
house of tables
now the cradle is formed

Friday, 8 July 2011

Game Over.

Game Over

All it ever was
was make believe
the pages of history
just a dream
half a year
of sweet disease
a ying yang sign
from dark to light
black to blonde
cant you see
i dont even know
if happiness waits for me
or if i am alone
its strange
like the grass is greener
on the other side
are we talking about breaking through
the line
cutters choice in the park
so many voices
stand up tall
shadows of your destiny
a cloak of bat wings
stiched by cats
whiskers of the stars
you thought it was fate
i wish that were true
can i close my eyes
stop searching
find me
crossed beneath the sky
now i wander
is my world
above or below
or somewhere
on the mirror edge
will i be forever
jagged electric finger city
or burn myself numb
blue fire
good life
nurse myself
back to health
your arms
half a slice
of ying yang sign
slip me into coma
now im a dozing puppy
if only i could figure
which was better
if life endlessly remains like this
what are you waiting for
i read writing on the wall
of mountains high in the clouds
about ying named never sleep
yang named never wake
dancing with the sun and the moon
two pure snowballs
white as dr martens
blankwash rain
silent running
my mind is still
find me
before i slip
into coma
you exist
to close my eyes

Bussey Building.

Bussey Building

The lights went off

inside the pyramid was a girl sitting on a bench, she had been crying and tears ran down her face
like the shifting sands that had fallen before to craft mountains in the dust trapped between the glass i became crafted into something new
i was human again
even if i wasnt awake
and i could walk
i put my hand in my pocket and felt coins there
i clenched my fist capturing them then took my hand from my pocket
i opened my palm
and sat upon it
nestled between four coins, a large two pound piece, and three coins of silver a ten pence and two fives, this made two pound twenty, which was the exact amount to buy a single ticket for a bus in london,
the lights went on
i was in london
the pyramid had gone
and in its place was waterloo station
the girl who was crying sat on a bench outside
she had a large bag of luggage with her
i walked past
and didnt say a word
then i started thinking in my head
go back and ask if shes alright
maybe shed like a ciggeratte
i noticed a champagne flute standing upright on the side of the road
it still had some drink in it
and next to the flute
was a tall glass bottle
that was half full
maybe i could take this bottle back to the girl
she might be in need of a drink
so i turned back
i had to
if there was some way in which i could help and i passed that opportnity by
surely i would be a lesser man
i left the bottle and the champagne glass where they were
and went back to the girl
who sat looking dejected and upset,
hey are you ok, i saw you were crying and wondered if your alright
would you like a ciggerette
the girl raised her sad face to mine
and replied
that she had just lost her passport and her bag which contained all her ciggerettes, so she really would like a smoke
it was the least i could do
we spent a little time chatting
then i told her that there was a 24 hour cafe nearby
and also about the bottle of drink
the lights went on
waterloo wavered
the whole world became fuzzy and warm
as the station dissaparated into the background
i found myself at a bustop
where i was greeted by an old lady with a yellow duck round her neck like an old friend
i was thinking about the pyramid
when the lady asked me where i had come from
waterloo i replied
then a white haired old lady with no teeth in her mouth that appeared from nowhere

shouted out - ive come from the moon
or at least thats what i thought she said
what did you say asked her friend the duck lady
i thought in my head she said ive just come from the moon
but remained silent,
ive just come from the moon,
i thought you said that
but niether of the ladies listend
they just laughed and luaghed about the moon for ten minutes or so

the lights went off
i was back in the water
the pyramid spilled out and its shape changed to a perfect triangle
i watched it intensly
it was like we were joined somehow symbiotically
as it moved through the water it was almost as if it were dancing
and my head started to sway to and through to the traingles rythmn
in disbelief i watched
as the strands of white
turned from a triangle into a perfect square
sluicning through the water the strange dance continued
then the corners of the square folded in on themselfs
outwardly turning and getting bigger
the lines bent and bent until
in front of me in the water was a pure circle
i had never seen shapes behave in this way before
and i felt enlightened
that i know knew how to turn a triangle into a square and then into a circle
there was only one thing i could do and that was swim torwards
the round form in front of me
closer and closer i got to the circle
until i went right through it
and burst out on the other side it was exactly
like diving headfirst trhough a mirror in a dream
to become lucid on the other side and waking up
with open eyes i stared directly into the face of time...

