Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Friday, 6 April 2012

Jumpers out of biscuits.

Jumpers out of biscuits

Life, its beautifull!
at least it seems to be
when you see everything is beautifull
its a way to see,

there isn't any darkness
that can keep you holding back
a rats this little animal
a rat that's just a rat

have you see them trying on
green whiskers of a cat
inside out guitars are made
black jackets with hard hats
take the lampshade put it on
the moon its very flat
i never saw the suitcase
till out the bags i packed
monkey and giraffe went everywhere
don't know if they're coming back

two pieces of glass had fallen
broken on the steps
messy me say messy heart me say Messi is the best

it was a broken jar with lots of sticks
that next day became the sun
in a wooden drawer hiding with time
open everyone
until you find the goldy, a heart beat in the cold,
the doctors waking up my friend
-we think this heart is yours
you very nearly lost it
just like you've lost your head
i don't know why im telling you this
you've not heard a word i said.