Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Thursday, 31 March 2011

T O P.


Im feeling hip
dip dip dip
im feeling fat
rolling it
over the top

Grime time slides
hit back
hit back
roll it over the top
fill in short
fill in snort
hit back
hit hit back

Take take take
light light
grime time slide
d d d dont do it
d d d dont do that
hit hit hit back
tell it like i saw it
tell it like i saw it
hit back
n n n n nine nine nine
the one
the one
the one
tell it like i
hit back
roll it over
the top
wha wha
wot wot
wha wha

A Stray.

A Stray

Done the bottom of the path
is a green green lawn
where the seats
seem to sink with smiles
masked in coloured ink
where i find
ive cried
missed you
just a little
when your gone
in the land of dreams
whirl pooling
the city
is a dusty cloud
that chokes at breaking speed
broken glass
in the morning
in the whirl pool
traffic lights
change from red
to green
dont need
more than
what you gave
now your gone
ive tried
just a little
to live
in your land
of dreams
i wish
i cant
seem to make that
its not my destiny
im lost
in make believe
one more chance
nine lifes
fade away
with my sanity
just a little
lead the way
across the light
treading gently
on this shore

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Snow Ball.

Snow Ball

Tube spaghetti salt right
liver on the west side take me back to pillow
grieving on a suicide
whos that washing
all the windows eyes
i can see the future
you can grab the lob star
take me back to the cleaners
if you take it you can bring it
doodles on the back street bring me up from below
plip plop
walruss groover
take it chook to the choo
if the waters gun
love on the light
love im flying
climbing all towers
give it
give it
take one more stir
its a see seen a scene sea sea scene
take take take taste take taste
taste the waste the sun the sun the sign the sun
gives gives
deep eve

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dj Vu.

Dj Vu

Melting you got me melting
melting in the rain i am melting melting in the rain
the rain is freedom freedom here to stay
drip drop drop away
drop away
melting in the rain
is here to drip drop drip away
here today
melting with the rain
paradise glows
the rose
the rose
melting ball
opens the jars
in the rain
in the rain
melt away
melt melt melt away
drip drop
drop the rain
we like the roses
we like we like the roses
melting in the rain
we like melting with the rain
let it rain let it rain
deja vu
deja vu
deja vu
dj vu
dj vu
ghosts at your door
no death in the rain
your death melts
in the rain
melting a way

Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein

Mitsubishi turbos for free
Mission on
there was a little rocket flying out the sea
to space
the moon to greet the queen of cheshire cat styles
jumping kissing smiles
dog laughs
wet baths
soap in the mouth for free clean like a back rub
more love than a jar full of pepper
hot pot spice
double take
over the shoulder older than the road
tar mack
flat cap
lock back
grand prix
mossy live of the land
legs in stocks
arms at hand
fruit brigade
tomatoes rain
red sauce
easy bee
number free
counts the duck
on the pond
so long
alice and looking glass
goodbye class
room stairs
to the top
tea oh pea
sea ay tee
mission on
a little rocket
flys out of the beat
doesnt stop
till its reached the scene
flish flack flush
the projector whirrs
king of the beast
catching snatching bits
and bobs
one marley i i
fooling ground
round and round
the zoom
zoom zoom zoom
level five
infa red lights dream
minds cold too
hasnt read
on a bottle
of mirage
nirvana is
for nirvana
in open eternity
all ways
true harmony

Polish Air.

Polish Air

Your polish beauty has got me all tied up in gorgeous
the grass aint got anything to do
its the sun light blazing on your hair
the skirt of flowers you wear short
like red and white squares
a hat to glance at your eyes
dark black
curly tressles pink magic lips
dress of button circles
yellow fur
electric treads
red coat kicks dust like sand
your hair on white and green jungle
sweetness and life
the light on so there
so so there
your jade bracelet
white teeth
pools of sight
blue arms
the buttons
into ziz zag scarfs
kicking dust like sand
the jungle
dreams fall on top of you
wrapped up in
the grass
with your gorgeous hair.

Ghost Like.

Ghost Like

There was a dance
on the white light
ghosts talking so still
did you feel the sea
heart beating
to be freed
from a cage
covered in poachers ivory
we wrapepd our knuckles
on the rope
that turned the boat
from day into night
ghosts slipped
over board
tasting hanging dreams
bodies sleep lose
on the beams of trees
leafs kissed with salt
take back the ivory
graveyards in the sea
ghosts slip with ivory
laced in a dream
come with me
beneath this green
we will
knitt lychees
for you to peel
into golden raisins
then youll breathe
to melt the ice
boney tails
of fairys
poaching ivory
like the breath
of ghosts
beneath the sea
hang out with us
to sleep on trees
you must softly slip
into one
ghost like ivory

See Yah.

See Yah

If i knew better
i guess i wouldnt
try to be
so hard
you know it cant last
this guessing
at whats true
forgeting the past
to last for a moment
its solitary
that i want
i cant
i cant
you can
you dont need to break
you can remember
the prescence
doesnt have to happen again
you can mend
anything you want
truth blend
why dont you stay
stay you dont need to break
a way like a wave
good bye
i just cant
change the weather
cold to heat
i just cant
i just cant get

A little bit.

A little bit

Thats the way its got to be
Heading out
Chasing on the sea
Looking for those sunlight falls
In August

Tender aisle took my hand
Brought me back onto the sand
Now my ears hear the sunlight falls true chorous

Like water shining without a cage
Thunder falls and battles rage
Lightning up the sky
with ice



Dig a hole to bury me
beneath the waves that eat this beach
and sing to the world a sweet chorus.

Swedish Moon Light.

Swedish Moon Light

I am the burning fire
stolen from the sun
my feathers slipped
so fast
in the blink of one eye
the slipper
was cursed
to fit on your foot
if theres one thing i know
its that my wings
were too faded to last
spreading luck
from down below
walking with
miles to climb
looking on this road
to stick feathers
broken wings
return this stolen
fire to the sun
as the skies above
get brighter
and brighter

i just cant let it up

Monday, 21 March 2011

Mission Remedy.

Mission Remedy

You got to keep on recreating every day your breaking making windows thinking to deeply on the weather inside, i wonder if its cold today maybe in the mouth of may the sunlight will not blow away the light the light,
i got you talking about me when i did not roll away, its the weight, i carry ever tide, its your wave, sailing bright,
i keep relaxing faking what i think i found, yeah i got it, on it, to the tip, sooth sonic, spitting with levity breathing off of air i know my flow aint got no trick slip slide, looking on the window outside, this life, remedy, comes twice, once for night and once for dreams, now we see, lets pick the seams, and take the top, where we drop, yo yo,s walking talking stalking like dogs fed on meat, yeah we walk the dog.

Tired Voice.

Tired Voice

The white light of the great hall
this is where im healing
ive got this feeling
its not good
i am consumed again
death my only friend
i cant speak to you
if i could
i would
my lips dont want to work today
i paint
a star with a straw
on the table
made out of spilt water
it dont look right
its so loud
so loud
i dont know where to go
the only person
i can speak to is you
climbing through the window
to avoid the guard on the door
im stuck inside these walls
these walls
thinking about sleep
im dieing again
i cant speak
ive got to go
then your there
on these steps
i sit
i dont know
what to do
plug myself in
to the electic
music falling
on death
now the ghosts have gone
im glad that i didnt hurt you
by running away
even though i tried
i tried
i tried

Mount Kailash.

Mount Kailash

Sitting in the tent
drinking too shy
each of us
reach to make
the cakes louder
we would like to dance faster
with hats and dusty hair
a circle is my day dream
we were singing
for bits of
from the mountains
to float out the doors of the castle
sitting in the street
could it be like
this forever
i remember
drinking monsoon
rains keep falling
take a drag
hammock soft is my blanket
getting drinks
without moving
rainbow fish
tickling day dreams
to late for the bus
because you had forgoten
rescued by the boy
driving fast
from the badminton
on the way
home to
smokey kathmandu



Ive been there in that sea
i was drinking the beach
thinking of how i couldnt reach
your singing
i was sinking
i wasnt swimming
i went drowning in the deep
digging a hole
to the sand of sleep
i saw your song
flying in the sky
it brought me back to life
bare foot stepping
over the coast
your song
rescued me
from the watery depths
where i was falling in a loop
closed mind to life
trying to dance
to the end fast
like a pebble
skipping on the waves
i cant breathe
i cant breathe
when im swimming
then my lungs
take control
hears your heart
beat my soul
now im floating
back to life
im swimming
swimming back from the deep
to walk again
in the twilight
your breathing
keeps the beach
over the moon
from sinking
into water colours
sandman dreams

Beta Max.

