Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Could be Easy.

Could be Easy

Take me far away
to a darker place
i need to see again
i want to see a face
on her dance floor
when i closed my eyes
you came to me
i even even dont know why
because your cruel
crawling through my mind
i need to zip up
cant you watch this time
i need to leave love
i need to leave you all behind
and face the truth
and face the truth
and face the truth
is there anything left to say
all we got is what we need
still we search from more
can we ever be satisfied
now im made up
yes i made up in my mind
that im not really here
you know ive already died
and a hundred times to go
will you take me
help me cross this road
because the lights shine
and the lights they move so slow
am i breathing
am i breathing
am i breathing
day light
sinks into the sky
day light
heaven in my eyes
and i thought i fell for you
but im not that star
no im not your brightest star
im just a mirror on the wall

Friday, 16 December 2011

Cried Wolf.

Cried Wolf

i dont know if what you say is true
cozz every time
ive been blind
by the blue light
by the blue life
never see you there
never never where
by the blue lines
the blue life
blue light
blue light
so light so light
every time
never know
ever no
soft sound
soft cell
blue lights
never know
never where
and if you told me
just told me what was true
would i
start to believe
believe again
instead of laughing
laughing laughing
till i cry
into a blue light
i never know your mind
and i feel
that i wont
meet you no more
for seasons
have got me feeling bruised
and i dont want to
dangle my laces on the floor
cozz these shoes have got holes in
im walking again

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Red Flag.

Red Flag

hubble bubble peroscope the feelings god of future dope
we take a little lighter train
to burn our gentle selfs away
surfing to the future coast
loving whispers
knotted ropes
lovers whispers
holy ghost
we dont we even kill the rain
sailing for a better day
bless the sound
sound of life
ever where your dancing
find a light a lapping
no where is too cold
no where is too warm
your smile your eyes you move my song
my lovers whisper
tales about the magic face
lovers whispers
here to break

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Chew chew chew.

Chew chew chew

A train can beat the lighting
that is floating to your heart
you were shouting
i wanted to turn away
because you made me cry
to the thunder
that is tearing the earth away
the little fountains
dancing through the spray
take my hundred
and feel the breeze
the rain drops
are falling
there gentle
like your mind
this world is floating
see it every way
we crawl into the light
we crawl into the light
break down the door
and wrap in two
our fingers fire
stay up stare in at the night
stay up stare in at the night

Called me Sunshine.

Called me Sunshine

Theres only one thing i want more than you
and thats
life life life life life
i need to breathe again
i need to breathe
i live to speak again
i live to speak
you can take me
you can take me
you can take me there
there is a castle
i see the sea
the sandy beaches
yes they swim all over me
a coast of dancers level lights that laugh for free
i want to hear
i want to hear
i want to hear
i want to hear
you know where you used to be
a little laugh its all i need to make me free
and one tear i cried
of joy we watched it sliding
till it was swallowed by the waves of sleeping wales
that dream beneath the deep
the deepest edges
i could see into your eyes
the deepest edges
i was someone elses life
now im just back to sitting
floating paper boats
down rainy streets
my shoes your boots
got more tangled up
then we could ever be
a little drop of rain
slip outside
dancing foxes tongues
creep through holes
to lick the soles of feet
im just back too sitting
paper boats floating
down rainy streets

Vampire love Her.

Vampire love Her

i wanted to die
i want it
wont you ride for free
i want to lie
in lights
i wanted you to stay with me
to speak as loud as love
oh why will you not say to me
that im not dead no im no longer dead to you
a heart wrote note of sewered lines
that cuts deep beneath my bruise
the ghosts of past lifes
i want to shoe shine but they just spit on me
another round of that fine fingered flock of flying make believe
now im back to where we first met
sitting in that other tree
our hair grows down it grows so long
below the tracks above the swings that bleed
just another life
cant you see i dangle lazily
wading wading
oh how much do you know i look at you
as you heal yourself
i wasnt feeling right
exactly why i dont know
but i had to leave
seasons breathing
seasons beating
wont you heal with
wont you heal with me
now im trapped inside
anothers game
squared up soft in final fantasy
all over skinny leads
our genders pacified
until i never needed it so much
its like im half a life
your blind cant you see your biting me
those bloody lines i never wrote
you know you know
your biting me

Friday, 4 November 2011

Bhang bang.

Bhang bang

cut the line
cut the line
cut the line
cut the line
cut the line
cut the line
im alive
im alive
im alive
im alive

D is for d is for digging for gold.

D is for d is for digging for gold

Would you like some heroin to touch the walls inside
control control
your circus is a lie
bathe so fine
im spinning lights and webs
soul far a live
would you like another cup of tea
were sipping in the sun
and i thought id buy another coat of wool
to take away my bones
and i dont know if i
am swimming in your head
am i even anything at all
ill paint these floor boards red
wondering if today
youll hold me in your arms
and tell me
that the poppy fields are a game
that im buried on the moon
and the stars are really just a way
to step outside and feel
where its cold
cant you hold it down
a hat thats never worn
do i even need to talk
ive forgotten every word you used to say
now my has mind has left me in a cave
and the little planets starve to breathe again
thank you look up kid we got it made
rip apart the paint to start a way
nice one purple sun
your pills taste good
i dont need to sleep
cozz im too scared to wake
havent any more
tide out on the sky
tidy boats are fun
sitting in the jail
images of ghosts
people that we failed
isnt it the most fantastic high
and i never wanted this
but now its here
thank you for the food
were to thin to eat
t-shirts never lie
ink into the tin
its something else
even though
i thought about you
every single day

Thursday, 3 November 2011



Every single time
i cut into the bine
lighter lou lah lah
the trip is unto me
telly telly phone
telly telly phone
whos faults knocking
the door is going to go
so bad so bad so bad so bad
it aint free
uh uh i
i cant i i cant reach
the sofa driver
the sofa driver
breed breed breed breed breed breed breed
tie tah tie tie tight
i cant reach

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

No Other.

No Other

No such thing
as human nature
look at the language
look at the meaning
east west
the centre
of the village
where you stand
all distances
all connection
to space
east is good
west is bad
the further you go
from the centre
the devil
the demons
symbolic meanings
play along to gamalan
represent the truth
mixed up
in the stratosphere
covered emotions
he would argue
she is representing
Itt Wong
different levels
connected to the castle
half caste
dark caste
shark tooth
your position
in the system
brave top
lower top
language is fundamental
basically its
what is
space time distance connection, really?

Firing Range.

Firing Range

Bob Marley
if you know what i mean
the dryer wasnt working
and now
the door was open
after touching the unclean
metal of strange hands
i express myself
my loved ones too
what happened to the brown paper bags
in the forest
do they
do they still
sniff at glue

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tube Paste.

Tube Paste

Looking good
in the tree of lies
woolen cotton
furry car patch
criss cross
the stockings pattern
daisy diamond
oval arm pit
apples books
charing cross yawns
a wealth of kula
thanks to the spiders of invention
hands legs necks
and massive eyes
jackets of love
golden buttons
feed them eat them
line byline

White Toof.

White Toof

Tudor steps we just keep walking
to the stars on liver plates
the word expressed
without pounds for drinking
no need to lose respect
even in our latest hour
when we are cold
without biting necks
the lights so red
are dancing ice skates
like the blood slush puppy
flashing snow
good warning
train later
laces all undone and tangled
buttoned shirt
addicted phones
blue eared girl
the music
the key
needs to go back here
clicking neck sight
is tripping
melting people
out from the window panes
reflecting light and fluffy dice
are rolling
chirp chirp chirp
just like the little birdie said

Charcoal Eyes.

Charcoal Eyes

Smoking in two ways
the drift the light the drag the pull
even in the after clouds
a light a sound the watch is on
strap broken at nine o clock
never thought of handing down
the itch the scratch
the biting thoughts
stack em up stack em up
as the cards fly out
have you got a three
have you got a three
pick em up
pick em up
the gorrilaz
at the zoo
to pack
in their bags

Ever Lucian.

Ever Lucian

Changing the ways
and habits
people are clever
second nature
blah blah blah
theres no way
my kid
is going to the bank
in the morning
there was loads of problems
reading the bill
dont get involved in politics
look at the margins
overnight the system crashed
the old ways
youll always find someone
who wont give the greeting
old skool
the old brigade
aint bothered
we want it to be habit
this is the mini mum we expect
its only natural
the bible spread
the good word
everythings down
in the same past
we the people
making machines
are going to pay for it

Kolarov Money.

Kolarov Money

Money is bad
going through the roof
leads to greed
break down
shake down
melt melt face down
watch the grape vine
black jack
black jack

Summer Sit in.

