Yippee Calloo Callay!

You have reached the foot hill of the mountains.
You are most welcome
More than worthy

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Shiny gypsy.

Shiny gypsy

There was a young man who kissed the sky
I don't know why he kissed the sky
So I’m just going to wave my freak flag high, high

There was a young man who kissed the moon
The silvery shimmery spooney moon
He kissed the moon to kiss the sky I don’t know why he kissed the sky
So I’m just going to wave my freak flag high, high

There was a young man who kissed the road
What a joke to kiss the road
He kissed the road to kiss the moon he kissed the moon to kiss the sky
I don't know why he kissed the sky
So I’m just going to wave my freak flag high, high

There was a young man who kissed the wind
Have you ever dreamed of kissing the wind?
He kissed the wind to kiss the road he kissed the road to kiss the moon he kissed the moon to kiss the sky I don't know why he kissed the sky
So I’m just going to wave my freak flag high, high

There was a young man who kissed the sea
Let it be it aint me
He kissed the sea to kiss the wind he kissed the wind to kiss the road he kissed the road to kiss the moon he kissed the moon to kiss the sky I don’t know why he kissed the sky
So I’m just going to wave my freak flag high, high

There was a young man who kissed the sun
A flowering circle bold as love
He kissed the sun to kiss the sea he kissed the sea to kiss the wind he kissed the wind to kiss the road he kissed the road to kiss the moon he kissed the moon to kiss the sky I don’t know why he kissed the sky
So I’m just going to wave my freak flag high, high

There was a young man who kissed the stars

Gypsy Sun and Rainbows
For short
Gypsies star shine

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Conjurers steps.

The Conjurers steps


In the gardens at night
the pandas daydream.

"Good evening," said the cat greeting his friend the moon

Bird houses
Spring alive
Where puffin fire plays
"green leafy people"
to the swiss Chalet


Far away from the volcanoes
across the valleys where-ever
a conjurer steps the gardens

Split & grow
Split & grow
Reap & sow

A pom of the earth
sprouts seeds

Up up to the air they go
Tumbling leafs
Cover the birdhouse

All the while the conjurers as
conjurers do whisper

Glow fire flys glow

Like time the conjurers words

Garden come to life
Oh stars that shine
Make the garden glow
Glow my prettys glows.

What is a conjurers highest

Once upon a time
An electric green caterpillar
& could not escape
the fires flame
Goodnight sweet James

What sound does a burning caterpillar make?

sheeeeweeee paaaoup psssssst
Honk! Moo!
Help me help me Im burning

eee yuppa!

So many buddhist monkeys
One chomps on iron
and fights with daydreams
One tastes bamboo whilst
sitting by a mountain

Look out! Every single monkey!

One squashes caterpillars
and flings them in the fire
One sees a squllion worlds
popping like fireworks
So lets them be.

Sitting on the fence with a
daydream chewing leafs,

A green caterpillar changes
the world. This change the
same as news just is Thinks
cloud monkey


Like the conjurers fighting
beast & bug
Shapes create change to
make the garden glow

Cloud monkey thinks
So many different monkeys
Am i a conjurer?

Sat upon fences at night
the panda monkeys
day dream

What if we the panda helped
to make the gardens grow

Chomp chomp bamboo
a hammock would be nice
Yawn chomp chomp
Im happy sitting here
Chomp chomp

Out of daydreams the panda
monkeys yawn
Sitting upon the fence
Chomp chomp bamboo
Such lazy eaters yawn

Chomp Chomp


All the while

The conjurers highest magic
Makes the gardens
glow bright with life.

Special Shoes.

Special Shoes

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Special Shoes.
None of the other children at school would ever play with Special Shoes.
That’s because she had...
Special shoes.

“Eurgh look at her shoes, dee-scust-ing” all the other children would cry in hoity toity high pitched voices.

Special Shoeses, special shoes where made of metal and went all the way up her legs, they helped her to walk straight instead of all bendy.
Because she had no friends, Special Shoes pretended that her special shoes could talk, and every day her and her shoes would play games.

“Today shoes let’s play at singing songs”, Said Special Shoes.