Beta Max

Lying on my back looking at the sun rise
thought you grown ahead of time
you were gone
life was insane
didnt know what kind of life i was living in
was this a new one or was it the same old story
since the light begins
i guess that we can play a game
why dont we play again
again again again
i wonder at the sunny lights
feeling good
this feelings bright
lift me up i cant complain
i cant i cant
i wont complain
living light it draws my pain
lift me up onto the train
i draw myself to life again
its at first you cant succeed
tell me about the lifes you lead
if you want
i wont complain
you know you can if you really feel
its so fine
never fade away
fade away
the sun may shine
or it may rain
i dont mind
there both the same
i can be your line
i can be your line
i need love
i know we wont cry
when we feel alright
when we feel alright
i feel so fine
i feel so fine
i feel so fine
yeah the sun may shine
or it might rain
i dont mind its all the same
all allright
all allright
i will be your line
in love
this is the light that says
its all alright
its all ok
coss the sun may shine or it may rain
i dont mind its all the same
the same the same the same

play at home
or play away
finaly find a find of day
fine of being all being all way
take a little drawer
from a daydream
bookcase made of memories
sipping all lost for the baby
didnt want go out on the lazy
sidey avenues
strung out and turned too loose
to draw to draw to draw the reins
soda horse it bolted
into flames
the car the car
your mind your mind
didnt mean to crash into you on sunday
wish i knew it wasnt going to come
weight gets heavy i feel lost
took my arm and tied the knot
hanging on a beam
bad news day
celebrated sun
confused hate
takes my life
and fuels my brain
later laid her laid so late
reeta aright a reet a reader
something about drawing so slow
didnt know how the vinyl goes
needle scratch the lane the lane the lanes
the sun may shine or it may rain
my ray my ray my ray
record taken over my life
memories dont let me see the sun rise
cozz when my eyes blink i cant see
my mouths so dumb i cant speak
to wrapped to wired to write to write
to right too right too right too right
yeah the sun may shine or it may rain
its all alright its all ok
love or hate
there both the same
the same the same the same
lights go on at the factory
people stare then they eat
the same the same
the same the same
ever wonder if your mind
would be better
sinking in the sunlight
ever wonder if your mind
would look better
with sunshine
or the rain the rain
lock me up and throw away
a way a way a way a wave
we can play
at night
at day
hear them sing
were all the same
the same the same the same

Friday, 18 March 2011

Anarchist Utopia Exists.

Anarchist Utopia Exists

Its true
so easy
all you got to do
is walk
you know
its that easy
walk somewhere
dont worry about
a bag
or water
or food
or some guys daughter
or some broads sun
they can wait
while you walk
or catch a lift
or bunk a rail
its easy
just keep going
dont stop
break the locks
its easy
roof for free
hot for rocks
this island is sinking
take it away
sitting on the street
its easy
its true
you can do
whatever you want to do
see a brick
smash a window
its easy
what are prisons for
you can do
you can do
can do
its up to you
anarchy and peace
is easy
like a smile
dont need to burn
dont need to break
dont need to fight
living for free
living for free
its easy
just walk
maybe sit a while
like your smile
so easy
see a brick
keep walking
no more smashing windows
for free
say hello
to prison
say hello
to anarchy

Easy Money.

Easy Money

Damage to the radiator
the filf the fuzz
the rough kicks
kicking the dust
the bricks are raining
blacking out the clouds

were imitating
dont know whats death
why dont you find out
there is a battle
no need to hide
full speed
full speed
break through you winner

the souvenirs burning
nuclear splashes
on the water
we find our gold
its over
take to the road
tell them want to do
bricks could rain
all you got to do
is smile
alive alive alive

Concious Stream.

Concious Stream

Give me a taste for free i understand youve been living for a while so long gone so long to go i know its not easy being you so what did we do
we made it new for a week or two
see how it feels more real or less like living just to die
breathe with the trees feeling gravity smile after a while do you get bored of eating tea, its not easy running all over the place, did you take a train or did you make your bed sleepy head sleeping in again, its not easy, running to find a wave still the beach keeps swimming on, where did we go long couldnt catch the ball didnt even see the movement falling out the bees make honey for our song, skinny fatty loosen dread, cant seem to speak at all, dont understand what life is for, is it for you because it aint for me, hiding behind the magic in a tree, house dreaming of what it must be like in your reality, you got the goood life for free, i see it written in the way you move like a sun beam i hide my sadness inside dont want to break your dream, if only i could be you, for a minute or two, understand everything you do and feel, so real, if you could see inside of me, youd see, what ive tried to be, its not easy being you so i choose to breathe with the sea in and out, hiding from reality, inside a magic tree, where tea is sold for free, like a festival made within escape, fly fly fly like a leaf to plant a seed in the beach.

Pink Teeth.

Pink Teeth

Rootees for free
come and get your cake
rootess make you smile
now weve got a drink
its a shade
of life
for you

we love the skin
we love the skins
we love the skin
we love the skins

if you dont fight
then you look so bright
your a cat on the sand
your a fish in the clouds
we welcome you
out out out
of jail
lets all pass go
collect 200 pounds
spend it on the trouble and fuss
now were bending rules
we dont want to stare
lets all comb our hair
on the underground
on the underground
with teeth of pink
a rat for free
rat four three
your a back room

Blue Meanies.

Bluie Meanies


well if you love it
then sink your teeth
into the head
what you need
is a bathroom door
with a coat
hanging on a nail
a nail a nail a nail
is your lover
on a stick
you lost it
over the bridge
yeah yeah
im acting like a tramp
a tramp
because im stung
by a bee
a bee
a bee stings
black and yellow
a human bean
i can drive
can you
give me a taste
of your brush
lets paint
the bathroom door
the nail
the nail the nail
im a human bean
and if i act the fool
its because im being drawn
by a pencil making stares
youve seen
my scars
im a bee
give me a sting
this race is scared
hey hey hey
lets blow up the door
sink the bath tub
the nail the nail
the nail
is a human being
yeah yeah
and if you think this scene
is out of dust
or history
well its upto
you to let it be
a nail
a nail a nail
blowing away
lets blow away
blow them all
like a human beanie
a human beanie
blue blue blue
just say yes
a human
yeah yeah genie



Hang on a limbo
throw off the back seat
its a way to play
way play
plant wave
to the bomber in new england
the singer is hitler
pushing seeds
its a way
another play
the flags wave
the public
is hitler
we see each day
violence grows
feed fight
rush fire
have another
top hat
trick banana

Toothy Lou.

Toothy Lou

Up here on the mountain top
theres a lot to see
out the box
lots of ghost souls
talking down
to clouds
we wont stop
they say
hello red sea dive
dive inside the liquid satin drive
where were stripped
to the hilt
spiders eyes eclipse
the crocodile of the moon
way up head
moses lead
us through the wave
its again
another lucky roll
keep on walking
to the very top
here the mangos
on the rock
taste like
moses riding
on the eagle
swoops over head
fly in to the stream
begin to swim
back down from
of the mountain top
to the valley
where the chorus rocks
welcome back out of the sea
jam on a tab of lsd
jamming the rain
jamming the sun
way up
on the mountain top
we find rocks
easy like e
grown wisdom
with are wizard teeth
stamping on the hill
chomping chest nuts
made of pills
pieces of pills
that soothe the brain
its so nice to smile again
teeth like to grate moon light
turn it into paradise
your smiles breath
skins me up
and smokes the dreams
levitate when im asleep
floating up above the hills
chestnuts stomping
daffodils speak
the pills are good for you
make you feel like this whole world is news
its going to be a fine day
today today today today



Click me on
im a lighter
a freedom fighter
of riding round
the merry go round
count to fourty
before giving up
on the chase
the game
its always the same
wake up
and place a bet
on the horses
get broken backs
on the horses
with breaking backs
i want to dance
like najinsky
on the track
can we break down the barrier
can we reach the line
can we pick up the lack
the lack
of freedom
in the air
its another day
what do we do
do we seek our own pleasure
soothe our own minds
or do we reach out
further to the other side
and do what we dared not do
fight for change
its a new day
why not spend if off your back
down at the zoo
you can see us
locked in two
when we swing
to the other side
we find the horses
our back
in control
if you fight for what your seeking
diesnt matter if you break
your back
your back
in the light
where the only thing
is time
picking up
from off the floor
all the horses
have broken backs
the boxers
are turning
into glue

Thats your right.

Thats your right

Biting on the skin
of a dog
is murder
thats your breathe
its skills
with presence
that you light
your a grabber
do or dine
we eat tongiht
with our right
to remain
our right to remain
you cant catch us
now we see
we can speak
who is listening
nobodies listening
our eyes
all three of them
are closed
without thinking
i was told
by the jury
that im selfish
i dont do enough
thats my right
to remain
in silence
i cant speak
we are free
who is free

Red and Yellow.