we played a trick
there were two ways go
we all hid
and waited
and then when he came
we pretended we were going one way then went another
i was flying
it had taken a while to learn

i remember being a baby
something had happened
something bad
there was reason to feel like this
what came before

in germany
the family was so happy
delighted with their curly haired cherubic angel
as we curled up togethor on the floor
i was sure
it was only i that knew he was going die
in the most horrofic way

i couldnt figure out
which one of was the bad child
was it me or him
which one of was going to grow the sharp teeth
and begin to bite the hand that feeds

floating we all float thats what i remebered in a dream
i wasnt a part of this family this family was not mine
it all belonged to that other boy
and even though i imagined what it would be like to grow sharpy point teeth
then bite down through a finger tearing of skin before chomping through bone
and crunch snap the finger would splurt out its gorgeous load with no more resitance than if i were biting a carrot i knew that i was the one who was going to die

i had to hide
but i wasnt doing it so well
i kept thinking i would be caught
i had jumped into the top of a hedge
and hung there amdist
giant orbs of yellow blossom

my brothers face had become disfigured over the years
he now went round in nothing but a robe of black
his skin transculescent and grey
and his mouth more like the many barbed mouth
of a deep sea creature than of a human being

the cupboard was empty
no-one was there
but i heard the voices
when i sat on the chair
a hundred old people
that know where to run
a bus on the table
shoots for the moon
trees are like water
dust from your lips
your white hair is perfect
like light from the sun

the cupboard was empty
no one was there
but i heard the voices
of moving people
they wait
and when i say i am here
there is nothing to fear
it makes me cry
because i cant go through
the wall
i try
but i cant tell you
this sacrifice
i am caught
between illness
and dreams
the ghost forest
of silence and darkness
in this other world
im alone
so i sleep
on the wooden floor
leave me
shut the door
now your in hell
wondering what to do
i awake
and touch your hair
now you understand
but you mustnt tell
the secret you found
in my diary
there is no cure
my heart is yours
this insanity is the theme
thank the stars
for a simple world
three words
i love you
yet i cannot do anything
as you become ravaged by disease
twice ive tried to commit suicide
once by returning to the sea
again by overdosing
on sleeping pills
this madness will smother
us all
through a glass

the stars shine so bright, its a gorgeous night that makes me think has anyone ever got drunk on the stars, head peeling from paint spiraling up nostrils, i can see flashes of colour that leap and play in the sky and make me feel like im swimming through the air just like im dreaming in my sleep.
Now im on a tube travling backwards like a blood vessel in my vein, the water in my body swirls to the pull of movement, in here were blazed with light. Outside everything is pitch black for a while. Then it begins to glow under pools of gold, this is when the bricks speak to me. Calling out for me to touch them, to dance with them, and run my palms over there rough to smooth surfaces and feel each glistening piece of stone on my skin.
I cant not yet, for i am still inside the tube travling fast to who knows where. If i shut my eyes i will see excactly the same as if i kept them open. Patterns of purple and blue, little flecks of ocean lapping waves, i try to pick out the pebbles, shapes begin to form and i once again try to understand am i dead or alive. How long have i been here, am i awake. Something shifted. Its like grains of sand have been falling over and over again in between panes of glass to reproduce mountain after mountain. I touch my hand and as i watch a strangers head merge into anothers i come to the conclusion this must be a dream.
Opposite me is the biggest tongue i have ever seen, absolutely smothered in tastebuds, that look like the ______ from a game of ______.
Naked bodies some co-joined togethor writhe about all over the tongue moving the tastebuds like stones from one pot-hole to another.
I have to sit on this tongue.
I take of my t-shirt and let my bare back lean onto the salivia. Its slippery and wet. If you were to rub your thumb over your own tongue, then imagine that your tongue had mushroomed in size and that your thumb was your back, then youll feel what it felt like then, lieing back into soft watery melon fruit.
I sunk into the tongue, which tipped itself like a dentists chair. Through the naked bodies i sank. My arms and legs became coiled up in red fleshy strands of plasma and i was covered in a strange pulp that began to cling all over my body and i floated then out of the tube in a mesh of shimmering white lights. They resembled the stars in the sky i had looked up at not so long-ago.
Now i was a streak of white, and all around there were others, the tube had gone and we where in the blackness.
I could hear the breath being pushed in and out of a stomach moving up and down, and also did i imagine, the sound of some sort of bellows like machine concertining in motion. In the background where the blips and bleeps of hospital machines.
I was now in two places at once, a part of me was a star shining above a house and another part of me fell out of the sky dropping down through the sky-light window on the roof of the house to land fully clothed on top of a bed.
The sound of breathing continued. In and out. Up and down. Then my body melted, it was like taking a leak all over, as if every cell in my body was having a beautifull piss. I became a puddle, completely liquid my legs sand feet ran off the end of bed like a waterfall, and the rest of me saturated into the matress, then the bed itself began to move the other way, the breathing stopped, all was silent, and everything moved, in a long slow gentle life time, time of way until it was gone, everything was gone, and i was awake in space, beautifull space where there was no time.

