Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Friday, 28 January 2011

Melted cheese clock.

Melted cheese clock

The sea the sand the glass the bottles the electic windows i hear you enchanted im a spirit leaf rushing river moving leafs
enchanted me
you have reached through the screen
stepping in reflection
moving into the mirror
through the pain
i can enjoy again
the rainbow
we are chai du enchanted
turning mermaids into trees
with our
we are chanted
back togethor
on sand thats freely
beneath the beach hut
shadow trees
feel the surf
connected roots
entwined in harmony
mountains dancing
enchanted you
enchanted me
the nine
you enchant me every time with your
chocolatey warm heart melting sensuality
burtsting through again after again afer again
more than a million infinite rays
of gorgeous golden sunshine
joyously i am undone
into any little thing
every little thing
mice eating ice creams
melted clocks
in day dreams
making cheese toastees
in the kitchen
what time is it
maybe party
why dont two become one
power of spice
just dont put your
white socksizz
in it
with my red boxer shorts
ding ding
unless you want to
meet me in
because i was born
id lose a leg for you
in that good old way
who knows where
ill die
maybe in san fran
where my
on the beach
like the shadow
branches swaying
from the trees
teaching animal lore
to saint francis
of assisi
you enchant
me with
san fransiscan
i feel safe
like a knight
wrapped in white satin
at peace
with the surf
gently lapping
off every ocean

j.m barrie knows all about the surf
caught between between the mirrors tide
red queen
red knight
never where
never mind
night and day
hide and seek
cock a doodle do
sleep awake
death and life
childhood grown ups
space and time
lets play
lewis carrol
lets play
louis lane
clark kents
mad hatters
march hares
door mouse
lucy in wonder
alice in the sky
doctors and nurses
no such thing as
mummys or daddys
were all souls
just the same
at the
soft cell
tea party

Time Love.

Time Love

you are absolutly gorgeous sparkle sun
fountains of colourfull dye
never sheds children
the tears in my ice cream are melting
ninety nine fortunes sung
for the brave
to the indian girl
foxes running maids
impetous youth
faint hearts never won
little white doves
pills in my day dream
im awake
ring ring
in love
with time
ring ring
beep beep
if i only
if i only
the tick
the tock
so soon
the return
a present
the silver spoon
from the past
mission on
cant stop
got so much to do
reaching out to the stars
staying on the earth
creating melodies
out of the freshly cut glass
pickin up in the sand
pick pick pick
why wont you pick up
ring ring
your phone
the coins
brush my feet
on your golden skin
heaven is swaying
in a hammock
in the trees
with you sweet time
fingers canoodling
harmonious chords
alpha zero
nine one one
emergen sea
my love is true

i cant stop
i got to go on
its strong so strong
so real
i feel
it in the pulse
of this wave
the beat of my heart
my blood
the smell
mixed with mud
the steps
into my veins
pure mind
one the sale
i got to go on
why would i stop
so wrong so wrong
on breathe on
live life to the end
my friend my friend
where are you
so true
so true
breathe on
dream on
breathe in
dream in
were flying
sky rising
to the valley
of water floating
rivers in the tide
catchers in the rye
freedom fighting
we wont stop
dont stop now
we wont stop now
we are the diluted pupils
of the neo lucid
show lin master
tiger fu
the waves
the waves
your voice
pure harmony

you have composed yourself
when i feel you
i see
that your feathers
into freedom
and it makes
me go
every time
you step in this life
your ghosts
what i see
it takes me
to ectasy
there is no place id rather be
then in your eye line
every time
you walk in the room

cuts on the grass
dont step on the glass
walk in reflection
i call your name
i crawl on you
im spinning webs of sugar
for you with my spoon
falling honey
fallen angel
you are everyone
im the needle in you
your the needle on me
painting every colour
we ask the window
do you see me
i ken your name
whilst spinning sugar
im a spider
dripping honey
the spirits on you
spirits on me
im twisting a web for you
twisted just for you
flying free
i call again
fly fly fly
whilst crawling across the floor
asante shane
caribbean remedy
twist spin spin
sugar sugar
ant rock liver hall
we spin our sugar
webs on all the
factory walls