Red and Yellow

Make my car
this kind is a skeleton
i sit with the night
on my knee
until i sing
for the morning
the sun comes up
im yawning
in the middle
we stitch our seed
keep singing
for the stars and sun
its hard work for all of us
just a locked bone
neighbours who dont want the truth
a piece of black
a piece of white
see the squares
if we dance they cant fight
if we dance they cant fight
how can they kill all of us
how can they kill all of us
wrap us up turned into glue
now im walking i am shoes
whyd you close the door
why you go and close the door
im dead at the same time as in love
dead at the same time as in love
going to lock the both of us
shut the door on both of us
wrapped us up
in cloaks and dust
the mask has slipped
in wilderness
get on these books
and turn them in
the words you hate
before you burnt them
why they paint on both of us
skin crinkles on the both of us

Japan is happening.

Japan is happening

Give me a tamagotchi
ill give you a slap
did you feed my chicken
i wasnt looking
for you
i wasnt looking
so why did you
jump into the bath tub
i didnt want to share
of mine
this bubble
is not yours to keep
i went to work with a tie
i cut it off
spat on my shoes
to make them shine
burnt your paper
with metal teeth
rip rip rip
plastered posters on your wall
smashed the screen
the glass felt so soft
the glass was soft
sitting in the foam
why wont you
stay away
jack flash
loves a candle stick
its a happening
wax melting
the plaster calls
build us up
then we break the wall
the war the war the war
is a happening
how many more bricks will fall
the dark has another side
its called para life
spiders crawl with suicide
i wish i was a fly
i wish i was a fly
i wish i was a fly
jack flash
loves melting wax
dribbling in the web

Strings and Roses.

Strings and Roses

You know if i could play i would play
with you
you know if i could paint i would paint
with you
you know if i could sing i would sing
with you
and i would take this world in my arms
to lift it where the sun shines strong
i would carry the moon on my back
i would swing across the river
you know if i could dance
i would
dance with you
and you know if i could see
i would see
with you
how much we could do
just a little
would make us feel new
like a world full
of music and song
and i wish for you
just for you
if i could fight
you know i would
fight for you
and if i could smile
i would smile
with you
in a world
where theres no such thing
as right or wrong
black or white
did you know
i could i could i could
play piano keys in the candle light
just for you
why would i want to play it
for more
for more than you
there could never be any more
than you
any more

Black Maggie.

Black Maggie

Liquid wash in the river will give you more soul than you can feed
the fear is gone now you move like weeds
tasting salt at the bottom of the well
a wish for you was made to break the spell
now your back
and its clear
the puddle is the rain
your tree is lit by joshua
the ark came sailing
with a wale
to tell you
goodbye storm
goodbye hail
everything is yours again to taste
with open heart and open eyes
the liquid of the rivers wash
soft spots on
soft spots off
ladybirds like to sing
ah ho
ah ho
uh oh uh oh uh oh
now were jumping hedges dodging trees
floating with the brights in may
see the the daughters blessed by rays
of appollo amore
the moon dances
deeana loochena
sallena shamore
we are free
we are free
there is no sleep
this day to night is the beat
of the river
the liquid in the wash that forms
calls diana luchena saleena apollo shamore

Soap for Sore Eyes.

Soap for Sore Eyes

Eat your dustbin
eurgh shine
we are killing
tooth paste
smile shine
eat your dustbin
fall about again
sleeping in a chair
dont mean anything
killing me
eating dustbin
the television gone
i painted
it green
i liked to see it there
when i was drinking
eating your dustbin
my skin
is blown
she roller
the hammer
your chair
now your voice is
soap for sore teeth
eating tv
plastic machine
smile clean
my teeth
were born
in the year of the rat
pink pills
wash for your dye

Astral Eyes.

Astral Eyes

Come back
come back
to the fields
with me

you danced once on the early morn
to the sun till the sun was gone
with the moon the moon shone high
we fly
to astral life
the rainbow bridge is here for you to cross
beneath the water where we watch
for the kings to fall
washing eyes that sing
to begin the dream for humanity
heres my bow and heres my voice
dance with me
make your choice

in your eyes
you can see the skies
are breathing

we were taught to play
by the king
of astral life
whose eyes
sing amidst the storm

to the sun till the sun is gone
for the moon to the new one is born
circle with me
swing round and round feel free
this is the broom stick
see us fly
we are astralised
now were breathing
with the sky
your not dreaming
in the fields sleep
is weaving life
for open eyes



On a cartwheel of light
with friends
in the night
drinking time
oh time
down we go
a thousand lights
sail the breeze
sail the breeze
how we celebrate
the house made anew
just for me and you
going to win
so free now
like a white rose
covered in paint
how smart
to be
in cardboard city
letting the seasons
drop there chords
for free
now were
going to
sail the breeze
sail the breeze
to our home anew
a cosey life
for two
look into my eyes
these pupils are big
theres room
for all the stars
to shine
as well as
me and you

After Shave.

After Shave

I lost my eternity
smelt so sweet
on me
not you
real good
im blowing
dandy lions
across the lines
into your mind
sitting up straight
im a square
when i walk
into the room
i flow across
walking steps
to impress
jumping hurdles
your mind
my eyes
reading your letters
i wont say
what i dont
need too
to you
how beautifull
your feathers part
now ive fallen
off this mountain
i will
i will
i will
taste them
every kiss
now im blowing
dandy lions
to fly
across your mind
jumping hurdles
behind your eyes
ive been thinking
about you
of what
we can do
this is reality
we were good
for each
if we both
that wasnt truth



Give me the faith to walk for a longer time
than my feet did see
its just not right to want to leave
this string is on for a long time
the pulls
you will never be
if you dont set your mind free
get out
with doubt
on and on
burn lets do it
shout shout shout
the beat
is long time gone
im running
to fast
a road runner
looking for some kind
of saviour
maybe an angel from the sky
with wings to comfort me
its not right
to seek
if only i could find
it wouldnt be such a long time
the bells
go click
raise amplify
this city
is my home
now were through
the door
onto the light
such a long time
im a road runner
looking for some sort of angel
to teach me how
how can we fly
and its nothing
nothing is wrong
with what we see
this place
is it enough to pull the string
for such a long time
the bells all ring
find instead of seek
keep running
for such a long time

Z Z Z Z.


Im a penguin on the moon
im here to chase the signs
in your life
to make them fit right
the labels unwind
im a ganster from across the stars
whos floated far
to set you free
its the time to feel
the beats that drop
from the sun
you know
the sun
you know
im flying like white fire
dust seeking just for you
the sirens wail
through the night
hey baby
this aint a knife
its a fish
swimming through
the surf on the tide
to the moon
where the beach feels
time to shake your dust
shake your dust off
over the sky
love is true
thats why the birds sing
doo da doo doo doo
easy like lemons
from the tree
making bubbles
out of rain
in the puddles
ducks will swing
doo da doo doo doo
spring has sprung
a leak
of gold
from the moon
this earth
is shiny
like a coin
for you
roll the dice
its good
picking tales
every time
doo da doo doo doo
heads will shine



Do you want to fuck off
leave me alone
its the work im with today
let me be
its easy
just get on your way
not enough
theres to much love
let me sleep
until the rain
is gone
i cant complain
leave me
clean in again
dirt out
never feels safe
with thunder and rain
i guess
at life
every day
leave me alone
im at loss with work in today
cant explain
the past
dont need to
until my mind
speaks again
disturbing the rain
leave me alone
thunder your kind
dancing in pain
so you dont have to speak
wash me again
clean my disguise
soothe me
lightning so kind
after the rain
leaves me alone
at loss with the work
in today
sun light
on your face
so kind
leave my lips
for your
zig zag

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Kee kee kee kick.

Kee kee kee kick

Cold liver rocker see the beat can going go
to the soil where the day light glows
its almost time
to float anew
through the window
through the sky
to the valley side
where the mushrooms bloom
kites will fly
we see the weather
deep inside
early in the morning
feel the sunlight rise
we shine
we shine
for eternity
we ride
we ride
for certainty
in and out of sleep
rewind in the wheels of life
turning spirals with the trees
we keep
ourselfs togethor
like leafs
crafting dust
we begin
to sparkle
this is
this is
this is
the gunner gunner gunner burnt to gold
sea rolling
sea flowing
sea learning
that theres many roads
so many steps
we take
until we realise
theres no need for escape
twisting into pleasure
sound can fly
kites fighting
losten unwind
shine in peacefull harmony
clash burning
earning krust
burning time
freedom fire
feeding fire
feeling fine
fine fine.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Train Strike Light.