“Uh huh huh”

Incredible! Special Shoes was gob smacked. I don’t mean she was smacked in the gob.
Kapow whack sock!
I mean she was shocked. In surprise. Wowee excited. Her special shoes really, really, really could talk, and they’d been listening to everything that she been saying all this time.

“You can talk?” Asked Special Shoes,

“Yes we can” Replied her shoes.

“And you’ve been listening to me the whole time?”

“We’ve been listening to everything.”

It was true Special Shoeses special shoes had been listening to everything.

They knew where she had hidden her most precious things. That she happened to think Mr Potts was dreamy dreamy and that she was very sad because all the other children made fun of her.
Special Shoeses shoes, knew that Mr Looms the head of I.T had spent the last week sleeping in the school mini van. They knew that during the previous week Mr Looms had made a pass at Miss Cakes the pretty Art teacher. They knew that Mr Looms wife, Mrs Looms happened to be very angry over the whole Miss Cakes incident.

As a result, they knew that Mr Looms was scared of popping his head round the door of his home 123 Albert Drive, for fear of it being taken off by a well placed saucepan hurled from the furious arm of his wife Mrs Looms.
This is why for the time being he happened to be bunkering down in the relative safety but general discomfort of the schools van.
They also knew that Mr Twicks the mini-van driver was getting less puzzled and more and more fed up every time he found another discarded sock or another pair of boxer shorts recklessly left scattered and forgotten to lie about his van.
"Where are all these dirty clothes coming from?" Mr Twicks grumbled out loud.
These odd socks or boxer shorts strewn about the van if you hadn't already guessed belonged in fact to Mr Looms. Clothes he was completely unaware that he was absent mindedly depositing every day. Ping! Off one of his old socks would fly to land on Mr Twicks steering wheel. During his rush to get up and dressed for school each morning before anyone saw him. Did Mr Looms take any notice of where his discarded clothes happened to land? Not on your Nelly.

Special Shoeses Special Shoes knew all this.
They knew that Kristie Watts fancied Ryan Dean, that Harry Turbot’s hamster had just died, that Shane Thomas never did his homework, they knew that Steven Jones and his gang would be skipping French next Tuesday and that Alexandria Froggat wanted to be a gardener when she grew up. Just like a conjurer making flowers glow.
And they knew. Yes they knew. Out of all the children that were mean and horrible to Special Shoes. Jacqueline Percy was the most, meanest, baddest, worstest, horrible, nasty, despicable, spitefull, monster of them all.

Jacqueline Percy made it her mission to make other kids cry.
It made her feel big. She never picked on kids larger than herself only those that were smaller. If a small kid was ever in front of Jacqueline Percy blocking her path, she would just shove them to one side right into the wall, splat!

“Get out my way” she’d shout.

Anyone that looked a bit different or did anything a bit different was a target for Jacqueline Percy’s bullying. What a meanie.

“Oi freckle face”
“Who ate all the pies”
“Four eyes”
“Cissy cissy billy”
“Sammy Jelly”
“Smelly the Elephant”

Jacqueline Percy pulled hair, burnt arms, pushed, pinched, punched, and called her class mates names.
She was the one that invented the name Special Shoes in the first place. Oh and boy did Jacqueline love to torment Special Shoes.

One year Jacqueline had taken Special Shoes and locked her in the lost property cupboard.
No one could hear Special Shoes crying out for help. Jacqueline planned her operations to well for that. Jacqueline had decided to wait until sports day before locking Special Shoes in the cupboard. Which meant everyone was outside in the sunshine. Terrific. Whilst Special Shoes was trapped all alone in a spooky dark cupboard, full of cobwebs, old brooms and strange musty smells. Peeyoo. What’s more Special Shoes was really terribly afraid of spiders. In the pitch black of the cupboard with floaty cobwebs billowing and wafting around all Special Shoes could think about was gianormous spiders with horrible eyes crawling up and down her back. Special Shoes was terrified. Even worse because everyone was outside in the sunshine Special Shoes was trapped in the dark of the lost property cupboard, for nearly the whole entire day. Imagine that. Scary.
When eventually a teacher found her, Special Shoes face had turned ghostly white and she was clutching onto her shoes for dear life.

