Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Wednesday, 23 May 2012



A button
spinning on the floor
like a coin
that hasnt come to rest
a sun lit circle on the wall
the milk whirls into the tea
as the silver spoon enters
and the light shines
creating beautiful  patterns
a sun lit circle on the wall
your young untouched flesh
the dress rips
and his hand touches
slips down inside
he tastes your white breasts
your lips
a sun lit circle on the wall
there is no reason
other than your beautiful
he chose you
for your curls
your eyes
your world
your dress
your legs
your soul
he wants it all
every sound you make
he captures
puts it in his box of wooden skin
his fingers damp on steam
carve and splinter
until all you can see is moving
like an angry shadow
a sun lit circle on the wall

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sixteen Eighty One.

Sixteen Eighty One

The coolest dark
there ever was
it was
pretty dark
pretty dark
pretty really
pretty dark

The rain got louder
on the roof
tin can
tin can
tip tap
tip tap
tin tin can

The candle shone
it was pretty bright
really pretty
pretty bright

I saw a dodo
witch replied
I don't remember when I died
I can't even think
what is my name?
will it ever be said again

Who am I?
who am I?
the caterpillar asked the sky
but a fly but a fly
nothing but a but a fly

The butter flew
the butters gone
the Cheshire cat sung
a song
without a face
without any eyes
a smile shining in the sky

Bring me a mouse
to clean my teeth
it must clean them before
I sleep
so I can vanish into my
and remember everything
I see

Cheshire cheese Cheshire cheese
the island
and the beach
the sand
the waves of time
between our hands
the Jack of hearts
the Red Queens man
a postman letters in his van
letters into words
to groan and creak
and stretch his back
brown parcel in his postman
sack and walked onto
the gravel
track track

There goes the parcel
out the bag
its not the last journey I'll ever have
I've got two more
before I go
into the ovens
the first you
and I'll be pretty
hot pretty hot
really burning pretty

Then onto the
table and
a plate
they do not bother
to say grace
and before you know it
down I go,

Sunday, 6 May 2012

On the street at night its magic land.

On the street at night its magic land

Lamps alive!
Air sharp,
How rich I am, like prince weightless without crown.
In and out shallow breaths cut frosty curls,
And dance above a star struck road,

As Shadows move like twisted marinates,
Twirling strings will snake one arm drink in hand,
To parting lips,
which begin to sip invigoratingly from the cool night glass of the world,


It’s like being reborn or waking within a dream,
Visions curtains open onto a stage lit by lucidity.

Here tiny shards of ice will trickle down your throat,
Tickling spine and warming soul like some spicy rum oh Portugal,

While sitting Bellies all a twitch
Feel glorious,

It’s like someone has come and turned a stitch upon the lining of your stomach wall,
Try to imagine inside,
That warts and all tiny little sailors argue over ill gotten coins, brought back from spoiled wars,
pistols crack in each sailors hand means no more butterflies swirling round,
For they’ve been grounded by powder shot,
have no fear they will flutter once more just not yet,
For your stomach has become a hearth right now,
and If you dared to believe it upon the shores,
Jamaica’s fire burns.

Once was a professor full of lead,
Who shock of white hair upon his head,
Used to fly air balloons,
Majestically he swept joyous freedom from just being
High, up above floating clouds which matched his hair,
Now his pull,
Is to hammer patchwork quilts on human souls,
To make them fly just like his balloons,
His hammer rises, His hammer falls,
Its strikes orchestrate sparks which quickly fizzle
Bursting into flickering electro life.

Hear what hums underground?

Secret sounds.
Is always a rushing beneath your feet, such energy.
Makes I for one feel free, of gravity’s draw,
ever hear your soul soaring call,

“Pretend to be a dragon, smoke streaming from your lips?”
Look now, how you slip so gently into the middle of the road,
“Not something you’ve done lately, but yes often as a kid.”
Whilst all is basked in orange glow.
Streetlamps play leapfrog with trees,
Whose game lying on pavements side leaves I with my road,
Its white lines are yellow bricks, light house shine to returning ship
Follow foxes but you must be quick,
For they appear fast only to break away like rolling waves,

This quiet earth feather light
So well known throughout the Milky Way
As a friendly port safe within the universal storm.

“So why is the park empty?”
Because everyone’s asleep,
Who can blame them, all tucked up warm, safe in bed,
they are happy nesting in their dreams.
But sometimes I get to thinking and maybe you’re the same?
Of how it would be one night if instead of sleeping.
we all decided to stay awake.

Just like that
And together leave our beds and homes behind
Along with those so many questions too
Such as why am I here?
And what do you do?