Train Strike Light

In the land of rah rah razor
there is a game called
let me come and save yah
daylight saver yeah
were near the end
so near
why did you choose to go
the other way
i want you back here
get back
its clear somethings going on
so strong
a little bit wrong
we need that
oi oi
theres a voodoo mask
i like to wear
youve seen it once before
the deadliest draw
high noon
is my monsoon
breaking through the rain
i dont like it
when you black out
like electric city
with no power
you give me more
deja vu
than any other i have seen
your a dream
your just a dream
i realise
its not what it seems
im dreaming again
im asleep
my friend
keeps calling
wake up
wake up
wake up
i cant
i am dead
i am a ghost
shot in the end
because i couldnt paint
humpty dumpty had a great fall
all the ghosts
want to be able to draw
high noon
is my moonsoon
rock the cradle
cradle fall
im dead
im a ghost
shot in the head
one leg
we ride to the sun
we are the ghosts of the night
moonlit whispers
make us see light
come dance all over our stones
you cant leave us alone
you wont ever
leave us
leave us alone
you wont ever
leave us
leave us alone
your a siren at the bottom of the sea
im a body trapped beneath the weeds
i cant breathe
when im asleep
my friend speaks
wake up
come back to me
i dont want to hear
let me lie here
please let me die here
why wont you let me, just die here

This is the reason
sun day
was made for you
to break the bread
why do you
feel right
some day
i guess youll see
some day
you could be free
of all this is
another mistake
another repeat
you got so many seasons
your full of soul
and thats the reason
you can make the mould
brand new
sunday is a bitter
pill thats leaving
me so cold
its just the same old story
break the repeat
hang out your washing
on the line
until we shoot it
down down down
every time
you come near me
i have to lose control
its just the weather
telling me your insane
i cant put you back togethor
even if it rained
a hundred clear answers
from beyond the grave
turn a handle on the weeds
green lips
that like to kiss
under the ocean seas
you can hit the lights
feel the spray
all over your body
its the way
now were on the wave
tell me that you want me
if you do surely
i will wake
if you forget my body
i wont ever be saved

This is the time
this is the reason
the time is the season to match the stick is there to burn
the salt is here to mend your tired lies until we learn
there is nothing better than honest tea
the truth you pick yourself
instead of being a slave driver
who preaches for the love of freedom
get your facts right
you studied it all wrong
thinking your mission is golden
like the sun when you knew all along
your still a slave driver
singing another spirits song
you are too alive
you must die
just a little
to realise
that the tea we drink
isnt right
just water
just a little water
how many miles
have you traveled
with both feet and mind
how can we pretend
we are just
we our kind
weve lost the light
type type
reading the letters
in black and white
papers for the coil
the magazines
de evolve
heading back to the trees
the sea of green
all you needs
a pill
a yellow sub marine
set set set
jet set go
its all you need
mission wrong
so long
so strong
whack a do
whack a day

You whack a do
whack a day
washing hair
washing hair
fixing chairs
you eat the dirty cups
first thing
first thing
i guess i could have tried
just a little bit more
instead of walking
just walking
bored of moon light
winking in pain
everything i saw
didnt matter
if were all just
moving that way
then surely its ok
to go away
i cant stay
ive got to go away
i cant handle
this mess
its not the blessed sun
im a forbiden fruit
thats lost control
of what is good for me and you
so now its time for something new
ive got to go
im leaving
you behind
so unkind
you know
that im tired
ive got to find
whats on the other side
of this wall
one by one
to the mountains call
im crawling
on my knees
dont say sorry
dont say please
ive given up
on all those deeds
bringing luck or good
wrapped up cold
im throwing my lot
in with disease
peace is waiting
across the light
on my knees to the far away mountains calling
i crawl

Once a dust
always a dust
this cover
makes me feel
like a lion
this dust
is with me
until the fall
of scar
scar scar scar
down your face
weve been scratched
by nails and rivers
scratched by the nails
and river
the daughter
is moving
moon light
like a jungle
in the spirit
come back to life
move like a tree
with me
in the amazon
we are built
strong like a river
rushing to the glow worm
the tribe
blue river
green castle sky
know now ghosts
like to dance with the people
they dont know
in reality
here in electric city
we are the ghosts of the people
our love your love is people
you are the ghosts dance
we are all the people
ghosts of a hundred million trees

The tree
was so so
like a story
the rainbow
you take a taste
of this spice
the berry
will rake
it takes
just one sip
like so
to let you in
to climb
the grave
scratch scratch
the rain
into the soil
we leave the royal
out the gate
we are bursting
like the blue
now we get
back to dream
the spine
will come soon
are partying
on the street
like glimmers
in the head lights
this is a storm
where we are rushes
keep it
lose it
twisted in the storm
let it drip away
drip drop
drip away

Dipsy Lazor.

Dipsy lazor

Memushroom was a monkey that knew
that knew
which way the banas like to fall
fall fall fall
like drops from the tree
he liked to see
how many he could turn out at the factory
for us to rip in two
so we can
the both of you
at the same same time

banana pan cakes like to fly
sugar from the gun
its true
we fall
swinging from the vine
moving out of touch
with time
until we realise
how could we
never notice
that the birds are falling
out the sky

like fish on the land
they hit the grass
where we pass
each other
within without
true minds
can never find
the key
to the lock
the key
its free
its falling
and now were
falling to the freedom
of the moon
this tide is new
just one more banana
to do memushroom
turns that handle true

Skipping lights
we skip the lazer
skipping lights
we light the razor
the trick
is the meet
in the middle of the sea
two ships
coming into land
all sweetness and light
tonights the night
we shine
with each other
storms cant break the feather
we sing
we swing we shine
star dust till the end
we fly
theres no end of time
the sun the sky
is the rise
its a uprising
that bursts like fire
dropping from the night
to slice
through the daze
we sit
when we stand
for each other
cant be over
until the end
there is no end of time
where these drops rain
you have seen the colours
washing on the wall
we climb
we write
our stroy
we write
in the night
for the day
the lazor
the light
the razor
the electric knife
we plant
we see
we grow
we feed
each other in and out of danger
true spirit naturalistic saviour a warriour shadow walker leaf dancer
you take you take
you take my life
im yours to dye
like the patterns of wool
stich me up and tear my skin
then begin
in the night
to light
the lala lazer

Clickity Click.

Clickity Click

Well i saw you again
when the sky wasnt cracked
and i knew
that id remember your name
the colours that we wore
the heavens that we saw
opened up my eyes
i wondered,
have you ever dreamed the same
as i did that night
when it rained
falling from the air
and we saw the surf
go fast
circling into slow
then i said
lets play
at guessing games
and i knew
i knew
i could never ever forget
no i would never forget your name
when the sky wasnt cracked
and the colours flew
like the most golden of sunny days

This bitch is heavy living
doesnt like things my way
i told her itll all be so so fine
thing is she doesnt even
know her own mind
so i went an hit the line in
now im close
to riding above the light
flying in suprise
making money
faking money
faking money
everything is purple
everything is purple
every thing is purple right
so now the bitches waters running
coz i got a mission
its easy
being alive
when you do
what you do
when you do what you want
its a true mushroom child
running like a plane
moving with the skin
blades skipped so long ago
by that pink grass rock
off the mountain falls
every time bad luck
is thrown
if your rolling dice
you cant pick up
becaue you were born
to let them crawl
all over
your unlucky spine
there is no back
for you to watch
dr bones
dont no no time
its just a wave
that decided to draw
now its got us all
out the rosary
laced by sister alice
growing flowers
for the law
they got you walking
putting the storks in
rushdie clocks the night
just like a run away
another express train
come to take
us somewhere safe
where were picking up
picking up
picking up good
picking up good luck
strokes blessed
by sisters of bliss
instead of stuck
on the doormat
with insects that
crawl about like sticks
waiting for the stars
to fall

Monday, 14 March 2011



Christ. It was bad. I couldnt even begin to feel the pain. What happened, was a lesson in being dangerous. The roof, the roof was so easy to get too, just up a bin, shimmy along a wall, over a archway and pull yourself to the top. Easy.
Thats what i dont understand, seeing as it was so easy to clamber onto the roof, why was there any need for the ladder.

There wasnt, and in the end, yeah, there really wasnt.

Rob. The ladder.

The ladder was a strange thing. It wasnt like a usual ladder. Straight upright, stiff, unmovable, a solid shape. Squarish rungs, almost flat in its metallic way. This ladder was clearly different. Its similarities pretty much ended with it being of a silvery nature and made from some sort of metal. You see, the ladder, wasnt a solid object, it wasnt stiff, solid, upright or unbendable. This ladder, moved like a slinky, compressing in on itself then expanding, jumping up and down, moulting and twisting into new shapes, like the gills of a accordian being squeezed, sometime the ladder was small than big and pointy, up and down it went like a rollercoaster ride.

I was standing a fair distance away, even so, the ladder sometimes shifted its shape, and a jagged metal point would come within inches of my face, i dont know what possessed Rob to climb the ladder. Yet climb the ladder he did.
He got about halfway up, before the ladder flew backwards changing shape again, the top part remained attached to the roof, where Rob had positioned the bottom half, flew out all over the place. Rob fell to the floor. He seemed to be ok, then i looked closer and realised he wasnt, he really wasnt. The trouser leg on the right side of his body was cut, it now looked ridiculously shorter than his left. Robs leg had been chomped off. Underneath the fabric of his trousers there was a stump. We made eye contact with each other, then after a second or so, blood began to spurt out from Robs wound all over the floor. His severed leg lay on the concrete, and the ever expanding pool of blood that stemmed from Robs stump thickened, getting closer and closer. I immediately phoned for an ambulance, telling them to come quick as my friend had just cut his leg off. I gave the man on the end of the line the adress, and then nearly put the phone down before remembering suddenly, to ask, listen, to instructions on what to do for Rob.

