Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Hey Jimmi.

Hey Jimmi.

This is some words i wrote for you about the love between the moon and deep blue sea.

Ive never seen a night so beautifull as last night
angel from heaven fell right down on top of me
and it makes me wonder was that the first time
the sea sent the sweet moon a real big kiss

she sent his lips high
flying above the waves
struck swurvy
she said you got to sing

so the sea sings

climb on my sweet angel
climb on silver spoon
climb on my sweet angel
tomorow my kiss will be by your side

sweet salvia whoa she fell into the sea
sang haley's comet burning across a flame fuelld sky
and my angel she said onto the sea
todays the day for a brand new tide

take my hand
your going to leave the sand
and then she took the sea
high over dancing waves

and the sea sang

ride on my sweet angel
heaven my sweet angel
keep shining my sweet angel
my kiss will always be by your side

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Monkey Skittles Red Football Boxer Shorts.

A prayer to the universe.

Hey universe stars moon come in this is a long shot but yeah I need you what the hey please
Send my hat spinning back to me
I no longer posses any of the clothes in the monkey skittles video
Those cartoon shoes donated by Adam in which I used to groove
I used to pretend that they could sing
They sang to me so many tunes
Well they took off on a walk ain’t seen them since
And matt’s hoodie of Himalayan tea headed sprinklewards never returned
My own sandy beach stripy jumper which had a comforting smell of home
Modelled by my mate spinky who once teleported of the monkey skittles video has vanished without a trace...
See my quarter lengths I know where they are but there shredded beyond repair
Socks gone
And my red football boxer shorts got to love that ridiculous memory as if after so many years I can know down to a flash what I was wearing whoa where are they crazy all my clothes gone!
So whoa universe stars moon please help a thread bare guy out all I wants my stripy hat back
Keep my socks feel free
Uh oh wait a second just thought of something I found that stripy hat on the road so I guess it doesn’t even belong to me shit
Ok no worries
universe stars moon how would it be if you swing it so matt got back that hoodie of himaylan tea and maybe send spinning to its rightful home the stripy hat I’m going to keep up my writing to the stars and moon you know I will and anyways this prayer isn’t really for me, it’s just for my friend that loved breathing in his Himalayan tea.

Sunday, 28 March 2010



Faces in the carpet
stumbles in the alcohol
thieving tramps
in a duffel bag
say hello
stop stealing

choose day.

choose day.

Tripping in a tuesday afternoon
tuesday on a sunny afternoon
better than good cant get much better
my world starts spinning whenever were together
tripping on a tuesday afternoon.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Sun set smoke.

Sun set smoke.

Rainbow eyelashes are pretty things

Pretty things

Little ships are pretty things

Pretty things

Sunlit shadows

Are pretty thin

im pretty thin

Curly blue smokes

A pretty ring

Sun sets

Such a pretty thing.

My letter to Dizreali.

Mate I wasn’t even there just watched well more listened to your video whilst smoking by a indoor spring fire with some friends and mate yes the stars! And the grief yes, face on the programme coffin, not there, I just want to say to you well done mate you are a star, a miracle, listening to other worldly stories, people I swear were all shining, it’s funny how it’s almost like were all there shining the same, my mate Vlads said it was too cold underneath the stars, didn’t want to stay, I don’t know if I, well I just don’t know, but mate I just wanted to write done well nice one, I wasn’t there so I couldn’t shake your hand, or say nice one, so as I thought I just wrote these words off the top off my head, Nice one mate done well.

Aww mate I just listened to wont you follow me made me think of this time ................................. Are the words done well and nice one enough to do us all justice, I think so,

Nice one mate done well.

Nice one to all the bands.

Thank you for your Beautiful expression.

Spider Spinning Sun Webs.

Spider Spinning Sun Webs.

We are like children that play with peaches
We like kissing fish in the sand
Up in the sky the stars shine above us
Shining like birds that fly to the sun
We are moonlight trees on beaches
Sparkling stardust that swims in the sea
And in the morning you came walking
You came walking
With the sun
Rising like starlight
That shines all above us
Flying like birds
Into the sun web
Down below water making splashes
Fly's like birds
and the spider spinning sun webs
Flies trapped like wasps
too many cruel jam jars
fly into the sun.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Betting on rain drop races.

