Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Friday, 20 January 2012

In my ceiling.

In my ceiling

you take a look i cant tell what you really want
i take a look and you cant tell what i really what
cozz i cant read your mind
cozz you cant read my mind
its in your eyes i can tell its really plain to see
its in my eyes you can tell its really plain to see
i can read the lines
you can read the lines
and in the white clouds we can finally float away
im tired of being out to strung of fighting like a runaway
the needle spins the splinter that swims in my skin
our eyes our eyes our eyes our eyes our eyes are eyes are eyes our love
and in the end i finally found out what i want
a other friend and everything a other friend and everything a other friend and everything to turn me on
and lights go out and lets go out and lights go out and legs go out and lets go out and lets go out and legs go out and legs go out as lights go out and lights go out



Let go
just let go
its just to let go

Friday, 13 January 2012

In my eyes.

In my eyes

every day i see you out i feel the same more or less i want the same i want the same i want the same as you do but i dont get to touch where i feel like im watching but nothing is really there i go i cant seem to reach when i feel you i know this moon lit sea is sinking in my feet now i grow how i grow everything is coming back turn the beach to lie on the sand and heaven slides down my fingers chain whiling the time it never seems to ever end and if i knew you you knew that i would but i couldnt and i never ever remembered everything i ever did so whats with the old woods lets find out and rush in lets climb in lets climb in lets climb in the bubbles and float out to a world thats shine in thats shine thats shine the bublles and float in to light love the life is a shine in the bubbles we float in...

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tea Leaf.

Tea Leaf

I bought a sleeping bag, got a single ticket to Edinburgh and spent the night in a cemetery. The next day I took a train to Dunbar, payed for a hotel room, jerked off to "Dirty Dancing" then climbed out the window.

The sea was calling.

In a gully in the sand, i found a place to hide. The second night I was shocked awake by the tide coming in, it lifted me up sleeping bag and all. Wet and cocooned i rolled onto a nearby grassy mound, that swiftly became an island surrounded by the sea.

I began to wonder then if i could dig a hole in the sand, when the tide went out, way down, and wedge some sticks all in a row near the top. Would i be able to sleep on the sticks, and let the sea cascade into the pit beneath me.

Maybe i could begin life anew, here in my hole in the sand.


The next night came, and i swam out as far as i could, wanting to drown but somehow ending up back on the beach.

Barefooted, scraggly, i bunked a train home to London, knowing by now they would have found the till empty.

For what?

I had thrown all the money away. Thinking it would never be needed again, and now, like my shoes, hundreds of pounds were waiting to be found either in the sand or lost forever at the bottom of the sea.

Monday, 2 January 2012



In a hard up life
i found an easy way of living
the more they dish it out
the more you just keep giving

Nay Kid.

Nay Kid

Shells shocked in the windows
the glasses smash and crash in here
the stars we drown
the drinks weve downed
i am you
and you are me
my teeneage girl
the drag is on
the lights are out
just stray for the day
stray for the day
take a breath
ill take you
then wonder why
i smoke and glue
its another page another line
of wasted trees with wasted lifes
sun dress my girl
you dress me
cut my hair
i cant see
taking stars
away the moon
making part
im taking you
where youll feel
stray for one day
for one day
stray a way
well stray a way a way to day

Mate Tin.

Mate Tin

Shooting out the bucket on a mirror of clouds
all i asked you was
how you are
now im sinking deep into a sift of the floor
here am i got a million doubts
never took the time to even work them out
just kept slipping till
i finally died
left left left left left the light

Dont Drown.

Dont Drown

This is better
fight the darkness
in a new word
blown up for miles
like god angry gasoline
playing for zeros
all the way
and this night
your hips will shiver
as i turn
burning into white
cozz i burn to find you
and ill never get you down
stay with your tree hiding
in an animal day dream
cherry hearts bitten by teeth
the queens keep on riding
in the sunshine of fear
and i float forwards
with my gun in your hand
for this night
the earth will move
into seas
only i wont get you down
my loneliness will find you
like the moon shine quiet and loud
dont you know ill never get you down
when your flying
when your sinking
i wont let you drown

Quilted Pillo.

Quilted Pillo

Rum to the gum blind
caroline is sure
that a cotton dress
with her black spots fooled
licks by so high
and i think about you
pretty much all the time
got to laugh this cold off
hard knees belle
lets run to the gun fight
heavens all about ups and downs
struck by the dust off may
i think this garden
needs to be made over
but i really dont ken
how did i
how did you
was it a perfect kiss
now easily it comes
youll get flipped over
when we set sails on the sun togethor
monsoon morning
blinds down in a dream
into the fade lights
off another way
take the corners fast
dont slow down
cozz lovers
with each other
the day it seams to dream
off colours and things
that others cannot see
then easily each other
becomes the key
pick my mind
eat my brains
it aint me babe
no no no.