i pray to the,moon the,mood that the party wont ever come down to soon for in this violence the heat of the street the puzzle in the jigsaw puddles i cant seem to break through the sense of your smile im dancing in the latest night the knife edge living speaks to the fish in the nile your smile smile smile after every part we fix trying to float back to life to reality i can see that the answer lies beyond the grave that place where we are back home warm and safe i wonder why the drum beats move me like im repossed a house squatted out for free the diamonds in the sunlight sinking into
my blood lines i find the time you take the wine to the few the fingers on the train we bring the change the acid acid acid house rave
smiley face
old space new wave
factory down
the ghosts in the machine prayer wheels ever circling round and round
lets hit the button
push eject
helter skelter the jet pack
get set jet set go
manic miner
cant kill time
dont waste time
in the line
every time i die
we die
dont die
lets not die
lets stick around and smile
after this party
lets fly togethor
i can hear you
your still singing
your not a memory
your not an echo in ,my ,mind the ghost of time you are alive
and im alive
after every party
we fly
shine shine shine
to the underground station
and we ride for free
right on
you got me
you got me
with your smile
tick tock
i got you
i got you
you cant fall
ive got your back and youve got my watch tatoo
after every party we fly
the flags go wild
vodoo child
dancing like reindeer
created twelve hundred thousand years ago
ride on time

black on blue
i can see you through
this train on its track
black and blue
were black and blue
through and through
right on backie
all the way through
black to blue

knocking on the beat going through the door
to the fire
one two three four
the sound of the bell
ali rocking his key
the genie in the lamp set free
lets go through the door
the same
in this space
no game
no race
each and every one
one two fire free

ph baby im climbing to the sun this is the prophet alpha numeric zero six six six one
i dont want to hurt you
ive come to clean your guns
turn them into star dust on the moon
green powder for the tea
nine nine nine six zero one five one
this is the medallion
i wear for you
i cant hurt you
you can hurt me
because im a planet
that cooks in the alpha numeric zero the hero zero one
if you leave me for another venus
burnt up in my sun
i freeze
when you leave me
with ice age
well come in
fallen squirrel
this is zero six six six alpha numeric one
weve found you a planet looking for a bright new sun

i love driving in the rain with you because travling makes me so glad
i aint drinking doing drugs my body is night the sky
no headaches in the morning
truth plain translated
open books in bed
im here for you
my middle name is danger
dont be sad
im glad
im not dumb
i cant pretend
im the same
your the one
thats got me mad wolf
howling at the moon
im lunar ticking
sliding of the day
into the sky
because im truth
translated plain
in a book
reading into your bed
the dreams are blue
the ocean
im mad dog
about the blue
true deep colour
how deep
the colour
true blue
thats why i open
out inside
mad wolf
at the
bad moon
nude rising
out of the earth
on my motor bike
a vampire
covered in bones
named blade

whos bad...

Wednesday, 26 January 2011



If you was a parrot
you got me twisting sliding
when we fling
shining colours
in light
our feathered bird smiling
in ears
the paintings
our stripes
run out forever
im a parrot
in the window
smiling hello
the colours all
trip so steadily
calm zen
im waiting
for all the windows to
smash smash smash
or am i just
hiding seeds in the water
pretending to be
what you are
we are trapped inside
our cage
or free
because this musics
got me seeing dead bodies hiding
beneath the floor
why im smiling
because the skeletons
were hiding
make me in to
something that
once was long ago
to be a ghost
or not
to be
out of the black bottle
pit king
sings bartholomew jones
ive been long lost underneath
the sea
a long time
e yo ho ho
lots of ghosts
set sail
and dance
upon the beer keg
i thought you were
a wooden parrot
pinned in me ear
your not
your shining
in a cage
just like
the galaxee
half rising
weve escaped, death once more
until tomorow, when well do it all over again
still life smiling
silver blades
behind the screen
... --- ...

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Nice one Milch Mouse.

Nice one Milch Mouse

Its right its bright its simply the best your ever going to taste
better than drinking two pints full of ying yang signs
amazing beautifull
more so than gold in a bowl sinking with sunlight
oh yeah mate
just the right amount of dj's
i dont like this cooking
i love it
billie and pam
kicking up the recipe
in the kitchen
desert island disks
if your shipwrecked
and comatosed
welcome back to life
sizzling beats
tasty spice
fucking hell dell
pardon my french
but ooo la la la
charlies angels
dont like reggea
love it
this ones going to be the best
thats ever hit your lips
dolly dolly dolly
rock and roll
totaly in control
good food
better than good
this is
the tip top treacle heart drops
ten out of ten
sploshingest pops
if i ever get to eat anything
well put me in a barrel
and throw me over a waterfall
heaven on a plate mate
heaven on a plate mate
respect to the dj
cooking in the kitchen
or to put it pure and easy fun...

party on
even better than popping a caremel milk mouse
hang on
can it get any better
just found a whole bag of chocolate mice
pam i wonder if you know how much my heart sings when i say
nice one pam nice one smashity flakity nice