Summer Sit in

The ease with witch you switch
back is in line
with the trouble you bring
as long as the stripes
are blue and white
its easy to feel
the sweetest kiss
you ever sunk
a stone, a ribbon, a horse,
houses made from powder wings
the lost sound
where fortunes pass
spoons and knives on cards
patterns turn
secret message on the clax
a whirl of elephants
worlds end
stampeding through the clouds
to join our circus
where men with burnt out hair
grey white
cut frazzling moustaches
shout out loud
roll in roll in
to the fast train parade
its only here
till when its gone
a bubble popped
inside your brain



Sea the sky come falling
in your mind
like the last time
the first time
and every time
your not there
could it mean i love you
i love you
i want you but you dont want me
am i even swimming
i cant swim
i cant sink
i cant find the wave
am i even surfing anymore
because i love you
i want you
even if you dont want me
see the sky come falling
in my mind
like the last time
is the first time
and every time
your not there
when i wake up
am i even
swimming anymore

Movie Show.

Movie Show

your the clown with a body
whos shoes dont match your heart
little fingers
that creep up steps
a river of ice is a lovely sound
going to sleep with another egyptian
take a note and turn it to gas
cause the war is coming now the water falls
a little chicken clucking
have you got
have you got
have you got anymore
i wasnt feeling sick
i was lieing in bed
and the table turned over
now cockrels singing tells me
its time to grow out
all i want to do is you
cant we stamp out
all these flags
these burning flags
once lost
twice is round and round
now you are down
below the halls
of a hundred minds
sleeping in the clouds
that forever doubt
a ball of perfume
in a jar of mice

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Raining Arrows.

Raining Arrows

For a hundred years or more he slept
without looking
for the princess
without a pea
it was easy to carry on
stoning turning the water gates
from black to grey and back
as around the nights settled
to relax amongst the stars,
a burning car in an old worn down lot
smoked into the heavens
as putt putts
and tuck tucks
did the best they could
to give of some sort of childish masquerade
as lunch time snacks,
a piece of cheese,
in a plastic lunch box.
The queen began to blow into her flute.
All at the once the birds began to change colour
and with one last flutter,
the children merrily put every last drop
on the horse without a name.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Make Sense.

Make Sense

Yellow flowers in the bathroom
keep on singing
your a mushroom

Monday, 10 October 2011

Toys R Us.

Toys R Us

You tempt me
take me to the gauls
tempt me
take me to the gaul
i love your body
all the way
i want to murder every one thats ever bled
you take me where the devil likes to play
baby not long out of the warm
virgin blood
virgin blood
only us are like dust
a million spread legged children
i hear them crying murder in the streets of heaven
take me away
throw away the key
death to the preacher
whos going to reach for
theres guts all over fighting the beatles
follow the rain
follow the rain

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Muddy Water.

Muddy Water

When you take the water
its easy
easy easy easy easy like rain
the flames are shining
feed the devil
tell me how much you want
one more is easy
another is hard
when you threw me in the water
i was born with lights in
its dealing with your sister
shes begging on her knees
tell me where you running
take a look take a look take a look in the fire
everything is buning
all i see is white
the surf is calling
yes the water
real blazing
well i like the wishes
on the tree
take a little sniff
listen to the sea
rising to the east
dirty had a bath
how you loose the load
then you get it right back
can you dance to the beatles
grab yourself a cold
the angels are sleeping
i loved my donkey jacket
paraylsed switch blades for fun
switch blades for fun
liquid in my brain
you liqoidice my brain
white smoke flow
and flow
what a lovely place
theres a whole lotta space
by the tracks
i live by the tracks
the tracks in my skin
the tracks in my skin
theres a lot of bats
truly truly judy
so many bats
in the centre of the stars
she didnt waste time
she took a seat
on a polar bear
no lamp
just a lava lamp
the key
through the wall
so many
silver doors
so many
thirst of the sea
legs split
bamboo surf
the sand felt good
and she said to me
and she gave to me
a branch
like a doves wings
and the waves of the sea
and i needed a sip
so i let it go
into my veins
the sea
the amazon river
i held your hand
and your eyes
went to the graveyard
girl i needed more
i took your mind
we danced to the beatles

John Smith.

John Smith

I died for your sins
but you aint mine
i was a thief
caught on the sleeve
thin like a seed
i belong to you
i got no fear
a care or two
i walk on the grass
close my eyes
how much is doubt
this hear is hearty
i dont get bored
because the wind is blowing so good
yeah you look so fine
all right i guess that word
could you tell what was mine
take a look
take a look
take a glance through
the glass what you see
hell you look so good
hell you look so fine
nows the mud on your porch
throw the mud at the door
i make you mine
keep mugging at the door
it was the nice the clock
at midnight
i whisper to you
it was fire
knocking in my mind
i told you
im yours
and the dreams
broke out of jail
i run like a horse
i wasnt paid
you were soul fire
we met under the mid night
it was so easy
juicy lucy
a keep the stand in the clock like a dart
jump in a cross the centre of your heart
well a took the number
oh jucy lucy oh lucifer
were into the party
golden chalice eyes
with a perfect dye
i was jesus christ
a body with you
ah do you like you water
warming up
just before may
give it all away
its a holiday
give it all away
its a holiday



I was on the outside
you were waiting by the door
a cat in the road that got hit by the van
never going dream again
never going dream again



Red roots
come and peel away my skin
take everything
you carry me
and i see
yes i see
that its for free
me and you
we pass away
passed away
just another
lazy day
a little lighter
a little lighter
caught up in the skies
i fought the sunlight
in a bottle
one more bottle
one more bottle

Milk Teeth.

Milk Teeth

Haile rain
rain river
flow river
let my kiss your shoulder
when your older
its getting stronger
move well be better
make you better
dont you know
that the number one is low
dont give up
lead the donkey home
dint give up
aces low
on the cold shoulder
wait till its over
well be better
its easy roller
grims turn is over
make it better

Fine the cost.

Fine the cost

The warm side of the bed
has got me undone
i take your legs
put them on the fire
this beaker is wool
cut my hair
the sun

If i stay here
will i be all right
i think everything will be all right
take your life
your free

Amazon Queen.

Amazon Queen

I once saw your face
in the middle of a rave
when i closed my eyes
it was late at night
i can remember
such good feeling
wish it stayed
wish it stayed

i sent you a letter
every time
it goes wrong
i can remember
good good feeling
wish it stayed
wish it stayed

ive got a good feeling
ive got a good feeling
got a good feeling
wish it would stay

In my head.

In my head

Tak one tab of lsd
im coming with you
were not dead
its just another way to burn away
not going to fade today
were not dead
bless all the ghosts
were not dead
bless all the ghosts



I find myself upon the rice
i fought like a tiger shining eyes sitting with a bone
dancing with the wings of doves
facing every fear
dancing with the wings of doves
let the tired ice
in the barnyard fire
taste so right
just another lot of love
she was a right one
told me all about the world
i tripped on the headstones
on the headstones
on the headstones
tripped on the headstones
the fire in the barn was melting
she was my dove
she was my guardian
she was my heart
she washed my car
she was my heart beat
new found love

Skipping Water.

Skipping Water

Tony heart
pissing against the wall
tony heart
smarts say
hearts bleeding away a way
to the other day
when everything in our minds was all
i like to light the fire
i like to light the fire
turning into coffe in your cream
the lights are off and everythings the same
in a funny old way
theres holes in my shoes
as i sink into the floor
im sailing to the school
of fish waiting for a bowl
which one would you like to choose
another blade of grass in the rain
just a little light
its the same
a friendly geezer gives a wave
a lucky melody is made
when you throw the horse shoe away
ive got a friend
who went too far
every dream is in the bends
all ways

Saturday, 8 October 2011



dont wake up
the futures
not ours to know
soul surfing
each other
just one more day to go
forgive me
i lost you
playing with cards
i shouldnt throw
you knew me
i found you
now were all alone
soul surfing
your body
the day light
lets me go
how many
feel sorry
for worlds they didnt know
im lonely
your with me
im not on my own
burn brighter
soul searcher
not knockings
good to know

Hubbub a boob.

Hubbub a boob

Everything went really well
im just waiting to hear
from them
ive got no idea
when theyre going to let me go
about the job
it went well
it was fun
i wonder how many theyre
going to employ
part time
full time
phone or write a letter
if i get the job what
do i do

Roller ball.

Roller ball

Lollipops lollipops
lilly pops for tigers
come to the door mate
is it going my way
yes thank you
good afternoon
welcome abourd
the south western express

Little Thiefs.

Little Thiefs

Borrowed electricity
from platform six
a bucket and a broom stand
creaky hello
lazy bricks
wood without smoke
yeah hello
what did you want mate
yeah i did say to you
ring me of an evening
im at work
i did tell you other people that
ok thanks

One Look.

