Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Knotty Story.

A Knotty Story.

Knotty jumped into the loch with a splash and swam deep deep down until he was all the way at the bottom. To his amazement upon the waters bed he saw a little wooden table, and sat round it on wooden water rotted chairs were three animals’ playing at a game of cards.

Knotty saw that there was an owl dressed up to the nines with a white buttoned shirt and a gentleman’s tall black tails, the owl also had a rich black cane resting against its chair and Knotty noticed the owl had placed a monocle to one of its eye’s.

Sat opposite the owl was a squirrel in a green waistcoat with dark green buttons, and a yellow tie, next to the squirrel was a mouse that had nothing on apart from two tiny navy blue buckled shoes, one for each foot paw.

“New round new round” Hooted the owl,

“No squares” returned the Squirrel,

“Hello” Said Knotty to the group, “Can I play”

“No squares” Squeaked the mouse,

“You’re not a square are you?” exclaimed the owl whilst popping out the monocole and raising an eyebrow

Knotty felt his sides with his hands and patted his arms and body,

“No I’m not a square, I’m in fact quite round” Knotty said quite matter of factly.

“Then pull up the chair” shouted the squirrel,

Even though he was underwater Knotty had to stick a finger in each of his ears for the squirrel was shouting very loud

“Pull up the chair” Squeaked the mouse,

Two crabs scuttled along the lochs bed and began to pull at a rope claw rope claw until a chair emerged from out of the bottom of the slimy sand.

“What are you waiting for” Hooted the owl, and ushered Knotty into the chair with a shove of its wing. Knotty didn’t hear a word but he sat in the chair anyway he looked across at the squirrel to make sure it had stopped shouting before removing the fingers from his ears,

“I love cards, what game are we playing” Knotty asked

“We! We! We are not playing” the owl scolded,

“That’s right” Said the Squirrel back to a reasonable level of voice,

“Not unless you’ve spoken to the Lady Gaa Goo,” Said the owl.

“Well that’s alright then, said Knotty, “I’ve already spoken too her”.

“That’s why I jumped into the water in the first place, I was following a frog that led me from Lady Gaa Goo’s, “

“Well that makes all the difference” hooted the Owl,

“Don’t be shy, don’t be shy”, squeaked the mouse”

“Yes that makes you different you see” The squirrel confided to Knotty in a whisper
As the owl proceeded to deal out a deck of cards.

“Quite different” Said the mouse.

“We will play the game of hearts” the owl roared,

The squirrel and mouse squealed with excitement.

And began to sing a squirrel song

Nuts and berries, nuts and berries
Lots and lots of nuts and berries
Nuts and berries Nuts and berries
Lots of lots of nuts and berries
Nuts and berries nuts of berries
Lot so lots oh not so berries
When you’re going going going going bloody mental
Nuts and berries nuts and berries...

(Squirrels traditionally would repeat the words to this song round and over forever)

Whilst the owl dealt out the cards, Knotty found the song rather strange, and thought he himself was going a bit mad as he listened to it, he was glad the owl wasn’t singing, and just dealing, especially as the game was hearts,

Oh good Knotty thought, at least I can play well at hearts

When the owl had finished dealing out all the deck face down upon the table, Knotty asked,

“Which way do we pass?”

“Pass” replied the Owl with a grimace,
“We don’t pass, we always answer”

“That’s right” Said the Squirrel,

No passing” Shrieked the mouse,

“Do not collect £200” burst out the squirrel, and the mouse nearly fell of its chair from laughing,

“Pipe down, pipe down” Shushed the Owl, and began to flap its left wing so as to calm the mouse and squirrel, the owls wing flapping sent a nearby goldfish swimming on its way.

The squirrel and mouse each picked up a pipe from the table and began to smoke bubbles out of them the bubbles floated up to the surface and Knotty thought he saw a smiling face on one of the bubbles wink at him.

After they had each had one puff the squirrel and the mouse put the pipes back down on the table, and sat looking as if they hadn’t moved at all.

“I hadn’t even noticed those pipes, underwater pipes, very strange” Knotty thought to himself.

Looking down at the cards in his hand he spotted that he had the two of clubs,

Aw, he thought the two of clubs I might as well play

So he threw the card from his hand, and it floated through the water to land face up upon the table.

“The two of clubs,” Squealed the mouse, nearly falling of its chair for the second time.