Can you understand
i think i can whats inside of me
its freely beating
its my heart
pumping blood
drinking air
my lungs
i feel safe
warm and dry
and my wish my wish is that you are too
because im smiling
yeah you got me
holding in my hands
i didnt ask for
never asked for anything
but you gave me gifts
for free
so many
that youve made me
then ive ever been
you got me circling like a diamond in the sky
musical strings
through the gates
to paradise
flying over the river
im a signpost
and a tree
you got me
you got me
with a glass of cold white milk and one cookie
nick drake
kissed me
like heroin
my head tipping back on the chair
body washing
my skin is breathing in dreams
relaxing high
patti smith
sit on
im dancing
cool hand bean
i wanted to be a signpost
wish sometimes i was as simple as a teapot
im near your near
its clear
happiness in a glass
nick drake dripping voice
bringing me even higher than i was before
i could have been
any of these things
somewhere in another time
you take me to where ive been before
confusing squirrels
with scrolls
where does the needle begin
in the past
future dreams
on holiday
paint turning red sky nights into clouds of grey
sitting out in a field looking at stars
staring into the candle light
soul musics got me wild
outside your getting wet
not knowing where to sleep
mountains in kathmandu
light through the trees
sirens spinning
dont fly
you dont have to fly away
i do i do
ive been in this place before
reading a book by candle light
i love this life so much it makes me smile
i didnt ask and you gave
coming back from the rain
i love you so much this life it makes me smile

only thing is my smile
shining on a razor blade
cuts so deep
i have to move away
and start again
or else ill escape

holy smoke mate
you guessed so easily
the only word
do you say hello
or shine
written on your shoe
is shine shine shine
thank you
thank you
for all the biscuits
you gorgeous beautifull people you
the music and milk in the glass
i was always pretty happy
or sad or something i cant ever explain
i thank you
i thank you
to all you dreams
and all your dreams

Snow Globe.

Snow Globe

You take a look through the window and you cant see you cant see you cant see whats really there because your on the outside looking in, im dancing in a day dream, its a snow globe, flakes are snowing like, crystals through the dragons eye, im crying strongly, if you know what i mean, then you can see me, but you cant, see, because your on the outside looking in at my snow globe, dreaming, im dreaming every day, wishing, for everyone i know, shaking why do we shake, why do we shake, why do we shake, shake shake shake the snow globes, flakes are flying, shooting through the air, its like walking outside, in the rain, feeling sunny, so sunny, everywhere inside the snow globes, on the other side, were there, togethor dancing, dancing, because we know were as different to each other as snow flakes through the dragons eye, my ice creams melting, melting, in the rain, like water turning into ice, i wonder, how many times, have we both died today, crossing over the river, in our magic boats, staying alive, is that your answer, or did you find out the way to travel, is to break down every barrier in your mind, floating like a snow flake inside a snow globe to settle down, chilling out, gently with time, i found myself on the outside, im shaking, why am i shaking, its because of the flow, sometimes happy, to leave the snow globe alone, then suddenly, i pick it up and shake it, watch those flakes go swirling through the dragons eye, a monkey with a calediescope, painting, im painting with bananas, trees made of mars and mercury, crazy from top to bottom, furry fuzzy, knotty, day dreams, sleeping in the snow globe, standing in the stalls shouting, these are the good times, these are the bright times, yours are the bright times, and by some amazing war of the worlds chance like martians from mars we were all born everybody here right now, at excactly the right time, tuned on to, radio goo goo gaa gaa, welcome to the snow globe, our snow globe, on the inside or on the outside, above or below, lots of ghosts, dance like snow flakes, its the free keys peace east wood show all the way
to the low lights on the west side
to the lay land on the western sand
where silver people
silver people
on the shore line
stand waiting golden lanterns voices calling out to the sea
what can you tell me
what can you tell me
your just a snow flake
inside a snow globe

im not you know
im a lost soul
trapped on the outside
whos getting more and more tired
at just looking in

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Tap has sprung a leak.

Tap has sprung a leak

The soothing sound of a water boat
kept calling me
to the future
home of claude monet
where the trees
painted like little balls of icing
on top of a cake
spoke sweetly in french
three words


Dont go on the terrace
no you musnt go on the terrave
the police will come and get you

i want to smoke on the terrace
you cant smoke on the terrace

This is the road i wanted to go down, yesterday
Underneath the blue sky way
down hill
rue du malubauge
flash forward
1200 years

Jacob the bear, beggar footed wandered the street, his hand behind his back moved from his hip to his bald head, Jacobs other hand held in place, his grey rug which, apart for his trousers, was the only possesion he had.