One Look

Heart goes beating in the sweet black night
lick a wish laces all tied up
bead of sweat the pouring rain
all i had i meant to hide
in the circus
of the suns light rays

Creative Networks.

Creative Networks

Get captured
by the
your free
our league
flowers beyond
the sea
white socks
our dreams
green circles
of your eyes
soon girl

Caribbean River.

Caribbean River

My love
my love
my love
my heart
coming up
darkness past
i love
i love
i love
my heart

i tell you
that your instant
is caust no doubt
i am there to touch you
i love your heart

my love
my love
im in love
in love
in love
to touch you



Nice one your along
for the ride
no worries
we keep
your hands
and feet inside



Baggy trousers
you got it got it
through third times
the charm
magic sums
move threely
in sight
the freedoms got it
thats the way
break out
break out
the cage
the mother
in the rum
on dust fly away
on dust fly away

e Z aS.

e Z aS.

Just get up in love
i was just caught up in love
pills pills pills
on the stage
nice one mate happy daze
whisky bob vodoo dave
proper smiling
love & bass
love & bass
bass bass
bass bass
bass bass bass
saxon lights
saxo drums
clouds keep rolling
till the morning sun
moon lights dusk
when her job is done
at the factory
have no cares
lights in the darkness



Freeze that water into ice
dry smoke you got it
wrapped up in a rizla skin
some smoke brown
some smoke green
puff puff the dragon
flying through the smoke
that is dry ice
all i ever wanted for
are you going
keep on dancer
twist twist two
lips that stick
move each other
with a kiss

One World.

One World

We stand up we do not
drop the boat
the boat the boat
will not rock the boat

Warm Up.

Warm Up

The echoes of the ceiling
cast a net upon the sea
the table dance with lighting
a guess i got to see
the stars of dust are calling
im wrapped up in a shower
theres no point to gambling
if your folding every hour
piller dollar do
piller do die day
surfing on the beaches
for the rythmn in the waves
piller box dollar
steal a little while
how we dance dance dance
getting happy at the bar
movement is the massive
the placid heart ghost far
sink in to the bottom
then you float in to the top
yeah you keep on raving
cozz your tip top treacle drop
piller dollar do
piller do die smile
stepping on the inside
balance on the rush
gold dust gold dust
every thing you touch
dees are getting lazy
dreams are getting wild
movement massive movement massive
movement dropping style
yeah you rot rock rough in
yeah you rough and rock the spots
little fix of angel wings
you give em what you got
cozz you rock rough rotting
easy joining up the dots
blue light spinning
when you hear the siren wail
sink in to the bottom
pin the donkey with a tale
biller dollar dealer
piller do die smile
piller dollar dealer
yeah your wicked and your wild



The smoke is beautifull
like a nebula
chorus of angels singing
for nature
sunflowers painted in a field
nature has her own way,
love smiles through all
true beauty
the dream wails
heart of a female stops
thick piano chords
how does it feel to be searching
in the dark
another life
strong memories
hes gone
break down
the lights
colour bluest jain
like a pulsing
heat slide
his soul
undid mine
greedy world, the lines
find me by the sea,
dancing fingers,
chorus of angels

Thursday, 6 October 2011

My face in a mirror.

My face in a mirror

Away away i want to go a way
Can you go can you go can you go away
A way i want to find a way
Can you go can you go can you go a way
i wave i rave i want to go away
on a weight on i wait till you take me all the way
on our way on a wave till you take me all the way

To Peachy Head

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Material Solution.

Material Solution

I got a magic clipper
its made of bags of streets and pearls
you got the brownest eyes
nature ever dealt
i can swim
you can tell
see saw see saw see saw row
a hundred little steps we take
and then we get to where we made
like a lot of life
one word
its our world
come home
run home
one home
one whirl
ninety nine
a hundred times
flaky seers
its all in the rags
turned out for better sense
wishes never
fortunes soaring
wise open
so light
soft about worry
shadows calling
every morning
ever easy
leafs are falling
dusty window
lofty sun rise
take my hand and sail with me
in the cackles
of the torn net

Tuesday, 4 October 2011



Sat down
whistling about the avenue
take the strained
tea leafs
change your thoughts
like shoes
into the garden
time to eat the strange
icing against the wall
we turn into
another day
the sun is coming
on the waves
my fascination
flying in the wind
nothings going to be
the same
wipe your glasses

Home Time.

Home Time

Youth were wrapped up
in cloud
easy on the inside
sunglasses under water
taste the blade
seeing lights soothe
my world, my world
sell them salt
to cook the oil
wrap blue tights
into the bag
sexy pink ribbon blow
your hair
a haunted house
haunted house
half past three
black naked ribbons
arnt the dress
you wear
soft milk flesh
red laced steps
chilling back
the cross that stares
at tripping sacks

Bodge Podge.

Bodge Podge

Its light
fluffy leafs
are falling
floating spin in
golden day dream
sky lights calling
winning making
tasted waiting
raining forming
sweetly landing
asking washed out
clipping forest
green stripe parcel
dust river
wave, i answered
"no more lamp posts
no more rowing"
the future the forest
its never ours to know

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cloak Room.

Cloak Room

Squeaky floor doors
on the carpet
lime green hangers
on the scaffold row
plastic fanatic
coloured stripes
ticket to the ticket to
the ticket to the sail
325 the winner in disguise
pure evil artwork
made out of plates
spinning like a dust pan
earth cream mistake



Corridors are getting drafty
its nearly time
for the ever green
to shine like lights
i want to sail away
on the hem of your skirt
wish i had a star to shine on
a lantern making rivers
for your smile
i made my bed this morning
didnt mean to cry
frozen waters
easy to slip away
singing for you to
melt good byes
rivers where i tip-toe
its nearly time
did you know that you can fly on

Mary Celeste.

Mary Celeste

Sold out myself with tattoos
crawling on the floor
these broken pieces
are my highway
and this is all i can do for you
underneath my nail
another space to float in
and now im beneath the sand
all im thinking
is there a drug to stop me sinking
into the blue
where a harp plays smoke
flames burnt across my eyes
will you heal me

Buy the Fence.

Buy the Fence

I finally finally thinly smiling found the sinking note
i like the sight
good vibes
rain fast
meet us
the last thing that i will ever do
warm warm warm
dove dove dove come sun sun sun
candle light
soft soft soft
sand sand sand
sun night sunny night
hope hope hope
warm fly
dove come come
flow come
island lighter like a lot o love a lie
we are free
to the sunny side
the sky love lights in never line
ever ever ever come

6 Feet under.

6 Feet under

I wasnt waiting
i was looking
couldnt seem to see the way
and i dont know how you speak
or how you feel
dont know why
i love you
but i do
its true
strong like angel
and it hurts
walking over
your wings without shoes
i guess maybe
i was born
apples falling
keep falling
to bruise
so much inside
all this time
i dont want to be
dont know what to do
dont know how i
will get to you
my friend
a lover is gone
now im fighting
weight down
in the hole

Bedroom Eyes.

Bedroom Eyes

April wandered through the cold
what rabbit knew about stars
then they danced
through the fire
ruffalo rides a bike
the kids
yellow mountains
hammer pills
up the nose
fighting ice
salad holes
the pictures on your t-shirt
milk and two sugars please
wendy says
come in from the storm
the dark painting
in your eyes
buddy hollys
still wearing glasses
april comes walking through the cold
my baby
im made up
ever wonder what its for
the pavement
ivy crawling up the walls
im made up
cute girl
wicker chair
fairy lights
milkshake veins
my baby
made up
crowded round the window
through the open door

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bountiful Weather.

Bountiful Weather

Everything looks so edible in Autumn
as the stars shine bright
i sing my mushroom song
kiss soft rain an a cool dark night
in the morning lets go picking
till the shadows grow long

Monday, 19 September 2011

Breeze Block.