The squirrel laughed, and had another go on a pipe, as more bubbles floated up to the lochs surface,

The owl’s voice cut above the squirrel’s laughter,

“First Question, what is the point of drowning poems?”

Popping the monocle back in, the owl turned and stared with deep yellow eyes directly into Knotty’s own button moon like pupils.

What’s the point of drowning poems, Knotty started thinking,

Poor Knotty got into quite a tiz-woz mulling it over in his mind,

The point of drowning poems, now what did the owl mean, the point like a sharp stick, or did the owl mean the point as in when the poems had run out of air, or perhaps the owl meant what was the point of putting poems in a sack to drown like mistreated cats, or maybe even what is the point of writing poems about drowning, do poems even have a point, Knotty wondered.

Maybe the only reason people wrote poems Knotty decided was to fill up sacks which would then get thrown into the sea, perhaps for the Owl Squirrel and mouse to read, and all the mistreated cats, they would need something to read whilst waiting for the death of cats to arrive, yes thought Knotty that sounded like it made the world right. Knotty believed it would be a worthy life if he himself decided to just write poems which he would then throw into the sea let all the words sink, especially if it helped out all the drowning cats.

“Time” Shouted out the squirrel,

“Time” Echoed the mouse,

“Time” Shouted out the owl. Who was now wearing a top hat; it hadn’t been wearing one before,

Where ever did that hat spring from, Knotty wondered,

“Time” The three animals chorused together and from out of the hat, the owl produced a block of golden yellow butter, it glistened in the water.

“Answer the question” said the mouse to Knotty “quick quick”

The Squirrel sent another set of dancing bubbles flying from his pipe to breathe upon the surface of the loch.

“You have exactly one second to answer the question, by which time the butter will have melted” The squirrel told Knotty, removing the pipe from its mouth it grinned , revealing sharp pointy teeth,

“You see time sinks when butter fly’s”

“Well I suppose the point of drowning poetry is that it’s for anything that lives underwater to read”

Knotty answered,

“Wrong, wrong, wrong” Hooted the owl.

All around the water began to bubble and boil, the butter on the table melted, spreading out like hot cheese under a grill, it floated off in looping drops, a bit like blobs from a lava lamp.

“You were supposed to tell us at which time the butter will have melted” The squirrel shouted loudly at knotty.

“Now it’s melted” Said the mouse who sounded quite unimpressed.

“It’s getting rather hot down here” Knotty gasped.

All the water was boiling; it felt to Knotty like he was trapped in the scalding hot water of a hissing whistling steaming kettle.

“Is it just me or is it getting hot down here” Knotty asked the three animals.

“Pipes up” Said the squirrel and the three friends all began to smoke, they completely ignored Knotty.

It’s far too hot Thought knotty, I’m going to melt away like that butter

Uncontrollably Knotty began to whistle, a song from his memory like a kettles song.
A bubble popped out of the owls pipe, and called out,

“Hitch a ride”

Knotty nodded his head up and down up and down, he couldn’t speak, the water had become so hot that Knotty had forgotten how to use his voice,

“Let’s see your thumb then” said the bubble gruffly.

Knotty gave a thumbs up,

“All hunky-dory Well cheerio oh” sang the bubble

And proceeded to blast Knotty out of the water with a mighty Sperlash.

Knotty found himself back on the bank completely soaked, dripping in water from head to toe.


Knotty looked down, and saw that the frog from before was sitting on his wet shoe,


“Hello again” Knotty said to the frog.

“Ribbit” Replied the frog, which then hopped towards some nearby woods.

“Oh you’re not talking anymore, well no” Knotty corrected himself, “you are talking, but I’m not a frog so I can’t understand what you’re saying”

The frog turned back its head and looked at Knotty with sad little eyes, it said,
“Ribbit” and then hopped off into the rich green forest that lay nearby

“Well I suppose I better follow you” Knotty declared out loud and proceeded to try and keep up with the hopping frog as it jumped this way and that underneath the silky green trees of the forest.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A family of banana tree monkeys.

A family of banana tree monkeys

Once upon a star tide there surfed into the moon a banana seed,
banana monkeys live in the moon trees
thanks to the very first banana seed
that once upon a time surfed into the moon upon a star tide.

