Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Wednesday, 31 August 2011



I need to take a little walk
i want to shake off every thought
all around i feel disease
i cant find a sense of peace
then i finally hold my own
blinking lights im coming home
so soon
what is it that im waiting for
the message clear as water falls
tells me youve got to go
cause im getting tired of all these lies
and again i find myself getting burnt by something else
when friends become poison whats the cure
take the slide
take the slide
take the slide
take the slide thou shall not feel

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ram ball.

Ram ball

purple cat
hum the song
strum like a kettle
whistle pop!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Days of the week.

Days of the week

Monday its Monday
a brand new week of fun day
you might talk to a cat
or find an old map
there's adventures to come
cozz its Monday.

Its Tuesday, choose day
the week has just begun
so much to see, so much to say
so lets have loads of fun.

Its Wednesday, friends day,
hooray! for meeting
on Wednesday
a diamond of dreams
in the middle of the week
I cant believe it
its only just
got to Wednesday.

Thursday Thursday
fur coats hanging in a wardrobe
on Thursday,
off we go
lampposts and snow
hey Mr Tumnus,hello!
its a furs day.

Its Friday, Friday
Blackbirds baked together
in a pie day

Heres a well cut slice
looks good
and tastes nice
help yourself
to the magic
of Friday!

Saturday its Saturday
the day of sitting get fatter day
whether your lazing about
or out tickling trout
blowing rings to the moon
on Saturdays.

Its Sunday Sunday the day of the sun
is Sunday
whether its sunny or not
freezing or hot
the sun always shines
on a sun day.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Golden Virginia.

Golden Virginia

Going to move you
a brand new spot
where the moon glows
the sun shines hot
going help you grow
in the window
in the window
in the window
how much is that
and never going stop
until weve taken back the beach
the tide were taking what we reach
i feel the sunlight on your skin
i whisper songs that let you shine
now im climbing up the vines
every golden leaf i find
going to move you
move you to a brand new spot
where's there diamonds on the beaches
dirty blood that's cured by leaches
the tooth paste
pours out

Tuesday, 16 August 2011



I used to get high at my school
never got taught being a fool
running around
head in the clouds
breaking a new set of rules
ive got to admit its getting intricate
a little more intricate all the time

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Rain on the windows of a train.

Rain on the windows of a train

A universe of Hayley’s comets streaking across the glass
a million stars blazing meteorite trails
deserts burning, rutted warm canyon
American prairie, Jack Frost sand painting
samiad layers
the Rocky Mountains wall gone, the cosmos empty
moving and still, the world is born, proud
like a forest of trees
each drop contains countless solar systems
what would happen if one merged with another?

Above the Grand Canary a storm of shooting stars
the race is on, sliding prophecies
these stars are like seeds rushing towards an egg
“Roll up Roll up, place your bets”
each with its own pace, a point in history
the slate wiped clean then the rain falls, hard
attacking the quite carriages intrusive taps crack the glass
as the train runs faster and faster
a myriad of new galaxies is born
here I am, torn away
far below, the loud thoughts of earth cannot be heard above the life pulsating silence of space
armies of big bangs zutt and slide
in an orgy of electricity
even more beyond the glass
past this incomprehensible cosmos
stretching to the horizon
two lovers reunited kiss where sky meets sea
an infinite different worlds inside your skin, your eyes, a tear drop!
i laugh at the phantasmagorical
if butterfly’s flapping wings cause the earth to quake
what happens when such tears fall into the sea?
would the cosmos be forever changed?
what if I were to name out loud just two of the drops
streaking patterns across the windows
would it still remain?

Monday, 8 August 2011



Sinking to the bottom of the dress your wearing
whisky oceans keep on rising
the colour of your skin
set alight
the fires burning
now ive got
now ive got
now ive got your smile

A tissue.

A tissue

Scars of purple paint in gardens
about a circle
we all fall in
sleeping beds alive
lift us
out the glass
where do they take you?
through the window
we all fall in
forget about the sound of breathing
bodies on sheets
dead your moving
whats the deal with the funny fingers?
a rat on pills got no need for stealing
rich scabs keep on picking
rich scabs keep on picking

Tenement Basement.

Tenement Basement

Snow flakes
on your daughter
lets waste
lets waste
falling water
lively sunrise
hows your father
could be another
bottle to go
dirty blood
on the celling
muddy whisky
boxed up in a row



Four eyes
just before sleep
run your skin on the table
forget about chairs
sitting down aint what you want here

Tea Cup.