Breeze Block

You can tell me where i want to go
take me far away
in the falling snow
love the sound
love to clap
now im swinging down form the jungle tyre
wrapped in a cartwheel
everything is so right on
to the edge of the sky we fly
rising up an amplify
to mirror of the portals call
i saw you i saw you saw you
standing in the river
and then i had to tell you
all ive got to give you
believe life is called
believe in life is called
your sails
like a bolt
a diamond upon the streams
finest coat of lighting
balance in a dream
find my soul the gold
take a light
take a line
take a light
take a line
tickle tap ten to one a goal
madness speaks
two to heaven is stepped
in futures hall
into the scold
the light stays on
but theres no-one home
i like years
you like mars
i chain to the radio
with the lice and bites
of our mothers soil
you tell me
where to go
if the river is high wont you drown it low
to the future skies
of the drinking song
i thought we could never die
i didnt understand the foreign sand
i shot myself for ever in lies
taking a sip of the paris dice
tell me did i go
i fought the skin
in the falling snow
now the tyres burst
in the evening clothes
tell a fly
tell a fly
teller teller teller fly
the shoes the shoes
the lights go on
kick off rub rub
its all about the rub
rough tough run done
roughing tough in love
the shoes the shoes the boots for miles
licking on a licking on a looking on a style
the stamp the wild the stamp the wold
finger girl a feeling going find that a girl a chord
better than a day dream better than a coat
a puddle of mud
just a puddle a puzzle a muddle in the puddle

Thursday, 8 September 2011



I know
its like choosing
between being awake and a dream
when all you want to do is die
are you alive with open eyes
or have you fallen somewhere else
for the world becomes more or less real
and its easy to see
people playing pretend
up up up up up up up
down down down down down down down
staring into a flat line
funny how in the hospital
it signifies death
the zig zag peaks of mountains
green light
rising and falling
lieing next to the ecg machine
why is it you make me think of the sea
deep sleep
a coma of waves
slips inside
my thoughts are drowning
my chest slowly heaves
once more up once more down
it does not rise or fall
as i clamber onto the bed beside you
and no longer need to breathe

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Gunpowder Tea.

Gunpowder Tea

The negative of any form, should be free from design

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Red and White.

Red and White

Santa claus riding with the mushrooms of night
white beard jogging to keep warm in the morning
darkness light and airy traffic lights
red man glowing
bricks so tasty
waterfall chorus
alive alive
the sounds you hear
keys in locks so loud
every little detail
the crunch of gravel on foot
pixelated dots
the glaciers in the leaf
zebraed stripes
peeling off a sock
toes wriggling in the air
the cool liquid feeling
cosy soft
everythings gone all hobbitty mosquey
warm and fuzzy tingles
Cheese-thief, Knotty, Teapot
milk float

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The girl with the SOAS bag.

The girl with the SOAS bag

Some places look better from the outside
than the inside
once upon a time after the mid-day sun
had cooled
i was walking in between pillars of white
underneath, the electronic razor lights,
a young girl was sat leaning back to the side
on one of the pillars learning about sorcery
it flashed through my mind, looking out my eyes,
caught by a pair of brown chestnuts
and trestles of dirty blonde hair
that this girl sat reading
had somehow put a spell on me
it is
do it
Then i saw Paul
calling out to me from behind the glass
his lips moved, they sucked on me
i moved my own tongue
let it slide, playfully over my upper and lower lip
some places feel better on the inside than on the outside
Paul began to beckon with his index and middle finger
come hither, come hither,
like a sculptor blowing life into glass with breath
i was drawn into something new
at first i thought Paul called to me because he was beautiful
in a rustic Parisian sort of way
then i realised that the girl who i had seen in Marks
with the SOAS bag was sitting on a stool
what reason had i got to enter?
i suppose i could buy a coffee
i stepped through the glass
where Paul was pleased to greet and kiss
my tired and dirty feet

Wednesday, 31 August 2011



I need to take a little walk
i want to shake off every thought
all around i feel disease
i cant find a sense of peace
then i finally hold my own
blinking lights im coming home
so soon
what is it that im waiting for
the message clear as water falls
tells me youve got to go
cause im getting tired of all these lies
and again i find myself getting burnt by something else
when friends become poison whats the cure
take the slide
take the slide
take the slide
take the slide thou shall not feel

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ram ball.

Ram ball

purple cat
hum the song
strum like a kettle
whistle pop!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Days of the week.

Days of the week

Monday its Monday
a brand new week of fun day
you might talk to a cat
or find an old map
there's adventures to come
cozz its Monday.

Its Tuesday, choose day
the week has just begun
so much to see, so much to say
so lets have loads of fun.

Its Wednesday, friends day,
hooray! for meeting
on Wednesday
a diamond of dreams
in the middle of the week
I cant believe it
its only just
got to Wednesday.

Thursday Thursday
fur coats hanging in a wardrobe
on Thursday,
off we go
lampposts and snow
hey Mr Tumnus,hello!
its a furs day.

Its Friday, Friday
Blackbirds baked together
in a pie day

Heres a well cut slice
looks good
and tastes nice
help yourself
to the magic
of Friday!

Saturday its Saturday
the day of sitting get fatter day
whether your lazing about
or out tickling trout
blowing rings to the moon
on Saturdays.

Its Sunday Sunday the day of the sun
is Sunday
whether its sunny or not
freezing or hot
the sun always shines
on a sun day.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Golden Virginia.

Golden Virginia

Going to move you
a brand new spot
where the moon glows
the sun shines hot
going help you grow
in the window
in the window
in the window
how much is that
and never going stop
until weve taken back the beach
the tide were taking what we reach
i feel the sunlight on your skin
i whisper songs that let you shine
now im climbing up the vines
every golden leaf i find
going to move you
move you to a brand new spot
where's there diamonds on the beaches
dirty blood that's cured by leaches
the tooth paste
pours out

Tuesday, 16 August 2011



I used to get high at my school
never got taught being a fool
running around
head in the clouds
breaking a new set of rules
ive got to admit its getting intricate
a little more intricate all the time

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Rain on the windows of a train.

Rain on the windows of a train

A universe of Hayley’s comets streaking across the glass
a million stars blazing meteorite trails
deserts burning, rutted warm canyon
American prairie, Jack Frost sand painting
samiad layers
the Rocky Mountains wall gone, the cosmos empty
moving and still, the world is born, proud
like a forest of trees
each drop contains countless solar systems
what would happen if one merged with another?

Above the Grand Canary a storm of shooting stars
the race is on, sliding prophecies
these stars are like seeds rushing towards an egg
“Roll up Roll up, place your bets”
each with its own pace, a point in history
the slate wiped clean then the rain falls, hard
attacking the quite carriages intrusive taps crack the glass
as the train runs faster and faster
a myriad of new galaxies is born
here I am, torn away
far below, the loud thoughts of earth cannot be heard above the life pulsating silence of space
armies of big bangs zutt and slide
in an orgy of electricity
even more beyond the glass
past this incomprehensible cosmos
stretching to the horizon
two lovers reunited kiss where sky meets sea
an infinite different worlds inside your skin, your eyes, a tear drop!
i laugh at the phantasmagorical
if butterfly’s flapping wings cause the earth to quake
what happens when such tears fall into the sea?
would the cosmos be forever changed?
what if I were to name out loud just two of the drops
streaking patterns across the windows
would it still remain?

Monday, 8 August 2011



Sinking to the bottom of the dress your wearing
whisky oceans keep on rising
the colour of your skin
set alight
the fires burning
now ive got
now ive got
now ive got your smile

A tissue.

A tissue

Scars of purple paint in gardens
about a circle
we all fall in
sleeping beds alive
lift us
out the glass
where do they take you?
through the window
we all fall in
forget about the sound of breathing
bodies on sheets
dead your moving
whats the deal with the funny fingers?
a rat on pills got no need for stealing
rich scabs keep on picking
rich scabs keep on picking

Tenement Basement.

Tenement Basement

Snow flakes
on your daughter
lets waste
lets waste
falling water
lively sunrise
hows your father
could be another
bottle to go
dirty blood
on the celling
muddy whisky
boxed up in a row



Four eyes
just before sleep
run your skin on the table
forget about chairs
sitting down aint what you want here

Tea Cup.

Tea cup

To the diet of the sun
i got put away
a colour get you
i thought of fun, i thought of fun
i thought a photograph
tooth ache
too late
you took a pull
drowned a pill
now your coming up
tooth ache
i fought the silence in white china
falling out the glass



Tap into the bowl
lets the water sink
boxes of string
seeing eggs on the ceiling
peeling again, peeling again

run and find a buyer
run and find a buyer

havent got the bottle
havent got the glass
sticking back the pieces
all about a broken jar
throwing out the tables
cracks are heavy
on the tongue
heavy on the tongue

this is getting lazy
twist of silver foil
boomy from my darling
speaking on the floor

Sunday, 7 August 2011



Bury me in a box of kentucky fried chicken
gnaw on the bones
whilst i make glass houses out of loads of rolli's

Friday, 5 August 2011

The Rude Shipyard.

The Rude Shipyard

Christ alive this place is rude
when im in the shipyard of dreams
the walls make me turn
peeling my skin into a cat like banana
ripe outside colour of cheetah
yellow tan with lots of black spots
the ghosts of the sea inside
watch, until i slip over
furry stripy
now im the right size
i can curl up on the cosy sofa
under the stars
beside the desk with the magic drawer
and sleep.