Another time Special Shoes really needed to go to the loo, but every-time she put her hand up to ask the teacher if she could go, Jacqueline would grab Special Shoes hand and pull it back down again.
“Stop it stop it” Special Shoes cried but Jacqueline wouldn’t stop.
It got so bad and Special Shoes was so bursting that she had to go for a wee in a bowl behind the cupboard where all the maths equipment was kept.

Special Shoes never told her Mum and Dad anything about her bullying at school.
“How was your day Darling” her Mum would ask,
“Oh it was horrible, I was bursting for the loo, but every time I went to ask the teacher if I could go Jacqueline Percy grabbed my arm put her hand over my mouth and stopped me and in the end I had to wee in a bowl behind the maths cupboard which was really embarrassing” is not the sort of thing Special Shoes would ever dream of saying to her parents so she just lied and mouthed three quiet words
“It was fine”, before traipsing upstairs to her room.
Her room where she was all alone with her special shoes.

Instead of keeping a diary Special Shoes whispered everything to her shoes.
Her shoes which could now talk.
“We can sing” The shoes cried out before bursting into a bold confident rich golden sounding harmony.

Do you know what they really could sing, holler holler yeah! We’re talking really snazzy finger snapping singing. Lively world maker crooning. Sharp? It was Bee-oot-eee-full. Special Shoes started to march round and round the playground to the beat of her shoes song.

We are special shoes
We’ve been to outer space
Flown across the stars
We’ve landed on the moon
No one can stop us
We are special shoes

It appeared unbeknown to Special Shoes, or anyone else for that matter, that her shoes were in fact made from bits of metal from an old NASA space rocket and that not only had they been in outer space but they had landed on the moon.
When Special Shoes finally found this out she thought,

“well no wonder they can sing and talk.”

Marching around the playground with her shoes singing filled Special Shoes with confidence. Today was the first day in her life she wasn’t scared of running into Jacqueline Percy. Special Shoes was in fact quite looking forward to seeing her.
Sure enough.
There was Jacqueline Percy . A giant figure in the middle of the playground. Robbing a small boy of his dinner money.
Jacqueline held the boy. With one hand round the scruff of the collar on his neck she had lifted him off the ground. The boys feet dangled in the air. The tips of his trailing untied laces were the only part of the him that touched the dusty concrete playground floor. All the while Jacqueline’s other hand went rooting through the boy’s pockets searching for his dinner money.

“STOP THAT!” Shouted out Special Shoes.
“What!” Boomed Jacqueline,

“did you say” and she dropped the boy in a heap onto the floor.

“I said stop”, answered Special Shoes in a quiet mouse like voice.

“Oh you did did you Special Shoes”, replied Jacqueline sneering.
“I think it’s a dunk in the swimming pool for you with all your clothes on.”

At this point all the children in the playground had gathered together to watch the spectacle unfold. Luckily there were no teachers to be seen otherwise what happened next might never have happened.

“We don’t think so” Cried out Special Shoeses special shoes.

“Whir” The playground went silent all the children were stunned.

“Special Shoes shoes can talk!”
“Did you hear that? Her shoes can talk”
“They can really talk,”

“We can sing” Sang out the shoes and they burst into song

We are special shoes
We’ve been to outer space
Flown across the stars
We’ve landed on the moon
No one can stop us
We are special shoes

“Heya Daphne is it alright if we take over your legs and feet for a little bit please?” The shoes asked Special Shoes very, very courteously. Do you know If they could have bowed I very much think they would have. They did.

Special Shoes name was really Daphne, and because it had been a very long time since anyone had called Daphne by her real name at school she blushed a little. Before replying to her shoes,
“Be my guest.”
Without further ado Daphne’s Special Shoes took over.

First thing they did was make Daphne jump and do a heel click celebration in the air, and then they began to march Daphne towards Jacqueline Percy. The special shoes marched to a furious pace. Sending Daphne's knees higher and higher. Quicker and quicker. Straight towards Jacqueline who had never experienced an onslaught like this before.
A girl with metal shoes. Metal up to the knees, tearing at breakneck speed straight for her. A girl with shoes that could not only talk but sing.
Jacqueline started turning red. She was beginning to panic.
Then the Special Shoes began talking.
Spilling all of Jacqueline’s secrets to the children that had gathered in the playground,
“Jacqueline Percy wets the bed, Jacqueline Percy is scared of dogs, Jacqueline Percy wished she had friends; Jacqueline Percy is covered in spots”

“Please stop, stop it,” Jacqueline started crying, her big blubbery watery tears splashed in drops onto the playground. All the children that had gathered round begun laughing and pointing at Jacqueline.

