Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Raining Arrows.

Raining Arrows

For a hundred years or more he slept
without looking
for the princess
without a pea
it was easy to carry on
stoning turning the water gates
from black to grey and back
as around the nights settled
to relax amongst the stars,
a burning car in an old worn down lot
smoked into the heavens
as putt putts
and tuck tucks
did the best they could
to give of some sort of childish masquerade
as lunch time snacks,
a piece of cheese,
in a plastic lunch box.
The queen began to blow into her flute.
All at the once the birds began to change colour
and with one last flutter,
the children merrily put every last drop
on the horse without a name.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Make Sense.

Make Sense

Yellow flowers in the bathroom
keep on singing
your a mushroom

Monday, 10 October 2011

Toys R Us.

Toys R Us

You tempt me
take me to the gauls
tempt me
take me to the gaul
i love your body
all the way
i want to murder every one thats ever bled
you take me where the devil likes to play
baby not long out of the warm
virgin blood
virgin blood
only us are like dust
a million spread legged children
i hear them crying murder in the streets of heaven
take me away
throw away the key
death to the preacher
whos going to reach for
theres guts all over fighting the beatles
follow the rain
follow the rain

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Muddy Water.

Muddy Water

When you take the water
its easy
easy easy easy easy like rain
the flames are shining
feed the devil
tell me how much you want
one more is easy
another is hard
when you threw me in the water
i was born with lights in
its dealing with your sister
shes begging on her knees
tell me where you running
take a look take a look take a look in the fire
everything is buning
all i see is white
the surf is calling
yes the water
real blazing
well i like the wishes
on the tree
take a little sniff
listen to the sea
rising to the east
dirty had a bath
how you loose the load
then you get it right back
can you dance to the beatles
grab yourself a cold
the angels are sleeping
i loved my donkey jacket
paraylsed switch blades for fun
switch blades for fun
liquid in my brain
you liqoidice my brain
white smoke flow
and flow
what a lovely place
theres a whole lotta space
by the tracks
i live by the tracks
the tracks in my skin
the tracks in my skin
theres a lot of bats
truly truly judy
so many bats
in the centre of the stars
she didnt waste time
she took a seat
on a polar bear
no lamp
just a lava lamp
the key
through the wall
so many
silver doors
so many
thirst of the sea
legs split
bamboo surf
the sand felt good
and she said to me
and she gave to me
a branch
like a doves wings
and the waves of the sea
and i needed a sip
so i let it go
into my veins
the sea
the amazon river
i held your hand
and your eyes
went to the graveyard
girl i needed more
i took your mind
we danced to the beatles

John Smith.

John Smith

I died for your sins
but you aint mine
i was a thief
caught on the sleeve
thin like a seed
i belong to you
i got no fear
a care or two
i walk on the grass
close my eyes
how much is doubt
this hear is hearty
i dont get bored
because the wind is blowing so good
yeah you look so fine
all right i guess that word
could you tell what was mine
take a look
take a look
take a glance through
the glass what you see
hell you look so good
hell you look so fine
nows the mud on your porch
throw the mud at the door
i make you mine
keep mugging at the door
it was the nice the clock
at midnight
i whisper to you
it was fire
knocking in my mind
i told you
im yours
and the dreams
broke out of jail
i run like a horse
i wasnt paid
you were soul fire
we met under the mid night
it was so easy
juicy lucy
a keep the stand in the clock like a dart
jump in a cross the centre of your heart
well a took the number
oh jucy lucy oh lucifer
were into the party
golden chalice eyes
with a perfect dye
i was jesus christ
a body with you
ah do you like you water
warming up
just before may
give it all away
its a holiday
give it all away
its a holiday



I was on the outside
you were waiting by the door
a cat in the road that got hit by the van
never going dream again
never going dream again



Red roots
come and peel away my skin
take everything
you carry me
and i see
yes i see
that its for free
me and you
we pass away
passed away
just another
lazy day
a little lighter
a little lighter
caught up in the skies
i fought the sunlight
in a bottle
one more bottle
one more bottle

Milk Teeth.