I arrived to late for the end of time
yet time a good friend told me
has no end
this is the story i listened to yesterday
let me tell you her voice said
all about the meaning of space and time
listen carefully to the stars at night
when you hear them singing
look up into their eyes
remember they are spiders
sitting spinning in the sky
now you never have to ask them why
or wonder what they are
for a lions face watches over you
no matter where you go or what you do
your an angel of the stars
wen, time waits in space
for you to ask

No noise or anything. This was where i had been trying to get to all along but i never knew it in the darkness. I was free and it lasted forever. Only forever, wasnt so long and way before i wanted the darkness to leave the stars came back, it was like the whole of space had been turned upside down and in loops the stars now fell from where they had been resting on the floor which now became ceiling.
It was strange because when my body melted it was as if i was nothing, no form shape density or feeling, even so this being the fist time where i truly had no existence it felt like the first time that i had ever existed and now as space flipped back on itself and the stars began to rain down oblitarating the darkness i once again took the form of a star.
I travelled faster and faster, here was no wind or rush, it was perpetual motion in free fall, i just got faster and faster, with no end to the increasing speed or the journey, it was alarming, but what could i do except lie back and enjoy the ride. At one point i thought the speed that the speed would reach a point where something would surely break, system malfunction. I heard a strange disgarbulated noise that i associate with serious computer error, a glitch in the matrix, a stitch in time, a wink.

Wet. We the stars landed in a pool of water. All of us formed shapes, first there was a snake that swam in zig zags this way and that before eating its own tail each bite produced more and more mess poison blood and guts spurted out of the snakes body into the water and formed globby tendrils, like the whisps of a poached egg, that came togethor beneath the surface of the water to make a pyramid.

The lights went out.

i was travling backwards in a tube for real the first thing music came back to me, was the music in a rush, songs pieced themselfs togethor out of nothing and entered into my head, long forgotten words poured ontop of each other, so many, far to many to count with each passing second, like a calediscope, swishing forth spectral rays of light spinning into each other like bone flying away with paper planes jig jagged then all done up as if id been sunken in a wallow of hooch, my arm pit was a hollow and my skin began to draw tight. All i needed was the candle night to lick just one lick on the back of a spoon to boil away to boil the rocks away into churches perfurme, my bodies free im released a junkie criminal. I could mend my broken heart pieces which had been torn apart in shock ripped to shreds by hands that i thought would always be there to keep me safe and warm
i was wrong and as i drifted into the floor boards, with the veins on my arms, turning into rivers, i could see where all the parts of my heart like ash from a funeral urn had been scattered and with a needle and thread i began to stictch them back togethor,
Time wore a white dress covered in tiny little red roses
She ran out of the door into the street at night, skipping over the white lines her lips were red like the roses of her dress.
Time ran on through on the night, until she came to a hill, and kept on running all the way from top to bottom, then time stopped.
Closed her eyes and began to walk backwards.
The snatches of songs the words piling up on top of each other the pieces of my torn heart all broken like a giant explosion a star blowing up in space, its fragments hurtling out in a million different directions started to go other way, the explosion began to pull in on itself so all off the the fragments retracted in and the star and my heart were put back togethor, this is when the words of songs became clear to me,
This is my body broken for you
i travel in a tube to gain your affection
just a needle in hay
time released your chains fall
because now ive touched you
its only forever
not long at all.

Back to Front.

Back to Front

Dont leave this love till the hand breaks out
for spoons tonight
sing to the stars
as my girl falls down
as my girl falls down
your holding in love

Some geezer its a strange lot
reckless and coiled when you
throw your sins into the lamp
ready again, five toes
from brazil shoe laces
to die for lips
that suck at straw noses
that pitch strikes
quitest day
im halfway dead with not long to go
and your silent again
such a strange wild
unsettled stream

unwind a kind of sated love
moving with clips through the scene
footprints in the glass
the trails wipe hair brushes
that turn into smoke
below the waving pool of eyes
devil stripes run with guitars
the orange streets of misery
destiny calls your name puck

could be so much more
tongue flapping instead of quite
in sleep the light of the celiling
a candle turning back
from the scanner glass
a class renewed into what ive been
before youve seen ice melting
in the glass
sunlight on the water skin
begins to

in the wrong place when a face
dont fit right could even be yours
ignore the voice inside
that calls move on
there are so many other places for
you to find now is the time to
move to another seat and speak
ive been running on half gasoline
do you know what that means i

Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown

Daffy got the goat
daffy got the goat

wrote about love
and i rode about the sky
tell me
am im going to see you when i die

i thought about crying
without a hole
heaven a new place to call my home
angels wing take my bones
beside the lake of fire
where the devil grows

seed after of seed
of falling skin
under the bridge
where we sink or swim

passing in a bottle
of a ship made of clouds
your lips are white
my lips are brown

teeth that stick
bite off the rose
shoes without laces
drip on the stone

son shine like silver
son shine like like gold
picking cots in the garden
where the devil grows

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Only Ever.