For here’s a secret,
The morning dew won’t care,
And it doesn’t matter what you wear
When trees are electric and branches hang
On the street at night its magic land.

So follow me off we go,
Have now fear of the moonlit road
It’s time to journey into the dark, yes! Lets
Have an adventure in the local park

Here you can see the nature kissed benches of moulding grey, sitting like books with only one page.

Find life stories written on their brassy plaques.
Just look
Maybe share a moment a little thing but so precious a time.
Please stop a while with the crooked old men in their flat tweed caps,
Sit next to them, and they will chat,
Might even tell of wife’s fresh passed away,
whose names now adorn benches of moulding grey.

So gentle how talk can change from orchids too cups of tea,
This journey begun with the sun shining at a half past twelve,
Now the suns asleep and Big Ben tolls three.
That’s right here we are three chimes since the witching hour.
Stars so bright like to present us with magic eyes.

Whilst up above divine force, the moon,
Lets her Magnetic Power settle upon the mood,
and Silent
Like Blanket Snow
Her moon flakes fall.

Like tears from the sky,
They Wash away all fear.
Until gone at once from every face,
The look that says,
“I’m afraid”.

Prick up – your lords & peers!
“Why so scared of your own voice”
“Why are you so scared of your own voice?”
“Why so scared of your own voice”

Moon flakes settled upon shoulders begin to whisper into ears.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Banana Ma Moon.

Banana Ma Moon

Theres a banana
shining in the sky
have you ever wondered
ever asked yourself
Theres a banana shining
in the sky
like a cheshire cat smiling
without any eyes
without a face
a ying yang sign
tiny black circle
with a smile so white
in the depths of space
have you ever wondered
ever asked yourself
Theres a banana shining
in the sky



i i i
i an i an i
theres a lions face
in the black black night
see it in the clouds
that are passing by
a great big smile
with two wide eyes
and the deepest mane
of whites and greys
chasing after the stars
in space

Twinkle Twinkle.

Twinkle Twinkle

Stars burning bright
are they spiders
or crocodile eyes

i was once asked
are they wishes or winks?

so every-time i wink
i make a wish
that a new star will shine

another spider
spinning webs in the sky
to catch and eat
the crocodile flies

Roof top dreaming.

Roof top dreaming

Have you ever sat
and sung to the moon
just like me
i know you do

im on the roof top
of my house
underneath a starry sky
and i imagine
quite late one night

that we are singing
at exactly the same time

hello i love you
wont you tell me your name



Juney juney
juney moon
juney juney
come back soon
i never ever went away
im always here
although they say
you might not
see me in the day
but when you do
and im with the sun
were going keep on
shining for everyone
thats sung
Juney juney
juney moon
juney juney
come back soon

Tuppy & Georges world.

Tuppy & Georges world

Last night we created a world.
Playing with words.
Pretty dark, is pretty dark, really truly
pretty dark,
such pretty dark so pretty dark,
pretty dark its beautiful
Then pretty hot.
Pretty hot
Your really very pretty hot.
So pretty hot,
Sweet far away cholesterol
celestial cholesterol
outer spacey festival
Oh celeste the best cholesterol
how i wish to reach your shores
To play.  To run.  To skip my fingers
through your hair
that grows and grows and doesnt stop
until the entire planet
oh celestial sweet cholesterol
is one big love in covered with hair
that to touch is to excite
with warm and fuzzy good vibrations
that grow and grow and do not stop
until far away across
the stars
on the planet earth
from a cats mouth
a fur ball goes
a whooooooshing
out the stomach... pop!
& so ends sweet cholesterol
oh outey spacey bestival!

Wakey Bakey.

Wakey Bakey

I see the sunlight its sitting there still
making the glass grow the greenest of the sea
i hear the birds talk
chatting in the trees
lets climb into the window to the sunshine of our minds
i like it outside it makes me feel good
just like the inside
a smoke before a dream
my laces untied
walk into the hills
lets climb in through the window to the sunshine of our minds
and then i whisper
before i go to sleep
on the pillow
your hair upon my cheek
if you hold my hand
ill hold onto yours
this really is the window to the sunshine of our minds.

Oceas Fortune.