Walking steps on colourful stairs
shoes get covered in invisible paint
blue green orange marine
cherry sage yellow purple blossom

and leave footprints everywhere
its like being a child again
stepping onto a tray of thick syrupy block poster paint
one day ill say goodbye
to the peaceful road outside the window
follow them all the way to the woods.

Im woken up running around the night garden on the sofa
by two men i cant see
past the crows nest of gloves
you ahoy!
chatting about mushrooms and drugs
"ive done a few things and its all been brilliant"
pyramid of the moon and sun
i can smell milk on the table
jade eyes open
i can see a boy surrounded by books
writing stories.

Drawer in a desk
A tiny silver cup hit with a pen rings true
what is it for?
a jar of artwork spills
milk on the table
where the bush fires burn
one white eyed triangle pupil
dilates slowly
a smile from a beautiful creature
contracts blinking day into night
from the tea, on a spoon
the spicy smelling bag wraps up
in the tiny silver cup
hit with a pen rings true
pearls pearls pearls
the mice climb out the drawer.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Electric Chair.

Electric Chair

Its hard to see its hard to speak
unless you have the words
the answer that you seek
can be near or far
dont matter what star
you turn left at
if you havent got a map
then you havent got a map
mouth drops open as a mouse gets
shaking in a hand
minds gone blank
beautifull creatures
keep coming through the glass
come in through the glass
on the grass
off the grass
love the taxi
on the grass
off the grass
cant sleep
cant eat
dont know
what to say
every choice made
sunlight or rain
whats worse
knowing it didnt use to be
this way
no morals
no questions
no stage
just act
you cant see
my eyes smile
as i draw in pen
on your back
a new tatoo
heaven is bare skin
we the glass
break through
diving of
water falls
on empty chairs
opposite feet
it would be easy
to fall back
slip into the carpet
swallowed by the soft lake
of the floor
to swim fish swim
or begin to sink
i see your colours
bright like a night
full of lights and stars
shining all over as you waltz through the ocean
i drift further into my own skin
dropping beneath the floorboards
of the chair im sitting in
water stones
floating down with a feather and a hammer
till im standing underground
surrounded by the cat whisker people
who live in mock tudor houses
below our feet
somewhere ive never been before
these sleek haired red cloaked creatures
in the nose more rats than cats
walk in shabby circles
they dance without moving
i have to ask
have you always been here?
is it alright that im here?
if they could they would reply
open their arms out wide
instead they keep them hidden with their voices
robed inside
i dont know why
i look up
id rather stay here with the cat whisker people
then go back to sitting in the chair
sitting in the chair
i can see the patterns of the ocean carpet
everythings wet
psy trance rave
electric fish
ghost past a sinking feather
scales shimmer beautiful
hammer floating on top of the sea
not even damp
the lady standing opposite me gives up on the broken mouse
sulks off
there are people sitting on shelfs like books with broken spines
dont know where they're swimming too next
they havent got a map
havent got a map
i havent got a map
havent got a map

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Variety 57.

Variety 57

Did you ever hear the story of the man who painted eggs? It’s said he went mad. A bit like a hatter whose ingested too much mercury. Except he didn’t go mad. He was tricked. Should I be telling you this? You’ll probably won’t believe me anyway. With faces. That’s how it begun.

I never realised that every clown has a different face. Of course everyone has a different face, but what I’m getting at here is make up. Clowns make up. No clown is allowed to have the same make up as another clown. See, different faces. Its clown law. You’d think, if you were of a peculiar mind, this could be used to great advantage. By whitening up your face, and applying the particulars of a certain clown you could easily perform by day steal by night. A quick scarper off and let some none the wiser good natured sap with a red nose feel the full brunt of any criminal investigations. I suspect it happened all the time. A passionate love affair amongst performers. I mean even working in an office or coffee shop, casual relationships, can spring up over time or in the heat of the moment, into something shall we say more intimate. Imagine then the roaring flames of emotion, interaction, and seduction that lick at the canvas walls of circus tents. It is said the shadows of lust burn above circus troupes like flickering spirits of fire. It would be easy in such places, for one performer to fall for another. Perhaps a clown might become attracted to another performers girlfriend or better yet the ringmasters wife.
Day after day, the two of them sharing the same space, breathing together eating together, sleeping, apart but dreaming such sweet hot sweaty dreams. Soon they rehearse a dance together. Alone, touching each other’s bodies and eventually they end up. Well you never know just the right amount of rage and clever application of make up from a jealous husband could see, the wife’s body hacked into pieces, and her innocent handcuffed lover packed off to jail. Two bird’s one sponge.

Maybe all clowns are conman, thieves and criminals. I never really gave clowns too much thought. Until I found out about their faces. If every clown has to have a unique face, then a record has to be kept somewhere of each clown’s particular make-up. If you thought like I did, that this would simply be done by taking a photo and putting it in a album or catalogue, you’d be wrong. Each clown has their face painted onto an egg. These eggs are then kept together in the clown museum. So when a new clown decides upon their face it is checked against all the other eggs to make sure it’s different. This also means that it’s someone’s job to paint the eggs

Right now, the task falls upon a lady who lives by the sea. It was the previous painter, I was more interested in. Especially as in 1965 the entire collection of eggs went missing. Missing! I couldn’t believe it when told. So I didn’t. Especially as no-one seemed to be to clear on what happened. How did the eggs go missing?

I began asking around at various clowning events. I started going to circuses, and before long I was cornering clowns after they finished uni-cycling or swallowing swords in town squares. I even attended one or two children’s parties, posing as an uncle or older brother, which was easy enough if I kept my mouth shut and just hung round at the back until the end of the performance. It was at one of these shows, after Magic Mickey, had packed up his balloons, feather dusters, juggling balls, and other pieces of apparatus, and I confronted him, to ask about the missing eggs, when I twigged. Something didn’t add up. From what I had pieced together from all the other clowns that I had spoken too, the running theme was that the eggs went missing when they were being kept in a restaurant. At first I thought the clowns where pulling my leg. The more I hung out with them, the more I realised that clowns were a funny bunch. I don’t mean funny ha ha, I mean funny weird. Although I’m not sure whether I mean weird in a good way. They all have similar traits, its like there looking at the world through a fish eye lens. Talking to them sometimes I feel like they’ve all found out about the secret of how to turn water into wine, sunlight into gold. Except there’s no way their about to share that information with just anybody. Unless of course their another clown. So it would be just like them to try a joke about eggs being kept in a restaurant.

Was jesus invented by a clown...



Im not like you i don't see the world in the same light
pie is not a miracle
it is everything
which doesn't mean anything at all

Water colours and Ink.

Water colours and Ink

Inside a old wooden shed, at the back of a garden, an elderly man with curly white hair and matching white beard, sat on a stool in front of a large, flat desk.
On top of the desk were little pots of paint in almost every colour. An assortment of brushes, most of them small with thin bristles were kept together in a glass jam jar beside the paint pots. A tall clear glass of water stood elegantly between the paint pots and brushes. There was also an egg. A chicken's egg.
The man stared at the chicken egg. It was blank, white, Faceless. Perfect. He began, first by picking up one of the brushes and dipping its end into a pot of red paint. Onto the egg with the brush he painted a bright red nose. Then dip, went his brush into the glass of water. He swished it about a bit to make it clean. Then dried it on his painting trousers. Next the brush went into a pot of blue paint, and with it the man deftly painted two blue eyes, above the bright red nose on the egg. The brush dipped in and out more of the open pots of paint, their heady scent combining to swarm the shed in a wafting perfume not unlike petrol. Whilst together the man and the brush painted more and more details onto the egg. A giant white mouth, with a red smile, dark black eyeliner around the eyes, massive eyebrows, a purple tear under the left eye. The man even took out of one of the desk draws some glue and a piece of black felt, which he stuck on top of the egg, to give it a rather fetching mop of black hair.
There was something else on the desk. A photograph. The man who painted the egg now looked at the photo. It showed the face of a young man wearing full clown make-up. This was the young man’s very own make-up...



Whos going to be next
to walk down the steps
theres two empty chairs
at the table
dreamingly waiting in the sun
another sip of black and white
on cherry lips
one pair came down
missed them
thanks to a hat
made from straw
the saxophone plays
"no worries, they weren't for you or me"
wandering eyes caught by waitresses with trays
missed another group of four
wondering whats up the stairs?
why not take a left at the lamppost and see
or close both eyes
as smiles sit below the steps
behind the sea singing
in front of
brightons music hall

Friday, 29 July 2011

Real Life.

Real Life

Outside the window
on a bench beside a tree
as cars pass on by at night
a man sits happily
strumming guitar
for his lady
and his baby

Lost Again.