Tea cup

To the diet of the sun
i got put away
a colour get you
i thought of fun, i thought of fun
i thought a photograph
tooth ache
too late
you took a pull
drowned a pill
now your coming up
tooth ache
i fought the silence in white china
falling out the glass



Tap into the bowl
lets the water sink
boxes of string
seeing eggs on the ceiling
peeling again, peeling again

run and find a buyer
run and find a buyer

havent got the bottle
havent got the glass
sticking back the pieces
all about a broken jar
throwing out the tables
cracks are heavy
on the tongue
heavy on the tongue

this is getting lazy
twist of silver foil
boomy from my darling
speaking on the floor

Sunday, 7 August 2011



Bury me in a box of kentucky fried chicken
gnaw on the bones
whilst i make glass houses out of loads of rolli's

Friday, 5 August 2011

The Rude Shipyard.

The Rude Shipyard

Christ alive this place is rude
when im in the shipyard of dreams
the walls make me turn
peeling my skin into a cat like banana
ripe outside colour of cheetah
yellow tan with lots of black spots
the ghosts of the sea inside
watch, until i slip over
furry stripy
now im the right size
i can curl up on the cosy sofa
under the stars
beside the desk with the magic drawer
and sleep.

Walking steps on colourful stairs
shoes get covered in invisible paint
blue green orange marine
cherry sage yellow purple blossom

and leave footprints everywhere
its like being a child again
stepping onto a tray of thick syrupy block poster paint
one day ill say goodbye
to the peaceful road outside the window
follow them all the way to the woods.

Im woken up running around the night garden on the sofa
by two men i cant see
past the crows nest of gloves
you ahoy!
chatting about mushrooms and drugs
"ive done a few things and its all been brilliant"
pyramid of the moon and sun
i can smell milk on the table
jade eyes open
i can see a boy surrounded by books
writing stories.

Drawer in a desk
A tiny silver cup hit with a pen rings true
what is it for?
a jar of artwork spills
milk on the table
where the bush fires burn
one white eyed triangle pupil
dilates slowly
a smile from a beautiful creature
contracts blinking day into night
from the tea, on a spoon
the spicy smelling bag wraps up
in the tiny silver cup
hit with a pen rings true
pearls pearls pearls
the mice climb out the drawer.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Electric Chair.

Electric Chair

Its hard to see its hard to speak
unless you have the words
the answer that you seek
can be near or far
dont matter what star
you turn left at
if you havent got a map
then you havent got a map
mouth drops open as a mouse gets
shaking in a hand
minds gone blank
beautifull creatures
keep coming through the glass
come in through the glass
on the grass
off the grass
love the taxi
on the grass
off the grass
cant sleep
cant eat
dont know
what to say
every choice made
sunlight or rain
whats worse
knowing it didnt use to be
this way
no morals
no questions
no stage
just act
you cant see
my eyes smile
as i draw in pen
on your back
a new tatoo
heaven is bare skin
we the glass
break through
diving of
water falls
on empty chairs
opposite feet
it would be easy
to fall back
slip into the carpet
swallowed by the soft lake
of the floor
to swim fish swim
or begin to sink
i see your colours
bright like a night
full of lights and stars
shining all over as you waltz through the ocean
i drift further into my own skin
dropping beneath the floorboards
of the chair im sitting in
water stones
floating down with a feather and a hammer
till im standing underground
surrounded by the cat whisker people
who live in mock tudor houses
below our feet
somewhere ive never been before
these sleek haired red cloaked creatures
in the nose more rats than cats
walk in shabby circles
they dance without moving
i have to ask
have you always been here?
is it alright that im here?
if they could they would reply
open their arms out wide
instead they keep them hidden with their voices
robed inside
i dont know why
i look up
id rather stay here with the cat whisker people
then go back to sitting in the chair
sitting in the chair
i can see the patterns of the ocean carpet
everythings wet
psy trance rave
electric fish
ghost past a sinking feather
scales shimmer beautiful
hammer floating on top of the sea
not even damp
the lady standing opposite me gives up on the broken mouse
sulks off
there are people sitting on shelfs like books with broken spines
dont know where they're swimming too next
they havent got a map
havent got a map
i havent got a map
havent got a map