Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Chew chew chew.

Chew chew chew

A train can beat the lighting
that is floating to your heart
you were shouting
i wanted to turn away
because you made me cry
to the thunder
that is tearing the earth away
the little fountains
dancing through the spray
take my hundred
and feel the breeze
the rain drops
are falling
there gentle
like your mind
this world is floating
see it every way
we crawl into the light
we crawl into the light
break down the door
and wrap in two
our fingers fire
stay up stare in at the night
stay up stare in at the night

Called me Sunshine.

Called me Sunshine

Theres only one thing i want more than you
and thats
life life life life life
i need to breathe again
i need to breathe
i live to speak again
i live to speak
you can take me
you can take me
you can take me there
there is a castle
i see the sea
the sandy beaches
yes they swim all over me
a coast of dancers level lights that laugh for free
i want to hear
i want to hear
i want to hear
i want to hear
you know where you used to be
a little laugh its all i need to make me free
and one tear i cried
of joy we watched it sliding
till it was swallowed by the waves of sleeping wales
that dream beneath the deep
the deepest edges
i could see into your eyes
the deepest edges
i was someone elses life
now im just back to sitting
floating paper boats
down rainy streets
my shoes your boots
got more tangled up
then we could ever be
a little drop of rain
slip outside
dancing foxes tongues
creep through holes
to lick the soles of feet
im just back too sitting
paper boats floating
down rainy streets

Vampire love Her.

Vampire love Her

i wanted to die
i want it
wont you ride for free
i want to lie
in lights
i wanted you to stay with me
to speak as loud as love
oh why will you not say to me
that im not dead no im no longer dead to you
a heart wrote note of sewered lines
that cuts deep beneath my bruise
the ghosts of past lifes
i want to shoe shine but they just spit on me
another round of that fine fingered flock of flying make believe
now im back to where we first met
sitting in that other tree
our hair grows down it grows so long
below the tracks above the swings that bleed
just another life
cant you see i dangle lazily
wading wading
oh how much do you know i look at you
as you heal yourself
i wasnt feeling right
exactly why i dont know
but i had to leave
seasons breathing
seasons beating
wont you heal with
wont you heal with me
now im trapped inside
anothers game
squared up soft in final fantasy
all over skinny leads
our genders pacified
until i never needed it so much
its like im half a life
your blind cant you see your biting me
those bloody lines i never wrote
you know you know
your biting me

Friday, 4 November 2011

Bhang bang.

Bhang bang

cut the line
cut the line
cut the line
cut the line
cut the line
cut the line
im alive
im alive
im alive
im alive

D is for d is for digging for gold.

D is for d is for digging for gold

Would you like some heroin to touch the walls inside
control control
your circus is a lie
bathe so fine
im spinning lights and webs
soul far a live
would you like another cup of tea
were sipping in the sun
and i thought id buy another coat of wool
to take away my bones
and i dont know if i
am swimming in your head
am i even anything at all
ill paint these floor boards red
wondering if today
youll hold me in your arms
and tell me
that the poppy fields are a game
that im buried on the moon
and the stars are really just a way
to step outside and feel
where its cold
cant you hold it down
a hat thats never worn
do i even need to talk
ive forgotten every word you used to say
now my has mind has left me in a cave
and the little planets starve to breathe again
thank you look up kid we got it made
rip apart the paint to start a way
nice one purple sun
your pills taste good
i dont need to sleep
cozz im too scared to wake
havent any more
tide out on the sky
tidy boats are fun
sitting in the jail
images of ghosts
people that we failed
isnt it the most fantastic high
and i never wanted this
but now its here
thank you for the food
were to thin to eat
t-shirts never lie
ink into the tin
its something else
even though
i thought about you
every single day

Thursday, 3 November 2011



Every single time
i cut into the bine
lighter lou lah lah
the trip is unto me
telly telly phone
telly telly phone
whos faults knocking
the door is going to go
so bad so bad so bad so bad
it aint free
uh uh i
i cant i i cant reach
the sofa driver
the sofa driver
breed breed breed breed breed breed breed
tie tah tie tie tight
i cant reach

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

No Other.