Milk Teeth

Haile rain
rain river
flow river
let my kiss your shoulder
when your older
its getting stronger
move well be better
make you better
dont you know
that the number one is low
dont give up
lead the donkey home
dint give up
aces low
on the cold shoulder
wait till its over
well be better
its easy roller
grims turn is over
make it better

Fine the cost.

Fine the cost

The warm side of the bed
has got me undone
i take your legs
put them on the fire
this beaker is wool
cut my hair
the sun

If i stay here
will i be all right
i think everything will be all right
take your life
your free

Amazon Queen.

Amazon Queen

I once saw your face
in the middle of a rave
when i closed my eyes
it was late at night
i can remember
such good feeling
wish it stayed
wish it stayed

i sent you a letter
every time
it goes wrong
i can remember
good good feeling
wish it stayed
wish it stayed

ive got a good feeling
ive got a good feeling
got a good feeling
wish it would stay

In my head.

In my head

Tak one tab of lsd
im coming with you
were not dead
its just another way to burn away
not going to fade today
were not dead
bless all the ghosts
were not dead
bless all the ghosts



I find myself upon the rice
i fought like a tiger shining eyes sitting with a bone
dancing with the wings of doves
facing every fear
dancing with the wings of doves
let the tired ice
in the barnyard fire
taste so right
just another lot of love
she was a right one
told me all about the world
i tripped on the headstones
on the headstones
on the headstones
tripped on the headstones
the fire in the barn was melting
she was my dove
she was my guardian
she was my heart
she washed my car
she was my heart beat
new found love

Skipping Water.

Skipping Water

Tony heart
pissing against the wall
tony heart
smarts say
hearts bleeding away a way
to the other day
when everything in our minds was all
i like to light the fire
i like to light the fire
turning into coffe in your cream
the lights are off and everythings the same
in a funny old way
theres holes in my shoes
as i sink into the floor
im sailing to the school
of fish waiting for a bowl
which one would you like to choose
another blade of grass in the rain
just a little light
its the same
a friendly geezer gives a wave
a lucky melody is made
when you throw the horse shoe away
ive got a friend
who went too far
every dream is in the bends
all ways

Saturday, 8 October 2011



dont wake up
the futures
not ours to know
soul surfing
each other
just one more day to go
forgive me
i lost you
playing with cards
i shouldnt throw
you knew me
i found you
now were all alone
soul surfing
your body
the day light
lets me go
how many
feel sorry
for worlds they didnt know
im lonely
your with me
im not on my own
burn brighter
soul searcher
not knockings
good to know

Hubbub a boob.

Hubbub a boob

Everything went really well
im just waiting to hear
from them
ive got no idea
when theyre going to let me go
about the job
it went well
it was fun
i wonder how many theyre
going to employ
part time
full time
phone or write a letter
if i get the job what
do i do

Roller ball.

Roller ball

Lollipops lollipops
lilly pops for tigers
come to the door mate
is it going my way
yes thank you
good afternoon
welcome abourd
the south western express

Little Thiefs.

Little Thiefs

Borrowed electricity
from platform six
a bucket and a broom stand
creaky hello
lazy bricks
wood without smoke
yeah hello
what did you want mate
yeah i did say to you
ring me of an evening
im at work
i did tell you other people that
ok thanks

One Look.

One Look

Heart goes beating in the sweet black night
lick a wish laces all tied up
bead of sweat the pouring rain
all i had i meant to hide
in the circus
of the suns light rays

Creative Networks.

Creative Networks

Get captured
by the
your free
our league
flowers beyond
the sea
white socks
our dreams
green circles
of your eyes
soon girl

Caribbean River.

Caribbean River

My love
my love
my love
my heart
coming up
darkness past
i love
i love
i love
my heart

i tell you
that your instant
is caust no doubt
i am there to touch you
i love your heart

my love
my love
im in love
in love
in love
to touch you



Nice one your along
for the ride
no worries
we keep
your hands
and feet inside



Baggy trousers
you got it got it
through third times
the charm
magic sums
move threely
in sight
the freedoms got it
thats the way
break out
break out
the cage
the mother
in the rum
on dust fly away
on dust fly away

e Z aS.

e Z aS.