Who will win the drip drop race
splish or splosh
splosh or splash?

when we were little we used to gamble our treasure at the drip drop races


I put all my treasure on splosh splosh splash splash making one of those last minute one side of the window to the other full on
mental kinds of dash!

Splosh splosh splash splash never made it, ended up getting swallowed by splish and splash, who eating up all the other rain drops turned into splish-splosh-splash-splosh-splish-splash proper dropped fast zig zig zags down the window racing quicker than greased lightning

i lost all my treasure that day
when the wind changed


making sure they stay the same

don't complain
we don't complain.

Splish fish!

Fur fur fish

Dee fur dog

sea fur cat


My cool fish

says it’s raining.

Drips drops
plips plops
ill ploh's
ell ploh's

Lip lops
drip drops
flip flop

my cool fish

says it’s raining

Dee for dog.
Cee for cat.
Fur for fish.

Woof barked deefordog
meow said ceeforcat
blub blub blub went furforfish

as Splish and dr splinken's magic hat sung

a how dee doodie doo!

to every single drip drop in the rain.

A raggamuffin song.

Raggamuffins have a special way, Knotty is the one true raggamuffin in the land of teapot, he lives in an upside down teacup with his best friends, Teapot and cheese-thief and this is a Raggamuffin song about the rain.

We are the creative whirlwinds that never calm down
Lacing skies with magic clouds
Sailing rain drops plopping down
Crafting puddles on the earth
Splish splash splosh!
Do you imagine puddles have eyes?
Peek through mine
You’ll see sunshine rainbows rain filled skies
A pair of wellies
In your favourite colour
You can put it on
Bouncing across puddles of imagination
You might spy
Creative rain drops falling in our minds
Splish Splash Splosh.
Yip-yip! carool! caroo-lah!
Jump and fly.
You’ve found the place where the rain is the sun and the sun is the sky.

Crazy penguins

J J J jam in the Jungle!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Penguin Cease fire party

Crrrrk party on the moon - saturday is on an sunday this weekend maybe even a monday

Happy monday over Crrrrk

Yippee Calloo Callay.

The Yahtzee hippo is dead
I chopped off the demons head
The yahtzee hippo is dead

Yippee Calloo Callay!

and you may think im mad
to celebrate the death of an imiginary hippo
in my mind
but well i think its worth letting the universe know that

The Yahtzee hippo is dead
I chopped off the demons head
The yahtzee hippo is dead

Yippee Calloo Callay!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

The house that sunk the house that drowned.

The house that sunk.

I jangled my keyboard until its tail kicked a small glass of air scurrying the mouse away, luckily my tower top had McDonalds’ like reactions and pinned it to the table. In its triumph the tower top filled the glass with strands of electric red reflections. - Aww I can’t use the mouse, luckily I know how to use my jangle board when the mouse has gone back to its hole control a then control c followed by alt tab followed by a few tabs until the screen encloses what I want enter control v control voila.


The house that drowned.

Jingle jangle keyboard
the Mouse fell off the top
Jingle jangle keyboard
Glass was nearly dropped
The mouse now hangs
glass got stopped
Jingle jangle jeyboard
the mouse fell off the top

Jingle jangle keyboard
between computer and table top
Jingle jangle keyboard
the mouse went for a drop
the Glass was empty
Now red lights shine
Jingle jangle keyboard
the mouse fell off the top

Jingle jangle keyboad
great expectations on the rocks
Jingle jangle keyboard
alone is very lost
just one hand
made things right.
Jingle jangle keyboard
the mouse returned to the top.

Although it did get stuck a bit along the way...

Start a wave.

On a wayyyyyyy far away, run away, I’m too heavy, far away, on a wave, run away, I’m too heavy find a waY
On a wave, were on our way here, find a way here, on a way, I’m too heavy Its too heavy,
Find a wave, on a way, on a wave, find a way here, I’m too heavy it’s too heavy,
Find a way, on a wave, on a way, on a wave it’s too heavy, I’m too heavy,
Find a way, we'll start a rave, on away find a wave here,
It’s too heavy I’m too heavy,
run away were on our way, on a wave.

Monday, 8 March 2010

CrrKK Ade CoMe In CrrKK!

Tip Top


Brush my teeth on apples
brush my teeth on apples
brush my teeth on apples

I brush my teeth with apples

brush my teeth with apples
brush my teeth with apples
brush my teeth with apples

and the sun.

Green Bottles.