Going back to Rob was strange, as i found him sitting on a chair, with a tight sort of cottony bandage, all tied up round his stump, which was stopping the flow of blood. Good, phew, i asked the nine nine nine guy, what should we do with the leg, put it in the freezer to keep it fresh so it could be sewn back on or what,
as sirens blurred, flashing blue light, my phone ran out of battery, i left Rob sitting in the chair, when i thought to hell, why not ill put his leg in the freezer. I also decided to tape Robs mouth shut because he was making a lot of noise, screaming and what not, an awful racket, when i came back outside, the sirens had stopped and there were three police cars on the drive. Rob had been ungagged and taken from off of the chair, i dont know why i did it, but i put my hands up and said it was a fair cop, i was read my rights, handcuffed and put into the back of one of the cars, as i plonked down, abrassively and fast, i could hear the faint snatch of a song wafting from somewhere through the air,

"clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here i am..."

at the police station, my possessions were taken from me, a metal fork, a banana with the message, youve won a mystery prize on it, and a burnt copy of the silence of the lambs,
really is that what all youve got, asked the station officer behind his counter,
and again for reasons i cant explain, i laughed, actually giggled, uncontrollably, before i was led to a cell and all i could think about was, resovoir dogs and the disappointment i was all out of spoggy.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Shan Jahan.

Shan Jahan

Here sits the son of Shan Jahan,
fingers wing ling, hands fluttering,
the shadows of a green spiked wonder
clapping in the sunshine
Three benches squat and talk
on the square board
beside the crazy paving wall
all coble and grey stone
lights in eyes
appear at the garden
the clunk of the rail
spells out
luxury cruise
luxury cruise

over shoulder
the bad luck one
looking at the moon
an old tale
relayed by jim
in the adventures of tom sawyer
whilst trying to work out is
the grass greener on both sides of the shadow
or is the shadow grass
greenest of them all

Stones of every colour
line the walls
these halls
of prayer
pilgriming to Mecca
ancients call
the crystal
the crystal shard
beneath this soil
bow down
touch the ground
with the beads
of your forehead
the clouds on the floor
like paint thrown in
all the shades
dust covered
street parade
a riot of joy
of colour
sweepers make the sweetest sound
as they wipe the dust
from of the floor
hey are you here
right now
are you genuine or
are you an imitation
of us all
do you believe
or do you walk
along the borders
of discovery
not even daring
to seek
following the stars
to war
or are you
strange being
at peace
like a shell
sitting quietly
for the call

The windows are multicolured
heres a ladder up to
the green roofed orb
in the blue sky
a plane paints
white train tracks
that smile at the people
who are overboard
white rockets tipped with
a golden spear
another ladder
like a buddha
leads all the way to the top
cool breeze, fanning the leafs
into shutter
clapping palm trees

The softest hard chair in all the world
sits outside
the portals castle doors
the upside down branches
ripple in the circle pool
one eye washing
in the middle
the pupil rises
a lotus flower
with a lotus lip on top
underneath her skirt shadows
like a black diamond, opposite
is the empty seat
cross hatched
emerald, designed by the master,
appolo, through the open sun doors
painted green, past the two green seats
and the murken branches dancing in the circle
over the grey cloud tiles up the marble stairs,
beneath a crescent moon and through a pointy archway
a spear headed green door
outside rings of gold relax like omens
a green bench under one of a pair of lanterns
next to the witch
are two brown shoes without laces
pointing forwards away from the door
is their owner invisible
will they move
are they waiting
for the call
what if i was to take them
or swap them with my own pair
leave a present inside
for the owners feet to explore
whos are these shoes
i wonder
do shoes ever get to go through
to the other side
beyond the green closed door
what colour is the shadow grass
i decide
to swap
a shoe for a shoe
so one of a pair
of shoes waiting
becomes one of mine

Nine nine nine.

Nine nine nine

Breaker breaker
Under stands
over flies
fly over
you know the rivers of fire
burn in the rain

skinny dready walking in pain
under stands over flies
fly over

the cloud burst thunder to your head
rushing through the middle
looking for the end
smoking on the water
breathing in the area
if you want to break over
just fly over
put your foot down
over over
under stands
over flies
fly over
walk out the city
leave the city behind
over flies
to the brige
the bridge
rush to the trees
leave the city behind
heavy sound
is it at one with nature
its an over flies
under stands
fly over
bublling on the double with creativity
shoulders walk free of the city
heading back to the tree
had it right
out of the sea
who want to be back
back to life reality
sitting in our village of trees
over under stands
copy that laughing duck
this is falling squirrel
flying, over
repeat over.

Smokey Shroom.

Smokey Shroom

Me alligator mixer misty mind
sunshine tapping on the clolour rind
i got a hand got a handle son
mission to the monk nut to the monk blood vine
a little tap oh creature
a little tap o whine
me mixer mushy down
sing a songo sing a songo
sing a song oh bung
mision early monet
mission early mourner
darkness in the water
dark water rising in the mind
cavern agitator
lick a little rock oh soi
salt salt salt
find it by the river
day light is done
whipping freedom into nature
craze a rock a salt
the soil
your soil
foiled golden
in the perfect plants
didi wont get down
didi didi didi
run the flag around
burning torch wood smoke
clothes melding
back to the start

Hey Yah.

Hey Yah

Hey out there
hows it going
hope everything is all right
cause its nice to be feeling like sun shine
is your friend
hope everything is real nice
like blue skies
you know a lazy day to dream
maybe let a finger hang lose
painting ripples in the stream
staring eyes smiling
at colours
patchwork quilts
made out of lemon jelly
feeding ducks buns on the rokysopp
i hope nothing is wrong
with your world
and its sun shine
every thing all right
goodbye blue sky
hello night
and i hope
your still feeling fine
in the moon light
the star shine
did you know that
they shine
all day long too
can you hear
them singing
your songs
they are there to hold in any stormy weather
from your angel wings like departed feathers
they sing
to grant you angel wings
they sing
red gold and green
the colours over fly
red gold and green
over flies
we all fly

Oi Mate Geez.

Oi Mate Geez

The eyes on my palms
tell me dont have a hairy back mate
get off the train
sit out
and complain
about the lack
the lack of pain
all i wanted is some rain
is it to much to ask
can you pass the grass
over here an dlets lick him up a notch
one spot
oi gumbo mate one spot wasting away
on the back of the bus
kicking up a fuss
about the lack of sun
hey hey
spring has sprung
a leak
on my teacup
i dont mean i leek
i mean a leak
oi number ninety five
remember what it feels like to be alive
life is sweet
life is sweet!
feel like an e
got married
by the e team
who you going to call
who you going to call
lots of
lots of
lots of time to party its party time
nuclear fall out every spot light directed at your feet
your dance strutting
the king and the queen
bonny and clyde
way out peace
the rest
the rest
the west
way out there
in space
out of space mate
lets fly
to ninety five
life is sweet
good enought to eat
so nice
help yourself
to another slice
its safe to meet
its been in the freezer
winter turning into spring
in the microwave
well hello baby
looks like we made it
number ninety five
johnny fa fa fa five
is alive
oi mate geez please just one more spin thing
can you please mate geez oi mate geez im begging you on my knees can you tell me oi mate geez please how to get to sesame street, i really need to get to, i really need to get to, sesame, really need to get some sesame seed

Surf the Beach.

Surf the Beach

Snow boarding
in a far away country
this place is hot enough to melt the ice
northern lights
in the sky rise
to wrap me up in cotton dreams
a blanket i spread
to keep the world safe
from false realityies
blinded to sadness
and anger
just a flat line
is that a coma
longing for summer
hibernating in citys made of straw
sitting in
to meet the moon light
wrapeed up in black sheep
a drip
like a tap
to my home
in the noon tide
snow boarding
to the costa del sol
where we can talk about how
were gone
feeling so spaced out
down and lost without sight
or mind
waiting up
to meet the silent sun
the green monkey
wrapped up in golden
that keeps you safe and warm
through any shadows darkness
wonder if moon light is something
that needs to be set free
from false capture
out the jar
out the jar
like those sticky jam
silence of the lambs
prisons made of glass
sitting outside
im wrapped up
inside your blanket
safely raving
through the darkness
so safe mate
and warm

Pink Delight.