“Jacqueline Percy wets the bed.”
“Jacqueline Percy is covered in spots.”

“STOP!” It was Special Shoes; I mean Daphne that silenced the mocking voices of the children.
“Don’t can’t you see Jacqueline's upset?”

“What’s going on here?”, finally a teacher had noticed a bit of fuss on the playground and had come to sort it out.

“Oh nothing”, said Daphne, “Jacqueline got a bit sad because everyone was calling her names but they’ve all stopped now”.

“Oh really and what made them stop”

“Me and my special shoes”
“Come on Jacqueline let’s play” Said Daphne contrarily and to the teachers amazement Daphne took Jacqueline by the hand and off they went waltzing together like two little fireflies.

It’s funny because you see Daphne and Jacqueline who once didn't get on at all became the best of friends. This meant neither Jacqueline nor Daphne was lonely anymore and also that nobody at the school was being bullied. Well not by Jacqueline anyway.
As the years went by nearly all the children forgot that there used to be a girl at school called Special Shoes because, well because she had such special shoes.

Of course there was one girl that remembered. She also remembered that her special shoes could talk.

“We can sing” They burst out in a bold confident rich golden sounding harmony,
“And we've been listening to everything.”

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Wake up.

And live

There’s questions without answers
And answers yet unfound
Steps waiting to be walked
Upon the untouched ground
And there’s choices rushing onwards
And gently flowing back
So many different people
So many different hats
And colours that are hidden
At least I’m told that’s true
Because what we sees kind of not really
It’s just made that way for you
And questions without answers
Well they keep going on
Is them that’s right not me
Or are we all just wrong
There is no right
There is no left
There only is the way

Life is one big road
With lots of signs - nice one Bob...

I see a ship
go sailing down the river
Inside a soul
gunning to deliver
Two hundred thousand wings
Of gold in an empty basket
Singing songs for the sunrise
Moonlight in a casket

This road a flowing river we can walk upon
Gently if we let it
takes us where we all belong

Home where the one heart is
Today is a day
To get these waters parted.

One soul searcher
Burning for another

You could make me live big sister
For now I’m just a little brother

One gold worker
Turning to another

When the sunlight hits the leafs
It take you
Builds you stronger

Like bright lights dancing off the water
I see so many ships
go sailing down this river
inside each a soul gunning to deliver
Two hundred thousand stars in an empty basket
Singing songs for the sunrise
Moonlight in a casket.

Wake up and live

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The sun is in the sea.

The sun is in the sea

A giant golden ball floating upon the waves.
Well half sinking into the waves. Almost like two suns. One in the sky, the other an orange egg its bottom a little bit buried beneath the blue. Yellow ripples dance across the water calling out.
The sun is in the sea the sun is in the sea, I have to cry out loud.

Were in a strange makeshift boat. It’s almost like a boat from a theme park ride.
Away we go down one slope round the bend first one slide then the next rushing along twisting turning rapids. Bouncing off the walls.

There’s ferry’s ahead and trawlers nets, red buoys white buoys on either side. We don’t avoid the nets. Over them we go and recklessly we drive close to the side of the ferries. Overtaking them on a patch of open water before heading through a type of sluice gate into more rapids lined by wooden and rocky moss covered walls.

There are waterfalls. Drops, round one bend from the next. Overtaking the ferry’s we are the lead boat. Our boat spins round and round as we go through one drop to the next sometimes backwards sometimes forwards sometimes sideways. Whoa. Rushing at speed on the water than dropping backwards down a water fall is a exhilarating sensation. Tingles underneath the skin. The world goes light.

Uh oh. We were going to the sun in the sea but there is no water in the last drop. The boat in mid-air has transformed into some sort of yellow wheelie bin. There are three of us in this bin. Spinky’s at the bottom. We are like three men in a barrel. Going over Niagara falls. Crash smack thrump.