Lost Again

Ketchup is bold
and the table rocks
back and forth
just like the ocean
waves behind our backs
pencil falling
clicks on the floor
jeans rub on flowers
a saxophone becomes a drum
now the lighters gone

i lost
three things
during one song

Shake Shake.

Shake Shake

Wobbly table
dont spill your drinks
went to smoke a ciggerette
but the light spelt out
cross feet
uncrossed in the door way
where we taste the sun
now the moon glows
and the water calls
touch me
hear me
sink into the sand
and i will tell your name
roll up
another star
call me
draw me
and i will treat you like
no other lover ever could
skipping over the ocean
never dies
just like a picture
taken by the sea



Trip swat sposhes on the table
secret disco fish be there
leather bags come from the water
iron legs grown from the sand
lettuces sit together
on plastic chairs
a trolley with wheels
becomes more than your fortune
comets fire burn bright in the brush
paint all the bodies
on the rocks
every time you sniff
you get a drop
sea weed massage
feet in the morning



Hanging in a glass jar tree
shines a candle light
just for you
doves of string
of string

light breaks
through the cool you
gentle rain
opens up your arms
greets your lips
your lips

speak easy
the depth is hard
to find
but you, your here
welcome back to life

cross silver
crossed silver
on the sand

crossed silver
come inside
the gypsy is
with you
words written on a palm
whatever voice
you write, draw
away away away

Pink Petals.

Pink Petals




walk here

Turned Stone.

Turned Stone

Trees become doors
acorns start to grow
a kittens lost
its mummy
black cat
in the wood

Fences Sing.

Fences Sing

Its midnight on the box
its midnight on the box

Jack Pot.

Jack Pot

A tree is like a river
a tree is like a hand
are you laughing at me
a plane is in the sky
chipping all the clocks
saint francis of assisi
waits to scar you in the garden
whats cutie looking for
in the glass bottle
before the boat
follow the wet stereo circles
breathe on the water
draw me
red beak
shiny jacket magazine road

Income Tax.

Income Tax

You want some
you get some
you need some
you lose some
you need some
you get some
you lose some
you want some

take it alive
take it alive
take it alive
take it alive
take it alive
take it alive

you need some
you want some
you lose some
you get some

sun your one
sun your one
sun your one
sun your one
sun your one
sun your one

take in a nine
take in a nine
take in a nine
take in a nine
take in a nine

now you get
now you get
now you get

Thursday, 28 July 2011



Washing suns to brightness
i can only talk my way
cant you hear young girls singing
how lobsters flirt and play

blushing sun in brighton
lonely talk to my blue day
hope you hear the song bird singing
as mountains wash away

walking sands through darkness
dont make me talk, weight
listen to young ones singing
how upstarts flirt and play

watching surfs of brighton
let me talk in wise lanes
cant you hear the young boy's drowning
as the sirens float away

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Coughing Underground.

Coughing Underground

Life is rich
life is poor
how many how many wake up

dont call me ill call you
unless im berried thirst

sunlight likes to shine
in our eyes
every night
how many how many wake up

life is rich
life is poor
working for the devil

cutting silver
just for you
giving up rings
before i die
diamonds cant fight this war

going to take back the lock
throw away the key
how many how many wait

gift of bones back to the ground
travelling my veins like a bubble
sit up jack get out your box
the voices say dont kill her
heaven is all over our hands
comb your hair keep living

life is rich
life is poor
how many how many wake up



Fussing for the trouble
fussing for the fight
i got something
i got something
if you have it hot outside
you wont need it cold
tempt the fire
tempt the fire
take the lier out

when i see the light is on
irate i feel all right
slave bread around my head
i dont want to break the goal
tempt the fier
take the lier
take the lier out

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Fire by the rough sea
tumbles into the soft road
beach for the skies



Do you look good in a pair of hoofs
i think so
take me to the dinner
take me to the dinner
the dinner of winners
take me to the
i dont want to die on the street today
your a mouse
im speechless
your incredible
you may say
but im not
the only
its so easy
out here
i dont care
whos laughing loudest
year after year after

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Jungle Smash.

Jungle Smash

Once upon a time
on a rocket ship
in space
there was nearly
a soft toy massacre,
all the soft toys were flung
venomously out the window

"see yah"
Tigers, Monkeys, Penguins,
lobstar, frog and a giraffe

lucky comfy grass broke their falls
surrounded by trees
under stars
jungle smash
"the soft toys have landed"
on butter moon

The tigers hunt newspapers
The monkeys cut out letters
Froggy goes pop whistle pop
The lobster boils, tea
The penguins stick together
and after breakfast
girafee went to Sheffield to see Jess

Friday, 22 July 2011



One in a valley
and everybody loves him
still they dont want to know him
cause his eyes are so down
and the lights in his mind
make the moths all fall out

but they need what he says
and they feel what he plays
even in the dark
they find
the truth is better
from lips that dance
to the sky

rain drops
from puddle
all about ground

and the moths will keep on floating
till they find their wishes
back inside the cup
watch them fly towards the light

so many dreamers
just for you
sending star storms
to pop at night
above your house
they shine so bright

all your dreams will come true

all your dreams will come true

then they turn like lamps alive
sharpen breath
wen can find ourselfs again
time never lost

i will see you on the moon
i will see you on the moon

Thursday, 21 July 2011



Lioness id like to buy some supplies we can head into the sun slip into the cracks slide down the tide to the tunnels of white cloud smoking in the sky till we fall into the golden brown waves what we looking for is life a leak on the river

light floating down stream to the sea
i was born in the rain
like a forest of trees dancing
waiting for the aching veins beneath my skin
to find a way back
to where i belong
inside your Amazon arms
away from harm
the centre of the storm
two worlds joined
to make a universe reborn
centre out of control
we stand in deep
on lines in the sand
we are forming
foam tastes in the moonlight
cant you speak
look into my eyes and see
i cant hide



What is it
without paission
its nothing
just you i dont think your right
so lets leave it
leave it
leave it
leave it
leave it
leave it
running on the wall outside
im just not that bad
i dont see the signs
i wish that you could feel
how i feel tonight
see the world busting
as it explodes into fire
without passion
you are nothing and thats why i i i i i get so blue
come tell me about the river duaghter
thats why
thats why
thats why
im dancing on the string
you peel
and i feel alive
we take of our clothes
and go running through the rain
into a bed of sand
its like your surrounded
by the stars above our heads
thats why
thats why
trouble is my middle name
but guess what
im not that bad
thats why
thats why
thats why
you seel my body
and your tearing back my skin
fingers touching like icicles
as we melt away to rain
truth is leading up the stairs
and how were here in steps
our skin collides
you dont give me any warning
as we find it in our bed
the passions here
and now i feel
so mad
its all about
so mad, so so mad
its all, all all,
all about you
give me all your finest dreams
ill turn them into sand
thats why im bad
trouble is
dont feel blue
dont feel blue
thats why im mad
you give me something that
ive never seen before
thats why
im mad...



The sunny times will be alight that you dont know
but it can save your life
theres a window
floating stories in the glass
as water falls
a thousand leafs
im floating into powder
turned to dust
i fall down
clouds of holes

people keep on talking
i can see
they tell me that im here
but i dont know where that is anymore

i fall down
clouds of holes

i think of you
you think of me
did you know your eyes
just gave me a second chance

im back to life
and now i feel
i didnt know
that this is real

its here and you are there
writing as you swing upon a tree

i have got the sweet disease
you can tell me
where i want to be

the rivers flowing water love
beach for the skies
im coming up
through powder dust
and lots the glue
the sun it shines
on me and you

i fall down
clouds of holes

the bucket peels
in fields of wells
sixteen more
till we set sail

i fall down
clouds of holes

Wednesday, 20 July 2011



I am a weightless voice
without size
when pain becomes pain
it will be easy
just light leafs
a gently blowing never know which way there going
now we can see
the patterns that they hide
brave jaguar
leaping through
electric city
moving in and out
of doors
proud as any star
that shines
voices in the dark
shadows of past
present future
space and time
fall in
onto a candle
with lots of ghosts
triangles, circles and squares
when the needle breaks
your skin
the tricks to remember
there is no spoon
at least not where lemons
turn to water
hear the sink
is like
an ocean
see the matrix
is a little window
black swan white swan
really there is
no spoon

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

No reply.