Pink Delight

If the water was just a playground for the mirrors child
i think i might be able to swim
up the river
to give
a bounty
load of rum
a kiss
through the dust stream
where'd we meet
was it the hall of travelors
the guild of heros
who have walked enough raods
to know
which way the wind blows
picking up the patterns that are hiding
in the leafs
suddenly finding
its easy
real easy to pick out the signs
you know that spring is a season thats kind
to anyone that likes to fly kites
across the street
take a boat down the stream
under secret sounds
rushes through the weeds
just a handfull of rice
will stop the capsize
over flies
over dare do
to the end of the stream
a promising sky
of pink blue and white
reminds me of my favourite colours
the colour of sheperds delight
we three
red yellow and green

Its Good.

Its Good

no im not
shall i pass you back
im planing a trip to hackney
yeah yeah cool,it's rory. sparky did this squirrell joke, but i can't remember it. maybe it's the dude next to you, who were you waving to? no one.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Nice one.

Nice one

everythings wonderfull again
oh baby
theres no game we can lose
we should run a dance
oh baby
score a hundred tries
cause we are day dreams
and baby everything is wonderfull
its all wonderfull again
whenver its me and you
maybe we can fly
oh baby
its the same as brand new
coss baby i feel at home
so good
and maybe yes its true
everything is wonderfull
everything is beautifull
wonderfull beautifull
thanks to you

Fortune Cookie.

Fortune Cookie

Ever wonder if you were born in the stars
did you ever think im a star
can you dance on the street
do you move like your ready to meet the man on the moon
how soon
do you want to fly
because some of us are ready
after only the shortest amount of time
to you
can you realise
that i want to leave
and i dance
so i dont have to miss you
even though
i felt the call
of the moon
home time
the bells ringing
outside we queue
singing why
are we waiting
learning about jazz feet
black shoes
are shiny
they move sweet
can you understand what it means
to want to leave
i know
thats my mind
still im trapped
waiting why am i waiting
i trust my feet
do you
talk to your shoes
there was a lamp post
that grew
so high
that it sung a song
to a moth
flying to the moon
said im dancing
im dancing my light
just for you
so soon
not long at all
whats a lifetime
its not long
no time
like the present
time coil
walking backwoods
to the future
no more wasting
no more wasting
yo yo cookie
fortunes sailing
from the moon and back
we fall



I got confused just the other day
picked up the phone
not knowing what to say
confusion builds like a pack of cards
stacked in a pyramid between my ears
i fear
i fear
all the people
your minds
hour by hour
keeps me chilled
like a zombie
or a ghost
a shadow
of what i could have been
you see
im blind
lost in confusion
not knowing the difference
between right or wrong
green lights mean stop
red ones mean go
we dont keep milk in the fridge on thursdays
its ok to ride on the pavement
its alright to steal
if you dont know
right from wrong
is there no such thing as good guys
i guess i must be evil
i guess i must be evil after all
because i dont know
right from wrong
then again as i steal another breath
from this day dream
i realise
i dont know right from left
so i guess i cant even have been born
if i dont belong
whats the difference
between right and wrong



The machette rises it falls on my arm
said you are a dead runner
unlucky son
you aint got authority
your not where you want to be
one arm
now were gunning for your leg
watch your head
here come the spinning saw
chains break you
you aint got authority
no control at all
door matting
dead runner
your a rodent caught in a trap
a white moth
thats covered in soot
from the tree
your sitting with your statement
burning the letters
to forget
youve got no
watch your step
were gunning for your head
head head
into the room
where you can wear stripes
with pride
the pride
sitting on the rocks
just another
dead runner on the run
how many ghosts in the machine
switch off the lights
how many
are switching them on
ghost runner
dead on arrival
with no authority
taken to your arm
just one more
falling on the floor
through the little gap
in your door
two eyes
searching for the fugitive
dont give in
dont give in
to authority
door matting
you can take control
take it to their head
draw the red line
draw the red
head head head
into the sun
we are one
in the red line
stepping with authority
full control
i aint fighting for no goverments false war
we aint figthing for no goverment
slice me
slice me
cut me
cut me in four
hung draw
dirty pariinment
whilst we bleed all authority
boarding up the doors

Fat Pac.

Fat Pac

Pack man pack pack
rat track back back
fat fat pac man
pac man
pac man
rat track
back back
pac man
fat fat
when we go walking through the storm
we are ready for anything that moves us with scorn
the sensation all vibrations levitate
we are swirling like leafs from trees
moving mountains
crossing oceans
building bridges right
back back
fat fat
pac pack
rat track
pac man
you are found in the ice above
ready to freeze a voodoo stone
loose cold fire on the stove
blue blue blue
blue is your remedy
take just one lick
one lick of this remedy
chances are you found yourself to be more than a star
you are a planet
floating in orbit with every sweet tree
Pack man pack pack
rat track back back
fat fat pac man
pac man
pac man
rat track
back back
pac man
fat fat
chi e e e eeez
sing back
sing back
sing it back
sing it back to me
chi e e e eeez
rat track
rat pack
fat fat
pac pac

Tip tip drip.

Tip tip drip

get your water
get your water
moving youth watching that film
on the screen
get your water
fancy that
movement with all the happy people
whites in your eyes smiling
smiling like
get your fat for free
tempt me
just a little bit
with your party water
drop another
bread and water
get your water
you orta place a gamble
at the track
why dont you buy a lazer
more water
happy people smiling
with the lazer
better than a racer
elastic pills make you smile more
than a dog running around the track
a horse with a broken back
white owls
see your the water
in my eyes
uke sparklying
full time
weve scored every single one two three four more
than anyone ever before
its the right time
party people
always on the right time
each and every creature comfort
the week is our party
people your love is people
every day is our party
people your love is people
full time party people
your love is people
come and get some water
all taps on

To the Valley.

To the Valley

into the magic mountain
mushroom valley
back to the moon light
circling with my mind
so soothe me
back to magic mountain
drinking in the creek
wet skin fishing for weeks
back to the night time
away we fly
to the shine of magic mountain
mushroom valley
auntie sally
sure cooks nice
leave my boots and shiny clothes
im getting wet
skin fishing
mushroom valley
back to the mountain
to playground again
ring a round the roses
guns shooting up my feelings for
choose days
back to the mountain
swimming in the night
skipping of the dinosaur
ring around the day dream
a pocket full of roses
riding bright horses
guns full of rose water
take me once
keep me twice
amused with mushroom valley
riding back
to the mountain
keeps me bright
strawberry lace
your lined
cherry high laces
lined with lace
back bright
making a whirlpool
in the moon light
you make whirlpools out of moon light
jump into the valley
black twister fool

Cloud Fountain.

Cloud Fountain

All you aligator
star gazing
with your signposts
looking around
out of far sight
button moon eyes
wild like
termite mounds
burning in the scotch
we dig
the bones
we dig this world
pickin up
the dance
the cast that moves right
the stage is brewing
to the sound
of electric cloud
feel at ease
in every town
we come around
to the brights
the cars keep winking
herbie is drinking
the cars keep winking
winking lights
are you feeling down
take a trip to the cloud
breathe in the fountain
tell a wish
wish twice
button moon eyes
were fooling around



I am a stone drowning in the ocean
the sediment at the bottom
of your potion
the fire burning on the water above
keeps me going on
even though i cant seem to reach this light
the smoke on the ocean
that speaks to my dream
if your are drowning
i will pick your body out
of the surf
you dont even need to love me
endless dream
fires sweeping over the ocean
forever joy
keeps us turning
light like moths
rising up out of the water
to the moon light
your more than a stone
in the middle of the ocean
you are the diamond
bravely seen in a crocodiles eye
by a spider
who gets closer and closer
out of curiosity
do you want to find somebody
or are you happy
with nobody
to love
is that whats driving you crazy
that theres nobody
in this ocean
just a warm soul
to hold
and make this life seem right
there aint no way to write
when that soul has gone
fingers have no feeling
the fire no longer licks the walls
climbing high to the ceiling
when the earth is cold
ice age is already here
where is the sun
to melt and thaw
the wooden frost ships
with painted red cotton
sails all slide down
when your
frozen on the ocean

Go go.

Go go

There was a detective went by the name of gadget mystery
lived in a tree house by the sea made of glass frozen by the dragons foil, diamond. Gadget mystery took a lift on an eagle. Soaring through the sky to solve this devilish plot of rhyme and reason. Guns being smuggled into the local bookstroe, whilst adults read to children, dire straights, tripping rather thin

The curl of smoke lit up every bar and public house in sight, so right, like a moon lit night with a silloute of a broom stick ride, gadget knew that there was only one thing to do and that was make it, saving how many lifes, a cat lives twice, once for your dreams and once for mine,

Gadget mysdtery, moved like a cloud, like a candle dancing, flicking wick over the shoulder, bit like a cellar spilt of salt or pepper, stepper you better rush because now the guns a re locked ready to launch the sun, divine sun going to be a war,

Mystery first name gadget rushined into the store, under the sun, un did the gun, one by one, he pulled out his shot, mmystery, gadget mystery, sure knew how to draw.