Jacobs short hair curled and his skin was browned crisp by the sun. As he walked along the rad Jacob looked every so often, flickering for the ends of ciggerette stubbs still smouldering to light his last.
His blanket, grey and bobbled, he wore like a kingly robe, as he wandered through the moving sea of colour that was the people.

It was like being an underwater anomaly. All the people were fish, with different shimmering scales, some went higher, some went lower. Up or down. They moved togethor, some in schools, some with a different style of grace altogether.

This constant movement was like swimming in the sea of the moons tides, a flowing river that flows both ways constantly circling.

Apart for those that stop at the sides, who are like the blobbery ferns, beautifull underwater flaura to match the gorgeous wonder of the fauna. Its rare in this sea to see anyone that goes against the constantly moving tide, dancing back and forth with jarring steps, like jacob the beggar, no direction, like the circular river in the sky. It would be strange, a strange sight to see, a fish deciding to stop, in the middle, and let its school move on, whilst it remained. Still, motionless.

Curious, how many more will stop in the middle, sit down on the sand beneath the waves, to witness the wondefull sights and sensation happening in the rich colurfull sea.

A bus stops, to let off a local hero. Jacobs bare feet padded along the sun warmed ground towards a crowd of people. For the first time there was a disruption in the flow of traffic. The crowd of various people, children playing and cheering, old people gazing on, fathers mothers, youngsters, boys girls men women, a mix of wise faced locals and tourists in funny hats. Stopped.

They had to stop.
There was a blockage in the road, a dam across the river. A bus had pulled up. The police had erected meatal barriers, photographers camereas flashed clicked and whirred.

The hero of the village had returned.
A fast runner. Winner of the race. Jacob didnt understand why this would stop the flow of the road.

Did she do anything weird,
did you behave yourself
I behaved myself
She behaved herself
Did you shake her hand
I shook her hand, gave her a pat on the head

What happened to the flow
thought Jacob
and he
decided to take a leak
tap tap tap
so that the spring wouldnt dry
the rivers flowed
the moon shone
and as jacob moved
behind tides
the colourfull
again began to
swim in
their schools
dancing togethor
like horses
in the sea
of dreams

Wednesday, 19 January 2011



Theres a gypsy
never where
from waking
whirr king
walk in in in
in dreams
king whoa king
a walking
fool on the foot of a moon tine

horses moons stars
ride natty ride
swirling colours
sea sky
golden rivers
float by
out the ice
fire melting
aztec temples
smokey faces
time explorer
hitch hiker
hero balance
zero the
midnight raver
mission on
they say about games
myst sticks
no fear
the fight against rasta
in a world built on confusion
natty got the
magic object
a fire
burning all the gold
pyramids in temples
no water
no rain
the fire
yattioh yattioh
ey yo ho ho
massive fire
in the city
the aztec cities
natty cowboy mission whey
on beach
too late
well that cosmic natty dread
has got on his horse to ride on again
see you later aztecs

Allah whoostah ooo

Nuts and berries beautifull day i wonder if ooh de lally in the garden there is an acorn singing just for you to the trees, the night, and the day

heya sun smile heya moon shine
winters dance to springs climb
spinning colours
autumns peace
floating rivers
moving leafs
to summer
all the colours
dark to light
drinking sinking
ying yang tines
youve got the sweetest effect on me
life signs
back to life
i can breath air
moon safaris
jungle buddies
talking with the raver
aint no nationalastic party
flock togethor
one tribe earth people
bezzy mates forever

you gave me the sweetest disease
now i can breathe
walking soon to
the safari
in the moon
into the seas
were fishing

releasing the stars from our nets made of time aint no true soulfisher who would use a rod an line ,what we do is lightly touch fish to trout trout to fisher, gently tickling rainbows sister brother brother sister, we dont want to be catchers in the rye, we want every bird to freely fly

yippee caloo callay

a maylo honolo

theres a spy glass in the city
that slides to the country
back to nature
out of the window
in the hills
would you pick up
such a spy glass
if you had a choice
would you pick it up
quickly moving on
following business
loving the people
cyrstal balls
looking inside to see
or rather than the
glasses soothfull eye
would you rather
smash the mirror
into good luck
burning the city
into the country

yes yes mate mate you give me something i can taste
its story creation
i was writing words of inspiration
on a wave
feeling heavy
this is great
thank you
and rainbows for your magic love potion
you soothe my weight
on a way
on a wave
start a wave
a way
chemical sisters
chemical brothers
peace and love
living of off air
sharing breathe
with trees
in and out
like the tides of the sea
sea seas

have an wonderfilled day of adventure
or creation
or cosey slumber
or all three
plant a house
build a tree

wha hoo

follow the pole
what pole

who will be at the gypsy fight
of old john fa
ole john fa
of doon dun bar
we call the circle
call the circle
call the circle
in glastonbury

bee yaka yaka yah

funny news
my birthdays
this saturday
in janurary
im reborn
by the power of text
im a