No reply

This is movement like waves cross
surf upon the sea
a light a ship a land
not deep
shallow with the falls
niagrara plucks as
sirens call
from the storm
to the new world
not yet reborn
falling in a barrel
of dreams
that loves the air
the forest keeps
the pockets
of space
within our sleep
where time no longer
seems to tread
or steal
just for a second
far away
a light shone
from the plane
frozen in the sky
when the colour changed
starlight to silver grey
the planets moved
in line
and broke the spell
for just one day
to be so kind
some kind of other life
in the never world
as bright suns
spin into the dark of night
curtain lids
close on eyes
and vision opens
onto a stage
wrapped up lit
and ready to smoke
a way
to lucidity...

and then we fly

Monday, 18 July 2011



Every new day in the bath you never know who you might meet, and what impact these meetings will have on your life, some find it even more exciting,to wonder, eureka! or "what excactly are you doing in my bath"



Each new day on the path you never know who you might meet, and what impact these meetings will have on your life, some find it even more exciting to wonder, "how will i impact on everyone i meet."

Friday, 15 July 2011

Hell Kitten.

Hell Kitten

catch a penny falling guy stop me growing lazy
back up onto a wall im going pop a daisy
shooting moons for scarlet nights
ive found another lady
lucy luck keeps burning strong
girl im going crazy
sinking in the sky at the night
lets make another baby
my rush
my rush
goes cold
my rush
my rush
goes cold

have you got a diamond
lizard licking cages
popping wizard
folding styles
smoke along the pages

i got
i got to go
you got you got to go

girl your dress is burning
yes your smoking like a fire
i can see your skin is glowing
i want to get inside you

dance with me
move with me
we can make it higher
swimming through the funereal beaches
to the land of kaya

dishing out fourty fives
we got the whole place smiling
theres nothing that can stop us
so we might aswell keep climbing

kitten we are angels
pretty much
ice cream
every night i go to sleep
your with me in my dreams

let go girl
you really got me going
so lets go girl

our world
take in darken nights
our world
its always shining bright

coz were brighter
yes were brighter
yeah were brighter than the stars

a thousand seeds of lightning
banana trees on mars

so lets go girl
really got me going
let go girl

my rush
my rush goes cold
my rush
my rush goes cold

Wednesday, 13 July 2011



Darker on blood
stranger than a train
this life slide
a shelter for the stars
your coming home again
and home is far away
home is a far away

easy telling what you got
you sold me stories
for revival
stories for revival
stories for revival
ive gone

this sun is turning
into something else

in low is new lost
the sea
is coming to the world

ever dreamt of darkness
ever dreamt of darkness
for your girl

Wings of a dove.

Wings of a dove

All alone at the bottom of the pile
second class
i got no style
i lack purpose
its like i want to move
but i wait for you to go first

Its too quiet
i cant hear
my situtation
i want to know
when you kiss yourself
because ive got lips that
can take you somewhere else
eat in when your crying
kiss of life
which would you prefer
for me to tell the truth
or for my mind to start lieing

lier gets what he wants
doesnt pay a price
his morals are crossed
like silver
pieces of hurt
selling bodies out
four deserts in the earth

pepsi when they dont have coke
look around its all a big joke
pick up the pill
yellow or blue
do they make you tired
or do they make you feel good

cripled by hunger cripled by disease
im a thief of the sun
and a jewel of the leaf

stuck in a tough time
i can make it work
dont give up on life

based your actions on looks
more fool you your going get hooked
what is it your going to do
i dont have a future
so everything is new

are you here to abandon me
sprinkle dust from the urn
all over the sea

white hair
meets hair of black
you got no prospects
when your locked
in a sack
its not your fault
if your born to lose
good luck
finding something
out there for you

please wait
the teller
tells you what to do
the system is down
so now you get to choose

lier or will you tell the truth
you said what wasnt
and invented something new
my name is doug
how do you do
i used to be mark
congratulations this ones true

new world
to the manipulator

its not as easy as you think
sitting at the bar
have yourself another drink

money the casino never wins
when you look over there
im going to move my chips

funny how lies can work the earth
spinning like a spider
catching all the hurt
dreaming wishes
on the ceiling
things have changed
how about another date
ill pick you up tomorow
a round about eight

i got the gift
now i can write
going take back my job
and stand up for the fight

its the greatest movie ever made
a ninja army crashing into babylon
all the way from outer space
a naked mutant wedding
far away on mars
a kiss
a mind warp
the black plague
up in the stars

my dad was a burgular a thief like me
except he had to tell the truth
so they threw away the key
locked up alone in a cell
a bucket of holes
in a world full of wells

death beeps inside the room
going to see your friends again
dont know if thats the truth

well i wanted to
run a kite
like the wind
just one more night
in the hours
when were free
you know
that im still
in love with you
wherever you may be

its not a world of nothing that waits for you
its a world of dreams
that never ends
sleeping lions
so many candle lights

tell me what happens when you die

major tom he puts his helmet on and lights up in the sky
a blue planet that likes to shine
like the sun is in your mind
theres no black hole that you cant wipe out
fluffy dice
i remember it was nice
it was nice

look beyond
see the world
you all have
most amazing lifes

what is it that you want
my angel
to be your angel gabriel
your my best friend
dirty word
one angel to another says,
i love you

All over.

All over

A banana skin is like a pancake
cutest thing i ever did meet
marks of tiger
marks of leopard
cosy white slice
glazing over crumpled
all wrapped up
on a sunflower
like a car crash
head on collision
arm out on the road
touch me
touch me
somethings are better left to lie
skin dragon
freckle sea
black and yellow



you got the light
you got the life you got the leaving on the side
i see the beat come shining through
no falling tree
everybody speaking
the feelings come an go
you got the line
you got the line
you got the line
you got the light
singing about a beatle
zing about a goat
you got to fight
got to find
got to find
what lives in right
tell about
tell about
the weight of gold
giving out a fortune
take a pound of coal
hammer rocker
hammer rah
sailing on the ghosts

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Zero one nine two.

Zero one nine two

I was talking about the future
to a bright new day
when i saw a robbin
fly away
i said hey where do you think your rushing too my friend

i was thinking on the inside
about the street
when i started talking
to my cell

can you tell me
where i
meant to be
coss i dont know
any more
i dont know

you got to shake it up
wash a finer feeling from the wax

see the beat is lion like the stars
fisher man
fisher man
fisher man
sitting on the moon

hey whats going on
can you tell me
can you tell me
can you tell me
coss i really want to know

well life is goot
life is goat
seek a peek
a peek oh peek a doe
lack on the bean
luck on the ghoul
singer a golden feeling all the gold of the soul
singer a golden feeling all the gold of the soul

hear me aygo robbin i dont wash on the side
tell you you love this life
even when you weeping
an a wash on the tide
zing yah
see the lions face shine
as you look like stars
your a beauty
like the truth
all around you
make it
you make the love come
out of the cold
you make the love life flow
is your body
oh so sweet
love you
just coss
i love you
take it
its for free
how are you feeling
i know
your feeling good
its knotty gum tine
away away final nine
luck she is my lady
afer all the time
save me
ill take your way
i shoe gone
like i should have gone before
i shoe gone
like i should have gone before
higher i an i like the day to day to day

Goat Driver.

Goat Driver

Kaya rock on
dont burn the soul
of future
the weather is much older
than your sun
bright rider
looking at the stones
ghost knighter
looking at the river
of the road
turning into fusion
with the warer
bucket do away
come daughter
tell the rivers soul
your are sister
born to fly
welcome to the future
weather is the water
a take a stick i like to ride
with the stone
and carpet
the carpet of the daughter
the future of the mirror in the sun
we are burning
see the soldier running
soldier run
its nearly over
now im older
i can tell you that ive seen a lot of crime
how they suffer
but theres no such thing
that can quench the souls fire
we are stronger
then well ever know
taste the water
let it run
taste the water
let it run
we are strong
i an i
higher moon lick
leven pon the sun
my wheel barrow
has only got one wheel
now im growing shorter
see me yesterday
take a walk her
i love to seed your face
we got a drinking
dream of gold a laver flow
me water song
a star
bursting of fire hard
and the ice and the ice and the ice
and the ice ghost walking
ghost walking through the storm
to the city
of a love beat cold
armour voice
wrapped with salt
lick a fire pon the water
ribs of burning goats
to sea you got turned

Be Tall.

Be Tall

Singing to the beatle
in the rain drop
life is long and hard
when it covers you
but you got fire by your side
let it shine
you dont need to hide
bury yourself in the corner of your eye
your mind has held me oh so tight
now im flying
and im wiping the tears that i cried
girl you got living way up high
now i know
i never have a doubt
picking up rivers
while im mugging clouds
im a capturer
a duppy conqureor
struggliong on a feeling
till the freedom burn away
no i wont wait
never going go away
i can burn strong
like a beatle in the rain
never the loss
and never feel the pain
of the fire
burning by my side
its a spear
that a throw
flowing thorugh my mind
thats a river
rolling on the waves of time
freedom is here let the dust and shine
in the morning
running to the grass
and a dream come back
yes a dream come back
wait in thought
never got the rain
like a beatle in the sky

Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster

I cant race no dove
if the raves un done

i need the love
of a far away tree
where silkie
lets moon light shine for free
oh the saucepan goes
man i cook
i cook for you
cookin up
heavens fruit
nature kissed
bruises heal
what kind of lies
sink in the meat
monkey shines
breaking free

Safe Ray.