Now there guns have gone, underneath the moon shine where the weeds light
it wasnt any mystery
was never any mystery at all, he sure knew how to drew

Spots or Stripes.

Spots or Stripes

A tiger has got stripes
a cheetah has got spots
if you want to be
you better fight life
if you want to be controlled
then give up on the stand up
this prophecy
was made to be yours
and yours alone
if you want to be your self
fight for your rights
if you want to be something else
than lose control
of everything you love
if you hate
you can fight
there is no faith in this place
if you dont believe
in a rune scaped prophecy
a tiger is covered in stripes
a cheetah is covered in spots
there is no doubt
in july
the rain stroms
will make the water rise
when you shine your lantern
the candle going out
there isnt long to roam
when you shine your prophecy
belief cuts through the doubt
its true for us to see
if you want to be
then fight
for what you know is right
they can make you
into something you never wanted at all
if you fight
you wont have far to fall
at least youll be true to
what you want to be
a tiger has got stripes
a cheetah has got spots



There once was this stick red and green with a dark bit of black, so nice, so so nice, it went clicking tickity tick like king kong singing songs at planes sitting shadey under the devils tree, swinging on a rope that was knotted deep dope scope ping pong is a game of speed, i dream i was racing on the electric track, couldnt look back scoobey doo help me out, cant fall down the well, the ring of this road, aing got no flow so i choice it right, like deserts in the air, i reach for the golden lanes, strecthing like a rubber ball, pochantas is my boogie, dollar, wiping all the shock, it was a rocket ship that landed in one blink wink wink, super sonic space girl went zoomimg vroom, all across every space rock, singing all you got to do is hoop, hoop hoop hoop, buckaroo, rudey hooty fruity, zoom to the moon loon a tick, lunar tuna, deo dayo, neo, freedom zoom it zooming for you, vroom.

Sardine Dreams.

Sardine Dreams

Now is the friend i trust in
past is the enemy i become lost in
future is a game i dont kmow how to play
down is a carpet i walk on
high is the feeling i dream of
im lost here hiding
why didnt you seek me
im lost hiding
waiting to be a sardine
inside a tin
with you
why dont i seek
counting to fourty four
is that the future
or is that now
the friend i trust in
bare feet
they like
the carpets floor
im escaping
its the touch im lost in
high is when the day begins
like a new heart beat
tells me its a different rythmn
to the ones gone before
from the rain in day dreams
is everything the way it seems to be
down lost in my enemy
when theres no such thing
there is no such thing
as enemies
wont you seek
then you will
your will
i feel your shine
theres a film
called the shining
now we take ourselfs out again
just because we seek seek seek
for the ones who are hiding
waiting for the rescuers
trapped in sardine tins

Kane and Able.

Kane and Able

A cat named whiskers
learnt to climb
from a seed
a tree
shadow did speak
im a dog
called sugar mane
sugar mane
had the sense
to give love
a heart giver
faced shadow out
before the settlers
there was a flight
caught in the dusty parlour
begs for pardons
jackie remains
like sugar
lucy cane
whiskers became a queen
in the garden
drinking out of yellow cups
if only sugar mane had asked
could you please tell me my name
things might have been
not quite like what they are
steering queens
to the looking glass
that tastes so bitter
just like whiskers
salty taste
fortunes fade
for sugar main
after line
after line
for whispers far
calling Kane

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Its the way.

Its the way

I got this spirit in me that wants to release
such daft punk flavours
messy streams no more danger
burning down barriers to find
where to wash in my eye
just one splinter
can make the taste
of sun in and under the one
light shining
we take a stand to make the air
you have it the will
your spirit is flying
through the sky
how comes
i can only celebrate
when my mind is over
yes its true bless bless
i know that its selfish to be so freely
not celebrating when my mind close down
in this town and my footsteps take
a walk outside shadows on the ground
look high to see lamp posts shining orange glows
round and round
about the park
on my one and onely
why am i here
why do the voices take me
to the swings
those helicoptor blades
which seem to seek peace
speak at ease
when im awake
whilst you sleep
i cant be
without your dreams
i go down stairs half aware that
my eyes are begining to stare to deep
like the mould growing on a piece
of half finsihed mash pototo
covered in red sauce
of course foolishly
i continue to burn
both ends i never learn
that my table is turning
our day dreams into nightmares
and i cant forget this heat
i want to be cold shore
diving swimming
in the deepest blue sea
stepping out onto the white sand
where i feel free
at peace like a day dream
like a way we all reach
its the waves to the beach



Underneath the sea dizzy egg bouncing all the bubbles huffer a puffer jacket blowing in the oven cooking to maximum in the heat in the heat in the heat spread your light all over everyones body

you got the love so have no fear

if you can free your mind then you can let us all fly
because your so bright i know that we can be free
i dont need
to leave
we dont need to leave
if we are free

Theres a bubble theres a bubble
of confusion when your colour is blue
if you give everything you cant give anymore
but i know you can be free
and if we are free then we can be
what we want in this sea
dizzy jumping out again
dizzy's jumping out again

like a light stepper
just a light stepper
didnt hurt no one at all
light stepping
step lightly you wont fall
you cant fall when you believe
that we are freedom climbors
light stepping
through the heat

In and Out.

In and Out

all right looking back over me shoulder on abike
whos this geezer
what you looking at
its inner space to outer toys
hot sun tropical shades growing inside the dance floor
smiles just for you
creating waves
good times high dives
flipping slipping on the lip stick red glitter shining in your hair
hands touch hold pills
in the beat
come on come on shine
wishes fly around you covered in petals of the monsoon drug rainstrom
cracking on the web getting wet acid flying to the high
this is ten ten ten ten
red light angel
splashing in the sea
rivers flowing
you got to hang it out dodge town telecomunicating breathing in the sights of angels moving togethor tight in tubes let it slip anothe thrill cutest thing i ever met
wet wet wet
getting softer harder
softer harder
proper true
blonde on the right foot in the shade
the mood is pure
really want to shake your tree
shaking shaking like lightning

Moon boots
Moon boots
Moon shoes
Moon boots
Moon shoes
Teleport away
at the festival
just to see
two bands
at the same time
electric like
cutting all reason
splitting seconds into hours
its easy when you try
if you like your daydreams and nightmares
might aswell keep breathing lovely air
if you like your daydreams and nightmares
might aswell keep breathing lovely air

Karma cosmic creator
you set my dial to explode
you pick me up to another place
you sooth my heart breaker
your a recreator
you got me going
head over
head over
you got me going
in and out of nature
im in and out of nature
in and out in and out in and out of nature
your my music maker
you funky delli licious
im a manic lier
type rope walker
you got me groovy
dancing like a river
your a giver give giving
shake my loopy day dream
cover me with your skin so sweetly
lets get deep down and dirty
deep down and dirty crazy
athena dancing all over the floor
you got me shook
electric razor
in and out of nature

Magic Fly Cloud.

Magic Fly Cloud

Me mission
me cloak me dagger
me hat
me shoe
me shine
me time
me wife
me beat
me balck
me blue
me devil
me sun
me moon
me spoon
me wash
me dive
me life me life me tribe
vibe vibe vibes vibes vibes vibes
the vibes are broken like the camel who humped back to the monkey the chicken the fox attack the eggs beg for the sand onto the sun they bef for the wash of the cauldron hubble bubble double trouble trouble when you lose you love you lose the air when you lose your love you lose the hair
hang onto the vine you can climb climb climb riase amplify
to the top the top top top where every colour shines so fair where every colour shines so fair where vervy colour shines so fair
dance to the daydream crocodile glance once twice then move into the river
the river the river giver of life giver of dove
peace is the way
grant me peace one day one day
the wash the rain
the rain the rain the rain
theres a bridge in the water
the mock the vine then say loves not real
the mock the vine saying loves not real
multiply saying loves not real
rock the vine
rock the vine
rock the vine
i see a cloud come walking through the storm
holding a hundred horses
back from breaking the stones
the monkey with a stick is breathing
fire to burn them down
a dragon in the sky is flying
from north to south
they rock the vine
saying loves not real
they rock the vine
they rock the vine
no fear
no fear
no fear fear

Gang Star.

Gang Star

im contented again
im happy
everthings wicked again
do or do in the field
everythings real
like the sky
on the wall
as clouds
do you love me
do you rub against trees
when you start to feel
im happy again
this is the sky
this is the siren wail
believe in love that sprays
travling through time and space
who loves to love you baby
its your love
that drives the rain
makes me crazy
i full into the hole
blacker than a pit
made by the stars
in an apple core
your painting
im happy
happy again
would you like to swing
howd you like to swing a while
im happy
moonlight takes tear drops away baby
washing in love thatas crqazy
cool of the love thats driving this rain
baby you can save me
you make me crazy
i love this cool wash baby
im happy again
whats the deal with love thats crazy
poisoned love
can taste the stars
take the stars
take the stars
gang star
gang star
gang star
gang star
cool eyes will make me day dream
your love drives the rain baby
makes me so happy
im crazy

Crystal Ball.