Sweet star shine star shine
singing songs

made the first seed grow grow
float float float into a banana tree
with many a floating seed

sweet star shine star shine
keeps on singing

float float float banana trees
if you float like a banana tree
youll be able to see

fuzzy monkeys sitting on the moon
learn how they
like to make silver spoons
out of sweet star shines songs

you can watch the banana tree monkeys
fashion silver spoons out of bananas
with their claws
until the spoons are ready to sit
tightly gripped in little soft paws

soon banana tree upon the moon you will see
every so often one of the banana tree monkeys will open a soft paw to release a silver spoon

let go

surely its not home time


tiny snatches
of a far away song
sweet star shine star shine

float float float
grow grow grow.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Kickee Giraffee.

Kickee Giraffee

Kickee giraffees home is on the moon yet every so often a bit like summer rain she floats down to earth to banish fear and drop love like drip drop drops.

Ayeee yah!
I am kickee giraffee
older than the moon i began as a star
used to live under the sea

the sponges cleaned me
before i was dark and shiny

now im yellow and brown
see me banana moon smiley

One night kickee giraffee decided to float down from the moon and visit the poppy fields, she saw many things, an explosion in a shop of beer and giggles, whizz fizz pop pop! whizz bang bus stop!

A crisp catch with such quick reactions flash snatch that it created a ooo wow, even kickee was impressed kickee that can float down from the moon,
Yet the pride in a lion’s stare sitting upon a chair made kickee see something that made her




"this is not love, this is not gorilla, this is a human spirit killer"

So kickee girafee struck her match and crafted up a spell from the moon, to banish the fear, stir it up the love,

Kickee repeated over and over some moon mirror magic

evol pu
evol pu

evol pu
evol pu

pu being a strong strong deep magic word
sweet lettuce munchers unite

evol rits ti pu
evol rits ti pu

and the boy that caught the crisps so cleanly and sharply out of the air fixing another with an evil pride filled stare was changed forever all his fear banished away deep love sunk into the boy like a biscuit sinks into a cup of tea
rich tea.

Later Kickee smiled sweet banana smile at the boys mooney to a closed door which suddenly surprise popped open with a whoosh
on the other side the teacher uh oh! no, no uh oh no, no... yes yes!
clark cent

pa pu mama

pretending to be asleep
is really hard when a lot of you are laughing
beautifull tears in your eyes

Kickee giraffee flicked the light switch and left the boys fear turned off his
love alive
Evol evila!

Drip drop drops
kickee giraffee floated back up to the moon
dishing out cat fish spoons
to the children of the stars
that she met on her way.

On the moon, Kickee curled up her legs and rested her head atop its long neck softly down into her cosy nest made from feathers, she was going to sleep,
just before Kickee closed her eyes for the final time she spoke onto her dreams...

Ayeee yah!
i am kicky giraffee

older than the moon i began as a star

used to live under the sea

the sponges cleaned me
before i was dark and shiny

now im yellow and brown
see me banana moon smiley.

Jules the Sun Fish.

Jules the Sun Fish

The flying sun knows how to play

on a didge

knifey knifey
sliver cat fish spoon

ive seen youve played
stab stab
oxfam stab before
bloody money on the floor


at a
thirty four
I declare
a thumb war

or a joust,
pistols, monopoly,
your choice

after a half noon ish
ill start making money
playing cribbige
on a didge

wishes are biscuits for
the sun fish's tea

dunk splosh eat
sleep drink

no wish biscuits makes the sun fish draw

but i choose buckaroo

well buckaroo

you got a bullet in your head now
bloody money on the floor

the sun fish can play cribbige
on a didge
played knifey spooney before
who challenges a doodler to
a doodle if they cant draw

theres only one way to get out

hows that


sun fish won the thumb war

sounds like sinking cats
miaow miaow miaow

shooting into a bag
quack quack quack

splish splish splish

the cats out of the bag

blood in the water

"roller roller step up sun roller out of the taxi
you just won yourself a soft toy space monkey"

Sunday, 11 April 2010

The weekend.