Safe Ray

Have some
hansome man
this world is yours
take your choice
you dont need to rush in
found out what makes you shine
leave the load
of a heavy down
well alone
you can do without making yourself crazy
safe safe safe
its easier
only a fool goes chasing gold
running on running on
running on
hear say what you dont know
i dont know
but i know what i like
and if it make i feel good
then i know
its right
you must be
safe safe safe

Sweetness and Light.

Sweetness and Light

Mighty glow
giant rock
feel celebration in the moon lit night
hide away
hide away
so strong
leave a life
how life go on
freedom high in the sweet sun light
mighty glow
giant rock
fall into
the love of the moon
feel the sun
as i lie with you
watching stars
spin away
make a wish
cant find no better place
take a while
take as long as you want
wander near or far
run away
come back home
and star you shine
loving light
feel so fine
giant rock
mighty glow
you are the sunshine
that makes my life
love it all
love all right
sweet darling
in the moon lit night

Baby Back Ribs.

Baby Back Ribs

Little oven in the earth
bless my sight
the garden is shining
rescued from the mountain
field of poppies
weight hurt
thins easy going
start floating on castle drift
building bricks upon the laughing sea
more blood for you
blood fire for me
little oven in the dirt
tell me whats it all about
theres a stone preacher swaying
say life is living
the weight of roses glowing
talk about
being happy
field of poppies
raisin up
the street
is electric shiny flow
tell me about the washing storm
when raiders cut
and rivers blow
break down trouble
through the hurt
little oven in the earth
make food taste good
for you and me
love the life
of living free
take a taste
coming up not down
soothe day light a lovely sound
little ovens in the earth
little ovens in the earth



In the garden
of your body
is a forest
that lights my mind

in the photo
of your mourning
see the sunlight
has another life

to the garden
floating body
wander in a wild rose



A gypsy dances on the sleet, the rain splashes on the cobble stones

Fire burns beside the road
in a carriage with bars guns are clicked
bullets into chambers
a runner
fast sprints
as the crow flies
to saint pauls
drop leap roll
break open the door and enter
the stairwell
planed attack
skin meld
pain of bear yawn
lantern spin
fleet feet run to the spiral star
white hot beauty
legs akimbo
virgin bride
snake tooth
parsel tongue
inside the flame
lick her lick her
into writhing ectasy
pussy rubbing knotted rope
moaning doctor
hats off
all day
to the floor
hand grips knife
blast crushes ears
horn of goat
twitchy legs
the detective is here

String of glass cut finger nails pane of life
the girl is worth more than the lord
time of death

To london
where the bells chime
handsome lamp lights
the sun shines on bricks
as the sound of gunfire
makes men fall weak at the knees

The hudson river
flies like a golden eagle
the patterns on the wall
gunpowder and smoke
bullet holes
that conjur
sound into silence
a whistling kettle
sits on the fire wood
drewn curtains
sunlight bites
like a vampire
sweeping away the dark

Knitty knotty stictchy day dream
robe of bohemia
fraggle wool
skin scrapper
lady charmer
fallen eyes
of love

A ocean of sound
the chit the plates
the scrape the knifes
forks and spoons
show your teeth
show your smile
rub rub rub
eat your food

a gambler plays on the boxing match the rent doesnt fare as well we remember that the chair will move across the black and white tiles, the waiter waits for no one more wine, ink all over your face your beutifull face covered in drops from the quell, rose cheeks, lighten skin, the ring is missing, perfect lips, splash, the wine flows out the glass to land on a cheek, that stings, bee stroke, buried, in the ground, final cost, congratulations, dinner is served

in ireland we coil
up togethor
in to each other
soft as sand
our bodies fight
and smack
the skin
a dance
a barley wing
fingers fawning magic in the air
slap and tickle
a hanky
from a lover
away with you behatted smokers
the spit and sawdust
red dress
were done
flem on the back of the head
controlled fury
blue flame
shaow lin temple
unlucky for some
get ready to feel
hot pain
the hurling crowd
didnt see it coming
one bottle one plug
all over

penton block eight
inside out
shut up
behind the gate
whats it all about
theres someone i want to see

meddles of pearl
in candle light
drawn eyes
glows of moon
pendantic scale
lizard pupils
grow in surgery
order from chaos
time flys
ching ching
you have been sent for

inovation wood
empire of industry
winners of last night
gloves on
don curly
inclinations of culture
grand silence
blooded nose
the river
over the river
fuss fight
out the window
everything out the window
dance to the waltz
the dockyard songs

This way
this way
the crowd is in a frenzy
old cock young cock
the crowd is in a frenzy

Heroin has got you
a strange effect
on all the inmates
gets inside their heads
the beast is rising
above the turn
the bees
who is like the bees
the honey bear
feet of apple wood
great my invitation
scratched on rock
a mystery a mastery
shabby finger painter
cool eyes lack mercy
dead skin
earth out to space
a wish to catch
a bird of life
choppy stairs
east india sailor
the gravity
we are bound
on a nature twisted
wrapped in steel
our minds
fight the fire
three more will die
who made this possible

what do you want
can you answer me
shall i send for the father
for the mother of us all
is that your answer
or is this only
the beginning
let me jig upon the noose
fill my veins with blood clots
i will die

cracked waking
the nuts
scraggy on the tiger skin
pink satin
olives from afar
a party of tea
peruvian safe
wispy hair
eyes of past
necklaces diamond
squash the air
sip at china
suspicious of the cut
inside the letter
glitzy wagers
on the street

the mud the dogs the horses chant
the man
in the dust
one eye
a little change
god save the queen
smokey jack

twice is such a long word
paddling in your human canoe

rush window
back scamper smash
open air
false nose
hi yah
into the coal pit
planks away
follow the fox
sweet bean
a knife edge deal
double whammy
cuts on purse
bird cage
bounce to the drums
circus fire
flap jacks
roses are red
hats on scarf
rises back from the grave

the third day jesus christ coughing rich no one dares enter the tomb rough rubble in the dark fancy a trip in the daylight serpents cover pillars harpy's sit at guard
the earth reveals face pocket watch the time of maggots gap tooth
i know what i know and i know what i mean
role reversal life is death, another crow

raining glass of ice
drunk scratching piece
follow the flame
a friend
reading palm
gypsy chanted
world of wonder
enough dust for all

theres no way you can leave him on his own
he needs you in the same way you need him
without you his life begins to slip
another way
a different world
without the sight of gold
a dark place and dark times
no less good or bad
different though
to what it could have been
when you decide to let him go
drop the catch like a dripping tap
red spots on the cobble stones

burnt out of the ink
fuzzle chemicals
roededendron forest
jitter hand boil
bell jar
watch it dont fizzle out
fizzle out
bursting fireworks all over the place
candy syrup molases
toffee apple
burnt potatoes
giant problem
fun for the fight
sticks and pans
and iron legs
strangled electricity
inside and out
faust the fiddler plays

Monday, 11 July 2011

Carribean Winter.

Carribean Winter

Its cold out here
but the trees are hot
in january the winters
to freeze you
inside so
keep on stepping
dont stop for
out of the darkness
is the most shining light
i see them sparkling
all over the trees
outside the hackney
town hall
the central library
people hung them
for other people to see
people planted them
for trees and people
to breathe
bright lights shining
in love and peace

You dont take cards do you,
lucky im not a card then

Hooray for reggie the cage is open
the parrot is free hooray
for reg
the king with the key

Spinning a coin
a seven sided
twenty pee
heads or tails
heads again sitting at the bar
a half of
a half
for free

I can see your belly
i can see your belly
and you dont care
cause your so happy
chewing with your beak
chewing everything with you beak
dangling upside down
on the keys
play and fight
that aint a parrot
its a painted pidgeon

Wale diving
swallowed whole,
swimming through the mouth
to tail

In comes the basket
to the pub
cockles and mussels
door sale
a nice coat
noticed in the light
red stripes
long boat
past stories
of tubby
which would you like
pepper and vinegar
bit of lemon
mussels and cockles
it aint nought
at two pound fourty

Crack em down one side
along the shell
then roll them out
nice and easy
rainbow island
folk lore

The snow crab biggest of them all
has a seat on the wall
at Captain Jacks

Imagine if i was real
how good it could be
instead im nothing at all
just another dream
that cant begin
to make something
lost in the wool
im lot in the war
and there isnt even any one to fight
im just losing
because i dont understand
how or why
imagine if i was real
how good life would be