Crystal Ball

the seven glue bowls
dive bomber
over the side
to fast
nose runner
just a bit to fast
for the zig zag
just a little dab
just a little dab to
e e e e e fry time
e e e rise
too long
just a bit to long
now were floating floating
floating so fast
shook my dollar
while while
we mission to slow
your eyes are burning to fast
my chance
i missed your glance
if you live in the glass
you know
your flying to low
your flying to low
if your looking into the glass
your lights are burning slow
just a bit to fast
your glance
my chance
it was all just a crack in the glass

Burnt Shoes.

Burnt Shoes

I couldnt burn your shoes
without remembering
that you used to do more than walk
in light and dark
spot lights round
burn the night away
we burnt the night
your shoes smoke
i could of tried
to make you laugh
or to be more
a start
instead of whispering like the moon
changing my ways
in a goodbye bed
i lose the beads you put on my neck
cause i grew wrong
my dreams couldnt make it right
and now we have no home
no where left to go
i dont feel safe
i cant feel comfort
even in the brightest light
i tip toe with a knife
whilst dreaming of hope
for a home
that doesnt make me run away into the dark
i wish that i could dance
i wish that your shoe smoke was hope
burning in the night
instead of being the last
time you walked in the light
i dream
i dream your home
is safe

Seventh Wonder.

Seventh Wonder

Im in prison
on holiday
its my true vocation
no inspiration
no condensantion
nothing in my hat
the rabbits gone back
to burrowing
under ground
all i know
is that my failing
wasnt because of me
im blameless
because im selfish
so you want a wonder
to be a fish like
just like everybody
who thinks they know
we dont know
anything at all
except that the mountains
are higher
than the clouds
when you look down
and that theres a lot of ice cream
theres a lot of ice
and theres a lot if ice cream
ninety nine
does it make you happy
i think you make me happy
you make me
life is wonder full

Make it Easy.

Make it Easy

Good morning
the water shines
in this city
cant make me down
i feel high
my mind is open to outside
because i need help
hello shine
thankyou for
taking away the fire
because i didnt want to burn
the ocean
birds losing wing
easy you make it easy
easy you make it easy
everythings the same to me
walking under ladders
steping on three at the same time
a laugh is better than the drink
where i find
myself swinging from vine to vine
loving my shadow on the run
lamposts cant hide
your voice
its clear
your nearer than the sun
easy you make it easy
easy you make it easy
take me to the water
cant i just lie
i want to die here
please let me lie here
just for a while
cant i just
cant i just
making it easy
for everyone

Run Away.

Run Away

She was waiting at the train station for a cat
with her runaway bag
covered in tatoos
of tea leafs
downed at the zoo
talking about chimneys
in paintings
that spoke
of brand new dreams
ghosts coming back to life
to greet you
before the jubilee
flipping the coin
to rub the nose
make a wish
for the garden to grow
chimneys smoking
in celebration
she ordered one more tea
before sitting down
sitting down at the station
with a bag of tatoos
a cup full of leafs
to pick
a guitar

So Gladly.

So Gladly

Rain it calls
soda streams
soda streams
i dance so gladly
when i see
your tears
are happy
in the darkest month
i lose my smile
i love it when
you change my eyes
into a waterfall
the way
i dance so gladly
so gladly
and the rain calls
enjoy yourself
hen when your heart beats
dont stop
let it drop
like a rock
soda streams
i like it when you smile
i feel so gladly
i dance happy
so at peace
soda streams
soda streams
so at peace
with everything including
the tears i cry
so gladly
let the rain forms
into puddles
we can play outside
into puddles
we can play outside

Friday, 4 March 2011

Fire Water.

Fire Water

Buzz tumble buzz
im floating again
in moon light
two shine
the trees on the island
that soar through my eyes
ten million highs
to catch good byes
we dont have to leave
be aware that self is belief
this world this earth turns it doesnt burn
in our dreams
im awake
whenever i see the flies dance
they whisper secrets to my head
i love to move out of sound
i want to meet you in the stars
we are
and now ive seen
i believe we are floating asleep
welcome back hey welcome back
this is where were safe
so why would i want to run away
i guess when im tired i should stay
cold pillows on the other side
make me fly to the light
of a hundred spinning wheels
catherine burning bright
like haley in the sky
comets blazing trales
wink like fairy tails
when im awake
i believe so free
then under sleep
i dream
this earth is turning
into a star
shine bright
now did i wonder why
do i ever wonder why
your thirsty

Drinking sparklers
that move through the wind
did you ever see your name
written on a cave
by sea weed
buried sweet in dreams
where the chairs call
you can rest here
in the night
and shine
too shine
like a light
a star
out the sky
to earth
through the ride
of the fair ground highs
all the colours
thirst thirst thirst
under the table
hiding from every face
dont worry
you will find your place
theres a reason for storms
you sailing through
to the new world
brand new
brave one reborn
its true
you can fly
so high
like a star you shine
your the diamond
in my eyes
its true
like a rocket
a comet that saves my life
sweet lullaby
you our gaia to the earth
thats worth more than gold
of the sun
shadows of silver from the moon
so true
brand new
comet floating bursting
high above the sky
the night
in the cave
where your name
is written
in the stars
from jupiter to mars and back
down to earth
unafraid again

Shake me up
on to the top
of the pack
im tired of being
at the bottom of the pyramid
the triangler
keep bursting
like pipes in the cold
melting horizons
when the seas are calm
rocking all the dreams
on the washing lines
in the windmills
of tulip town
we pass by
leaking clouds
of love that laugh
you are down down mine
windmills turning round
we shine through the tear gas
nothing can stop us breaking out these cracks
north to south
passing lips
take a wrap a little twist
on the navigator
recreating generator
totem from this patch of grass
now we have a photograph
framed beneath a piece of a glass
time goes on and time will pass
still you ticking on
hearts of love beat so strong
everybody sees
that the road can be itty biitty gritty litter litty
liter airy smoking up sun screen
can you see past blind weed
tumbling on the desert sand
this is where we make one more stand
oasis selling punch of rum
for the children of the sun
moon lit nights are often awake
freedom is the price weve set
sailing on our boat of ice
rivers drifting out of time
touch as one as one will be
on and on is all we need
future aint got to long write
passing out your presents
when your tired of guns
me and you
and you and me
can be

Tired of getting around
wants to sit down
and yawn
long time
the light
is over
the sight
of you
we can sink
more wine
life aint bored
of you or me
all the pills
keep the check
run up hills
sliding down
goodbye green
i am blue
stuck in two
take take
the rain
one time
have a lot of fun
pot is strong
makes you smile
cash you checks
green is good
blue is rude
hot rocks
scoping on the line
lazor light
red eyes swim
chlorine pools
take you shot
eat your pills
nothing bleeds
you can see
speak easy

Razor Harp.

Razor Harp

For a month i shot you down
said your a critter bug on the ground
i found out
your game
pretending its insanse
when all it is is a dream
lets party
everyday for a month
like the wolfs
gone fishing
on a mission
aint see no bear in this woods
where did they why go were the tigers play
painting in mud
messy games
building pies when the waters falling
taking a bath with the earth
what it going to be
no more lies
we decide
right now
to live
for a month
im shooting
take it back
out my mouth
i cant see you
i cant see you
i cant see
you know i know
you dont
you dont
because neither do i
we are ghosts at the table
ghosts running thorugh the halls
ghosts dancing to the rave
dancing machines
oi oi
pills for the raver on the stars
loose loose loose
sight of the ghost run
ghost runner
running with the call

Carnival gone a bit lary
oi mary dish cloth have a wash you bleed dirty
run away
hey hey
im a runner
i got more dice to roll
heyt hey im a runner
jesus christ
oi oi
tear me up to the dart
you need a razor bath
cut the runner
cut cut the runner
you pop my bubbles with your laugh
cut the runner
cut the bath
razors for a lark
you cut my runner
pop pop
pop the bubble oi oi
now were here after dark
lets have a fight in our local park
the police are looking out the window
the negihbours want to dive
we fight it out
blood is our home
we row
row to the nightmare
forget dreams we love the night mare
cut my throat with your teeth bite like a shark
cut my body you cut cut
i love to cut cut my body you cut
i can see the shark
sniff the blood
sniff the shark after dark in the park
we dance our fight
to cut
cut cut the runner
im a runner
its not time
when your a runner
oi oi time
welcome back to the earth
for waht its worth
i bleed dirt
run away
for whats it s worth
i bleed
deep trip like a shark
rip the cable apart
oi oi after dark
cut the runner
cut cut the runner
im a shark
for whats its worth
i bleed