Green Bottles

Remember that song about ten green bottles sitting on the wall, made me think how cool it would be if pixies sat together, all on a brick wall, lapping up the sun and frost, riding through the wind and rain.

No worries sitting, talking, playing games, singing sharing laughs a lot, and occasionally passersby would stop, to give out food, the occasional smoke, and lots of nice things to drink, and every so often one of the passersby would really stop and think, hey maybe instead of walking on I could just sit on the wall, maybe sing a song,

“feel free”
The pixies would cry, come on let’s have a shuffle up for the next passerby,

It made me wonder if maybe just maybe you’ll be the next one to amble along and looking with your open eyes
You’ll see the pixies and step inside
Another green bottle sitting on the wall.

Ive seen a horse fly but I never heard one sing.

Driver of horse drawn carriage
Never could quite manage
To get it driving properly alone
Until climbing in beside him
Star lights of twinkle balmy
Set carriage wheels a sparkling
sent horses up a flying
Driver began singing sweet songs

where the sunshine tastes of treacle
There’s a lot of shiny people
we'll get to see them
on our journey home...

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Moo Moo.

Justified and Ancient:

KWBL Newsflash.

KWBL Newsflash.

You are tuned into KWBL Radio

Breaking News;

Charlie Chaplin spotted on the streets of london - clack clack clack ak clack

foxes begin hunting humans for fun- clack ak clack ak ak

And news just in – President Tummi announces free gummi berry juice for eveyone.

We head live now to our correspondent in Washington Dr Matt Grirving

“That’s right Brett, boing boing boing boing,we can all bounce now here there and everyhwhere

for future updates on all the important global issues please stay tuned into

KWBL –the love you take is equal to the love you make– Ray-dee-oh.

Gunpowder Tea.

Gunpowder Tea.

Singing to the stars makes both you and them;

Shine Grow.

Sun Square Breakfast.

Sun Square Breakfast

I eat moons and stars for breakfast out of a bowl
Whilst up in my room teacup plays a song
Looking down below my mouth I see Cheshire cat smiles
And starfish paddling on the head of a shiny spoon
All the moons and stars are in my belly now,
Im so glad that when you drink milk from a bowl it’s not gloopy
As I look at the sunlight square I’m sitting in, I notice that a new moon has landed,
Inside the bowl a sun shadow is cast, is it the dark side, the Cheshire cat smiling,
Aww Yes I realised it’s a floating yin yang sign.

Should I drink it or put it in the museum with the five seeds apple cave?

Was a thought that came and then quickly passed

it seems I have no trouble with drinking yin-yang signs
as I gently sink into the floor of sun shine square.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Saturday is.

Jungle Jungle Jungle Jimgle Jungle Jungle Jungle Jimgle

Mungle Safari Massive

Saturday is back on Saturday today toot toot!

This week we'd like to introduce to you the first ever medals moustaches banana singing space penguins painting ducks have left the pond post-card day, whey!

Hear the crocodile trumpets ring out,

Attention, everyone. Let the tournament of the golden arrow begin, I mean the first medals moustaches and banana singing space penguins painting ducks have left the pond post-card day begin

Today at Safari HQ we for the second time in Saturday is history we have two of each award to give out that’s two medals two moustache’s two bananas a whole heap of singing space penguins, and two duck pond post-cards Bubbles,

“Today’s medals moustaches banana singing penguin paintings duck ponds go to mana is a hell of a drug and Ana's the name for sharing a like in drowning poems, and thinking about butter , so hats off and toop les woop hoopey dungle splunk let’s hear it for that smoking accomplishment, when I say Jungle crowd go wild”,


Crowd Cheering


Yea, Dad!

Crowd Booing
Crowd Cheering


Musical Jobs.

Musical Jobs.

Saw a new job in the paper today
Advertising a position id never seen before
It was written by a guy named Gary Wright said Hi
Were looking for dream weaver’s to take our worries away,
Can you help get people through the night?
Can you help us reach the morning light?
Do you have experience of flying starry skies or maybe even to astral planes
Can you cross the highways of fantasy?
Can you help people forget about today’s pain?
If so you can be a dream weaver.
Weaving dreams through the night
- If you’ve seen the BFG it will only help your application
If you feel warm and fuzzy tingles your half way there
Do you know how to make a train?

Don’t worry plenty of other opportunities available,

Are you a joker a smoker a midnight toker? Do some people call you Maurice?, maybe you could be a Space Cowboy
Space ships and Suits provided...