Oceas Fortune

Once upon a night
a moth flew down from the moon
and began chatting in moth language
which went very much like this
flip flap flutter
silly string fluff
noseys out of bogeys
better fill them up
and as quick as smash!
the talking became clear to me,
clear as sunshine on a spoon,
this is your magic pen my friend
whatever it writes comes true
you will have adventures
in mountains across the sea
singing songs about the weather
and the lovely things youll eat
its snowy in the winter
ice melts when its warm
a hurricane is spinny wind
that circles in a storm
a pot of porridge boiling bubbles
listen to them pop
with hamsters popping out their paws
in tiny hamster shops
would you like some fairy cakes
we bake them in our sleep
they wont taste very good at all
weve cooked them in our cheeks
close your eyes
quick blink twice
before you go to bed
and youll remember every dream
youve dreamt inside your head
there was a moth king married to the moth queen of the moon
there was a compass spinning a candle and a spoon
the rocks of the life were burning
white and soft as sand
a pearl had slowly started
watch it growing in your hand
then you will hear them singing
the mountains across the sea,
step into the circle
send your songs across the wind
echo echo
your names within our hearts
every river is a road
and your home is where it starts.

Ghost Train.

Ghost Train

Talk to beardy man
the ducks have landed.

Salute to the fish

wE ARE tHe FisH tHe gYpSy FiSh
we BiTe We BiTe aNd bItE ThE dIsH ThE dIsH tHe DiSh

how does it feel to dance to drum and bass sitting down
bringeth the noise

Gods eyes are like strawberrys
the mike the mike the mike

Snow Flake.

Snow Flake

So i wanted you
i still do
your in my mind
when i think i think of you
your moving
i can see you dance in behind my eyes
and i wonder why cant you be lying next to me
everything i dream its always good for you
your moving
and i ask myself have you gone away
so far that i cant find that place
where you make the sun shine on all of them for free
but then i guess thats just the way with you
your moving
and all i got from what you gave
its made me who i am today
and i guess ill always be in love with you
did you know?
when i close my eyes i still see your face
your moving.

Eye Wander.

Eye Wander

I thought a thought inside of my head
it said
your dead to me it told me your dead
dead to the world cant you see
 if your not alive best to sleep
piggy piggy
diggy dabble
dibble dibble
if you dont catch the ball then your staying in the middle
hello malcolm hello cory
saved by the bell
i got to tell you all a story
the scenes ive seen on my tv screen
there coming back
yes there coming back to me
in a room full of retro cartoons
theres nothing to lose
just choose just choose
a jumper with a b stands for bert racoon
cyril snears the baddy
cedric what you going to do
iceburg iceburg
straight ahead
listen to titanic
what the radio said
somethings a happening and sometimes they do
melting from the top until the pink paper stew
a bit of green a little bit of red yellow down the middle the artist paints
new forms breaking creation
brown paper bags representing every nation
in a room in a room full of musical tunes
some are good some of them are clock work
some are bad some of them dont work
you can see the stains on my clothes ive not got long before i go
jumped ship the way is drawing
drawing draw in never fails

Easy on.

Easy on

The soothing sounds of blissful ignorance
youve got me moving again
im alive
i can see
i feel free
i am you and you are me

and we can make the night shine
eternity is the way of time
there is no end
to the line
it goes onwards
onwards and on
we belong
we are strong
like the snow the dust the powder
a tree falling
nothing could be louder
if you breathe
pure in emotion
feel the tides of the ocean
come back
come back
come back to the sea
it wasnt me it was the edge of my seat
that had me cliff hanging
hanging on with my teeth
one bite
and i nearly died
one bite
over the other side
i thought i was a ghost that was dead
i am a ghost
thats what i said
and the pills and red wine dying in the sun rise
come on let me lie here
why wont you let me die here
cant you just let me die here
i was close my eyes were closed
my mind was closed
at least it seemed that way there was nothing left to do nothing left to say
my skin was burning in the falling rain
the sensation had me again
i needed to talk to my friends
but i was dead
how many times
have you tried
have you tried
sweet zensation rise
we can burn them away
the bridges
theres a needle slipping its pricking my skin and at first the feelings win
i got my love off a back of a spoon
when you heat it up you know its tastes good
and then we start to fade away
puddles appear in the pouring rain
then the sunlight shines
and the puddles fade.

Lack of sleep.

Lack of sleep

Theres knifes and forks on the jukebox
good morning coffee
afternoon tea
dickie had the nicest ham hes ever had last night
i was on the floor
anna was talking like train spotting
she had been for i think
she must have been for the longest time
a while
and i couldnt hear
at least it sounded strange to me
an alien language more sing song than words
asking me to perform
perform! perform!
i couldnt perform
as i lay there asleep
deep coma toes
then lizzie came back from the hospital
had she been there all the time
i couldnt get up to touch her give her a hug or anything
i just lay there stupified
on some drug
i finally managed to say
i think that was it
as i tripped out or into consciousness
it doesnt matter if you dont believe in god 
god exists 
i mean i think ive heard the name before
and it has to be said
it was all strangely Mayan mars Mescaline Freddy beatles Mercury