Distance the darkness in your eyes
Two pearls of sight that lead you blindly
Through the night
Underneath the pure clean sky
Slipping through the cracks
Gently sinking into the dirty
Rivers tide
Scraping snacks
Unseen bye
Throwing orange peels
Cheer stained lines
Above my drowning
Seagulls fly
Safety is reaching
Across to
the other side
Where gryphon stands
Guard over
pretty truffles
On the way to
the floating market
was where i rise’d
to London above
or did i float
weight down to london below
you cant have both
the cracks the cracks
you cant have both
never never
caught between the mirrors tide
above or below
we decide
every time
we fly
rise die
foxes, pidgeons, rats,
like pop-eye
my foot steps
souls i know
no matter how hard
i try to walk above
my heart always sinks
through the cracks
through the cracks
forever it beats
my love
my love
my love
rosey my love
you cant have both
know you cant have both
from up above above
i strike out
row row row
towards my heart
that for ever beats
like beautiful hales
rain storm
way down
wave deep
for me
in London below

- can you spare any change please -
The girl looked up at me, scraggly strands of dirty brown hair, almost shielded her eyes from mine, but i could see her soul-laced chestnut eyes were brown, and full of despair,
Aneasthesia, i cried, its you, your alive, i thought you fell on the night bridge,
"do i know you"
I told her about the rat-chief and door, but she just stared out blankly, confused, She had somehow lost all memory of london below,

"My names Mari, not anna-whotsit, so can you spare any change"
I was holding onto a piece of cotton wheel, wound with red thread and with a needle stuck in to it, the cotton felt warm, I handed it over,

"cor, thanks, and its got a needle"
she looked happy suddenly, we both smiled at each other, just for a second,

"may your palms be crossed with silver" I replied leaving the girl Mari, who had once been Anaesthesia sitting underneath a bridge, around the corner by a peeling poster of a band called primal scream
I noticed on the palm of my hand someone had written in blue biro, the stars your life will shine, then i opened a door in a dark pink brick wall of a warehouse, the door became a sort of chipboard wood before it faded, into shadows i could see the blurred outline of a forest of dancing trees and spinning leafs hanging on small pieces of white string

"quickly Richard come on, what are you waiting for" sung out door, shrilly, from the other side
and without looking back i left london above behind me
for ever.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Rave Maker.

Rave Maker

hey you sitting in our cloud passing all the hours down wont you stay wont you stay why wont you stay with me sleep in my dreams wont you stay with me why wake from this escape why escape from this slide lets slide lets slide and rattle the roll we walk on shining windows the fountains that we cast traffic lights we glance the lights sip and spin so sweetly with the sky notes the dragons in the clouds lions faces smiling to the halls of enchantment where years ago they showed us the way to play saxophone you know you know slacks and sweats drips that taste sweet music art factories records bass lights thumping shining in the cars new new new new new new sticks and stones pots of glue underneath the shoe a diamond soul roll fade roll
curtain fade
number seven
feel alive
number seven
i feel alive
number seven i feel alive
seventh heaven
makes you shine
clap to the left
clap to the righ
ooh click
ooh jive
number seven
in the rain
pull on the string
the water came
flood a wash a wash in the ride
number seven
skipping on the mushroom road
to the land of faery
to daffodils
the club with the plate of white pills
take one and try
stopping cars on the street
dont need lights
have a good life
on my phone
i need to see if i can find two bottles green standing on a wall
got the adress post the letter
with a stamp of porridge
sealed with a kiss
electric city cat kiss
deja dj vu
mc allan
rat pack leaving in this town
captaining ships
to cocoa island
let their hearts all shine
i feel fine
oui feel fine
number seven
johnny faa
is alive
alive alive alive
were alive
and weve always been
and its ok that you are
i love you
do you
i love you
i love you
all you need is love
and maybe
one more touch
of a wing
dreaming numbers
of how to draw water out of the sky before anyone ever thought to fly
dont ask the question
just take a chance
leaping into the music
people your love is people

Cliff Hanger.