Neither role gender specific

Blue Planet.

Have you been playing with blue tack today?
If so
How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?
Creating new life in shapes
A riddle an a key
Unlocks the new world
You can see.

Bob Marley Fortune Cookies.

Ambush in the night.

Ooh is minimum in the night of lyric poetry's ambush, ooh is minimum, ooh-wa!

Ooh is minimum for the strength, ooh is minimum, ooh-wa sees them to fight!,

They said that any we knew is any they teaches us;

The cause, in them may arrives at us through the political strategy shoobe, doo-wa

They maintain we hungry (shoobe, doo-wa), and, when you obtain some foods (shoobe, doo-wa), your brothers obtain are your enemies, our e side room!

The ambush night, they open fire now in me.

Ooh is minimum, ooh is minimum. Ooh-wa-ooh! (Ooh minimum) Ooh is minimum, ooh minimum (ooh-wa), Ooh-wa! Ooh is minimum, ooh is minimum, ooh wa-ooh! Ooh is minimum, ooh is minimum, ooh wa!

Then, any we knew that is not they tells us; We' No longer ignorant, I mean it, and they are impossible to contact us;

This ambush night of plan by society;

Ambush night; Their tryin' Conquers me; Ambush night of Anyt' the ing money possibly brings;

Ambush night of plan by society;

mmm lots of fortune cookies

Really stoopid chat up lines.

Guy: Have you ever thought about going out with a guy who's got dandruff?

Girl: Nope...

Guy: Damn!

I stopped using shampoo for three weeks in the hope that one would work...

The five little seed apple cave.

The five little seed apple cave

I was eating an apple today as music played
Near the end
Inside I could see a cave full of seeds
Four on the floor
And one hanging from the ceiling
The seeds looked so happy and safe
In their apple cave surrounded by their apple walls
That I could eat no more
So I put them in a glass
To let them be
And keep this apple cave safe
No more eating apple walls.
Unless apple caves with seeds can exist inside
You know inside the place that’s hard to see behind your eyes
In that case little apple cave
My body heart and mind will become your glass walls
Don’t worry little seeds
It doesn’t matter if your protective walls smash crumble or fall
Because really we are all just apples
floating from the tree.

Have you ever.

Ever felt like this.

I’m getting close to the point where I’m going to hitchhike down the crossroads, sell my soul to the devil, who’ll teach me how to play a mean guitar. Turn me into a ghetto superstar.

Or whilst watching live and let die, ill jump into the screen, put a spell on Baron Samedi and bring back his voodoo sword head on down to the cemetery,

Where I’ll try the schhh schhh schhh resurrection strikes,

rise up Jimi Stevie Hyper and Bob Marley

Id like to Teach you this song which fell into my dreams,

When I wake the sun shines on me
Moonlight beams sleep on the pillow
Outside the window the tallest tree
make them grow,
The stars the moon the sun the trees
A whisper carried by the wind
Mercy, I’m just a junglist soldier, One Love One Heart
makes them grow,

Take it away Jimi...

Friday, 5 March 2010

Did you know?

Theres a club called the Hacienda on the moon.

Midnight Express.

Have you ever had a midnight snack?
I have.
I remember when I was six thinking that staying up late was the most devilish trick,
I used to stay up late to have secret snacks at midnight.
It’s like a tiger with cool stripes once said to his kid
It makes all the difference to the moment when there’s someone else there with you,
Maybe sneaking out barefooted at night climbing through windows to share midnight snacks with Chris
Is why I’m a lover of people and the night.

Don’t get me wrong I love solitude and the day, but there’s something about the black of night and people old and new that makes me think of shiny silver spoons.
Whenever I notice it’s the witching hour,
I want to share
My feeling of joy over staying up late feet catching stars in a secret shack,

When I suggest maybe we could have a midnight snack, a lot of the time people just turn away, my ideas not theirs,

Why they say,

it might be fun I reply,
I don’t know why that makes my friends run back to the T.V or computer games or the things so same, i guess were not all the same, same or different all are welcome on this track,

All aboard

Drivers taking us to electric city,

who invented the midnight express? Who cares, it’s another idea, another success,
Like peaches fabric strawberries and cream!
Destination electricity
All are welcome to Ride this train
Right through the witching hour
Sharing music playing games
All aboard
During the weeks before the rave
All aboard
Turning wheels playing games
All aboard
Get together for a rave
All aboard
Dont forgot to be the change
All aboard
The midnight express - - -Dont need no needle to hear this track. Whooo Whooo no tIckEts on The night train

If this is your first night at the rave, well whoo hooo toot tooot the honey mooners have landed, it will be yours, look whats the name say on the dancing mans spacesuit, MaJOr ToM the pills are in the lazors the pills are in the lazors the pills are in the lazors

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Out of dreams.