Just get up in love
i was just caught up in love
pills pills pills
on the stage
nice one mate happy daze
whisky bob vodoo dave
proper smiling
love & bass
love & bass
bass bass
bass bass
bass bass bass
saxon lights
saxo drums
clouds keep rolling
till the morning sun
moon lights dusk
when her job is done
at the factory
have no cares
lights in the darkness



Freeze that water into ice
dry smoke you got it
wrapped up in a rizla skin
some smoke brown
some smoke green
puff puff the dragon
flying through the smoke
that is dry ice
all i ever wanted for
are you going
keep on dancer
twist twist two
lips that stick
move each other
with a kiss

One World.

One World

We stand up we do not
drop the boat
the boat the boat
will not rock the boat

Warm Up.

Warm Up

The echoes of the ceiling
cast a net upon the sea
the table dance with lighting
a guess i got to see
the stars of dust are calling
im wrapped up in a shower
theres no point to gambling
if your folding every hour
piller dollar do
piller do die day
surfing on the beaches
for the rythmn in the waves
piller box dollar
steal a little while
how we dance dance dance
getting happy at the bar
movement is the massive
the placid heart ghost far
sink in to the bottom
then you float in to the top
yeah you keep on raving
cozz your tip top treacle drop
piller dollar do
piller do die smile
stepping on the inside
balance on the rush
gold dust gold dust
every thing you touch
dees are getting lazy
dreams are getting wild
movement massive movement massive
movement dropping style
yeah you rot rock rough in
yeah you rough and rock the spots
little fix of angel wings
you give em what you got
cozz you rock rough rotting
easy joining up the dots
blue light spinning
when you hear the siren wail
sink in to the bottom
pin the donkey with a tale
biller dollar dealer
piller do die smile
piller dollar dealer
yeah your wicked and your wild



The smoke is beautifull
like a nebula
chorus of angels singing
for nature
sunflowers painted in a field
nature has her own way,
love smiles through all
true beauty
the dream wails
heart of a female stops
thick piano chords
how does it feel to be searching
in the dark
another life
strong memories
hes gone
break down
the lights
colour bluest jain
like a pulsing
heat slide
his soul
undid mine
greedy world, the lines
find me by the sea,
dancing fingers,
chorus of angels

Thursday, 6 October 2011

My face in a mirror.

My face in a mirror

Away away i want to go a way
Can you go can you go can you go away
A way i want to find a way
Can you go can you go can you go a way
i wave i rave i want to go away
on a weight on i wait till you take me all the way
on our way on a wave till you take me all the way

To Peachy Head

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Material Solution.

Material Solution

I got a magic clipper
its made of bags of streets and pearls
you got the brownest eyes
nature ever dealt
i can swim
you can tell
see saw see saw see saw row
a hundred little steps we take
and then we get to where we made
like a lot of life
one word
its our world
come home
run home
one home
one whirl
ninety nine
a hundred times
flaky seers
its all in the rags
turned out for better sense
wishes never
fortunes soaring
wise open
so light
soft about worry
shadows calling
every morning
ever easy
leafs are falling
dusty window
lofty sun rise
take my hand and sail with me
in the cackles
of the torn net

Tuesday, 4 October 2011



Sat down
whistling about the avenue
take the strained
tea leafs
change your thoughts
like shoes
into the garden
time to eat the strange
icing against the wall
we turn into
another day
the sun is coming
on the waves
my fascination
flying in the wind
nothings going to be
the same
wipe your glasses

Home Time.

Home Time

Youth were wrapped up
in cloud
easy on the inside
sunglasses under water
taste the blade
seeing lights soothe
my world, my world
sell them salt
to cook the oil
wrap blue tights
into the bag
sexy pink ribbon blow
your hair
a haunted house
haunted house
half past three
black naked ribbons
arnt the dress
you wear
soft milk flesh
red laced steps
chilling back
the cross that stares
at tripping sacks

Bodge Podge.

Bodge Podge

Its light
fluffy leafs
are falling
floating spin in
golden day dream
sky lights calling
winning making
tasted waiting
raining forming
sweetly landing
asking washed out
clipping forest
green stripe parcel
dust river
wave, i answered
"no more lamp posts
no more rowing"
the future the forest
its never ours to know