No Other

No such thing
as human nature
look at the language
look at the meaning
east west
the centre
of the village
where you stand
all distances
all connection
to space
east is good
west is bad
the further you go
from the centre
the devil
the demons
symbolic meanings
play along to gamalan
represent the truth
mixed up
in the stratosphere
covered emotions
he would argue
she is representing
Itt Wong
different levels
connected to the castle
half caste
dark caste
shark tooth
your position
in the system
brave top
lower top
language is fundamental
basically its
what is
space time distance connection, really?

Firing Range.

Firing Range

Bob Marley
if you know what i mean
the dryer wasnt working
and now
the door was open
after touching the unclean
metal of strange hands
i express myself
my loved ones too
what happened to the brown paper bags
in the forest
do they
do they still
sniff at glue

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tube Paste.

Tube Paste

Looking good
in the tree of lies
woolen cotton
furry car patch
criss cross
the stockings pattern
daisy diamond
oval arm pit
apples books
charing cross yawns
a wealth of kula
thanks to the spiders of invention
hands legs necks
and massive eyes
jackets of love
golden buttons
feed them eat them
line byline

White Toof.

White Toof

Tudor steps we just keep walking
to the stars on liver plates
the word expressed
without pounds for drinking
no need to lose respect
even in our latest hour
when we are cold
without biting necks
the lights so red
are dancing ice skates
like the blood slush puppy
flashing snow
good warning
train later
laces all undone and tangled
buttoned shirt
addicted phones
blue eared girl
the music
the key
needs to go back here
clicking neck sight
is tripping
melting people
out from the window panes
reflecting light and fluffy dice
are rolling
chirp chirp chirp
just like the little birdie said

Charcoal Eyes.

Charcoal Eyes

Smoking in two ways
the drift the light the drag the pull
even in the after clouds
a light a sound the watch is on
strap broken at nine o clock
never thought of handing down
the itch the scratch
the biting thoughts
stack em up stack em up
as the cards fly out
have you got a three
have you got a three
pick em up
pick em up
the gorrilaz
at the zoo
to pack
in their bags

Ever Lucian.

Ever Lucian

Changing the ways
and habits
people are clever
second nature
blah blah blah
theres no way
my kid
is going to the bank
in the morning
there was loads of problems
reading the bill
dont get involved in politics
look at the margins
overnight the system crashed
the old ways
youll always find someone
who wont give the greeting
old skool
the old brigade
aint bothered
we want it to be habit
this is the mini mum we expect
its only natural
the bible spread
the good word
everythings down
in the same past
we the people
making machines
are going to pay for it

Kolarov Money.

Kolarov Money

Money is bad
going through the roof
leads to greed
break down
shake down
melt melt face down
watch the grape vine
black jack
black jack

Summer Sit in.

Summer Sit in

The ease with witch you switch
back is in line
with the trouble you bring
as long as the stripes
are blue and white
its easy to feel
the sweetest kiss
you ever sunk
a stone, a ribbon, a horse,
houses made from powder wings
the lost sound
where fortunes pass
spoons and knives on cards
patterns turn
secret message on the clax
a whirl of elephants
worlds end
stampeding through the clouds
to join our circus
where men with burnt out hair
grey white
cut frazzling moustaches
shout out loud
roll in roll in
to the fast train parade
its only here
till when its gone
a bubble popped
inside your brain



Sea the sky come falling
in your mind
like the last time
the first time
and every time
your not there
could it mean i love you
i love you
i want you but you dont want me
am i even swimming
i cant swim
i cant sink
i cant find the wave
am i even surfing anymore
because i love you
i want you
even if you dont want me
see the sky come falling
in my mind
like the last time
is the first time
and every time
your not there
when i wake up
am i even
swimming anymore

Movie Show.

Movie Show

your the clown with a body
whos shoes dont match your heart
little fingers
that creep up steps
a river of ice is a lovely sound
going to sleep with another egyptian
take a note and turn it to gas
cause the war is coming now the water falls
a little chicken clucking
have you got
have you got
have you got anymore
i wasnt feeling sick
i was lieing in bed
and the table turned over
now cockrels singing tells me
its time to grow out
all i want to do is you
cant we stamp out
all these flags
these burning flags
once lost
twice is round and round
now you are down
below the halls
of a hundred minds
sleeping in the clouds
that forever doubt
a ball of perfume
in a jar of mice