Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Playing with candles.

Playing with candles

For the first time in my life i had the feeling i met someone real, but did i throw it all away for her good looks and superficiality.  Please say no.  Its not too late.  Because i got the sense that you thought i was real too.  Only, i showed myself to you to be just as fake if not more make beilieve, than everyone else, but i am real, and i think your real too, and if only you could give that me you saw on the dance floor in the light of a candles flame as you spun head over heels cart wheeling again and again another chance, well maybe we both could be in reality. 

Crooked Reflection.

Crooked Reflection

What about if i want to be two
what about if i want to be blue
what about if i dont want to be you

and what happens if someone tells yah - do you know what youve been a wolf all your life but for just one moment please be a little sheep for me is that really too hard for you to do and look now how hop scotch Pow! the little sheep has become a sheperd and your right, you are actually completely right -
right on brother right right right!

Then suppose someones singing if your the right eye im the left and they dont even stop to draw breath before chatting about opening up this third eye like sat back on a black leather chair in the parlour and on one hand ill tattoo your my enemy on the other my friend,

for life isnt short its long just like the end of time has no end for there is no end to time unless the end of time is me, wait... the end of time is me, so what does that make you, is you the beginning of something new, and when oh Wen Wen Wen Wen Wen
Will Wen meet time?

Dream on Terry and find out...

So then what happens if we do start to dwell on the good that weve done, and then we all start focusing on the bad that well do
and what is good or bad anyway - perhaps i should ask santa - he does the list -

while hes checking it twice

i keep on thinking about ying and yang and bing and bong and you and me an me an you an you an me an me an you and you are me and i am you and you are me and i am you as you are me and i as you and he is she as she is he and we, we are all togethor and chemistry
isnt that the way everything works without us having to stop and think about it anyway,
like when things get hot they change like when things get cold they change, like when we breathe in and out we change the universe and things that are so tiny we cant even see what change our breathing is actually having but surely this is true i dont know im guessing our very being must change atoms and molecules or whatever ever the tiniest little bits of everythihng that we cant see all around us are in so many ways that well never know but it goes on anyway without us thinking about it - it all works or happens or whatever - is that chemistry

 and ok i aint much of an activist or a pacifist, im one of those roll with it everythings cool so why change it no need to protest lets ride it all out anyways, so yeah im not really a humanatarian at all am i, humans what a bunch of holes
and whats with this reflection anyway well its just the last line of the mirror really -
so lets all make peace, unite and be one -

i dont think i like it
i mean either we are all ready united and one in an universal sense you know cosmic dancing balance harmony allah wooshtah whey hey!
or we are not united and not one -
but then what would being united and being one mean
sounds pretty totalitarian to me
maybe thats how stonehenge got built and the pyramids
unless we all suddenly became one
would that be like worker ants
but this planet when it comes to humans
seems to be a mish mash of a lot of things, types, people
collectives and individuals,
im all for a world of total oneness and a world of total peace

i mean for me that would be a place covered in hair and the people if people is what they is
would just get off on touch and smells and music and theyd live off of air, and totally just feel warm and fuzzy all the time, and it would be the feeling inside would be like a proper rush the most lovely orgasm that just gets better and better going on and on and on for millienia and millenia yes yes yes getting better an better until finally the most beautifull climax ever and then pop why not, that world gone and boom incomes another, - or it could just keep going on forever and ever and ever getting better and better and better

but on the planet earth ive never been able to get my head round what being united and being one would mean, how would it work and what would it be like,

then again we are one right - trans global collective -

like even if you know someone that only plays psy-trance then someone else who only plays drum and bass and then someone whos a buddhist in tibet and someone else whos a marine and someone else whos a saint and someone else who likes to rape like someone in the KKK  and someone whos a slave like someone who kicks a dog and someone whos kind to rats like someone who works and like someone who hasnt got a job and someone whos homeless in north korea and someone who lives in a mansion in france we are all one
and do you ever think what if only really actually two people exist in this whole entire universe and thats me and you and yeah hi,  you and me...
but then in another sense of one-ness
what if someone says i dont want to be one
i like being free
i dont want to change
like i look around
especially at elderly people gardening or having a tea or coffee or going to the supermarket, or wathching telly, and i think, theyre not that fussed about us all being one, or this collective conciousness thing, and then theres some people that like working a nine to five, going to the gym, and others who are happiest when out in the woods or making something, and it makes me think just let the whole thing be, roll with it, either were all ready one, or it doesnt matter wheter were one or not, and maybe life as amazing as it is isnt the best thing of all, maybe death is totally awesome too, and maybe peace isnt all its cracked up to be, i mean what would happen if i started throwing petrol bombs through the windows of estate agents,

i think we should all throw petrol bombs through the windows of estate agents, when theyre shut of course, im not a complete barbarian,

john lennon got shot
on a planet that has prisons
and where violence is allowed out on the street but making love is suppodesly supposed to be kept behind closed doors (so no-one can see)
so really we are all blind
unless you stop lying about not having any change
i dont want to unite
i dont want to be one
i want to fly far far away
and never  come back
i want to travel every world and universe and galaxy
and love them all
no matter where or
what they are
Let them be.