Imagination is a wonderful thing it allows anyone to be a king without it I guess everyone would be alright because life would just be nothing more nothing less.

The best show is the one you write yourself well at least you get to work out how it all ends.

Cola shooting backwards in the awareness of time ticking clocks singing about all the chocolate times rushing past lamplight the entire neighbourhood dripping in pins wild movement looks right.

In the corner stands a factory looking like glass or ice tracks sleeping no more gas finally someone is here to change the day. Solvents out. Problems flooding falling free cracking heavy like eggs fizzling in a pan, smashing through waters, the factories are without doubt the beast in the garden sings a lullaby to the moon and when the moon goes to bed it is the landing for the stars hissing out on modern chimes.

Thank you for your photograph, I see it and it helps me laugh, thank you for my sleeps. Dreams I remember them id feel free.

Thank you for the grass I took and smoked around, which helped me look at flowers, birds and everything, it even helped my voice to sing.

That is why I like to play at pretending we can all turn into birds, that then fly away and turn into stars, twinkling in the back of time.

When flashing lights never cease, falling berries don’t exist, except in Bermuda where the triangles lie about shapes and space and all the dice roll’s threes instead of two’s a gamblers choice, cutting through the park.

Peace of day.

Help yourself to a piece of day

Its a nice day

you can have some if you want

its not out of date

because its been kept in the freezer.

Our Friend Charlies Blog

This is really nice.


Poo Bong Tea.

Is money an assassin that has been sent to slowly poison me.

I remember when we could smoke on trains.

Take a look at the people sitting on this train
cigerrates are memories
smoke them away

I aint got no kind of future
I aint got no past

I dont spend time on tomorow
this day might not last

believe in the flowers talking amongst your hair

listen to them saying,

"we grow when we sit
on the mad hatters chair"

Dell & Rodney.

Dell & Rodney

Dell Boy:

I just wrote a sad song about tea. A depressing story about life and tea. I guess that’s good because I quite like tea, when I’m filled with passion even love tea, also about the sun, well feelings about the seasons, it’s like Bob’s words were never really heard, in each and every weather.
Maybe one day, until then I’m down on life and tea, I wrote we are all drowning, stay awake, stay awake, stay away.


Fucking hell dell, it’s like your feelings are telling the seasons what to spell, I think you got some kind of disease, sniffing sunlight off the trees, rest at ease, you seen them wearing sunglasses at night,

The sun shines whenever you want it to in your mind.

Aping Kurdt.

Were drowning in our cups of tea
just drowning

Syd Arthur
ive got milk and two sugars running through my brain
running through
running through

kicking down all the open doors
stay away

its like everbody is the same
when its sunlight do they play

stay away
stay away

from falling rain drops in a cup

we are drowning
we are drowning
in our cups of tea.

Sinking away
Sinking away
Sinking away
Sinking away

Im drowning in a cup of tea

A cup of tea
A cup of tea

Id like to die in a cup of tea

A cup of tea
A cup of tea.



I lost my card
Staying awake
Staying awake
Stay away,

Im on her bed
Im on her bed
Im on her bed

Shaman Saying.

How now rhymes with wow.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Silly Jokes.

Oi mate: What do you call a strawberry crossed with a Kangeroo

Struff mate that's: A strawberoo.

Task to explain to Charlie my fabled film classification system.

Greetings intrepid learner todays lesson.

Understanding the G M F C method.

Good Morning Film Classification.

A little background

Have you ever read the book high fidelity by Nick Hornby?

I hope so, it’s great

It also a book that begins with a list.

Which is kind of what this presentation is all about;

The first list in high fidelity is a top five of most memorable break ups,

In fact all the lists are a top five, and all the lists are in a chronological order, this may only be of interest to you if you like making lists,

This information will also help you to understand the Good Morning Film Classification system.