Only Ever

Last night i met the son of lucifer
alistair under the bridge
with three scars

near to the ground
where i was lost
in a world
of runaway

no one to listen
no one to love

well i guess you made your mind up
little girl
taking bricks out the wall
i wanted to tell you
what my life was really for

now im stuck
berried out my head
then the stars come easy
oh i float into youth
a fountain of dreams
where the sunlight frames
talk confusion into rain
so much for protection
sold my voice for gold

working for life
dont doubt
ive been walking
with all the people
that i find
beneath the sky
flying catrwheels
turn to dancing
they come alive
just like your story
so many roads
so many people
peacocks feather in your eyes
i love you so much it makes me sorry
now i got to go away
just another place to hide

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Castle Rock.

Castle Rock

If the sky was a bird
i would sing

If the sea was your song
I would sink
to the bottom like a stone

the sunlights on the wall

a wave thats coming home

didnt understand
your footprints in the sand
theres only one to can
shouting out dry land

sun lights on the wall
a million miles we fall
shooting stars that love to shine
like gas lights in the sky

tempt me to your throne
well never be alone
a girl inside a man
on the beach
i understand
that the sunlights on the wall
is the sun light on the wall

take me to your home
take me to your home

Turn Table.

Turn Table

In the moonlight you came walking
you came talking into my ear
about the shell you found on the sea
i wanted to tell you let it be
things turn out all right youll see
but you couldnt escape from your jello sea
you where stuck tied up in a bag of glue
i was wandering lonely
getting lost in perfurme

we got to fight to the forest of gold
where people still hit with sticks and stones
rocky faces rocky road
hitchhiking planes to take me home
take another one for free
halfway there with ectasy
hiding faces hide in the rain
drunk got down got up again
carninval twirls into your mind
swimming pools of blue i dive
headfirst now im alive
can you reach so far that you reach that ride that is waiting for you on the other side
dark star sister dark star ride
movement up till the end of time
time has no end for times alive
yet to begin is a nervous sign
doesnt matter how long you climb
or even if you makue the top
memories of trees being trees
rocks being rocks
can you take the weight of every spinning plate
pinball dreams cut a let play
i could sip a line
the fear a hide
driving in the rain
youll be my goddess tonight
tearing shoes fit right
love likes come and go
hides and waits to find you
heady fears drop on the road
your skin
places where we run away
take me to your heart
i cant win
break through the window
no i cant breathe

Tie Her.

Tie Her

Folding to the beat
the sun is going weep
when you lie like a tiger in grass

we can bring string
to fold you in dreams of blue
mind goes rushing up to the sky

where theres a ghost waiting for you
to come home

halo above your smiling eyes
i cant sleep but i dont mind
when we rise above the light

theres nothing left to do
might aswell sit on the street with you
i cant turn back the lines
that broke yesterday
so i wash away

gently burn beneath the fields of rye
orange stripes with spots of white

Slow Yo Yo Yo.

Slow Yo Yo Yo

The train is moving oh so slow dont give it up now get with the flow
you take a taste just won four three
moving up in harmony
when you stuck in thirst
better get a drink
standing on quick sand do not sink
stars shoot for your smiles and winks
i close my eyes and dream for you
because you are the one that makes this life rude
so far so good
to mix the movement in style
fold it up along long the vine
wipe the paste paste paste up the wall shine
freedom in mountain
freedom in the mile
we are the thought lost soul
we are the thought lost soul
leven bread and leven gold
telly on the port
going rock it home

Beep beep.

Beep beep

send me to the sleep
of a thousand years
where i
dont need to live
and dont need to fear

i was on the run
then i found my home
but now its gone away
i need to escape
i need

so i leap into the fire
hope it burns real fast
because the shadows on the water
are a moment from the past
i break down inside
didnt me to make you cry
i dont want to die again
i down want to die

theres no reason why
i should run away
i guess
i culd be happy
if only i try

next time
i will be good to you
i wouldnt hurt you
or cut you
or distance my body
because here is safe
so near is safe

awash in love
touching up my eyes
sun lit water
soft as a feather
floating in the air
footsteps looking over shoulders
drunk sober
on the colours in your hair
and the smoke from the bath tub
to touch just once
upon the mirror in the glass