The weekend

Riders in the night
Under the moon
Two soul rebels on bikes
Breathing in the trees and stars
Riding through all life fast
But not so fast as a train
Onto a palace built for a king
They came
See this river laced with lights
Ripple up a dance
Clothes sodden from the rain no regrets
Happy being wet makes happy daze
Hair dripping drips no worries
Managed to find a little doorway by the steps
Steps that led down to the river
Boats afloat spirit of the night
Her fires inside
Breathe in burning wood
That sweet heaven scented smoke
Time to skin up a Smokey Joe inside a handy doorway free from rain drips
Rizlas dry
Beside a tramps bottle no longer alone
Sweet life
this is only the beginning of the story of happy daze
dodging busses honking taxis
busy roads tree roots in glass a dream
meeting new people
beans toast tea for free forever sharing company
spilling beans is a sign of a first class jet setter making it in society
time to sleep nice dreams
the next day more things happened that i could say
finding the sweetest cherry in a tree
meeting artists and a lost monkey in brick lane
making eyebrows out of caterpillars
girls getting purple in a Camden bar
but i don’t want to take all your time
so lets skip all the way to the night
the party a rave yippee callo callay
musical journey through jungle and drum and bass
couldnt take me away
from the dj’s and live bands downstairs
find white rabbits in the mushroom patch
trippy lights
fuzzy patterns
floating bubbles all through the night
big paul giving bear hugs to each and everyone having fun
lifting us up high
you know your high when i bouncer tells you to keep your chatting down
for fear of disturbing sleepy London town
Big salute to the DJ
and at the end no goodbyes
just a loud cheerio
till next time
which happened pretty soon
well soon after we found the lost bikes
where did he spring from in a shop
cheeky hello
laughing away into the morning sun
like a silver cat fish spoon
flying to the moon
on which i broke my toe
so it made sense to skip the road
and get a train
cheerio soul rebel number one
it all worked out sweet
met a load of party people on the train
made me think
these are the days before the rave
happy monday
little mice
riding on trains
its so sweet that next week think i might train it all the way
so i can big up all the new ravers
ah is this your first time at the rave
happy daze
happy daze
your going to be going interstellar alligators
flying to the moon
happy daze
like imagine you were major tom floating in the galaxy
in a while mushroom child
yeh yeh stick with me
and you’re at this rave well ground control would be coming in
ThE HoNeY mooNeRs have landed
This is your time
No inhibitions
Your time
Float free – happy happy daze
Crkkkk Repeat.. the honey mooners have landed, the honey mooners have landed over Ckkkck!

Sugar tastes sweet in both the sunshine and the rain.

Sugar tastes sweet in both the sunshine and the rain

All i write about is the weather
Hearts apart hearts together
All i write about is the weather
All i write about is the weather
In my mind there’s nothing better
So all i write about
Is the weather
Rain bow
shine sun
justs get wetter.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Who love the sunshine.

who love the sunshine

I keep looking at the sunshine
See the sunlight
Shining through the rain
Sunlight shine on me

I keep looking at the future
See the sunlight
Shining in your smile

Hold on Sunlight shines on you
i can hold on
I can hold on

To the future
Shining through the rain
It’s all okay

Looking up the window
Is a colour
Clouding in my mind
Washing in the water

I like the sunlight
Shine on you
I like the Sunlight
Shine on me

I can’t control
So I like it
When you shine on me

Sunlight shine through the rain
The futures alright anyway

So I’m floating away
Flying to the cuckoos in the clouds

Tweet those lips
Looking down
Its fine
Not so bad at all
I can see

Sunshine’s light
In your smile
Shine on you.
Sunlight through the rain
Shine on me
Shine on you

Flying away to the future
cukoos floating in clouds
tweeting lips
looking down
is not so bad
in fact its not bad at all

sun light smiles
through the rain
shine on me

sun light smiles
through the rain
shine on you.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Monkey on my back.

Monkey on my back

I got a monkey on my back
i got a monkey on my back

Monkey on my back
your my best friend

I got a monkey on my back.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Shine on me Shine on you.

Shine on me Shine on you.

Everything magical everything beautiful
The sound of footsteps as they walk across the earth
Then onto grass
The little flowers that grow
Sit back leaning on a tree
That can you believe was painted in a dream
Moss so soft to touch
Lamp lights creating glowing balls of twigs
Feet shuffle
I’m alive were alive
In shorts and somehow warm
Everything magical

Looking up

Hey hello stars
You’re so beautiful that I don’t want to leave
You’re shining down upon the trees
Miraculously blossoming leafs into orange and pink

Nights like these make me escape my need of dreams

I believe
we can all be

stars planting trees
trees planting stars
Sprout from a seed somewhere within my mind
growing growing until
Joyous words suddenly spring forth
Moments of madness
Bursting into new roots
For out my mouth I exclaim
To the world
I’m in love in love
were alive
i and i
Praise be
Praise be.