I’m Ok.
Is everyone ok? Johns Ok.
Spinky? There was a cracking sound like broken bones. Spinky?

The ferry’s from behind have caught up. They turn into yellow bins too. I’m back in the air. These wheelie bins are made of metal. The ferry from bin from behind manages to crash into the front of us. Trapping Spinky and his brother John inside. I don’t know how or why I’m in the air but I start falling. Fast.

The metal bin must weigh quite something.
It lands right on top of Spinky. Crush. I land. I’m fine.
Spinky is not. He can’t move. We drag him out of the bin. He seems alright.
His legs though. Are completely smashed up.

The man who crashed into us. Looks of Persian descent. He is friendly and very sorry. He wants to help. I see if Spinky can move his legs or feet at all. He cant. I ask him does he want to be taken to a hospital. Spinky nods.
So I carry Spinky in my arms and ask the helpfull man of possible Persian origin, if he will phone 999 to get an ambulance.

As I carry Spinky he feels strangely light. I had the great sense of spirituality. Like I was doing something good. Saving somebody’s life. I think It felt like I was carrying Kurt Cobain or Jesus Christ or a candle, or a cat that was made of skin and bones that was sinking into the earth, a shiny candle, I don’t really know how to explain what it felt like.

It felt like carrying light, heavy light. Wet light. Damp light dripping cloths cloths to tread softly upon, shiny damp heavy light.

People were sat milling all around, some selling wares and beads all upon the path that our boat had sailed down. Now no water just earth. Old ladies cried wanting to know whether Spinky would be alight.
Nothing to worry about hes going to be fine. I reassured them as I continued up the track and through some sliding doors into a hospital.

The man of possible Persian origin was still trying to find a mobile and phone an ambulance even though we were in the hospital.

I was still carrying spinky in my arms, and spied two chairs covered in rugs that looked very comfortable in a uncomfortable way. What I mean is they were out of the picture. Covered in all sorts of junk the rugs themselves were a paleish washed out sort of blue. Some of the chairs parts may have been peeling or split, they were made of wicker, they didn’t look particular soft. Yet they were right. Just right for someone’s whose legs had been smashed up to sit and chill out in. Some rugs no matter what they look like are just wonderfull. Such were these chairs.

I asked Spinky if hed like to sit in a chair, he said yes, so i put him in the chair on the left. The Persian man was at a reception desk fiddling about with an oversized black mobile.

There was a nurse behind the reception desk.
A man came out he had a deep foreign accent he shouted out in a not to friendly manner


The few people about stared around blankly.


He cried again.

Ahh wait a minute, mate did you mean Richard.

Richard! The doctor for thats who it was shouted for the third time.

Yess mate, over here. I pointed to Spinky sat in the chair. I wondered for a second at the speed of the doctor and how he knew spinkys name was Richard and yeah how did he know we were there?
Then I forgot all about this as,
I helped Spinky up and this time instead of carrying I let him lean upon my shoulder as he hobbled upon one leg towards the doctors room. The doctor looked quizzically as Spinky hopped along. The Persian man tried to help but offering his shoulder for Spinky to lean on the other side, but this didn’t help too much.

Just after sitting Spinky into the chair. I said to the Persian man that if hed like to get back to his ferry, boat, then feel free, as hed helped out a lot already and wed surely be fine from here on in.
The Persian man replied he liked to go on the boats to get away from it all sometimes. He shared a moment of truth with me.
I said I understood and for some reason the man decided to stay with us.

Hobbling into the Doctors office. The Persian man asked if the doctor would be able to fix Spinky’s leg.
The doctor replied, we will see, I can tell from the way he looks that he’s quite the actore.

Why the doctor would think Spinky was acting I don’t know. Still me and the Persian man waited outside the doctors room. My wait turned from thinking I hope the doctor can fix Spinkys leg too, I hope the doctor doesn’t find out that Spinkys been acting the whole time. Was this a money making scheme.

Excactly the right amount of time elapsed before I entered the doctors room.
We sat.