Cliff Hanger

Let me return to the beggining where the night didnt seem to be as cold days before happy daze, outside my window grows the leaf trunk shadows in a dream i got stung by a bumble bee, small tree you cant see me but i do you, hiding in the forest sleep, lazy seas of mercury following foxes playing chords of harmony, ethical trousers this belt is free, underneath the stars dreaming of the moons on mars, hello fishy where would you like to be, i want to swim with horses in the sky riding underneath a lullaby, sea horse squawking to a parrot, hello hello shiny shine sitting on an ear lobe, if you have it they will come if you play hear them drum to the sound of sights far removed from anything other than armour down thats the way to pick up the time passing in the hour glass cards words we take from the beach tearing of melodies on the surf integral to the worth the ivor dozen cause the pain e light memories give me a chord, ci, give me a chord ci, keep that chord going, sea sea, sea, gently gently every night we gently row through our nightmares to our dream boats with bottoms made of glass like bottles that let us see whats real beneath, eyes open eyes closed sighing softly in our lashes, bat wings sing,

what would you like what would you like what would you like to eat, i hear you in my sleep you would like something to eat, my sweet my sweet, feel free, help yourself to a slice of day or two or more more more

or mabe just maybe you, we, dont need anthing at all, maybe just the air, breathe or maybe, perhaps we, you, ill just burn another ciggerette to forget the regret ive left you behind. Floating smoke up to the mountains, where the rain tastes good the sun still shines.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Can you write in the dark.

Can you write in the dark

Its impossible
to see
my hand
except how
i can
the artist of esher
it is here
running its tap
across the bow
of the boat
colours dance
a milenium
sualysis purticles
i can see now
the particles
the swim to
atoms electricity
is so bright
not i want waves
lets be free waves
i want to travel back in time
to when billie
switched off the night
one light beautifull moment
the waves
switched off the night
the waves
and for one beautifull moment
the world was completely dark
and i couldnt see
the waves

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Soul Rescue.

Soul Rescue

On that day of reconcilation. My bubble was popped. Heart attack city. Id die if the clock at waterloo was gone
sitting above on the balcony looking at people like lowry
painting match sticks in heaven my broken bones
A cat has only nine lifes
Sings you only live twice
Once for life
Once for dreams
My dreams was alive
Then pop my bubble was burst
Like a pune of glass smashing
The world turned into something new

I was waiting for you and there you were. Smiling in the sunny day. I felt good. It had been a long time coming. Today was a day i felt for a new moon to rise. Fly jim e fly fly fly sweet jim bean. The way i saw it. Something clicked inside of me since the start of the year. A trapped wedge of emotion. A load of liquid on the brain. Had been released. I was able to see and feel with fresh senses. Good it was like breathing again for the first time. Powerfull. Every breath a riot of colour. Seat and sanctuary. Eye and eye. I felt like electricity. I feet tall. I feet as I walked. I imagined crackled.
Mastery of depth, of sight of time.

In the january. Winters fall scream I knew not then what I knew. What i was to become. I know not now. Only what i am. As i gaze onto the sleeping face off, on a cover of a blue book i am transported i through the cool laced patterns inside the tiled cheeks. To journey through the hard to see places behind open eyes.

From now i remove myself and walk the other way. The paths direction is onwards yet i decide to turn around and go back.

Like fish escaping a crocodile snapping its jaws shut a thought swims happily into the waters. This is winter. In less than four. The year will change. Winters fall will be here again.

Snap. The crocodiles on the banks of the river nile, twist their styles into inter steller, alligators.
Winters fall is winters rise, winters folly is winter shroom.

In a bottle of rum
i found you
in a bottle of rum you sent me.

were both the same
are we all the same

Reading our future in butter mixed with jam streams. Unfolding wooden boat shapes in the pitta bread. The spirals create life skies. Yellow i jam. Yellow hits out yellow green and red.

So there we were mid winter. Sitting beside each other. In our home town. You in chair i next to the sofa. In between us a table with a lamp.
The battle of rum. Passed between us. Outside was all sparkly. Inside the glade. The smell of a stripy jumper, a festival jumper, breathing in the scent of home.

Making plans is the ultimate sin. A mockery. For it is an easy bowl to mix in. This is what i want to do, this is where i plan to be.
No race
No game
flow swim
jah love
jah love
earth people power
people your love
is people
pure soul.