The main character in the book, Rob, goes on to make other top five lists such as films, and bands

He even shares his list with two of his friends, work colleagues who also have lists,

For you lucky few the Good Morning Film Classification method explained,

Here goes,

Just like the characters in Nick Hornby’s book high fidelity, I enjoy thinking about my all time favourite films,

So far I have yet to be able to narrow it down into an exact top five (unlike Rob who I previously mentioned)

Sometimes I can pull out a top three or five, but these are always interchangeable, in that by the next week my list of films might be completely different,

So one day whilst in the bathtub I devised the constantly changing top ten system, known throughout the milky way and beyond as the Good Morning Film Classification method.

The Good Morning Film Classification method (GMFC)

GMFC is a rating system which rates all the films you have ever seen

Think of it like a tree, a tree that has variety of parts integral to its whole.

Top ten films

At the top of the tree is the fabled top ten, a film that makes it here is one you consider to be amongst the ten greatest films of all time, however don’t believe for one minute that this means that there are only ten top ten films sometimes there could in fact be twenty, it depends how accurately you have been keeping count.

These films are represented as bunches of bananas.

Below the top ten films are films that are

Really up there

Somehow these films might even be better than the top ten, there not really attached to the tree, the tree itself is quite flimsy, really up there films are in their own separate state of existence, outer space high, so far there are only two really up there films, true romance, and the jungle book, these films should be represented by stars such as the north star instead they are represented by strawberries, a sublimely tasty fruit.

Next are films that are

More than worthy

These are films that you consider more worthy than worthy films,

They are represented by the Dhali Lhama who by some is considered more than worthy.
These people might prefix his name with the suffix his royal holiness the

Worthy films

These are films which you consider worthy, represented by a flying hamburger, which looks quite scoobey doo.

Below worthy films are films that you consider

Less than worthy

These are represented by the most excellent Wayne and Garth, who once said in a film we're not worthy, although this is weird as personally I consider their film amongst my top ten possibly even really up there.

Below less than worthy films are films that you consider


These happen to be represented by the band Garbage.

The system is ever evolving and there are many hidden facets such as the films which are more than worthy on first viewing and then increasingly moving down the tree on repeated viewing only to one day climb up the tree again. Such as Goodfellas.

So this is the classification system in order of greatness.

Top ten

Really up there

More than Worthy


Less than worthy


Oh also I nearly forgot

Haven’t seen it
(films that you have yet to see

and apparently there is a rumour of a top banana the most ultimately out there film that has ever been seen in any universe, time, dimension, and altered state of conciousness.

Now for fun

using the GMFC method I’m going to classify robs top five films list

No.1 the Godfather, More than worthy!

No.2 the Godfather Part 2 Worthy

No.3 Taxi Driver - haven’t seen it!

No.4 Goodfellas, Worthy – used to be more than worthy that means GoodFellas is climbing down the tree

No.5 Resovoir Dogs, More than Worthy!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Mad Hatter.

Hats are extraordinary creatures.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser.

i wonder how big a second is, if you spread it out like butter?

Dee Bzzz.

Teenie wings, and stripes so black,
Weenie legs and furry back!
Bumbling, Buzzing -
Whoosing around!
Hardly ever touch the ground!
Chilling out amongst the petals,
Even in the stinging nettles!
Taking pollen from flower to flower,
more than 14 every hour!
Until the sun rolls out of sight.
Sleep well fair bees, Goodnight!

oh what a glorious day, my friend.
the library is so hot and their system is down so i can't even find where the moustache book is (i'm sure it exists!!!)
there is a man hiccuping across from me, and every time he does he says "pardon me" (that's about 3 times a minute)...infact i'm not even sure that he knows that he's saying it??
Guildford is FULL of the freaks and geeks of the world. there was a woman outside the coffee shop earlier on, and she was making a noise like a demon. it's hard not to laugh at someone going "Rarrrrghghghhhfhiifjufjnh!" but sometimes it's best not to...of fear of death...

Life is absurd!
Be Happy,
Be Freeeeee!
(and drink lots of TEA!)

Would you care to walk with me, down the river, under the trees, BEWARE OF THE YELLOW KNEES my friend!
Cheese mountain will get you in the end!

Flicker flacker gloob!

Poo Bong Tea.

Some people are groggy.

Cats! Dogs Squirrels!

Cats! Dogs Squirrels!

Aww the morning rise butt naked

waking up....

Cats everywhere!

all over the bathroom

what do you do?

Feed them seymour!