The doctor manically happy explaining. How the pig inside Spinkys leg that he ate turned into a butterfly or was it the butterfly he ate with a turning into that Spinky had inside of him veins made of butterflies or I think that there was some sort of giant butterfly shape which was travelling up and down beneath Spinkys skin causing a whole host of trouble and explains why he tried to commit suicide. At this point I was heavily confused. I didn’t remember this suicide incident ever happening. The whole butterfly veins thing started to make sense. As i pictured this blank inky shape moving up and down beneath and around Spinkys arm. Not really. A pig a butterfly something that Spinky ate. Very strange. The doctor continued with his spiel. It seemed that Spinky had eaten some infected hospital food which had given him the virus of this butterfly. Maybe the butterfly came from eaten pork or was it crisps. Spinky was still eating the food with reckless abandon. The doctor explained I think that everything was going to be fine. He found the whole thing exciting and amusing.

The Persian man came in and was relieved to see Spinky alive and well. The doctor sat down and explained the whole thing again. I was still no clearer on what exactly had happened then I was before. Had we been in the hospital the whole time. What about the ferry's, the sun in the sea.

On leaving the doctors room a little Asian girl bounced a bouncy ball. It rolled away from her I picked it up and gently bounced it back. It was intercepted by a girl with dark hair. Wild eyes and a giant smile. She was dressed mainly in green. With a green woolly hat. The girl looked like a clockwork pixie. Pixies that live in wooden clocks. That move with tick tocks. The greenly dressed clockwork pixie girl who had snatched the ball out of the air. Dropped it right into the little Asian girls hands. Nice!

Outside underneath the star light all sat on a wooden chairs. A girl called Jenny asked if she could borrow my belt. Now I really would have liked to have given it to her. I explained that if i gave her my belt it would mean that my trousers would fall down. There was bristling bubbling conversation around the wooden table. I left it. To explore the stars. The sky was bright. There were a myriad of shooting stars. More stars than usual. Bright clusters that looked like strawberries in the night sky. There were clouds. Dark beautiful clouds. One such cloud looked like Jimmy Hendrix in a hat playing guitar. I cried out,
Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy! And waved as the Hendrix cloud floated up up and away. More shooting stars flashed across the night one then two.

The people on the table were aghast at my shouting out loud Jimmy to the night. They thought it strange. They thought my whole behaviour very strange. Like a man of fifty who’s convinced he’s Peter Pan strange.

I didn’t mind.

I spotted a line between two trees. A clothes line with red and yellow pegs. I jumped into the air and swung across the line using arm after arm like a monkey.
When I jumped off the line back onto the wooden table. It was like everyone had come alive. Theyd been turned on. Switched to another way of thinking. In love with the world around them and the beautiful shiny sky.

Hey yeah how can they know everything one guy was saying

He continued how can we know everything wow your right to look at the sky and wave to clouds.

Fair enough i thought wicked, more people in love with the stars, i think i might have pointed out the shiny cluster of strawberries that was ever so bright, it seemed that the people around the table especially the guy and Jenny had an extra magic sparkle in their eyes, as they left behind the wooden table and headed into the night.

When I saw the shooting star in my dream
I didn’t make a wish
So I made it in real life
Usually when I make a wish
It’s not for me it’s for you
If someone says hey make a wish
ill wish for others dreams to come true
Or that everyone had a sandwich
This aint because I’m spiritual or covered in altruistic goo
It’s just because making wishes for others
Is something I like to do
Such as writing words or going to sleep
But this morning I decided to make a wish for me
So I wished upon those shooting stars
That flew across my dreams
Both before and after I waved to Hendrix the dragon
Flying through life like a cloud
way up to the sweet night sky
Arising freak flag was this voice sent high to cry
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy!
The sun is in the sea
Maybe just maybe all three
Wishes for the Jinn

For many many such a long time. An uncountable number of years. The genie was kept in a bottle until one day pop! Off flew the cork and the genie floated like the sun into the sea.

Mifrat in a bottle Mifrat in a bottle.

Once upon a time there was a story.
A story given to the sea.
In bottle after bottle.
Bottles that travelled far and wide.
Some Deeply.
Bottles that Washed upon many different shores.
The story became split upon the waves.
So it was lost to the sea.
Yet it did not remain so until the end of time.
For the story given to the sea
sat waiting to be put back together
like a Jigsaw of missing pieces
for those who dared to seek it.

The names of three genies that lived in a bottle
and shine.