Did you bottle it
I bottled it
we bottled it
love potion number nine
now we give
it out for free
to every one
we meet

One sock for you one sock for me
we always swap socks
odd socks
jah rastafari
magic voodoo
far out sea
ying ying
matching pair
lions of judah
on my souls
rocket ships
for billie
lions for
the queen
of garbage
creating stories
odd socks creating
matching pairs
of love

One of the secret ingredients clues
its all about the socks.

Squawk, said the parrot on the inside, Squawk. Squawk. Squawk.

I just say, and i wonder if uncle bob once say the same i and i

Nice birds, they like the sunshine, singing outside.

Odd socks
in the washing machine
singing together
birds to the sun
sun to the feather

Dead Dave.

Dead Dave

A pile of boxes a basket
and a trolley
my broken bag
sits sleepy on the shoe
shine, fiazal
will you do it again

question unanswered of course i will
well in
only if money demands within without
the baskets crime
your not a shoplifter are you
the words i talk are nothing
but the truth
evidence taken down
used abused
mr shadey
porridge apple tree
i want three dinners
a day
meat on my plate
ive eaten three different types of meat
be yourself
now im going to lick
the window clean

The window is my prison my memory my ocean

In my dreams you gave me soap to wash my body clean

Like the salt covered in surf
The scratches in my skin
You rubbed oil over my human confines
You palmed rock crystals over my flesh
Picking up the bondages of shambalah
The kite stalkers
Monkey Skittles
Released twice out of the box

Jack the ripper is Oscar wild
Jack, the ripper is Oscar Wilde
the clues in Dorian grey

Black and white rum the colour of invention

Buttons, wheels, stamps, bicycles
sealed with a loving kiss
lovely lovely
cuts of coffee
you shouldnt have
A card felt in the sea sea sea

Soft as houses
marshmallow houses this floor is a key to the grave
the pale blue kitchen island door
half life
i am dead
my eyes are closed
the light through the window orange glowing turns itself
into a globe
an apple bitten to the core

ive got these walking
that love to touch your
your sexy gorgeous body everywhere
they love to slide about pillows
wipe circles on your windows
massage all over the clothes
you like to wear
when your naked
now theres no crazy thoughts escaping
they like to take you higher and higher
somewhere safe
we both are flying
rocketeers ginormous
smiling banana
boating loops
around the moon
then floating back to earth
breathing on and on and on and on
realise were not dreaming
wrapped up togethor
in our little bottle of perfume

oh funky groovy funky channel twenty seven

switch to the microphone
chanel number nine
all the way to late nights
calvin and klein
four three two
aqua dancing on the moon
all the way to bbc
one blue ray dvd
for all
and all for one

boom boom
dead lucky dave

dead dave dead dave
every bodies
dead lucky
full of
good luck
proper well
dead dave.

Dead dave
die grave
every bodies

Monday, 10 January 2011

Sky Rising.

Sky Rising

Turning back from the piss
galaxy of the
shining beaming
tortoise shell
rocking on my
win king
is at
double lights
eye sore
cats eye
is in
and out
of the
in the toilet pool
turning back my shoulder
in the bad luck moon
negro way
mirror eyey
my pink fancy
tottenham cake

volcanic moon tines
pumpkin moaning
flecked with
pot pouris space
melting flame
shadows pulsing
octopus storm
blow fish
puffer spikes
glow fish
rise sky rise
leagues apart
the sea
in the barn
lights and guitars
voice rising
im a little hot air
ninety nine
floating over the waves

You can sing.

You can sing

Zebra your
curtain swiped
every green tree
surfing on the orange white
striped beach
the seat is
skew whiff
shadow seat
ying yang
in the
dark crystal
my essence
grey to white
sin king
silver topped
tooth brush
lamp posts
shining colours
to the floor
white blue
green blue
blue orange
pint white
tooth paste
doths bowler
mother red cap
dance with the lady
entwine brush
and tube
in the
pot right
way up lean
on the mouldy
smellling grime
walking on the earth
climb back up your tree
sing about the moths
for your faery
bringing you
release her from
the smoke
curls in the snow globe
smashing winter
emergency breaking the glass
musical frog stick
ticka tacka
tinker bells
on pointy shards
of molten sand
to the summer
splashing in the
glitter cascading
spring rain
spinal diffia

Sweet lake town.

Sweet lake town

Ive got a bike that wants to live outside of cider fields
sweet and sour gherkins sitting in a jar
pickled by bevelini the great with vinegar
camel hump full of bags of tea
back pitted with flakes
of greed
chive straws
dessert island
well that only works
for the family
pink box magic of lebanon
vanilla flavouring
your toast
with badminton nets in the garden
lifts to the bus
with a bag of mount kailash
sieved vegatables cubes
wild like a mushroom child
snorting all the glue
butters gone away
your sweet
my onion seed
sacred pockhara monsoon
rain rain rein
stay stay stay

Chucking me music.

