Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

E R.


There is a place where sleeping lions go 
a place that is the same as swirling white cloth 
inside the globes of snow. That wait... To land, and where do they land?

Are you talking about mountains? 
Lions aren't really in the mountains unless they are mountain lions.

I'm talking about children 
children that become mountains 
in the sleep of lions on the floor of the carpet 
where young hearted dreams still dare to tread.

I didn't get any of that out of that.

oh i just sent it to you 
i can fax it through again (weird!!!)
i took all four letters out 
so the whole of that is out of that : )

I didn't get anything.

yes you did although you might not know it

Nope. Didn't show up.

you got a smile and a wave



So, what's up?

I let go of a red helium balloon

Why did you do that?

Because a balloon floating in the sky is a beautiful thing

It is, but I always want to keep my balloons.

Freedom is releasing the string.


Yeah, but still....

Wouldn't it be sweet if when you let go the balloon somehow stayed with you

That would be cool

Would it be sweeter if instead of keeping balloons for themselves 
Everyone! gave them away

People already do that.

I feel better already

What do you mean?

No No No 
The opposite

I'm so confused now.

Im not now

Well, as long as you aren't.

I am Long
Long as I am
or Shou 
My first name is Shou.

Right. Anyways, I've got class soon so I need to get off. 

Get off! 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013



There is a place i go to
when i feel kind
of like the sun
light of your charms
oh my babe
you rock on
i really love to show the lights
the way they move
its all right yeah
you go through to the other side
and bring it back all right
close enough to feel
the edges heal

Tung Tide.

Tung Tide

Waiting to be allowed
to eat a satsuma
innocence struck blind
by the smell of christmas
standing over the sink
when there is no sink
quick sand
looking out the window
to the dreaming grass
i want to spill the juices of this fruit
all out there
wheres theres
are you naked
was told
never to ask
when writing
is it time to start following
there advice
trolleys and pills
i guess im not right in
im still on the border
two fingers meeting
magnets and
a horse to ride

Mr Smith.

Mr Smith

Counting holes in the ceiling
at the Maudsley
water its free
and you get a plassy cup
some times your allowed outside
into the sunshine

makes me think of
Matty Briggs
and everyone
Swimming in ladybower resevoir
like something
out of one flew over the cukoos nest
swimming into the golden
isnt it beautiful

I love this lady
patti smith
i want to make her a rock shrine
with cherry bottle cola
chewing gum
delve into your photographs
rock n roll art chick model
brave czech anna
breakfast at 350
Dalston Lane
hair your bag
your cloak
at the cross ribbons
your fullness
ear to neck
the ware house
cuts n squeaks
free n wild trinkets
car framed street
want to send your photographers heart
this book
of photographs



The only stream of consiousness i know is the spirit of garbage world.  The war zone multi piled into future suns and moons spinning backwards not forwards change it with the way you burn the candle.  Candle born.  Born with the glasses.
Easier to do when you are free.
There are pit kiffs made of jam over there shepherds made of wool.  Here is arizona, cool pump the gas the giant bellowing gas,

Hey there heres a soldier
standing upright erect
an electricutioner
furry hat move like a mickey taking
the micheal
bumble bee cyclone
wizard to the tiger lilly
diagonal trails of butter
blipping flying butter
hot tea sips
open door
football people n cool air
breezes in and out
clean static true picture
a one legged weather man
squeezing a horn
attatched to a wheelchair
as sirens sound
even more to be found
in the whisky bar
where nearly everyone
drinks pints instead of whisky
blink and you
love the spirits in the glass
the bottle
yo ho ho
and a factory
convereyor belting
pallet trucking joy ride
dough nuts
good hot n sugar dipped
on the inside is a wheel chair
a juke box
and a
jack appleby
made for drinking

Clothes that go missing and you dont know where they are.

Clothes that go missing and you dont know where they are

The chicks grow up fast
one minute tiny
on the pond
the next they get bigger
on the grass

New clothes
old clothes
fresh clothes
clean clothes
where did that red jacket go
out the window
on the doll
your the doll
drip drip drips
circles in the puddle
and bubbles
rain bows
with rocks
under spring
rachel carson
bird song