Chucking me music

singing about the mood
the rainbow
star lights in
the neighbours
the suss
on the road
pulling up
in front of a zebra
your palace is beautifull
the bar
the next door
next door
the bistro

stars and moons
on every
the hot air
carnival in the sky
fly fly to the egg
the russian dreams
blessed with ribbon

the castles colours
softly creaming
discos on the tables
we taste the light
here the colours
here the colours
this bistro
is your lullaby

cant be alone in gallopoli
surrounded by
alladins cave
the lights are
deftly formed
with the
of fingers
on one hand
the prom
a bell
the babys
sacred carriage
flying above
the chairs
stars and moons
i ask myself
where is the lamp

is this the lamp
my drum kit
on its its
a basket
a trumpet
of bread
next to some rice
the genie
wishing for
your wishes
the church bells ring

shining in
the hand holes
on this
climbing sticky brick work
past the watercolours
to a sheperds
sat up in the white
sea crests
above the
black and white
drinking outside
whilst the water
waits the waiter
palm on
whats real
of table
or perhaps
you trees
hello tree

Cracks in the glass.

Cracks in the glass

Ship in a bottle
north to south
our lips
your wind
when my anchors down
blows the sails gently

high tide low tide
high tide low

when time floats by
in a glass
hours full
of passing clouds
be carefull
on the beach alone
in the moons light
singing otis redding
ive got nothing to live for
and looks like nothings going to come my way

with no-one to hold your hand
jumping head first
into the surf is dangerous

Tiger moth.

Tiger moth

Going east all the way to sun rise
looking for the night
waiting on the memory
never shy
of working hard
trial and error
maybe something
than london
reaching out to the diamonds
in the sky
crocodiles eyes
swimming in this
ocean deep
i survive
spritely and sparkly
for hours
eating fires
and sitting
spinning webs
into life
with the saw
of truth
every weak end
moth balls
tiger tiger
dancing around
the lamp lights

Spacey Alligator.

Spacey Alligator

The stillness before
tizz the sky
rocketing into this place
im enameled to the floor
the colours are shining
spirits in my light eyes
are flying to spaces
i have yet to see
stirring senses
electrifying my body
your bending down to tie
my shoe laces
traffic lights attached
to our ceiling
on a wire
creating reflections
of the tiles
some in beige
others in pearl
or white
the yellow cones
this floors dry
not wet
its like my local
is your local
im local
im local
your local
your local
tizz the sky
rocketing through space
each and every
four ok off
more time
am i
welcome anymore

Under your jumper.

Under your jumper

So in those moments before the music began
the conductor breathed in
liverpools green head band
a hand swinging back woods
to caress her jeans
the goodness in a stomach
a little press
a pressure
the riding bike
front wheel
into the barrier
lent up to the ride
the throb the vibration
painting sheep
inside of bottles
smoking the tubes
lots more power
up the nose
hand in hand
star pendant
fur on shoulders
black boots
over stockinged legs
the sweet heart steps
sexy sadie
jade earings
framed in gold
aqua marine
swinging hoops
tasting pasta
out of plastic bowls
anna from africas
wooden spoon
sunset reflecting dreams
in black forks
lets get stripey
black and whites
on jumpers
zebra gloves
the more we eat
the more we get stripey
all the way home
to glastonbury

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

To all the stars, moons, the year, you, the universe and well everything

To all the stars, moons, the year, you, the universe and well everything

Thank you
nice one
shine bright
glow glow glow
flow flow flow
electric city
streets of deja vu

What a belter of a year
Dont get me wrong its had its ups and downs but still what a helter skelter total absolute belter
in fact ive got to thank everyone and everything for what would be considered downs the most cause they've really opened up my eyes to a shiny world full of life emotion and paradise
it truly is an amazing world full of beauty that doesn't even need to be made more magical with dreams or stories, incredible that within it such wonder's exist,

space time life death
stars the moons
present past future
truth lies
i salute you all
nice one life
keep burning

to anyone that reads this blog

be blessed with love laughter and life
shiny eyes, a beautiful world
full of magic and people
and magical people

know that
if its late at night and
you sing to the stars and the moons
they will shine brighter and sing right back to you

and also that
dreams are not fantasy
all your best dreams can and will come true and also that your
heart knows best
trust in both your heart and dreams
let your spirits soar

all my fluffy and not so fluffy hats off and on to you all